Ladies Maintain Placing The Laziest Boy Into Sus Scenarios

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A stranger tells a boy the story of a magicalbook filled with wonder in a fantastical library. However, not anyone can go. To get there, one mustwish for the happiness of others. He hands the kid a ticket before leaving.— That boy is Kyotaro Kakei, now all grown up andon his way to school. To him, books shed light on the darkness of the unknown. Once everythingis clear to him, he'll finally know peace. At the train station, Tsugumi Shirasaki holdsher “Shiomi Happy Project” flyers close as she's terrified of the huge crowd. She eventuallyfinds the courage to ask people to join her in being happy, but everyone ignores her.As Kyotaro walks, he gets an e-mail from “The Shepherd.” It says, “Today, somethingwill happen that will change your fate.” Who.

The heck is this guy? Suddenly, he gets a visionof the train going off the rails and running over Tsugumi. He quickly bolts back in an attempt tostop this. He pulls her out of the way, but the sudden movements have them falling to the ground,and his hand on her— Oooooooooohh… Yeahhhh… With tears in her eyes, she grabs her flyersand runs away. But like what Kyotaro saw, the train goes off the rails andcrashes. Despite that awkwardness, he's happy he made it in time to save her.Unfortunately for Kyotaro, compromising pictures of him and Tsugumi spread fast. His friend IkkeiTakamine showed him one. Just when he thought he'd never see Tsugumi again, she gets called tostand. As she answers their teacher's question, Ikkei cannot help but think she'salluring. Suddenly, Tamamo Sakuraba.

Confidently stands up to assist Tsugumi inanswering the question. She's impressive! —During their break, Kyotaro meets the cute server Kana Suzuki who Ikkei quicklytries to flirt with. He asks for a smile, which she readily gives. Boy, is Ikkei enjoying this.Maho Mochizuki then approaches Kyotaro and tells him to put his books down and relax. She's thestudent council president, and she's here to have a little talk with our boy. Kotaro knows whatit's about – him getting a position in the student council. As he said earlier, he declines.He thinks he's not cut out for it. Besides, he'll have less time to read books if he accepts.Oh, by the way, remember Kana's smile? It isn't free!—.

As Kyotaro walks around fiddling with hisphone, he thinks about Shiomi Academy. 50,000 students go here, filled with hellishdetermination to excel. Because of this, it's also great for the more mediocre students. They taketheir credits, and they can do whatever they want! He then sees the earlier message andremembers the school's most popular rumor: The Shepherd. He's always around butusually unseen. He only appears in front of hardworking students and grants theirwishes. While Kyotaro thinks about this, Tamamo and a couple of girls confront him abouthis compromising photo with Tsugumi. He explains his side, but Tamamo refuses to believe itand threatens to beat him with a kendo stick. It's only the first day of school, and his name'salready sullied. Everyone's talking about it! Poor.

Kyotaro is running from his dear life but wait!He gets pulled into a small space by none other than Tsugumi! And they're too close AGAIN!!While Tsugumi is apologetic for what happened, Tamamo sees them and wants to bring hell.Seeing that her friend is still out for blood, Tsugumi yells that it's all her fault.Turns out, it was all a misunderstanding. When Tamamo heard that Tsugumi wanted to find Kyotaro,she thought it was to get back at him. In truth, she just wants to apologize. As much as Kyotarois fine with it now, Tamamo points out the news has now spread. He's optimistic that it'llwork out somehow. The moment he stands up, he finds himself surrounded by an angry mob.It didn't work itself out. Before anything can happen to him,Ikkei comes to the rescue and hits.

