Ladies Are Forced To Be Intimate W/ Him To Fetch Him Stronger

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During a lightning-induced power outage,newbie security guard Yingxiong Ma heads to the rooftop to check on the circuits,only to find the door open. To his surprise, he finds a beautiful, glowing woman with longblack hair, hovering in the sky. They gaze at each other, and lightning suddenly strikesher. Despite his confusion, Yingxiong Ma quickly goes after her and checks if she's okay.But what should he do? He thinks about performing first aid, which involves touching the girl,so nope! He’s a gentleman, so he can’t do that! But then again, he doesn’t have evil intentions…In the end, he decides to prioritise her health, and he gives her mouth to mouth. This makes apowerful light shoot up from where they are. As for the girl, Muzi Li, she finds herselfelsewhere. She remembers passing the tribulation.

Until someone interrupted her. Suddenly, she seesher mother smiling, only to fade into the light, spurring the girl to run after her.Unfortunately, it’s futile. She eventually wakes up to Yingxiong Mastill locking lips with her. And boy, is she FURIOUS. He insists that he just saved herand that he even gave up his first kiss for her, but this only pisses her off more.Isn’t her first kiss more important?! He convinces her that that just makes them even,so in return, she gives his cheeks a lil’ one-two then walks away, wishing to never see him again.That was a mess. She's at least relieved that he didn't see the power of her cultivation magic.The cultivation world is like a merciless jungle, and any mortal involving themselves there willdie. Suddenly, red light emanates from her,.

And she falls to her knees in pain.Her cultivation has been reduced! Meanwhile, Yingxiong Ma is feelinghot in bed, and unbeknownst to him, he’s making all the objects around him levitate.Come next day, Yingxiong Ma’s sitting on a bench while experiencing Spiderman symptoms.Feelings? Fresh. Eyesight? 10/10. In fact, his eyesight’s so good, he can see the provocativebillboard from a very distant skyscraper. What’s that about greatpowers and responsibilities? Just then, he spots his so-called violent girlwalking past a super rich guy who clearly has the hots for her. She ignores him at first, but whenhe tells her that he booked the entire cinema so they can watch this seduction movie together,Muzi blushes. She’s interested in that movie….

But she has classes. Yingxiong Ma is stumped.How can a violent girl like her have admirers? Suddenly, a floating eye appears, watching himand his new powers. The observer messes with the billboard and has it drop on a girl below.While everyone’s running away, Yingxiong Ma finds himself bolting straight towards the girl. Heuses his powers, and an electric charge hurls the billboard away. After saving her, he passes out.The guy eventually wakes up, only to find himself tied to the bed. Muzi Li’s there, and she’sgetting all up on him while strutting her stuff. As flustered as he is, he realisesthat the violent girl’s acting weirdly, so he quickly tells her to put some clothes onso they can talk slowly. Muzi Li’s disappointed. Looks like the methods she learned from themovie didn’t work. She then gets up to button.

Her shirt and reveals that they're here becauseshe wants to get back what's supposed to be hers. Yingxiong Ma is stumped. He's just a securityguard! Muzi Li brings up the girl, and she reveals that he used her powers to save her. With a lil’pose, she reveals that she’s a cultivator, but that just has Yingxiong Ma thinking that she’s abit mental. Smiling, Muzi Li threateningly reveals her power and gives him two lovely choices:He can die under her “Black Sky,” or he can cultivate with her.[2] The two are soon riding an elevator, whereYingxiong Ma’s amazed by the city below. But Muzi Li says that all this is superficial– some parts are full of darkness, and even she doesn’t know what’s going on there. He proposescultivating their powers together to aid those in.

Darkness, but she answers that it’s not easy.As they stand on the edge of the building, she asks him if he wants to take the fast orsteady route in training. He naively answers that he wants the fastest. In that case, she instructshim to jump off. This is because humans unlock their hidden potential when they face gravedangers. As long as there's a desire to live, it's guaranteed that he will awaken his powers.And if he fails, whelp. Guess he'll just be headlines in tomorrow's news!Either way, she's certain he'll perish if he doesn't awaken his powerssoon. If the fall doesn't kill him, other cultivators will. So he might as well try!Without much warning, Yingxiong Ma finds himself being thrown off the rooftop. Uh oh!While falling, he tries his damndest.

