Ladies Fight To Be With The Handiest Man On An Island

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A die-hard fan gets stranded on a beach withher rock star idol. When she realizes they’re just miles awayfrom civilization, she must choose between doing the right thing or taking her chanceat love. Jenny Taylor celebrates her birthday in aJason Masters concert courtesy of her best friend, Ryan Howell. Being a huge fan of Jason, she thanks Ryanfor the best birthday gift ever. Another die-hard fan, Alexis Menetti, passesby and makes fun of their cheap seats, but Jenny refuses to let her ruin her time. Her favorite song starts, and Jenny crowd-surfsher way to the stage.

Alexis sees this and does the same, so theyrace to get to Jason first. However, Alexis pushes Jenny, so she reachesJason instead. Alexis hugs Jason tightly and takes the shirthe took off, gloating at Jenny while he sings to her before security whisks her away. The next day, Jenny rants about what happenedto her mom as she packs for her summer job in the Caribbean. She wonders about missing the chance for love,so her mother suggests dating her best friend, Ryan. However, Jenny sees him more like a brother.

Her parents talk about their Indonesia tripover breakfast. While raving about being in nature’s belly,her father accidentally cuts himself. Jenny quickly tends to his wound as her dadpanics, though he comments what a great doctor Jenny will be. Ryan arrives to fetch Jenny, who goes to gatherher things. He then awkwardly inquires if it’s okaywith Jenny’s father that they’ll be roommates, but the man brushes this off. Ryan is the last guy he’d be worried aboutwith his daughter and is actually on board if they get together.

Soon, the two arrive at the resort but seethat Alexis is also there for the summer job program. She warns Jenny to stay out of her way ifJason comes since it’s his favorite resort. Afterward, the resort manager, Mr. Hernandez,leads the best friends to their quarters and assigns Jenny to lifeguard duty and Ryan toa floating status, which means he works whatever role needs a filler. The next day, they start working. Ryan is on waiter duty and meets Chase, whoapproaches him to talk about girls. Confident about his romancing skills, theguy proceeds to hit on a guest with a distasteful.

Line but earns a slap on the face instead. In the pool, a drowning boy cries out, soJenny hurriedly swims to save him and performs CPR. However, the kid is only pretending to beunconscious to get close to the pretty girl, so Jenny pulls back and chokes him instead. After the kid runs off, Ryan warns his friendnot to hurt the guests. Walking her back to her post, Ryan awkwardlyasks her to hang out that night. Jenny agrees after telling him to be moreassertive. The kid from earlier slips for real this time,and when Jenny sees that he’s okay, she.

Gives him a light slap and leaves. Chase notices Jenny’s charm and Ryan quicklywarns that she’s off-limits. That night, Jenny and Ryan watch a show atthe resort. Upon seeing a couple there, Jenny wondersif it’s too much to ask for the same for her love life. Ryan takes this chance to confess to her,but he gets cut off when Jenny is whisked to the stage. The next day, they enjoy different water activitiesaround the resort. While resting by the beach, they share a momentwhen they playfully fall on top of each other.

Jenny pulls back and quickly leaves, noticingthe change in the atmosphere. By the resort entrance, Jason Masters’ entouragearrives. Mr. Hernandez welcomes them, but he’s dismissedby Jason’s road manager, Milo. Meanwhile, Jenny is on her lifeguard postwhen Alexis flaunts that she’s been promoted to head lifeguard. As her first order, she gives Jenny an additionalshift. Annoyed, Jenny leaves her post as Ryan comesover. To console her, he informs her that JasonMasters has arrived. She rushes to reception and finds Jason stressedby his chaotic entourage.

She runs to him but slips right in front ofhim. Jason helps her up and calls her beautiful,making Jenny dazzled even after the rockstar is led away to his suite. In the villa, Jason is crowded by his busyteam. Exasperated, he groans and jumps into thepool. Elsewhere in the resort, Jenny tells Ryanthat she felt a connection during her interaction with Jason. Ryan infers that if she wants to take hershot, she needs to do it quickly since Jason’s only there for a layover and will join a privatecruise that night before leaving.

With that in mind, Jenny sneaks into the cruisethat evening and sees an already drunk Jason on the side of the boat. As the captain tries to steer away from atropical depression, Jenny follows Jason to the lower deck. When the boat catches a big wave, Jason, who’son the edge to throw up, falls overboard. Jenny screams for help, but the music is tooloud for anyone to hear. With no choice, she throws a life raft intothe water and jumps in to save Jason. They get on the raft, but the boat is alreadytoo far away for them to call for help. At the port, the boat is evacuated due tothe worsening storm.

After realizing that Jason is missing, Milodemands a search for him, but they need to call and wait for the Coast Guard to do so. The next day, the two wake up stranded atsea. Jason panics, but Jenny is too engrossed withher idol beside her. She starts asking questions about his songs,and Jason snaps at her for ignoring their current problem. Despite this, she comments that he still looksgreat, which appeases the rock star. Suddenly, something moves in the water, andJason freaks out. Luckily, it’s just a dolphin.