His aggressor straight into the solar plexus.You see, Ikkei used to be in the karate club! Tsugumi begs them to stop but doesn't knowhow to explain the situation. Ikkei goes to her and whispers a suggestion.She nods at this and proclaims, “It wasn't against my will!”Wait. That doesn't sound right!!! So, in the end, it did fix itself. Except noweveryone believes they're BOTH degenerates. —Later, the four go to the Library Club room. It's pretty much a mess, with stacksof books everywhere. As Tsugumi looks around, she finds Gizaemon, the tuxedo cat. Kyotaro callshim Giza for short. While snacking in there, Tamamo's surprised to find out they're all in thesame class. Well, they're with 596 other students;.

It'd be hard to remember everyone.Tsugumi suddenly gets up and asks Kyotaro if he can make school fun with her. Sheshows the flyer for the “Shiomi Happy Project.” She's doing this because she's an introvert whowants to open up more. Problem is, she hasn't really thought about what to do. She tellsKyotaro that it'll be only until Golden Week. Maho interrupts and says that she refusesto have Kyotaro participate. This is because she highly values his abilities and hasconstantly asked him to be part of the student council. Tamamo takes offense at thisintrusion and isn't afraid of fighting Maho. The thing is, Kyotaro isn't interested in thecouncil or Tsugumi's project. He just wanna read! But… something about Tsugumi is differentand unfathomable. He wants to know more..

It's just until the Golden Week, right? Deal.Maho's rejected once more. In fact, Tamamo proposes that they turnthe library club into the base for the Shiomi Happy Project! Tsugumi quickly takes apicture to celebrate the newly formed group, but she hears a ping before she can.They all get an e-mail from The Shepherd, congratulating them for the club's great start.Can this be the real Shepherd? Is he even real? A mysterious pink-haired girl tells them off forbeing noisy. She then recognizes Kyotaro as the only library club member to actually attend.— Either way, Kyotaro wants to understand Tsugumi.Maybe this will be his chance to dispel the darkness. Unbeknownst to them, two figures discusshow Kyotaro will eventually be given a test. He'll.

Be competing against the mysterious girl to seeif one of them can be the Shepherd. The mysterious girl stands there, saddened by Kyotaro forgetting.[2] While hanging out in the club room, Tsugumibombards Kyotaro with questions. He gives her dead-end answers as he reads. Tsugumi putscandy in his mouth to make him figure out its flavor. This time, he turns to look at her.Anyway, their first activity as part of the Shiomi Happy Project is picking up trash!As Kyotaro is picking up trash, Tsugumi hands out fliers. In an attemptto make it look more attractive to people, Kyotaro and Ikkei try to make it action-packed,only to spill some gross leftovers on Tamamo. Tsugumi's getting discouraged, so Kyotarotells her to be persistent. She compares.

It to hitting on girls and asks if he's done itbefore. He hasn't. That's too bad – she's sure he'll be a hit with the ladies.He then tests it on Tsugumi, which has her immensely flustered.Kana approaches them and is happy that Kyotaro remembers her. She recognizes him from thehorrible rumor that went around. The local school news has recently apologized for this mishap andcorrected their mistake. Kyotaro's a hero now. Another plus is how Kana is interestedin actually joining the club! While cleaning up, Kyotaro chances upon SenriMisono, who appears to be looking for the 500 yen she lost under the vending machine. Hedoesn't hesitate to help her and reaches down to get it. She feels ashamed that he dirtiedhis pants because he helped her. In return,.

She treats him to a drink before parting ways.The mysterious girl approaches the vending machine and finds a small pack on the ground.They take a group picture to celebrate Shiomi Happy Project's first successful activity. Tamamogathers everyone right after and shares the information she gathered about the Shepherd. Thereare various rumors and urban legends about him. He even manifests in different ways, like letters.When the person does the Shepherd's bidding, their wishes come true. None of them is about an e-mail,which by the way, Ikkei tried replying to. Kana tells them she also received a Shepherd e-mailyesterday regarding a “fateful encounter.” Look at that! All of them got an e-mail from The Shepherd!Unfortunately, Kana can't share her e-mail because her cellphone broke.—.