To have his own shounen moment, but nothing’sworking! As he’s beginning to tear up, Muzi Li catches up and grabs Yingxiong Ma. Thisis their life and death moment, she says. Somehow, this awakens something in YingxiongMa, and wings sprout on his back. He flies back up and declares they won't need a planeanymore. This causes Muzi Li to sprout her butterfly wings and slam him down on the roof.She reminds him there's a price to this, so he shouldn't get carried away. The moderncultivation world is like a forest that lacks resources. Cultivators are the starvingbeasts that reside there. If someone lights up a bonfire continuously, it will attract othercultivators' attention. Like the predators they are, they'd rather eliminate him than let himcontinue wasting resources. Muzi Li warns him.

That the next time he tries something likethat, the other cultivators might answer. Somewhere, a powerful being senses the suddenfluctuation in energy. He orders Ru Yue to test the cause of the power fluctuation. She shouldmake it discrete, and if he's weak, destroy him. Young Master can't believe what he's seeing. Hisbeloved Muzi Li! With a man! Worse, Muzi Li tells him she's tired because she and her YingxiongMa just came from a hotel. This makes Young Master grab for him, but Muzi Li slaps him awaywhile saying that only she can beat “her man.” Later, Muzi Li discovers that Yingxiong Mais using an ancient phone. She's so ashamed of how it looks that she hands him a newsmartphone. This new one can handle WeChat, and that's where they'll be communicating. HEBETTER REPLY. Yingxiong Ma tears up in joy. On a.

More serious note, Yingxiong Ma asks her why she'snot killing him if it's normal for cultivators to kill the weak ones. Simple, he has a lot of herpower in him. If he dies, her power goes away as well. This power can only be transferred uniquelyin her family. She wouldn't have allowed him to cultivate with her if this weren't the case.Yingxiong Ma tries to tease her about “cultivating” that night. He plays itoff and tries to leave, but she suddenly grabs his hand and dashes off. Slow down,Yingxiong Ma. You can hold hands first. Holding her hand makes Yingxiong Ma think thateven in a cruel world, she still makes him feel warm.[3] Ru Yue finally arrives at the place whereshe senses the new cultivator's powers..

She can even tell by the nature of the spiritenergy that he's a man. She spots men peeking at women by the side of the stairs and scoffsat the sight. Men… so predictable! She's sure her target can't get away from her, either. Notwhen she has the perfect bait— WeChat Woohoo Call! She'll spread these spicy photos, andthis man will take the bait sooner or later. She goes from one man to another, but none ofthem is her target. She socks them in the face for being a degenerate. Things are startingto feel bleak since she's dated most male college students, and none have spirit energy.She's worried that maybe the man isn't actually attracted to women. She'll need to change tactics!That evening while Yingxiong Ma is texting Muzi Li, he notices that his superior Li is chattingwith a young man about meeting at the park..

Well, this is obviously Ru Yue, but YingxiongMa doesn't know that. Seeing how smitten Li is, he follows. He is suspicious that this mighteven be a curse. As Li meets up with the “boy,” he gets rejected after Ru Yue realizes hehas no spirit energy. His persistence led to him getting an uppercut. YingxiongMa brings out his wings and catches Li. Look at that. Ru Yue has her target!As Yingxiong Ma asks Li if he's okay, the man starts to hallucinate and thinks he's his “princecharming” or “angel.” He begins to pine over Yixiong Ma, making him desperate to pry this manoff. Eventually, Ru Yue takes off her enchantment on Li. The bozo's surprised that Yingxiong Ma iswith him. He even tells him to be sincere with his feelings and that he doesn't need to hide.Oh, the chills. RUN AWAAAYYYY!!!.

