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Closed Captions were added by Moxi Media. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty Political rules were in disorder Thieves spread like wildfire The Yellow Scarves rebelled again Decades of wars The people suffered a lot. and were plunged into an abyss of misery As long as the world is in chaos. There will be a hero.

Crossman, a righteous man. [Crossblades, means two swords] A very skilled fighter and swordsman. Acting secretly. He was expert at killing extremely violent and wicked bastards. And the venality misusing of laws. It is said The evil become terror-stricken on hearing of Crossman As if he was an isolated star at night sky Bladesman So-called a great man.

You ruined your reputation at a second Bladesman Why not pick your brain before doing your work Who you killed is the magistrate's whole family We are the bad guys We were playing changing clothes What a poor beauty mark Her whole family has been killed.

Bladesman Let me count How many people you killed wrong One two three four five This woman is pregnant so there are two more people Wait What if she will give birth to twins? Ok. Let's paunch her to check. Don't count it wrong.

Why not pick your brain before doing your business? What you have killed is the county magistrate's whole You killed the wrong man. We are the bad guys You killed the wrong man. We are bastards. What are you waiting for? Go ahead! Bladesman Why do you like slaughtering so much?.

This poor girl Has been dizzied by you. Look Hey girl Look for your mother Bladesman Are you a hero or a bastard? This head has been cut by you. How bloody.

14 years later Amao, have you posted the angle at the right way? Hey, it's wrong! Can't you see? Spike, don't you know I have OCD(Obsessive-compulsive disorder)? Can't you put it in a right way? You have on. I have one. The Yellow Scarves is rubbish. Shout loudly! Nasty guy Nasty guy.

Hey. Who are you? Who are you? Hey, come here. Granny! What are you doing? You look like a spider Bladesman is your grandma's idol. Catch me first if you want to catch him. You cannot catch Bladesman. Bladesman is a good man.

You can't catch Bladesman. Shut up Bladesman is a great hero. Hey, where the hell did this kid come from? Whose child is this? I will wash my hands of you if you dare to catch him. Ouch! What's more He is my idol, too.

To go through the motions, that's all. Why are you so serious. All right. Let's see your prey. This puffer is interesting. Sun Yan is bound to like it. No.38. No.38. Patient No.38. Where are you?.

No.38. Is No.38 here? Ah, me. I am here. See? I was so anxious to tear my ticket out. Eh? Aunt Mei of the chicken farm. Do your nose job here again? No DiDi… It's Emerald Red House.

Yunfan I always dreamed about your master asked me to marry him recently. I'm going to be your mistress You're badly sick Sister Yan, give her a registration of BRAIN. Little jerk When I marry your master I'll let you have it. Blind doctor, my medicine.

Where's your master? I am seeing the specialist. Master said that you need a man rather than a doctor. This is a fever reducer that he has given to you. Take it well You can leave. Hey Hey Hey Give way please Doctor, Hurry up.

Hurry up. Just have a check. Slowly, please be gentle. Hurry up. Please check first. Will she give birth to a baby? Yes. No. Are you her husband? See? No, no, no. I am her neighbor, Mr. Wang.

It's him. He is Cui's husband. Shanji, do you talk piffle? Blind doctor, please deliver the baby first. Cui can't bear anymore. You want to see you little son then. What are you talking about? You make me a cuckold. What are you talking about? Am I that kind of person?.

Shut up. Yunfan There's something wrong in the belly. Find out master Yes, sister Yan. Master! Master! Master! Master!.

Master! Good wine is waiting for you. Master! Oh no! Master, you try the medicine for sister Yan again. I warn you Don't talk to your sister. Can you cure her eyes? In case you snuff out before she cured.

Bullshit. One more herb. Is the only thing I need now. Is it the blood of Si Tai Dragon? Haven't you said such a creature has already been extinct? So I need its substitute. Please give way to me. Master. You are the Doctor.

Wow, such a drunkard. Can you do the treatment? Master, that man is healthy. He is ill because of gossip. Are you gossipy? Madam When did your hand hurt? Clear the field. Prepare the laparotomy. Yes, master. Go out, the operation is going to start.

Go out. Hey Guy It is not for her to drink. but the creature in her belly Yan. timing. Yes. Master, there's something in the intestines. Master, anesthetic will soon lose efficacy.

Master. Is it Tai Dragon that you mentioned? It is not. It's a big roundworm. She had been rubbed by Si Tai Dragon. Then the roundworm was affected. Otherwise it won't become so big. When on earth were you been rubbed? About half a month ago.

