Ladies Let Him Earn Intimate Nonetheless They Create no longer Know He is A Boy

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It is the year of the salted fish. The DemonClan is growing stronger—much too strong to go unnoticed. As such, the Nine Great Clans stormtheir way into the heart of the Demon Clan Headquarters. Face to face with the Darklord, YuBatian, the heroes of the clans demand his death for vehemently rejecting to join the Martial ArtsAlliance. But Yu Batian does not yield. He has every right to decline their invitation,especially after the messenger they sent mistreated his female attendant. Is he to blamefor killing such a despicable man? And, after all, he’s the invincible Darklord! He will sooner bea salted fish than lose to a bunch of minions! Fast-forward to thirteen years later,the invincible Darklord Yu Batian is now a salted fish. Be careful what you wish for…The mighty salted fish flops nervously from his.

Throne to hide after sensing someone enteringthe ruins of the Demon Clan Headquarters. But Batian is soon put at ease by the lovely smileof his son, the little Darklord, Yu Renjie. His beloved son had just returned from the market,bringing Batian's favorite roasted sweet potato. After giving his dad the treat, Renjie asks himwhy he can't stay longer down the mountains. From what he has seen, people from the Nineare kind and helpful. They help the elderly, the disabled, and the young. Batianlectures his son about the true nature of people from the Nine Great Clans. Afterthe Demon Clan's defeat many years ago, every member of the fallen clan is shownno mercy. No matter if they’re old or young. They only survive because they’rehiding in the ruins of their Headquarters!.

And should he be captured, Batian tearilycontinues, his son would be left alone! Renjie tears up, too, but I’m unsure if it’s becauseof the scenario or the onion he’s holding. For his beloved son not to befall such a fate,Batian has decided to revive the Demon Clan! And to accomplish this revival, Renjie needs toconceal his identity and obtain a Certificate of Virtue. This certificate can prove their clan isof good standing, then Renjie and the whole clan will be free to live normally among the nineclans. The first step to enacting this great plan is to enter the Hero's Academy!Renjie is uninterested at first. But the mention of going down the mountainsexcites the little Darklord. In no time, Renjie is ready to head to the academy and beginhis journey. Batian warns him that it is of utmost.

Importance for his identity as the Darklord'sson to remain hidden. For his safety’s sake, Batian has arranged a bodyguard for Renjie. Andnot just any bodyguard—it’s the disguise and stealth master, the right-hand man of the DemonClan, Li Dongfang. For a stealth master, though, Uncle Li sure entered the scene really overtly.With no time to lose, Renjie and Uncle Li make their way to the academy. All the while,a tearful Batian bids his son farewell. The sun shines brightly on Renjie and UncleLi as they arrive at the foot of Mount Glory. Here stands the Hero’s Academy, which hasexisted for over a century. Originally, the academy was founded to facilitate the exchangeof knowledge and to build rapport among the clans in the Martial Arts Alliance. Their main goal wasto fight the Demon Clan. But with the Demon Clan.

Eliminated, the academy has transformed into thetraining grounds for noble heroes from the Nine Great Clans. Only the absolute best can graduateand obtain the Certificate of Virtue from the Martial Arts Alliance. Uncle Li explains all thisto Renjie, and the little Darklord is more than ready for the challenge. The two go down to theacademy's gates with Uncle Li on Renjie's back. Upon arriving, they see a long line of peoplequeuing to enter the academy. The academy staff warns Demon Clan members that attempting toenter the academy is punishable by death. Then, the academy gates suddenly open, as if Renjiecan't get any more nervous. Out comes flying a guy suspected to be from the Demon Clan. Seriouslythough, why wear their insignia on your clothes if you're not from the fallen clan? The chiefguard of the academy, Qiang, says as much to the.