As Yingxiong Ma runs away, powerful magic strikeshim. Not even he is immune to Ru Yue's spiritual charm. He heads to the rooftop to meet her;he's VERY smitten by her presence! She brings out “Spirit Restrictions” to ensure that othercultivators cannot detect them. Yingxiong Ma kneels on one knee to propose to her with aroast beef he made along the way just for her. Wondering why she's distant, he tries to feedher with his mouth. Ru Yue's so disgusted that she removes the magic placed on him. Realizingthat he's on a rooftop with a different girl, Yingxiong Ma feels his mortality but notbecause of Ru Yue. He's scared of Muzi Li finding out! Yingxiong Ma recognizes Ru Yueas a cultiva tor when she summons a fire sword. He needs to escape fast, or else he's toast!Even after he tries to fly away, Ru Yue easily.

Gets close to him and flings him to the roof.Except, he's now without his pants and… Hmmm… In her rage, she calls him a degenerate forhaving those off. She then tries to attack him, but a powerful energy intercepts her. MuziLi instructs him to wear his pants already. Ru Yue tells Muzi Li that Yingxiong Ma proposedto her before she arrived. She throws a keyboard on the floor and tells him to kneel. She'll dealwith him later after destroying his “mistress.” [4]Currently, Yingxiong Ma is kneeling on a keyboard for 10 minutes. When he mentions out loud likea fool that pretty girls are fighting for him, Ru Yue and Muzi Li give him something to remember!Unfortunately for Muzi Li, Ru Yue has noticed that her spirit energy is low. Muzi Li remindsYingxiong Ma of his training and lessons.

And how cultivation is divided into levelsor stages. All stages have an early, mid, and late stage. Death is imminent unless he canget a special weapon to fill this disparity. If Yingxiao Ma is lucky enough, he might evensurvive going against a powerful cultivator. Ru Yue recognizes that the two are talkingand charges on full offense. Ru Yue and Muzi Li engage in fierce combat. MuziLi implores Yingxiao Ma to get out. Yu Rue continues dishing out as much damageas she can. Poor Muzi Li can't catch a break! Ru Yue summons a large fireball and hurls it atMuzi Li, who shields it with her spirit energy. Blood pours from her lips as she tries to holdthis attack long enough for Yingxiao Ma to escape. Yingxiao Ma stops himself from opening the dooras he realizes Muzi Li sacrificed herself for him..

—Meanwhile, Ru Yue's master has been consuming other cultivators. Once she'sdone with her mission, he will consume her next. —Muzi Li can no longer hold back Ru Yue's power and is thrown back. While on the ground,Yu Rue tells her to forget Yingxiao Ma because he left her alone, and she probably wants to cuthim into pieces. Muzi Li answers back by saying that someone like her will never understand.Just as she's about to accept death at Ru Yue's hands, she's surprised by “warm raindrops” onher face, only to realize that it's Yingxiao Ma's blood. He came back to protect her. Tears escapeher eyes when she sees him impaled with a fire sword. He falls to his knees and into Muzi Li'sarms. She may have lied about being able to take.

Her, but Yingxiao Ma refuses to let her die alone.Muzi Le remembers how her mother told her that the man she'll marry must be able tocomfort, take care of, and stand up for her. He will protect her from getting hurt.Their sweet moment is interrupted by Ru Yue kicking Yingxiao Ma away from her. MuziLi begs for him to come back with tears in her eyes. Ru Yue tells her not to worrybecause she'll soon join her little boyfriend. Yingxiao Ma is surprised to find himself inanother world. He meets a man with long hair named Li XuanZi, who tells him he's hereby mistake. He then takes out a sword that Yingxiao Ma recognizes as Dark Sky. Li XuanZiis surprised by this since it has only been passed down to his descendants— UNLESS… he'sa cultivation partner of one of his offspring..