Meanwhile, in the employee quarters, Ryanwakes up and realizes that Jenny is missing. After floating aimlessly for a while, Jasonfinally sees land. He urges Jenny to paddle, but she’s moreinterested in asking about his love life. After he snaps at her again, she finally helpsout until they eventually reach the shore. Jason hops onto the beach but immediatelyhurts his ankle. His companion checks his foot and with Jason’sgirlish screams of pain, she concludes that his ankle is broken. She tells him not to worry as he’s stillmanly in her eyes. She volunteers to look for help, walking awaystill without an inch of worry.

After walking around, she finds nothing, soshe reports that they’re stuck on a deserted island. In the resort, Ryan asks Chase if he’s seenJenny, so he recounts that he saw her sneaking in on the cruise last night. Nearby, they overhear the news about Jason’sdisappearance, and it’s reported that he was with Jenny. The coast guard concludes that since therewas a life raft missing on the boat, it’s likely that Jenny and Jason used it, so theirchances of survival are high. On the island, Jason suggests they go backon the raft, but they can’t navigate at.

Sea. They try to send out a flare, but Jenny holdsit the wrong way, causing it to fly toward their raft, thus deflating and effectivelyburning it. Elsewhere, Jason’s team is badgered by thepress about his disappearance while Ryan tries to contact Jenny’s parents but they’reunreachable. Stuck on the island, Jenny makes use of theresources to survive. The injured Jason sits nearby, watching hertry to get food to no avail. Jason thinks they’re going to starve todeath, but Jenny assures him that people are searching for him.

He then notices how masterfully she wrappedhis injured foot, so Jenny proudly shares her plans to attend med school after summer. However, she asks him not to tell anyone sinceshe thinks guys don’t like smart girls. On the contrary, Jason thinks beauty shouldcome with the brains for it, so he concludes that he prefers smart girls like Jenny. Jenny blushes then excuses herself to lookfor food again. In her next search, she finds a nest witheggs up a tree. She tries to reach for it but slips into thestream. The current takes her downstream, and shefinds herself miraculously back in one of.

The nature pools of the resort. Starving, she grabs a tray of food nearbyand scrapes it down. She notices the newspaper reporting Jason’sdisappearance, so she hurriedly returns to him to report the good news. It takes her a while to return to the beach,which is apparently on the other side of the island. As she’s about to say the good news, Jasonhugs her as he was worried that something happened to her. Overwhelmed by his attention, she ends upnot say ing anything, leaving Jason to believe.

They’re still stranded on a faraway island. She leaves to get supplies for her and Jason,though she notices how her photo is also included in the newspapers. With that, she buys sunglasses and a hat tohide her identity. They build a shelter, and Jenny fakes startinga fire from scratch with the lighter she bought. She also provides Jason with seafood and fruit,claiming to have gotten them from the ocean and the jungle when she actually just boughtthem from the store. In the evening, Jason expresses his reliefto finally have some quiet time to think, so he thanks Jenny for taking care of him.

While having breakfast the next morning, Jasonnotices Jenny all dolled up. She excuses that she got berries to adornher lips and her styled hair is thanks to her genetics. Suddenly, two windsurfers appear on the lagoon,so Jenny distracts Jason with weird bird names to excuse the sound the surfers are making. Meanwhile, Mr. Hernandez confronts Milo backat the resort, as the record label isn’t paying for their expenses while Jason is missing. With no choice, they are moved out of thelarge suite. Soon, Jenny can’t afford to buy suppliesanymore, so she goes to the employee quarters.

And gets some money. However, she pauses on her way out, unableto resist a fresh shower. Just as she exits the shower, Ryan arrives. He quickly hugs her in relief, even thoughshe hasn’t covered up. To explain what happened to her, Jenny latertakes him to the beach. Realizing that his friend is tricking therockstar, Ryan thinks her actions are crazy. She explains that being lost makes Jason seeher for who she is. She claims that there’s something specialbetween her and Jason, so Ryan, who could never seem to say no to her, helps her eventhough he thinks this is still kidnapping.

Soon, he starts buying supplies for them butAlexis notices his suspicious items. When he drops off the supplies for Jenny topick up later, Alexis follows him and sees Jason with her rival. Ryan quickly pulls her aside and explainsJenny’s plan, pleading to Alexis not to say anything. However, this gives Alexis an idea. Later, with their now useless raft floatingback to the open sea, Jenny feeds Jason a banana, claiming it has medical propertieswhen she actually just crushed painkillers on it for his injured ankle.

They hear someone call for help and find Alexispretending to be shipwrecked, too. With a French accent, she clings to Jasonhelplessly as he comes to her rescue. Jenny is then put aside as Jason cares forthe new castaway, who’s charming her way to his heart. A competition to win over Jason ensues. They take turns catching larger and largerfish that actually just came from the resort. When Jenny questions Alexis’ French accent,the woman puts dirt in her drink which becomes lodged in her teeth, thus grossing Jason out. Jenny retaliates by buying a fart machineand using it on Alexis at night, making Jason.