As they head back, Kyotaro chances uponthe pack left behind earlier and find a tuning fork inside. On the back, it says,”Winner, 3rd Junior Vocal Music Competition.” Hiding nearby, the pink-haired girl ponders.There are five of them, and the tuning fork is the key leading them to the next person.The group hands the tuning fork to the school announcer. Unfortunately, they've stoppedtheir lost and found segment. However, she recognizes that it belongs to SenriMisono. Everyone is shocked by the news, well, except for Kyotaro. He has no idea who she is.Senri's the famous song princess of their school. She is a promising newstudent in the music department. The announcer's expression turns soft. She can'tbelieve Senri kept the tuning fork after all these.

Years.— Even after they planned on going to Misono'splay the next day, Tsugumi decides to go on ahead to return the tuning fork to her rightnow. Kyotaro follows her. Tamamo almost does, too, but Ikkei stops her. He doesn'tvolunteer to do things on his own, after all. Tsugumi explains to Kyotaro that she's awarethat she doesn't have to go immediately, but she has a strong feeling that this mightbe something important to Senri. Even if she hasn't met Senri before, Tsugumi doesn't wanther to be sad. This prompts Kyotaro to ask her why she created the Shiomi Happy Project.But before she can answer, they spot Senri again on the ground, looking for something.Senri is glad to have the tuning fork back..

It's an object that's full of precious memories.Tsugumi comments that it's a beautiful instrument befitting of the Song Princess. Upon hearingthat title, Senri's expression darkens. She questions them if they returned the tuningfork because she's the Song Princess. Kyotaro tries to lighten up the moodby joking it's because she showed them “nice things.” Y'know. Wink wink!Tsugumi then offers her to join the Shiomi Happy Project. If she needsanything, they'll be right there. Kana and Kyotaro cross paths in frontof a mobile store. This surprises Kana, but she eventually invites him to helpher pick out a phone. She finds one of the phones very cute because of its bunny ears,but he believes simpler is better. He even.

Pulls out his phone to show her. She teases him,asking him if she should get a matching phone. “Please don't,” Kyotaro says.He prefers that she get something that she actually likes, making her smile.— The next day, Kyotaro congratulates Tsugumifor successfully making Senri happy. She clarifies that it's not about the project.She just wanted something that important to get back to her. It seems that Tsugumi is reallydifferent from him. He hands her the keys to the club room. She can even make spare keys foreveryone. Maybe even put on a cute keychain! Once everyone is present, Kana shows them her newphone. Everyone gets so excited that it summons the mysterious girl, who tells them to quietdown. Ikkei tells her to look at Giza instead,.

But boy, that cat's face is weird! She tellsthem that she doesn't like animals and runs. The group then gets another message from theShepherd saying that Senri Misoni will teach them something important. What could it possiblybe? To make it even more mysterious, Kana hasn't even given her new e-mail address to anyone.Kana proposes that they get help from the genius who is considered thepride of the school cafeteria. Like Kana, she also makescustomers pay for her smiles! [3]It's Ureshino! She's the small one— Well, err, don't tell her that to her face. She gets furious!Kana says she's so good at computers that she's like one of those hackers in the movies.[Insert Hackerman Meme here].

—Later, Kana and Kyotaro go to meet Ureshino. So they wanther help. What's in it for her? What if she makes them do something? PREFERABLY SOMETHING SILLY!It's almost time for the Appllio Spring Fair! In return for her help, she's askingthem to spread flyers for the event. —Tsugumi, Tamamo, and Ikkei check the Music Department for Senri, and she arrives just whenthey're about to leave. They show her the message they got from the Shepherd. Just as Senri's aboutto reply, a teacher calls out for her and reminds her of the special classes she's supposed toattend. Irritated, Senri points out that they're optional, but sensei's not having it. Lookslike our friends over here will have to wait..