At that time, I was selling herbal tea outside the city. A passing by foreigner kept the animal. It looked scary. Where is the foreigner? Treat your wife well Of course. I promise. I can help I don't need your help. Cui, let's go back and move.

Sun Yan. Sun Yan. Sun Yan. I was bitten by a monster. My hand is injured. Yunfan Eat the stinky tofu outside. Quick. Go Go Come on.

Well, in this month. You have pains on your kneels for four times. Bleeding gums for seven times. Hurting your fingers for eleven times. I know what you are thinking about. Wow, your house is filled with paper cranes. It's beautiful. These are made by my master. Every time I cry. He makes paper cranes for me.

Then I'll stop crying. I never thought Brother Hua, as an otaku Can be so gentle. You say Does everyone's blood smell in a same way? Of course it's different. Then, how about my blood? Yours smells like the sea. Is it deep?.

No, I mean playboy. This lucky dag is for you. Hold it. Master, Sister Yan is really blind. She falls in love with such a guy, Zhang Fan. Could you tell her to wait for me for one or two years. I'm growing up fast. After death, blue tears would flow out. From the corner of eyes.

Master. Eat a piece of Hong Man Tian's brand stinky tofu. Yunfan Yunfan Yunfan Yunfan, Yunfan. Yunfan. Yunfan. Yunfan.

What's wrong with Yunfan? He is died. Dame it. The Yellow Scarves again. Doctor Hua. Please look over. If it's the Yellow Scarves' witchcraft I will lose my official position. Han. Doctor Hua helps to check the corpse. What's up?.

Hua hasn't been dead yet. I am waiting for autopsy. Han Come on. Help yourself. What? No garlic? Help yourself. What a smell! Damn You can spend several days lying here.

Han Yang Watch your mouth when speaking to Madam Zhang. It's the smell of stinky tofu. Every corpse has the traits Which are the same as those on Yunfan. Anything related to being bewitched? Bewitched? It's poisoned Hey, Hua.

If you know nothing, don't shout here. Go back to your hospital as a gynecologist. All the internal organs have been checked. Not a single sign of being poisoned. Look Wow, really poisoned. Strange poison from western area. Ambergris No wonder it hasn't been found out.

It loses efficacy at high temperature. It's always used to poison the drinking water. Once the poison enters into human's body. This poison is quite rare. Brain is the only target. When the poison shows its effects. Poisoned people look like bewitched and demented until deaths. But master. In order to make ambergris.

Shouldn't we get the saliva of Si Tai Dragon? Isn't such a creature extinct according to the legend? I thought so. Yan. Your eyes can be cured. However. It's still somewhat strange. Although the poison is toxic. It's easy to antidote. What do you mean? There's no wine.

Hong Man Tian is the best. If I drink, I don't ride my horse. If I ride my horse, I don't drink. Afraid of losing points? What are you saying? Boy You are just the same as me when I was young. Defending the law and upholding the justice. It's useless, bloody hell.

Look, don't think much. Come on, drink. I don't drink. Hey, Mr. Hua. Does it look good? Sure. Do you want to be Yan's boyfriend? Of course, it has been my dream. Ok.

Come on, drink this jar of wine. Then I agree with your marriage. Master, I haven't agreed yet. Just such a jar of wine Nothing terrifying. Cheers. Brand stinky tofu. Yes, such a smell. Where are you going?.

Pist. I cannot hold any more. The restroom is here. Did you drink too much? It's the well. That's the toilet. So you don't know Why Yan dislikes you. Why Coward. Coward.

Lack of masculinity. Who? You Me? Do you know what will a masculine man do after drinking? What? Pee in an unusual way. Let everyone know that. Zhang Fan is a real man.

So under this circumstance Don't care about toilet. Well I don't mention anything else. Just peeing. I, Zhang Fan, never admire others. Give way Start Wow.

Look Damn you, how dare you. I will kill you Stop What's this. Such a smell. Waking-up stench portion. Mr. Hua Well, the owner. Notices that we have peed in his well.

Won't he get mad? That's right. Right? Do you think that we go to the bar for drinking? Of course not. We are What are we doing? Let me see.

The smell of stinky tofu Every corpse has it. The source of the poison is in the bar. Someone has poisoned in the well. We have peed in the well in public. So no one will Drink the water from the well But if we just post a notice. To inform people there's poison in the well.

