Lady Makes Boy Enact Intimate Act But Dim Mails Him

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The Japanese government established the TokyoMetropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School to mold students into future leaders. Thisschool boasts a 100% employment and college entry rate due to the institution's thorough,state-directed teaching methods. No effort is spared in pursuing the nation's desired future.It’s the first day of a new school year, and Kiyotaka Ayanokoji will be entering asa first-year student. On the bus to school, a gentle and kind girl is helping an elderlywoman get a seat. With an arrogant young man refusing to give up the priority seat, the girlasks the rest of the passengers for a volunteer. Ayanokoji looks around, with the beautifulblack-haired girl next to him catching his eye. A few moments later, an office ladygives up her seat for the senior citizen..

When they arrive at the school, the black-hairedgirl asks Ayanokoji why he was looking at her on the bus. He admits thinking they were similarin the sense that they were both uninterested in giving up their seats and being involved ineveryday matters. But the girl coldly informs him not to think they’re alike, as her decisionwas a matter of conviction. Okay girl, chill. The entrance ceremony goes by in a flash.Moreover, Ayanokoji is surprised to discover the girl is in the same class he is: Class 1-D. Hethen sits near the window at the back of the room, anime-protagonist style. With one look, he alsoidentifies the kind girl and the arrogant young man from the bus. The black-haired girl issitting beside him. She wastes no time in describing this to be an unpleasant coincidence.As they await the teacher’s arrival, Yosuke Hirata.

Suggests they introduce themselves to get betteracquainted. First to do so is the boy himself, who’s a student-athlete. Unsurprisingly,the kind girl goes next and introduces herself as Kikyo Kushida. She sharesthat her goal is to befriend everyone. Ayanokoji strategizes a little bit as he waitsfor his turn. Although we’re not sure if his deadpan expression can still be saved. Heinternally commits to make an impression but still ends up with a monotonous voice. Heintroduces himself to be an average, awkward guy. Nevertheless, the class politely claps for him.The next guy, who seems to be a delinquent, isn’t so willing to join in. He angrily stomps his tablein rebellion. Could’ve just said “pass!” Anyway, their teacher, Sae Chabashira, arrives. She’sa stern-looking, no-nonsense woman who'll be in.

Charge of their class for the next three years.After distributing the school rule book, Chabashira briefly goes through it. The studentswill live in dorms, and while at school, they’ll have limited chances to leave and contact theoutside world. But no need to worry as the school has a variety of facilities. Students will usepoints stored in the school's official computer system to buy things. One point is equivalent toone yen, and they'll be given 100,000 points on the first day of the month. Understandably, thestudents are shocked by the exorbitant amount. As Chabashira explains, the school judges studentsbased on merit, and the students have earned a significant value just for being accepted here.After class, Ayanokoji heads to the convenience store to buy some essentials. He mulls overthe “allowance” system. Through quick mental.

Calculations, he figures the school would spend360 million yen per year for the entire student body if the allowance provided is consistent.There’s something suspicious about this, even if the school is government-funded.His thoughts are derailed when he notices the black-haired girl beside him. Of course,she says it's another unpleasant coincidence. Ayanokoji asks for her name, though it takesa little prodding before she answers. She’s Suzune Horikita. Woah, that’s the same as thestudent council president. Horikita ignores his statement, continuing with shopping.It’s then that Ayanokoji notices she’s buying dirt-cheap items, so he suggestsinvesting in more expensive ones. Obviously, this comment is met with hostility. They’re bothbad at interacting with people, though Horikita.

States she’s not interested in making friends.They soon notice a bin of free items. It’s probably for students with no pointsleft for the month. How do you even blow through that money so easily?Suddenly, a commotion brews outside. It’s their delinquent classmate beinglooked down upon for being in 1-D. “The real hell is coming for you guys anyways,”they say. What’s that supposed to mean? The next day, Ayanokoji observes that groupshave slowly formed in the class. All their classmates discuss plans after schooland luxurious shopping trips to blow their cash. The others flex purchases thateasily put them in the red until next month. As Ayanokoji watches on from the outside,Horikita calls him pitiful. Not that she can.

