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Welcome back! join me while I break down another movie plot enjoy the memories and watch out for spoilers! “crocodiles can't swim in salt water” “that'll be your little secret” the film begins atop BlackLake in Aroostook County where fish and game officer Walt is being assisted in his duties by Sheriff Hank the divers come to Maine to research beavers.

When he has a brief scare by one of the locals he finds movement in the nest when suddenly he gets yanked backunderwater by something unseen Atop The Serene Lake Walt breaks the silence screaming forhelp while being dragged through the water he manages to make it back to theboat but Hank only retrieves his torso leaving him to wonder whatjust tore poor Walt in half shortly after another Wildlife officer named Jack stops by to check on the body.

While getting on Hank'snerves with all of his sarcasm down in New York at the AmericanMuseum of Natural History paleontologist Kelly Scott spendsher days examining dinosaurs while wallowing in the recentbreakup from her boyfriend her co-worker Myra breaks the newsthat she's the woman he left her for as he is shown to also be both of them's boss as an excuse to get rid of Kelly Kevin tells her about the attack in Maine and says a prehistoric tooth wasfound still lodged in Walt's remains.

Despite Kelly's objections and herinsisting that she's allergic to Timber she's stuck on a rickety plane and flown upstate she gets to the Aroostook morgueto inspect the tooth with Hank and pretends to be a lotbraver than she actually is they discover that The Shardof tooth is indeed prehistoric but isn't a fossil against Hank's warning that she shouldn't Kelly asked to see what's left of Walt leaving her mortified butalso curious to visit the lake.

While picking up supplies and his lightweight forward area air device unit which Hank says can one shot anything he tells Kelly that only anold couple live out by the lake and that no one's ever gone missing before Jack meets up with them and insists Kelly not come for her own safety but she doesn't listen as the townspeople are nowshown to be spreading stories.

Of a monster in Black Lake that rips men in half investigating the incident they goacross the lake to the Bickerman farm owned by the sweet Dolores she tells them that her husband died two years ago but when asked if he was swallowedshe says that she euthanized him but he was suffering chronic painso she bludgeoned him with a skillet and buried him out back “well dig him up if youdon't believe me.. Sherlock!” they travel to a nearby campsite.

As Kelly makes mention of theLake's eerily still appearance which Jack says was originallygoing to be called Lake Placid but the name was taken on the way Kelly begins towin the sheriff over even more when they come across a severed moose head and she begins slapping himfor throwing it at her feet while setting up camp Kelly meets a female deputy named Sharon which makes her feel safer that the menwon't get all turned up like in Deliverance.

Jack wonders why the museum wouldsend someone just to look at a tooth especially considering she's already done her job and is still hanging around just then they're interruptedby an amphibious helicopter that Kelly says belongs to a mythology Professor who travels the world swimming with crocodiles thinking that the monster must be a Crocthat's just migrated further north than usual crocodile Enthusiast Hector Cyr joins the party “come on”.

The next day Kelly, Hank andJack go with Hector in canoes to scan the lake for any signs of the creature when coming across a large school of perch jumping because of something beneath suddenly Kelly and Hank'scanoes flipped head over heels and the two are thrown into the lake they race to get their legs out of the water but it ends up being nothing more than a scare and they make it back safe Kellytries calling more Wildlife experts.

But No One Believes theirstory without any confirmation even with Sharon having found Walt's toe washed up on the bank near their Camp “is this the man who was killed?” just before nightfall Hank findsdeputies Burke and Stevens digging a trap having been paid 500 bucks each by Hector who's currently having a party inside thetents with the rest of the search team when Hank breaks it up he's told it's all in the hopes ofattracting the crocodile to their vibrations.

While also hoping to mate with Sharon that night before bed Jack tells Kelly that in lightof the recent canoe flippage that it be best she stay on Shorewhen they begin to argue again Kelly finally explains about herboss dating her friend at work and her not wanting to return to New York but when asked why specificallyshe chose to stay at the lake she says she's just genuinely interested while the two are also shownto be interested in each other.

In the middle of the nightHank steps out to take a leak when hearing rustling in the bushes armed and ready to fire he finds Hector lurking in the scrubs having just been setting up a spring trap when asked if the team can trust him Kelly says Hector believes crocodiles to be Gods which to his defense more cultures ofworship Crocs throughout history than Jesus and he's also the best Trapper on hand.

Early in the morning five go out with theintention of tranquilizing it underwater as Hector says crocodilesdon't see well when under and prefer to attack outside of it Burke Parks up as Hector andJack go into the lake to search while Kelly lowers thespeaker to attract crocodiles and Hank wonders what thehell they're even doing there during the dive they find thecarcass of a half-eaten cow as Jack briefly spots the tailof the creature swimming away the boat suddenly yanked tossingKelly out and gets towed across.