Then no one will drink it. No, No. In this way Once the notice posts. Man who commit the poisoning will know that he has been found. So he will disappear. And we can't catch him Right? Well, Yan is not totally blind.

In the town, there are only two wells that are convenient for someone to poison. Buy some white cloth And wait for me beside the well in the west of the town tonight. White cloth. White cloth. Why did you kill me? I don't know what's inside. I am forced by others too. Please let me leave.

Who asked you to poison? I cannot say Otherwise they will kill my family. Say it now or I will take your family away. Ok, ok. I say. Little jerk. Crying out at midnight. How could other people sleep? It's none of your business.

Don't you see I am busy? Don't you see I am busy? Piss off. Dare to throw something to me? What's wrong with you Up You, go upstairs, up My only mood has been destroyed by you. Haven't I shown respect to you? Come on, I can't wait.

Damn you. Was it my posture just now? Yes. Come on. Go on. Who ask you to poison? Wait It's enough. Err, this is too fake. Well, you have noticed, haven't you? Say.

Who demand you to do it? I can't say Confess or die. You think that I cannot hurt you? Where is Si Tai Dragon? Tell me Or you will lose your head. Well, adult as you are Everything is fine.

But now you are playing with a top? Naughty boy, I have to catch him. Stop, don't run. Ungrateful Stop Fear! You villain I am the one star at night with crossblades. Jack the Ripper drinks blood as wine God lost justice then I will do it.

Stop it. Want to steal my fruits? Bladesman I am your fan. Hero, me too. We are all your fans. Yan dislikes such fangirls and fanboys. Ah.. Or you will be arrested.

I don't know I don't know what happened. Don't you know eggs have its life. Wait You see. Fertilize egg has its life But common eggs don't. Well, got it? Damn you.

Don't you let me sleep Wow, it's the Bladesman. Hey, bitch. Bladesman Look, everybody, look. Ripper V.S Bladesman Bladesman Front Seat Two taels per person. Prepare drinks by yourselves.

Delicious melon seeds, peanuts and fruits. Have a look. Two taels per person. Prepare drinks by yourselves. Have a look Brother What? Why leaving? Boring Well done You dare to disparage him.

I began to admire you Fuck off. Don't tattoo me on your hand. We are brothers. Mr. Fan. Mr. Fan. Bad news. The court sent a new magistrate. The old one will be dismissed. Come on Come on.

Hurry up. By Golly, By Jove. I just pay attention to eating. I forgot that you still knelt. Stand up, stand up. The court asked me to replace you Because of your mismanagement. As a result, neighboring towns are filled with The Yellow Scarves. The Yellow Scarves is from the neighboring towns.

You mean The emperor passes the buck to you. Never dare Look, we haven't finished our conversation. Kneel down again. As for me. I am reasonable. Actually. The yellow Scarves Is not a big problem.

What really matters is the hearsay in the town. A strange illness breaks out. The army is in a mess. is it true? Give way. I want to see the magistrate. Sir, the strange illness has been confirmed. The criminal has been arrested. So you are the criminal. Man, you are in a low mood. Come on.

Give him a pep talk. Stop I need to cure him if you injure him. Who is this bro He is the highly skilled doctor and I ask him to investigate this case. Doctor Hua. Sir. This package of herbs has been found on him. It is the same as the poison of Hong Man Tian.

Wait, Hong Man Tian? All up All up I have eaten the take-out of Hong Man Tian these days. Calm down, sir. I just noticed that you had drunk wine. Although the poison is toxic, it's easy to lose efficacy. The wine you drank can lose its efficacy So the criminal poisoned in the bar.

Only to make those Who drink water rather than wine poisoned. The reason he did it is to confuse us. So people around the city Would think of the breakout of the illness. These are your suspicions Why did the night watcher do it. Read this.

Old Haven is gone. New Heaven Should Be Established. Fate is on the original, World will be propitious. Dare you. You. What a Yellow Scarves! Failed in the battle so that playing such tricks. Good-tempered as I am I cannot stand any more. Hey, your two, kill him. Wait.

Come clean. And you can live. What? Multiple choices? Say it. It's…It's… It's him. He gangs up with The Yellow Scarves. And asks me to poison. You.

What are you talking about? He is the spy of The Yellow Scarves. When The Yellow Scarves attacks here. He will open the gate and let us in. The secret signal is Tofu jelly should be sweet. Well, why does The Yellow Scarves only Attack Qiao Town? Oh, because of spy.