Talk since she’s alone too. But in her defense,her lonesomeness is a choice. He then makes his way to the cafeteria where he’s approached bythe sociable Kushida. She asks for his help in befriending Horikita. Her first attempt was metwith a cold rejection, after all. Although he’s far from being friends with the disagreeablegirl, he eventually agrees to assist her. Later that day, Horikita notes how indulgentthe school is. Students nap, read manga, and play on their phones DURING CLASS, but teachersnever call them out. Ayanokoji speculates the school wants to encourage student autonomy whereineveryone is responsible for their own decisions. Seeing this as a good opportunity, Ayanokojiinvites Horikita to a café. She’s immediately suspicious but he explains that the placegives off a “no boys allowed” feel. She.

Realizes he has no female friendsto ask, so she eventually agrees. They arrive and secure a table. A failedattempt at a couple joke leaves Ayanokoji’s mouth. It doesn’t take long before Kushidajoins them at the table and Horikita realizes she’s been set up. She stands and prepares towalk out, but not before brutally rejecting Kushida’s offer of friendship. She doesn'tmind being alone for the next three years, as she's been alone for nine. More if you includekindergarten. That was the saddest flex ever. With Horikita gone, Kushida sighssadly and apologizes for pulling Ayanokoji into the mess as well. They head outof the café, and he’s surprised by how Kushida’s already befriended people from other classes too.Truthfully, the kind girl has a knack for it;.

Though perhaps Horikita is the exception.The conversation then moves on to money. Ayanokoji observes how most students spend theirpoints recklessly and blow through it like it’s nothing. As the teachers are very lenient,in-class convos, napping, tardiness, and absences have become the norm. Even Kushida admitsthat it’s messed up with her sense of money. That's until May 1st arrives. Many students in1-D are wondering why they haven't received their points. Ayanokoji checks his own pointswith more than enough to last a while. The students demand an explanation forthis from their teacher. To their surprise, she calls them a bunch of idiots. She enumeratesthe combined number of instances of rule-breaking in the class. As the points they receive monthlyare based on grades and performance evaluations,.

Chabashira concludes that their grades anddemeanor have earned them a grand total of…. zero points. They are trash. Man, this teacherhas no chill. She continues to chastise the class, who worriedly realize they’re broke.Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite. The next day comes and it’s PE freetime. Ayanokoji sits alone by the pool, watching his classmates have fun as heconcludes that he’s failed at making friends. Joining him in his lonesomeness isHorikita. She’s a little puzzled by how everyone can have fun given the circumstances.Additionally, she comments that their class is all garbage in the eyes of the S-system.What is the S-system? According to their teacher’s explanation, it assesses students in real timeand assigns them numerical values. Each class.

Point is equivalent to 100 personal points. Theirclass had 1000 points when they first arrived but lost them all due to their performance.But not to worry, they'll have a chance to gain points. And if they earn more points thanClass C, they'll be promoted to Class C, while Class C will be demoted to Class D. The soonestchance to earn points is the midterms, where they have an opportunity to earn 100 class points.Those who’ll fail the midterms or finals will be immediately expelled – much to everyone’s fear.Back to the present. Ayanokoji states that to have any hopes of overtaking Class C,everyone in Class D needs to get high marks on the midterms. That’s quite a reach.Anyway, she’s a bit stunned by Ayanokoji’s developed forearms. She asks if he plays sports– but he doesn’t. It could be from another.

Hand-straining activity . Is he a rightie or aleftie? Kushida soon approaches them and asks if Horikita can swim. She simply says she’s “alright”at it before she departs. Unapproachable as usual. Back in the classroom, Ayanokoji witnessesmost of his classmates trying to sell off their purchases and complain about lack offunding. Can’t say they don’t deserve it… What surprises him is a sudden lunch invite fromHorikita. She suspiciously treats him to whatever he wants, so he chooses an expensive set menu.And what’s the catch? Horikita wants Ayanokoji to help her round up three problem students in theirclass: Ken Sudo, Kanji Ike, and Haruki Yamauchi. They’ve rejected Hirata’sinvitation to a Class D exam study group. But this won't do. So, she wants to hold a special studygroup for these three with especially poor scores..