Guy before trapping him in a German suplex. Andall too soon, the guy joins several others in a cart headed for the Demon Clan slaughterhouse.To make matters worse for Renjie, everyone has been informed of his arrival at the foot ofMount Glory. They have his appearance figured out from the bag tied to his neck and down tohis boots. Well, except for his face. But it's enough to bring suspicion to anyone remotelydressed like him. And sure enough, Qiang spots Renjie squatting on the ground. But before theycan move closer, Uncle Li comes to the rescue! The disguise master quickly goes to work, and ina matter of seconds, voila! The little Darklord transforms into a pretty, dainty lady. Eventhe guys slated for the slaughterhouse approve of the new look. Qiang, beet red, fast-trackshis entrance due to his short clothing. Though.

Confused as heck, Renjie’s just glad to avoidscrutiny and enter the academy gates successfully. He turns to Uncle Li to voice his apprehension,only to find Auntie Li instead. Damn, he’s dressed to the tens like a total material gworl.Renjie snaps Uncle Li out of his proud cackle. He doesn't understand why they must cross-dressto enter the academy. Ah, but it’s simple, Uncle Li explains: everyone knows the Demon Clan’sDarklord has a son. If Renjie disguises himself as a girl, they'll never discover his true identity!Renjie is extremely embarrassed but still agrees to follow this approach. He tries to argue thatthe dress is too indecent, but Uncle Li thinks otherwise. Suddenly, a spear comes flying throughthe air, landing exactly between the two Demon Clan members. Ye Mingzhu, the director of theacademy’s Discipline Department, arrives at the.

Scene, brandishing her spear with intense fury.She calls for the Demon Clan members to surrender. As sharp as her spear, Mingzhu has already seenthrough Renjie and Uncle Li’s disguises—or so they thought. Mingzhu points her spear at UncleLi and accuses him of harassing a weak girl in public. Seeing this as the perfect opportunityfor Renjie, Uncle Li removes his disguise and surrenders Renjie to the discipline director.With the little Darklord safely on the other side, Uncle Li asks Mingzhu how she knew he was aDemon Clan member. A rough and burly man like him dressing in women's clothes is a deadgiveaway for Mingzhu. Clearly, only someone from the wretched clan would do such a shamelessthing! Surprisingly, Uncle Li rejoices at this. His disguise skills weren't to blame for hisbeing caught. It's just because he's ugly! Are.

You sure that’s something to be proud of, dude?Mingzhu soon grows tired of Uncle Li’s monologue. She springs into action, spear in hand. Asexpected of the Demon Clan’s right-hand man, Uncle Li parries her attack easily with his dualblades. The force of his defense is enough to push Mingzhu away. But she’s not done yet! Mingzhuquickly recovers and strikes metal with metal against the Demon Clan scum. Uncle Li provestough to crack, so Mingzhu prepares a special attack. However, she has yet to unleash her powerwhen a kick from above comes down in one explosive instance. Hell attack! Uncle Li takes coverunder the swirling dust and escapes the scene. And just like that, Renjie is on his own.As the dust settles, Mingzhu scolds Sai Yaren for letting the Demon Clan scum escape.To Sai Yaren, though, he arrived just in.

Time to save the weak girls. Being called”weak” is enough to take Mingzhu's anger from boiling hot to VOLCANIC. Especially sincethis guy has never beaten her in sparring—not even once. Fed up with the arrogant guy, Mingzhudrags Renjie away with her. But then Sai Yaren stops them for toilet paper. His main goal forgoing into the forest is, in fact, not to aid the girls but to do a number two. Renjie pities theguy and gives him his silk belt. And nope, there’s no need to return it after. This act of kindnessprompts Sai Yaren to befriend the warm-hearted “girl.” His stomach soon gives a concerninggrumble, so he runs off to do his business. Mingzhu shoots daggers at Sai Yaren’s retreatingfigure, declaring how deeply she abhors men. They're ugly and rough on the outside andpretentious and arrogant on the inside,.