Kill him Yes, sir. I am innocent. Please investigate, sir. I only eat salty tofu jelly I am really innocent. This is a big case. Wait for the Commandant's coming back Don't bother.

Time is money. And him Kill these two. Yes, sir. Sir Do you want to change your mind? Haven't it been decided? He is allowed to live. I thought you tried to push him around. How dare you.

Stop Audacious! Who allow you to do that? Did sir allow it? And. What? Your team should listen to the Commandant. It's not your turn. Yes, sure.

Our team is under the management of the Commandant. Sir You don't need to worry about The Yellow Scarves. The Commandant will deal with it. Hey, guys, take them to the prison and wait for instructions. The cloth looks nice. Go ahead. What fuck. Home on, hurry up. Come on.

What's it for? All because of the taste of tofu jelly. And he killed his companies. Don't you think so, brother? Interesting. Sir What are these? According to your requirements.

These are girls with beauty spots on their heads. Beauty shit spots? Aren't them tumors? It's my fault. This I am beauty. Shut up. Can you do it with your heart? Bloody Hell! Sir.

Close the door when you go out. Yes, sir. Are you trying to tempt me with your uniform? The style of Bladesman is popular this year. Actually, Bladesman See, the spot is so naughty. That runs to your mouth Who are you? Sir, this is Commandant Shang Long,.

He was in the battle with The Yellow Scarves outside the town. Then he came back after knowing the rebellion of the former magistrate. The Commandant. Nice to meet you. This is the account book of the Ministry. Is my rank higher than him? Yes, it is. Then why does he look like so powerful? Sir, because he is the military leader.

He has the military power so he can be powerful. Ok, let me see. It has been only a few days since you became the magistrate. And you have spent so much money. 18 dishes for breakfast. Are you a foodie or an officer? How can I do my business when I am hungry? Asking for prostitutes at midnight Is that your official business?.

Well If you continue to do it. My sword doesn't recognize you as a so-called officer. These are the number of supplements. Prepare at once. Go Sir Military power, Sir. Military power, Sir.

Military power Military power Military power, military power. No, I have to be active. Otherwise, the military power won't fall from the top. Bladesman Do you remember me? We fought here dozens of years ago. Remember?.

Do you? Bladesman Have you planned to kill me these years? Come on, kill me. You can't catch me. Well, my poor memory. This arrow is poisoned. Damn it. Well, time waits for no one.

I got this sleeve from the man. Who committed the poisoning. Do you smell anything unusual? This is smell of Tung oil. The books that Zhang Fan usually reads Have such a smell. He said that some expensive books were generally Soaked in to the tung oil. It is beneficial to keep them.

Books will not be damaged by worms, too. He has also hided one here. He said to you It's a valuable book? He said this was an academic book About the origins of human beings. The origins of human beings What's the matter? Nothing.

I am skeptical of the man who committed the poisoning is not The Yellow Scarves. I want to know his identity. Tung oil is under the management of the government. It's unusual Think it again. Do you remember the place where you smelled it? It seems to be somewhere. But I don't remember it clearly.

Oh, it should be in the little forest in the eastern town. Little forest. But it seems the tung oil only appears at dawn. Little forest, at dawn? What are you doing here at dawn? It's because of Zhang Fan. Someone is here. You are powerful, aren't you? Doctor Hua.

Doctor Hua, you don't sleep at such a late time. Aunt Wang, relax. I will soon cure your hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids. Doctor Hua, your business is extensive. I know. The style of Bladesman. Girls nowadays. All follow the fashion, it's strange.

Sir This place is not a market. If you want to hang out Turn left after going out. I am not hanging out. I come here to see the doctor. Really It has been lasting for three years. Is it serious?.

There is a tumor on your heart. Under this circumstance. There are two sets for you Which two? Laparotomy The scalpel will cut off the tumor on your heart. Feeling scared? Scared? How could I be?.

I choose the second option Piptanthus concolor or pearwood? And the combined, which is more expensive. What do you mean? Coffin Why do I buy your story? There is a temple in the right of the gate. You can believe him. Sir.

I want to ask you a question. Sure Do you know Si Tai Dragon? Si Tai? Si Tai Dragon. What dragon? It's late. Please, sir. I forget to pay you. Let me do it.

Mr. Hua. Pig's feet. I'll let you have it Sir Let me help you find that order You can deal with that swordsman I heard you wrote beautifully. Just so so. What can I do for you? I've come up with a good way to seize the power of war.