Face away in disgust. The next day, Alexis puts ants in Jenny’shair, blaming it on her poor hygiene. Angered, Jenny lunges at her, and a girl fightfollows while Jason merely watches, amused. At her wit’s end with Alexis, Jenny decidesto talk to Jason. Seeing her worried, he assures her that despiteentertaining Alexis, Jenny’s the one he really likes. This leads them to almost kiss, but Alexisbreaks them up in a panic, and Jenny sees why. A man on horseback is nearby, so they askJason to sing to distract him.

He obliges, and they cheer to keep his attentionuntil the man has gone. At the resort, Ryan asks Chase for adviceabout confessing to his best friend. Chase shares that confidence is the key, andwhen the other guy hesitates about this, he badgers him into saying that he’s the man. Using Chase’s advice, Ryan meets up withJenny later, wearing a puka shell necklace and attempting to talk coolly. Jenny laughs and thinks he’s trying to impersonatesomeone. She then rambles about Jason’s confessionearlier, and this disheartens Ryan. Unable to listen further, he leaves whileJenny stares, confused.

Before completely driving away, he stops andwalks back to Jenny to kiss her. He finally confesses, but Jenny asserts thatthey’re just friends. With his heart broken, Ryan decides to gohome. The next day, authorities find the brokenraft at sea, leading them to believe that the two might not have survived. While in disguise at the store to get supplies,Jenny finds the news reporting how the world is already mourning for Jason. This finally convinces her to tell the truth. She returns to the beach and tells Jason thatshe had fallen in love with him as a fan before.

They even met. If given time to know her better, she thoughtthat he’d reciprocate her feelings. She finally reveals the truth despite Alexis’protests. She points to a boat speeding by, and immediately,Jason calls for help. Jenny adds that the resort is just throughthe jungle, and Jason is pissed about the betrayal. He then gets onto the boat, threatening thetwo women with lawsuits. Alexis chases after him, claiming that she’sinnocent. However, she inadvertently loses her fakeFrench accent, blowing her act, so Jason also.

Abandons her. After Alexis storms off into the jungle, Jennystays on the beach, deep in thought as the weather worsens. In the resort, everyone prepares for the incominghurricane. Ryan is about to leave the resort but endsup stuck since the airports are closed. He sees the news about the storm about tohit the other side of the island, so he takes a truck to find Jenny, sure that she’s stillthere. As she’s desperately navigating throughthe jungle, Jenny’s sash is blown off by the wind.

Ryan spots the sash on a tree, so he goeson foot to search for his friend. Soon, however, Jenny sees Ryan’s truck andgets in. A tree falls on the vehicle, causing it toslip down the muddy trail and trap Jenny inside. The two call for each other amidst the stormuntil Ryan finds Jenny and carries her out through the truck’s window before the vehiclefalls onto the stream. They find shelter in a cave, and Ryan buildsa fire to keep them warm. Jenny looks meaningfully at her best friendwho saved her life as if seeing him in a new light. With the storm still raging outside, the twospend the night keeping each other close.

Morning comes, and the resort is in shamblesin the aftermath of the hurricane. Jason finally arrives and saves Milo frombecoming jobless for losing his big star. He reveals what happened to him, so Milo thinksof a press narrative that will save their careers. Later, Ryan and Jenny are stopped on theirway back to their quarters by Jason’s team. Jason tells Jenny that he still likes herand needs her help to make things right, as they want to sell a love story between themto the press. Realizing their plan, Ryan barges in and confesseshis love for Jenny. Before she can even respond, one of Jason’sbodyguards whisks Ryan away.

Soon, Jason speaks to the press, claimingthat he jumped into the water to save a girl and used his skills to survive on a desertedisland. Jenny stands on the side, perplexed at Jasonfor taking credit for all the work she did while they were stranded. Before he can introduce the woman he was with,Alexis emerges from the crowd, urging him to continue as she hints at revealing whatreally happened. This leaves Jason stammering, so Jenny swoopsin and announces that Alexis was Jason’s companion. This makes Alexis stop, as Jenny is handingher the attention that she wants while getting.

Both her and Jason out of their predicaments. Jenny continues that her name was only includedin the reports to hide Jason and Alexis’ romance. She solidifies the alibi by telling everyonethat her real boyfriend is Ryan. Jason begrudgingly rides the alibi as Alexisslips her arms around his, already in character. Meanwhile, Jenny approaches Ryan at the backof the crowd, smiling as she responds to his feelings. They kiss and spend the remainder of theirsummer job as a couple. Sometime after, Jason carries on with thelie and marries Alexis, who’s enjoying the.

Spotlight during his concerts, much to the rockstar’s annoyance.

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