Unlike honest and adorable girls. Renjie’ssudden closeness to the girl clouds his mind. So, when Mingzhu asks for his name, Renjiesays his real name. Lucky for him, though, his name doesn’t seem to ring a bell for Mingzhu.The girl then offers to walk him to the entrance ceremony venue. Renjie tries to decline,wanting time to change into “boy's clothes.” After all, he doesn’t want to spend hiswhole school year as a girl! But Mingzhu insists and grabs Renjie’s arm. As they entera clearing, Mingzhu asks Renjie what he knows about the Demon Clan. Renjie nervouslydenies any knowledge about the clan. But he soon faces an illustration of himself—theDarklord’s son. Is this the end for Yu Renjie?? Rooted on the spot, Renjie listens as Mingzhudictates every known detail about Darklord Yu.

Batian’s son. Male, 14 years old, height: 1.4meters, weight: 30 kg. Fear fills the little Darklord’s mind with thoughts of running away.But everything he has done until now will be for nothing if he does. Mingzhu finally finishesreciting Renjie’s personal info. And before he can even run, Mingzhu sighs at how, unfortunately,they don't know the name of the Darklord's son. Unfortunate to them but overwhelmingly greatnews to Renjie. Out of curiosity, Renjie asks Mingzhu what she'll do to the Darklord's son ifshe captures him. Um, what did you expect, Renjie? With that, the two head to the entranceceremony venue. Mingzhu excuses herself, as she's part of the ceremony. Now alone, Renjielooks around delightedly. Everyone seems so kind and friendly! He surely won't have trouble makingfriends here. Mingzhu soon takes the stage,.

And she’s quite popular with the academyguys. She introduces the academy headmaster, Master Suiyuan, a soft-spoken old man. Too soft,even. After his “invigorating” welcome speech, the headmaster calls for everyone to recite theacademy’s motto. Aaaand they've all gone berserk! The bloodlust from the mouths of all presentscares the heck out of Renjie. They want to kill all members of the Demon Clan that badly. Hisdad was right. People from the Nine are scary! Renjie tries to flee the scene, only to find Qiangand his guards manning the entrance. The frenzied screaming dies down as Master Suiyuan announcesthe flag-raising ceremony. Instead of a flag, a dummy representing the Darklord's son israised up high on a pole. With a graceful shot, Mingzhu lights the figure on fire. Cue morefrenzied screaming from the students. To.

See a dummy of himself on fire—yeah,that’s going to scar Renjie for life. Meanwhile, a beautiful fireworks display shootsout of the dummy. Along with this is the awaited Ball of Fate. Renjie makes a bee-line forthe exit as the students clamor to catch it. But Renjie accidentally catches the Ballof Fate! Leave it to fate to make things more complicated for the little Darklord. Now,not only is his chance to escape kaput, but he also has to introduce himself to theentire academy! So much for keeping a low profile! With no choice but to introduce himself, Renjieblurts out his real name and lies about not belonging to any clan. This gets the studentsmurmuring—how can someone who doesn’t belong to any clan enter the academy? Before they canaccuse Renjie any longer, Mingzhu comes to the.

Rescue. So what if Renjie doesn’t have a clan?Except for Demon Clan disciples, anyone can study in the academy. It stings, doesn’t it, Renjie?Now, as the lucky student who caught the Ball of Fate, Renjie receives a gift: a woodencarving of the headmaster! But wait, there’s more. He’ll also receive ten years ofMaster Suiyuan's inner force! The students all murmur enviously after hearing this. They'dso love to trade places with Renjie right now! To prepare for the transfer, the headmasterreaches for Renjie's hand. This is so he can test the lucky student’s inner force quality.But the little Darklord quickly realizes that if the headmaster touches him, he’ll surelybe exposed as a Demon Clan member. So, he declines the offer, claiming he wants to workhard and cultivate his own force. The student body.