—Later, the group enjoys their individual bentos. They see Kana's all-meat lunchand question her. She's a meat lover! Besides, protein is important for growth, and she wantsto grow taller. Kyotaro pipes up and asks if they've contacted Senri. Tamamo dislikes her,but Tsugumi insists that she shouldn't judge the girl without knowing her side of the story.Still, Tamamo believes that people with talents should continue developing them. It's just sadwhen so many people work hard in the same world. Anyway, Tsugumi will try to see her again.Regarding the e-mails… Ureshino will help, but they must do something for her. They’repassing out flyers for the festival. AND costumes are involved! Everyone has to wearone, even Kyotaro. For the costume, Tsugumi.

Needs his measurements, so she asks him to ridhimself of his top. The pink-haired girl outside hears this as she's there to reprimand them.WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Her mind starts to run wild with raunchy scenarios. She swallows herdiscomfort and enters right in, and— IS SHE GIVING— WOAH! She zooms away.— Kyotaro is surprised to find the pink-haired girlwaiting outside his home. Well, not exactly his, but the one next door. Oh, they're neighbors!And they didn't even know! She introduces herself as Nagi Kodachi. Kyotaro's eyes straydownward, and he asks, “You like polkadots?” But instead of continuing their conversation,they bid each other good night. Upon entering, Nagi sighs, saddened by howKyotaro doesn't remember her..

The evening goes on normally for everyone exceptpoor Senri, who gets drenched in the rain. —The next day, Kyotaro is pleasantly surprised by a hawk pillow. Tsugumi made one foreveryone. Tsugumi's is an alpaca. Kana's is a dog. Ikkei's is a raccoon. Tamamo's is a fox.WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!? Tamamo is embarrassed but eventuallylets out a little “Yip yip.” —As Senri is crying on the floor, she attempts to contact Shiomi Happy Project.While looking at the website Tamamo made, everyone receives an e-mail from Senri.The girls decide to go to Senri's place to check on her. Tamamo proposes that they enterjust in case Senri can't get up on her own. They.

Go inside and find clothes on the floor.They soon see Senri, who has a high fever. Tsugumi rushes to her. When Senri asks herwhy they're there, she tells her they should take care of each other, especially when sick.While Kyotaro and Ikkei walk back after buying medicine, Kyotaro asks if he's over with karate,even if his injury has healed. However, Ikkei believes there's no such thing as a fully healedinjury. He then turns the conversation around by asking about Kyotaro's plans regarding the ShiomiHappy Project. Truth be told, he's uncertain. —They soon reach Senri's apartment. Kyotaro notices Tsugumi holding Senri's hand. She thought that itwould be just up until she fell asleep. But she's still holding it until now. Senri tosses and turnsin her sleep. She clings to Tsugumi and begins to.

Cry for her mother not to go. Tsugumi whispersto her that she won't be going anywhere. Kyotaro can't help but be amazed by this show of care.The girls decide to stay the night to take care of Senri.— That night as Kyotaro is sleeping, hedreams of an image of a man from childhood. “Don't go,” he hears a child's voicesay as his child self turns around. He is awakened by continuous doorbells. Nagicalls him up. Kyotaro doesn't remember ever giving her his cellphone number, but shetells him it's from the library workers' blacklist. Her persistence has Kyotaro lettingher in. Nagi tells him her tv broke down, and she has a detective show to watch.She proceeds to make herself at home..

She asks him if he and Tsugumi are datingsince she saw them in a precarious position yesterday. He reasons it's just for costumes,but Nagi interprets this as deviant behavior. Kyotaro receives an e-mail that Senri'sfever is going down. What a relief. —Once they're all back in school, Senri shares with everyone that she got a message fromthe Shepherd at the same time they did. Not just that, but Ureshino has news too. Through Kana,she gives them the person's location. It turns out to be a rundown apartment. When they lookinside, the whole place is completely deserted. Kyotaro's life is turned upside downby an e-mail. He gains new friends and learns new things everyday. But it also looks likethere's more to this mystery than meets the eye.

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