The lake Burke pulls the anchorup once the Croc spits it out but Hank notices the perch start jumping by Kelly and they race back to pick her up just as she makes it inside the boat Jack pops up in the dragon man as well Hector gets helped insidethe boat by the whole team as Burke retrieves the speaker when the massive Croc instantlyswipes the deputy's head clean off without anyone even seeing it.

Later on Hector attempts to consolethe sheriff over his officer's death when Hank is for a second timecaught up in one of his traps when freed Hank chases him through the woods until getting held back by Jack when all of a sudden a large brown bear shows up as Jack protects Kelly and Hank squares up with it when the 30 feet salty bursts from thewater and latches onto it from behind dragging it kicking into the black Waters.

Hank finally admits thatthe creature's a crocodile which they discover to be an Asian Pacificthat's made its way across the ocean after Hector feeling threatened bythe sheriff challenges him to a fight hits some sense into him with a single punch and the two leave togethercontinuing their bickering Kelly treats a scratch Jacksustained from tackling her when he notices that she'shaving the best time of her life since a man's head was just bittenoff she worries that it shows but says that she's never experiencedanything exciting in her life.

The next day Hector and Sharonhead to an area of the lake he suspects to be the creature's Nest while the rest of the team takeplaster molds of its Footprints after a brief scare where Burke's severedhead gets flung out of the bushes at Kelly Jack spots Dolores bringing one of herdairy cows blindfolded to the giant croc he slaps it on the butt andthe monster gets his Meal which she tells police that she'sbeen doing for the past six years one night it followed herhusband home from a camping trip and they threw it scraps for the next four years.

Two years ago when her husbandgot between it and a runaway horse it ate him and she's been lying to the authorities ever since she justifies it by saying thatit's the creature's Lake now as Hector's shown to be putting his scuba gear on and Sharon says everything shecan to convince him not to go in as he returns to the surfaceunsuccessful in his search Hector is confronted by his reptilian God in a Placid State having just been fed.

He slowly Maneuvers his way back to his Chopper praying to Sobek as Sharon is warned not to fireher gun due to its strong hide distracting it with an inflatable raft Hector makes it on board but theCroc latches onto the chopper requiring Sharon to give it one to the face back at Camp Hector's almost arrestedfor putting an officer's life at risk later on he tells Kelly that in ancient times people would be thrown to crocodiles to be judged.

If the Croc wasn't hungry enoughto eat them they were worthy though he says he is nevergoing back in Black Lake again Jack and Hank planned to let Wildlifeofficers Kill The Croc when they arrive telling Kelly that they've nevercaught anything over 30 feet and that it's already taken a life but Hector suggests that he lured outonto land and tranquilize it instead he convinces jack with the ecological significance that the Beast is over 150 years old and swam here from another continent.

And Hank with the promise ofgetting to use his big gun should anything go wrong they take one of Dolores cattle against her wishes and dangle it from the helicopter as bait while Stevens is left listening to her tell him how she hopes The Crocswallows his friend's whole dipping the cow like a tea bag into the lake Jack's team set up on shore withtranquilizers and nets ready to catch it after a few hours they begin to give up hope.

When it soon appears on Hector's radar he leads it towards the bank and when it lunges at the Cow Hector pulls up allowing Fisheries to get a shot on it but the cow breaks loose and the shift in weight sends thechopper crashing into the Lake Hector survives but the Croc startles him off causing Hank to run into thewater to get a better shot on it but it Springs up in front ofhim and chases him onto land.

He escapes on the back of a truck but they remain to help the rest of the team as Kelly's almost eaten but Jackdistracts it with his revolver the crock's tail hits Kelly into the lake and then begins to chase her back into the water she swims underneath making itdifficult for the Croc to see and avoids it behind a large snag then as it's chomping down on the log she swims up to the surfaceand onto the down Chopper.

It leaps from the water and attacks them but gets itself trapped in the helicopter as Kelly and Hector swim back to shore it thrashes around as Hank debates whether to shoot it like Jack saysor let it live like Hector argues he decides to let it live asthe tranqs begin to kick in and the creature becomes placid when suddenly a smaller croc attacksHector from behind but he gets free when it emerges again Hankblows it up with a single shot.

Sending pieces scattering everywhere arriving at just the right time Wildlife takes the neutralizedCroc away on the back of a truck to figure out what to do with it as Bessie is shown to havesurvived the traumatic ordeal Kelly says goodbye to the much more friendly Hank as he goes with Hector to the hospital leaving Jack with Kelly who just awkwardlyshakes her hand and walks to his truck now much more assertive.

Kelly decides to make thefirst move and asks for a ride and the two continue bickeringall the way back to town one week later at the Bickerman farm Dolores is shown sitting on her Pierfeeding breadcrumbs to some baby crocodiles revealing that the two adults had bred and the movie ends “Who ever heard of crocodile crossing an ocean?” “well they conceal information like that in books” “If I had a d!ck this iswhere I'd tell you to suck it”.

Thanks forwatching Have a noice day 🙂

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