This is the Commandant's list of the food supplements. You imitate his handwriting Write a letter of conspiring to murder magistrate A fake confidential letter Yes, sir. Abao. Abao has won the first prize. Mr. Hua has allowed me to get married with you. So just marry me.

He agreed? You can get married with him Is the little forest interesting? She said the smell of tung oil there is heavy. I told her not to come but she insisted. She didn't listen to me. My feet are sore from all that walking last night. I have a question for you. People's feet will be sore after walking Do you know the reason?.

A bad joke. Follow me. Wait. Eat some buns with strong flavor, sir. Please enjoy it. Hurry up Uncle, this is your vinegar. sister, do you want some too? No, thanks.

Yunfan is as tall as him. No wonder it called heavy flavor. Their stuffing are made of pig's large intestine. Mr. Hua What are you looking at? Apart from us. Others come here to buy buns. But no one eats here. They all take them in food baskets.

The buns that landlady gave us Were directly taken from the food steamers. Please enjoy it. But buns to others are all from the room inside. Is my stuffing durian? It makes sense. Their toothpicks are not in the same length. It makes me uncomfortable. What's my stuffing?.

Yours is lotus root. It's enough for you. See you Bye, lady. Hey Hey What Eat it. Landlady.

There's something wrong with the bun What's wrong A hidden weapon is in the bun. A hidden weapon. Nothing has been wrong before. What should I do? Hurry! Get something to stop bleeding. No medicine here. No?.

Then how about such books? Such book Book? Boy Let me teach you fold paper cranes, ok? Ok Let's go. He is a man. We can stop bleeding in another way.

Oh, wait for a moment. Coming Mr. Hua, my mouth. Don't talk or move. Bleeding, bleeding. Stay still. Stay still Here comes the book. Sir, the book, you see.

This is not strong enough. It doesn't work at all. You pick up by yourself. As you like No, you cannot. You even didn't read. Saving is the first. Go, go, go. What are you doing? Hurry up, find something to stop bleeding.

There are various kinds. You can choose as you like. This is Tung oil. Knowledgeable. It has a strong smell. It's not easy to cover. In order to avoid the investigation of the government. We sleep at daytime. And work at night. The reason for us to open this strong-flavor buns shop.

Is to cover up. The smell of Tung oil at night. Have you seen this sleeve? Isn't it from my husband's cloth? This flower was embroidered by me. What's wrong with him? Calm down. He was reported. He will be fine after being arrested for several days.

Oh, my god. Has your husband Kept a pet or not? Pets? We don't have time to keep a pet. I haven't dealt with. the order last month Oh, yeah. My husband went outside the town several days ago.

He was to do with this big deal. One thousand books were ordered. But my husband didn't come back. What did the customer look like? Those who like such books. Look like the same, don't they? Malnutrition and insatiability. If you see him again. Can you recognize him? Of course.

I recognize those in debt. Give it back to me. You'll be mad if you continue to read. Boiling point. Tomorrow. Take the landlady to visit the magistrate and recognize the man. Ok Let's go. I just read half of the book.

Stop biting, stop. You hurt me. Stop biting, stop. Stop being naughty. Are you qualified to bite me. You grabbed my paper cranes. I was trying to check out the symmetry. I just want to help you Zhang Fan Honey.

What are you doing, honey? He is a good boy. Really? Really, he behaves himself. What are you doing, honey? Who taught you. You are so great. Let me hug you. Landlady. Hey, coming.

Honey, play with yourself. Go Ok, prepare to go. Here you are. We When will we come back next time? Is the book so interesting? Nope. What if we lost some clues?.

Isn't it? My new pair of official shoes. What are you doing? Take Yan back. Don't say in the little forest. Where is the order? What order? A thousand books. Don't tell me that you don't know.

Order It seems that your husband's death is in vain. Boy I have double sets of four. If you can't continue the game. I will let you to meet your mom. What's this? Bomb. Bomb? Wow, great.

You did it, let me see. Sister Sister, wake up. Fuck, I'll kill you. Doctor Hua, you don't need to check. I have killed all the people. Come on. Yes, it's him, it's him. I witnessed that he and the Bladesman.

Killed my nephew. Come on. Arrest Hua. Wait Commandant Shang is here too. Come on, please sit. Let's judge together. Doctor Hua, do you have anything to say? Yes, I have killed your nephew.