Otherwise, they'll surely drag down Class D.She coerces Ayanokoji to help her, noting how she treated him to lunch and thatit would even things out after he took her to the café on false pretenses. She also revealsher ambitions to crawl up to Class A. You go, girl. Dropped in front of him is a sheet of paperwith her email and phone number. Then she leaves. After class, Ayanokoji checks thepaper. The circumstances are weird, but it’s his first “girl’s number” in highschool. As expected though, the three targets reject his invitation to Horikita's study group.Now back in his room, he realizes it’s time to call for some reinforcements. He givesKushida a call. The girl easily agrees as she doesn't want to say goodbye to her newfriends so soon. In exchange, she requests.

To be part of the study group as well.It doesn’t take long before the three are successfully convinced to join. The problemis now getting Horikita to let Kushida join the study group. After multiple rejections,Ayanokoji has no choice but to inform her of the news. Despite this, the energetic girl tellshim to leave it to her. Does she have some magic? It’s finally the first day of the special studygroup. Things aren’t going too well as Sudo yells at Horikita for calling him incompetent.He doesn’t need books! Despite the delinquent grabbing her by the collar, she calls his dreamof becoming a pro basketball player “childish.” Frustrated, Sudo leaves, followed by Yamauchiand Ike. They refuse to be tutored by someone who insults them, no matter how qualified she may be.Rightfully so, Kushida gently tells Horikita that.

No one will study with her if she acts thisway. But a hostile Horikita decides to let them fail to get rid of the dead weight,then blatantly questions her motives. This causes Kushida to leave with a heavy heart.Later that night, Ayanokoji decides to head out to buy something. But before he can, he overhearsa conversation in the alley between Horikita and her student council president brother, ManabuHorikita. Manabu resents his sister because she's in Class D, so she promises to work her way up. Itdoesn’t matter to him. Pinning his sister to the wall, he demands she leave the school. He believesSuzune doesn’t have the right nor the ability to aim for Class A. His hand then curls into a fistto strike her, only to be stopped by Ayanokoji. The gentle way Suzune asks Ayanokoji tostop causes him to follow obediently. But.

Manabu takes this as a chance to strike our boy.Shockingly, he dodges everything and even blocks a blow. He could’ve even knocked Manabu out ifhe wanted to. Pleasantly surprised, Manabu asks Ayanokoji if he practices something, like a sportor martial arts. And the nonchalant guy answers that he does practice piano and calligraphy. Hmm,that’s some very physical piano and calligraphy. Manabu soon realizes Ayanokoji is the student whogot exactly 50 on every subject in the entrance exam, and even on all the quizzes.Is this intentional? Manabu wonders, but the aloof MC leaves it to coincidence.Anyway, he’s surprised that his sister has a friend but Suzune quickly denies this.He lambasts his sister’s misconception of “isolation” for independence and just advisesher to struggle with everything she has..

After he leaves, the two settle down at thevending machine. There’s still an emotional wall between her and the rest of the world.Ayanokoji asks if she's really done with the study group. Hearing Horikita’s reply, Ayanokojiconcludes her philosophy of looking down on others is perhaps why she got thrown into ClassD. The silence that follows is deafening. Days pass by until the midterms finally arrive.The result? Every student in Class D managed to achieve high scores in every subject.After the scores are announced, a horde of students praises Kushida likea saint. This leads Horikita to question Ayanokoji: “What did you do?” Flashback time!Three days before the exam, Ayanokoji watches from the shadows as bullies from Class C torment Sudo.In particular, Kakeru Ryuen has.

Him held down and mocks the delinquent’slack of intellect. Thankfully, Honami Ichinose arrives to defuse thesituation. The bullies retreat, but Sudo tries to pounce on them, only for Ayanokoji to stop him.With that out of the way, Ayanokoji asks Sudo to join Kushida’s study group, adding thatYamauchi and Ike have already begun. But the hot-headed guy refuses since it would justbe pointless now. After basketball practice, Horikita approaches Sudo, handing himher summarized review notes. Earlier, she observed how distracted he was during club.And though she’s helping him to help herself, she advises him to do his best on the exam sohe can continue playing basketball at school. Two days before the exam, Ayanokoji asksfor Kushida’s help. She accompanies him in.