YingXiao Ma introduces himself as MuziLi's husband. Li XuanZi knows that name, and now he's certain that this young man infront of him is his child's cultivation partner. He gives Yingxiao Ma his “special fortune”and points it out with his middle finger. That's her father, alright.Li XuanZi flings to him Hun Tian beads, all three layers. He even left somethingspecial in the beads, but can only help with his current danger because his powers arelimited. He reminds him that he will last for only a minute once he goes outside. He'll alsoget his power back once he gets out of there. But wait— HOW DO YOU USE THE BEADS?— Back in the material realm, an immense powerescapes YingXiao Ma's body, throwing Ru Yue back..

Before them stands Yingxiao Ma with wings wideopen, long black hair, and Muzi Li in his arms. [5]Ru Yue doesn't understand where this strong spirit power is coming from. And it growsrapidly as time passes! She's certain she'll die if she fights him at this level. She wonders ifhe's actually stronger than her own master. She makes a desperate attempt and lashes out with herFire Whip. With just a finger and the incantation “Shatter,” Yingxiao Ma ruins it. She can't believehe can destroy her weapon with just a word. Seeing there is no way out, she decides tocontrol her fate by choosing her manner of death. Ru Yue throws herself off the buildingonly to be rescued by the same man she hunted. “So what if you lost? So what?” Yingxiao Matells her. “If you lose, you can just run away!”.

He then returns her safely to therooftop, only to be pushed back. Ru Yue yells at Yingxiao Ma that a weakling likehim can't possibly know the world's cruelties. Muzi Li pulls him back by the ear as she adviseshim to let her be. On a more important note, how did he get that much power!? Yingxiao Ma said hejust wanted to act cool and took the opportunity. Muzi Li is determined to get some answers, soshe rents a room for the both of them. He claims that a god went down to show him the way.Muzi Li isn't buying it. If it's anything, he's a mystery to her. His being able toabsorb her energy isn't normal. She cracks her knuckles while approaching him.Special measures must be taken! Yingxiao Ma finds himself tied up, and Muzi Li isjust right there. She urges Yingxiao Ma to relax..

Muzi Li uses the co-cultivationmethod of the Li family. To do this, their lips must be pressed together. She tries tocalm him down by narrating the process. She will let their energy spiral through their bodies.For Yingxao Ma, this whole thing reminds him of the setting sun. He can see it all, even thememories buried deep in her. He opens his eyes and sees that he's on a field. He walks to the lockeddouble doors nearby. The moment he touches it, light comes out. He sees a small Muzi Li besidehim before they're consumed by the darkness. Meanwhile, Muzi Li is trying to look forYingxiao Ma. She will find him through this power. She comes across his consciousnessbut finds she can't move. The scene changes, and she sees her family all dead. As shecries, a man's behind her, drawing his sword..

Yingxao Ma is also in the same place butdoesn't see Muzi Li. He sees a woman and the man from earlier. He's asking her aboutthe Black Sky. He then attacks the woman. Yingxao Ma wakes up as Muzi Li criesin her sleep. He thinks her past is sad and painful, but still, he'll protect her.When she wakes up, Yingxao Ma asks about the man in her past. She states that he killed all herfamily in one night because of the Black Sky. However, she's determined to make him bleed andavenge her family as long as she has Black Sky. Yingxiao Ma asks about his level and if theycan take him down together. The man's an Early-Stage Nascent Soul – the highestcultivation level a patriarch can get. Still, what embarrasses Muzi Li is how they failedto take a hit from someone like Ru Yue. That means.

If they meet her family's killer, they'll die.Seeing her struggle, Yingxiao Ma approaches Muzi Li and promises to be with her. After all, they'recultivation partners, right? Muzi Li smooches him on the cheek for that. And just like that,Yingxiao Ma wants time to freeze so he can feel it for longer. As he's about to tell her somethingabout his spirit power, Muzi Li stops him. She's just glad to have felt that warmth again.She kicks him out soon after, so Yingxiao Ma returns to his dorm. But he lost theHun Tian beads! To make matters worse, Ru Yue’s waiting for him in his quarters.It started with a kiss; how did it end up like this? Yingxiao Ma's now involved inthe cultivation world and its dangers. But as long as he's with his cultivatorgirlfriend, he probably doesn’t mind!.

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