I am Bladesman. No, you are not. Bladesman killed little Guo. Have you said that you witnessed That I had killed your nephew? Yeah. Have you said that you witnessed? I I did witness.

What was I doing? You're partners. I am asking you. What was I doing at that time? You were coming in at that time. To check whether my sister was dead or not. He helped you to kill all. You didn't need to check. Then you ran away. If I finished killing.

Would you be here? Now that you did see my face would I go away without checking your death? Wang sir. What do you think? I think there are many possibilities. For example, you want to pee. Obviously, it is Bladesman. That killed the family of the book sellers.

And Doctor Hua is innocent. Doctor Hua Have you found Bladesman? Yes And I know Bladesman is here. Among us Last night, when I chased him I saw.

Him entering in to the magistrate's mansion What? Why are you looking at me? Obviously, the right hand of the criminal is unusual. Generally, man's middle finger is longer than his fourth and index finger. But the criminal Has shorter middle finger than fourth and index finger. Based on my experience as a doctor for a long time. This man.

Is rare Yes, everyone shows your fingers. If the middle finger is short Then he is the criminal I come first I want to pee I go to the toilet. It doesn't matter if you show your fingers first. Ok.

Wang Sir. Wang Sir. Surprise. Do you want to measure mine? Doctor Hua You don't need to check the hands of my men. I think Shang Sir's hand is unusual. What do you mean?.

Why did you appear so early At the crime scene? Together with Doctor hua. If the criminal is Shang Sir. He doesn't need to go back the murder scene. How do you explain the handprint? Handprint It could be faked. Shit.

You are unjust. Why do you defend him? Well, well I know. You are just concerned about a lack of confidence, aren't you? Guys Arrest this man. Shang sir. You have sent a man by my side.

I have already knew the spy. The former magistrate is killed New Wang Cheng should be short lived. If there's a chance, I will get his shit head. Fuck, quite rhyming. Come on, have a look. This is the list of food supplements from Shang Sir. The handwritings are the same. Guys, take the man.

How dare you! I am not Bladesman. Officer Shang Long disguised him into Bladesman. Killed the innocent. Magistrate Wang Cheng killed him on the spot. Perfect. Let me hold your tally. As for you. Since you have followed me for such a long time. I will burn the hell money for you.

I am worried about your taking out my sword again, don't I? Over Isn't it the order of the book sellers? Why it is here? Mr. Hua Mr. Hua. Mr. Hua. Certainly This is the “Ling” written by magistrate.

This is written by the customer. This on is written by Wang Cheng's Guard. Got it. This confidential letter is fake. The Commandant was trapped by Wang Cheng. What are you dong again? There's no arrow wound on his ass. He is not Bladesman. But why did he frame the Commandant? The military power.

The gap between the teeth is somewhat red. And the coated tongue has black spots. Anus has black spots, too. These are results of the Yellow Scarves' extended use Of the paper with cinnabar. Wang Cheng is such a clever man. He must know That the Yellow Scarves is beside him. Hurry up.

Hurry Rabbit Weren't you fighting against The Yellow Scarves outside the town? The Magistrate asked us To stop bucking So we all come back. Why? Because. Wang Cheng belongs to The Yellow Scarves.

Oh, brother, don't joke. He has the seal from the court I saw it. I am afraid the seal is fake as well. Everything has been planned by Wang Cheng. First, he forced the owner of the book store To poison in the well and make the rumor of the strange illness. The he disguised himself into the new magistrate to judge. And killed the former one.

Next, he dressed himself as Bladesman. And killed the family of the book sellers Then the officer was trapped by him. For the military power. Everything is for The Yellow Scarves to go inside the town. So they can control the whole town. Shit, Wang Cheng. What a fucking insidious man!.

Now, I'm going to kill him. For what? How many people do you have? Well, brother I will ask Shang Sir's vice officer, Hu. He is my best brother. He has soldiers. The people in Qiao Town cannot be trusted now. You go to the state government.

And ask for the central government to help us. Ok. I'll go at once. Zhang Fan Take the lucky bag with you. Give way. Give way. Stop Magistrate commands that Due to the tense situation of The Yellow Scarves now.

Every horse should be confiscated to prepare for the war. I am the Yamen's leader, Zhang Fan. I am in a hurry. Give way. What's up? General This is my brother Zhang Fan. You don't know him? Brother Zhang Now The Yellow Scarves is so furious.