Wonders if this is just an act to catch theheadmaster’s attention. But Renjie even goes as far as to run away from the headmaster.This earns him the respect of the students for genuinely wanting to work hard on his own.The headmaster eventually depletes his stamina and resorts to a long-distance transfer. The“force” of Master Suiyuan’s inner force has Renjie falling flat on his face. Mingzhuquickly runs to his side. Thankfully, he’s not hurt. On the contrary, he feelsrefreshed! His chest even feels lighter. Oops. That’s why he’s feeling a lot lighter. Howheavy are those things? As expected, this reveal has everyone questioning Renjie. Is he reallya girl? Maybe he’s a male Demon Clan member who dressed up as a girl to infiltrate the academy!Give that one an award for being so on point!.

Yet again, Mingzhu comes to Renjie's rescue.How dare these men accuse Renjie of being male just because he's flat! It's not her faultfor having a small bust! And how can someone so cute be a rough and filthy man? The studentsdon't buy any of it, though, and demand Mingzhu to prove Renjie is indeed a girl. To everyone'ssurprise—especially Renjie's—Mingzhu smooches him on the cheek. There! If Renjie were a guy,Mingzhu’s hatred for men would have kicked in. And this proved to be more than enough to shuteveryone up. Even the headmaster. With that, Renjie manages a hairbreadth escape once again.His true identity remains a secret. For now… After the disaster that was the entranceceremony, Renjie freaks out over his first kiss with a girl. Mingzhu walks up to Renjie,demanding to know if he’s hiding anything else.

From her. While holding Renjie’s fake tatas, too!Of course, the little Darklord can’t tell her the truth. You’re in too deep now, Renjie! With onefinal reminder for Renjie not to lie to her, Mingzhu leads the way to the assessment ground.Here, all newcomers will be tested. Then, based on their grades, they will be placed in thetop, advanced, or common class. Those who'll fail the assessment will be expelled immediately.The examiner soon takes the stage, Chief of Guards Qiang. He calls for the newcomers tointroduce themselves, starting with Mingzhu from the Huashan Clan. Renjie is surprised Mingzhu isalso a freshman, especially with her familiarity with the academy. As Mingzhu explains, theHuashan Clan works closely with the academy, so she essentially grew up in the Hero’s Academy.Qiang calls for Renjie to introduce himself next..

Having no clan or background makes Renjiethe target of Qiang’s power-tripping. What a douchecanoe. In the first test, instead ofhaving Renjie run 50 laps like everyone else, Qiang demands he runs 100 laps. To Qiang'ssurprise, though, Renjie finishes his 100 laps ahead of everyone. The little Darklordbetter thank the headmaster for that inner force boost next time they meet! Knowing a nobodylike Renjie received such an honor only angers Qiang even more. Now, he’s determined to getthis little twerp expelled in the next round. Each student will have three knives to throw atthe target for the second test. So long as they can hit the target once, they pass the evaluation.The key here is technique! Even someone with great inner force can fail if they have awfultechnique. Just look at this smug guy—wearing a.

Blindfold and all because he’s so “great,” onlyto miss the target by a mile. On the plus side, he did manage to make Qiang pee his pants.So, that’s a big W! Even if he’s now expelled. Now, it’s Renjie’s turn to take the test.Confident in his abilities, he throws not just one but three knives all at once! Andthey all hit the bullseye! Still determined to expel Renjie after this great feat, Qiangannounces he failed the test. Not even Mingzhu, the heir of a prestigious clan, canmake him change his mind. If this isn’t power-tripping, I don’t know what is!In every step of his way towards reviving the Demon Clan, fate is hot on Renjie’s heels. Sofar, it seems to be working on Renjie's side. Only time will tell if the little Darklord is upfor the challenge of securing a Certificate of.

Virtue while hiding his identity behind his femalepersona. Who knows, maybe entering the academy as a girl is a blessing in disguise bestowed byfate! If fate’s name is Li Dongfang, that is.

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