Approaching an upperclassman and asking fora trade. 10,000 points for the third-year guy's first midterm two years ago. Afterall, judging by his unappetizing lunch, he’s low on points and more willing to trade.There’s risk involved and the upperclassman sets the price at 30,000 points. When Ayanokojitries to haggle, he cuts the deal off. This is where Kushida’s charm and haggling skillscome in. They finally close the trade at 15,000 points for the tests plus a quiz.Sitting on an outdoor bench, Ayanokoji assures Kushida that acquiring old teststechnically isn’t against school rules. Plus, the upperclassman’s reaction confirms Ayanakoji’shunch that trades like these are nothing unusual. Per his hypothesis, the upperclassman's freshmanquiz is exactly the same as theirs. The midterms.

Will likely have the same questions. He thenrequests that Kushida tell their classmates she was the one who acquired the old tests to preventany unnecessary attention towards himself. Plus, their classmates will likely trust her more. Aftera little bit of strategizing, they’re good to go. It's the final day before the exam.Kushida distributes the tests to the entire class. As expected, everyone isoverjoyed. Only Horikita is suspicious, but before she can ask Kushida anything, thegirl is surrounded by grateful classmates. A few moments later, Chabashira commendsthe class for getting high scores. However, she points out that Sudo still failed by onepoint due to the higher average. Despite Hirata and Kushida voicing their concern for Sudo,she swiftly concludes class and exits the room..

Kushida tries to appeal to the class to noavail. Ayanokoji excuses himself to go to the restroom but instead heads to the roof totalk to Chabashira. He asks her this question: “do you think society is equal?”With her interest piqued, Ayanokoji can set the groundwork for hisrequest: to buy that one test score point for Sudo. As Chabashira laughs, Ayanokoji citesher statement from the first day: “You can buy anything at this school using points.” Genius!She accepts but asks for 100,000 points in exchange. Fortunately, Horikita arrives to pitchin, claiming she doesn't want to discover what happens to a class with expelled students. Thedeal is settled and Sudo’s expulsion is undone. Yay! Before they leave, Chabashira tells them thatno Class D has ever advanced to a higher tier in.

The school’s history. Despite this, Horikitais determined to ascend to a higher class. The two take a seat outside and go over eachclass’s points. They’re at 87 and Class A’s at 1004. Ascending feels like a fantasy. But,of course, Horikita won't give up. Anyway, he thanks her for saving Sudo. He realizesthat her selfishness is just an act since she intentionally bombed English just to bringthe average, and overall passing score, down to achievable levels. Annoyed,Horikita raises her compass to puncture him. Later that night, some of the Class D studentsgather to celebrate in Ayanokoji's room. Kushida asks Ayanokoji how he convinced the teachers torescind Sudo’s expulsion. Instead of the truth, he passes on all the credit to Horikita, embellishingthe story and leaving everyone in awe..

After helping Ayanokoji clean up, Kushida bidshim goodnight and returns to her room. But she accidentally leaves her phone behind so hefollows her as she ends up by the riverside. He hides behind the trees and witnesses ashocking sight: Kushida, full of hatred, curses Horikita from the bottom of herlungs as she kicks the railings. Ayanokoji’s expressionless face finally shows some emotion.Sadly, the phone rings and gives him away. He reluctantly reveals himself. Kushida threatensAyanokoji—saying she’ll accuse him of indecent advances if he ever tells anyone about what heheard. The twisted girl even grabs his hand to place it on her bust. His fingerprints onher uniform will serve as evidence for the accusation. Now left with no choice, Ayanokojipromises not to tell a soul. With that settled,.

Kushida goes back to her sweet persona.Mask on and mask off, just like that. Entering the prestigious Tokyo MetropolitanAdvanced Nurturing High School is one thing. Surviving three years in it is another. Andit's an entirely different discussion if you want to ascend from Class D to A. But perhaps,with Horikita’s determination and Ayanokoji’s cunning tactics, this year’s Class 1-D canstand a chance to rise above the other classes.

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