Where do you want to go? Hu Well You have the evidence that magistrate is The Yellow Scarves. Exactly Hurry up. Follow me to ask others to catch him. Ok, Zhang, don't worry. You don't need to do it. Sir, here's someone looking for you.

Brother Hu. Zhang sir. Magistrate. What a coincidence! You see. I meet you here. Pig's feet are still cooked in my house. I forget to turn off the fire. Let me come back to turn off the fire. What? What? Zhang Sir is going to arrest me.

Please show your respect to him, ok? Zhang Sir. This is the only chance for you to kill me by yourself. Come on. How did you get the seal from the central government? This one? In such a chaos world. It's easy for The Yellow Scarves to get a seal. Do you want it?.

Here you are. What's wrong with the Yamen? With such abilities, can he be the Yamen's leader? Wasting time. Sir, you just came to the town. Do you want to have Several girls to accompany you at night? I have found some but they are dogs. Doctor Hua's student looks nice.

Beauty. Stop I am not dead. You want to run away. Well I have given you the chance. What's wrong? Nothing It seems bustling.

What happened? Just vaudeville shows. Nothing interesting Come on. Master. Zhang Fan will be fine, won't he? Don't worry. Zhang Fan is a smart man. He would run away if anything gets wrong.

Mr. Hua. Mr. Hua. I heard you will operate on Wang Cheng tomorrow Great This is a good chance to kill Wang Cheng. We all hate him. And want him to die, don't we? Sure. And your friend as a yamen's leader.

He was hanged on the gate tower. So miserable. Aunt Mei. Several days ago. You were trying to be the magistrate's woman Why do you change your mind so quickly? I What You seduced Wang Cheng? What a shame.

With such an appearance, you want to seduce others? I am sacrificed myself for justice. Do you know why I am called Aunt Mei? Without syphilis all over my body for years How can I kill Wang Cheng. Doctor Hua I feel uncomfortable Please check for me Doctor Hua. Please check for me too.

No treatment today. Get out Get out up. Come back another day. Doctor Hua Please. Go, go away. No treatment. Then, how about my blood?.

You smells like the sea. Is it deep? No, I mean playboy. Sir, Doctor Hua's student Sun Yan wants to meet you. Tomorrow Doctor will operate on you, Sir. Master ask me to check again before the operation. Sir, are you having a petal bath? Aren't you blind? I can smell.

Then you smell. What flowers are they? Rose. Gardenia Magnolia Chrysanthemum Ok, I believe you. This is Ji Wei Grass. Sir, please put it in the water.

Then rinse the mouth. And let me check your daily diet Have you ever had something On your forehead When I was young. I had a beauty spot. Later, my master studied the mole surgery removed it. Sir, have you finished your brewing of Ji Wei Grass?.

You want to know the taste of my mouth, don't you? I have a more direct way. This is not like body checking But the revenge for your lover. It's reasonable. How about your family? Stop Stop I don't buy your story.

Drop dead How dare you Yan, are you ok? Yan What's wrong with Yan Yan Yan You cannot blame me.

She did it of her own It's all your fault, shit. What are you doing! Baby, don't be afraid. Your eyes can be cured. Doctor Hua The operation tomorrow It seems that I am passive, baby. You are a good actor.

Master, I have a question How did my parents die? What did Wang Cheng talk to you? He said my parents were killed by Bladesman. So his words were true. Why didn't you tell me? Stay here and don't leave. Details about revenge I will tell you tomorrow.

When I come back. Where are you going? If I don't go back. Tomorrow evening Just leave Qiao Town. And don't stay here any more. Ladies and gentlemen. Today you are so lucky To witness a laparotomy operated by.

The highly skilled Doctor Hua. If it pans out Everybody can be awarded. If it's failed Then Doctor Hua is a quack. Brute. Murder. Then everyone should condemn him with me. Let's start. Doctor Hua, this way.

Wow, you don't need to be so terrified. What? Using so many lives to threaten me If you didn't make Yan dead She was the only one needed Everything is under Mr. Hua's control. The desolating gale freezes River Yi,.

A gale has risen and is sweeping the clouds across the sky. Mr. Hua. Tomorrow you may not escape from death. Let me have your child. Forget it. Tomorrow Wang Cheng is bound to control someone to threaten me I won't kill him on the spot. Then why did you apply poison to your sword?.

Every man's heart has thickness. If the poison is applied to Wang Cheng's heart wall. It will take several hours For the poison to show efficacy. It's comfortable. Do you think that man will come? Shit How dare you Go away.

Yes What a man! You are fucking here saving him. If I don't kill him They will die sooner or later. Fuck you What a shit teammate! Bladesman! There is puffer venom on the scalpel. Doctor Hua will poison the heart wall of Wang Cheng.

And he will die slowly Thanks, beauty. I never thought you could be so cunning Take off his mask. To see if he is a lady-killer or not. Ok So what? It's me. Can you stop eating garlic when you bump someone? Tie him on the pillar.

Every cut Doctor Hua applies on me You guys cut him in the same way. Yes Change a new set of scalpels for Doctor Hua Yes, sir. Doctor Hua Can you operate now? Hey, what's the matter? You are acting here.

Don't you feel noisy? Noisy. There's only one man shouting If I die Everyone shouts together, which is truly noisy. If I cure you Promise me. Release him. Hunky-dory.

So hurry up He cannot stand any more. This is my black heart. Stop What are you doing, Yan? Master, I thought for a night yesterday I've made up my mind Kill the Bladesman Revenge for my parents.

Shit, again Bladesman Yan Put down the sword. I agree Yan Can I tell a story to you first? I don't want to hear Me, too.

Yan The on you should kill is not him It's me. This blade is the blade of Bladesman I am the authentic Bladesman Little girl. Little girl. Wake up, wake up!.

Wake up The one who killed your family is me. You can kill me. But Let me cure your eyes I have worked out the prescription I have tried every possible way. This time.

I am sure I can cure your eyes Now I have Si Tai Dragon Water. None I want water. I want water. Si Tai Dragon Si Tai Dragon If you want to kill, then kill me.

Don't listen to him I am Bladesman kill me And you can revenge for your family. One two three fly Fly So high I cannot identify your corpse But.

I am able to die with you the Bladesman, such a big hero. Nothing pitiful. Or in the end I am not a hero That's fine Everyone makes mistakes throughout the life. Hero is a human being as well Master is a cheat.

Sir Outside the town, The Yellow Scarves had been defeated by the commandant Thanks to your clever idea to replace the magistrate works. Otherwise, how can our army Conquer the Qiao Town in such a short time. Sir, you are so great.

A toast to you Baby, you are coming back Baby, I miss you so much Sir, Master Po had done a great job Yeah Dare to bite me Cook it Ok We have already thought so.

You The one in red shoes come here Come here You dance well You will have my rewards Go to the hell I know you are alive Check my body again Bitch, you dare to use the dagger.

Steaming or braising You bitch again Shit officer Today, our female dare-to-die corps will kill you Dare to play daggers with me Too dangerous Go out to see Come on, brothers.

Sir, bad news. Killer is coming in, Sir. Terrible Killer is coming in, Sir. What female dare-to-die corps? So ugly I won't rape you Sir Sir.

Sir Among so many versions of Bladesman You, the original edition, is the most handsome one Hey I quit You quit drinking! Resolute man! I am sorry I have killed a large number of your dogs. Just do it.

That's all right If you are not satisfied. I can bring more people to you. You think I care about them, don't you? We are the same kind of men. They kill for the results Like baby eating worms. For not being hungry We are different.

We think highly for the process. In my eyes, you are like the lizard. You are an ugly monster You are not allowed to say that It's bad if Baby hears it. Do you want it? Beg me and I will give you. And cook for free. Does your student like braising.

Or steaming? Neither Then, I'll eat it. You are shit Does your mom know it? I am not sure You can dig her out of the tomb. And asks her Have you finished warm-up?.

Then come on You are good Quite good Great? Quite great Really good? Really good Come on, let's play something exciting Yan.

Yan Take Si Tai Dragon with you and leave here No, I will kill him Left On your left Left Missed This hit is my revenge. Where's he?.

Shit, say something Say something Where's he? Say something Say Shit Yan I remember the answer of the bad joke Zhang Fan.

Walks on the way And feels his feet sore Because the shoes he wears are too small Blockhead Because he stamps a lemon. Your biggest weakness is thinking yourself clever It seems that cleverness is useful. Yan.

I failed. Kill me Don't worry You like playing, don't you? I have something more interesting. Is it interesting? Fucking you Gossip is also a kind of illness You need to be cured.

Are you coming back? Bladesman You don't like it? Just so so. Where should we go? Maybe Xu Chang. Someone called Cao Cao. Always writes to me. He said there were some problems with his brain.

I'll examine his qualities first.

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