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How are you my little anime seals we continue with the story of watashi nohi wasen nak Kong it is already part 11 of this incredible manga and if you have not seen the other parts as always up here it will be in the link to a playlist with all the chapters So don't hesitate to just have a good marathon for now let's start with the chapter moo's lessons are continuing azuki teaches her the basics of socializing at a party as well as posture face attitude and other things that make a lady high-class huki lends him a full-length mirror so that moo can see how his posture changes as he trains, he also teaches him some other important things like going with the flow to topics you don't understand faking a fake smile smile that he tries to give me to do but it doesn't come out.

Completely Huki gives him the advice that the best thing in those moments is to think of someone close to whom he would like to smile with that in mind emo smiles beautifully something that leaves Huki shocked but also worried Well, with a smile so beautiful there will be many people who want to approach her with other intentions the lessons end M is happy because it is the first time she has taken more advanced classes but it is at this moment that kaya's voice resonates in her head not only her the whole zoria family appears at her side making harsh comments towards her, lowering her spirits little by little making her feel really terrible as in the past moo is aware of what is happening is a dream but even so she can only make the situation worse turning the saori family in her current family Yuri and yasuki which also make her feel terribly.

Bad with negative comments just at that moment kiyoka appears for a moment she feels relieved but he is also part of these terrible nightmares dropping the last nail on moo's grave well this makes her feel so horrible that she wakes up she is sweating and afraid because those nightmares don't stop no matter what she does and this time even though she knows it was a nightmare a part of her mind does believe all these words it seems she still can't completely overcome her low self-esteem and this is taking its toll on her even the words of the kiyoka from her dreams resonate in her mind making her feel even worse moo is completely defeated or so it would be if moo had not changed over time because yes our little moo she has grown a lot all this time it has not been in vain she trusts that kyoka would never say something as ugly as that.

Not letting herself be defeated by those illusions of her mind she must go ahead as usual in the morning together with Yuri they say goodbye to Mr. Kiyoka He can't help but notice that Mio's expression is increasingly forced due to her lack of rest. He is very worried but he doesn't know how to save her from this situation . he knows that she is trying hard not to worry so for now he will let things follow their natural path, trusting that moo will be able to hold out until he finds a solution to this terrible event. Yuri also knows about this but agrees with the Kiyoka's decisions since he trusts that the young master will be able to put an end to this discomfort that has tormented Moo since he arrived home in the afternoon. Moo's lessons continue this time.

Focusing on the way to behave at the table How to take the cutlery the correct way to keep silent How to serve a drink correctly and not drink if you do not tolerate alcohol, which is something very important, you are also being taught How to greet in different languages ​​How to get out of uncomfortable situations such as having many people around you Introduce yourself properly and the correct position when walking a lot of concepts that mio should have memorized in just two months moo ends up really tired this combined with lack of sleep is taking its toll hazuki and yuri have already realized this telling her that she is trying too hard as always moo ya We know her, she always tries to deny it, making an excuse that it is really fun to study How to be a great lady, Miss Hazuki falls completely into the trap because she is happy.

She loves teaching him too much so she puts aside the fact that moo is having a little hard time She even tells moo that she is ready to level up planning to take her to the city to practice with real people at first am I scares her Well, she doesn't consider this idea to be ready. But she remembers the little time she has left before the party, giving herself a little courage to accept this proposal, so in the end she ends up accepting, deciding to go to the city together with Huki. Yuri wants to go with them, well. she's a little worried about moo she's the one who's really realized that things aren't going well they've finally gone out to the big city it's a pretty hot day but that doesn't stop them from looking really good their first training starts here Well, she has to go into a store to buy something for herself, Moo,.

She's a little nervous, but the training has paid off because she manages to speak in a polite way and look really good while taking care of her posture and her expressions, buying something nice for her, that's how her day goes by. talking and conversing with different citizens the fruits of moo's effort can be seen clearly clearly also with sister huki's intensive training but deep down moo is really tired huki knows something is wrong because mio's face looks terrible mio She can hardly speak to Suuk, she tells him to stop because the effort will be useless if she ends up sick. But before Moo could answer anything to this, she loses her strength to the point of falling unconscious . she stamped on the hot floor moo it smells a different scent than.

Kiyoka but it's still nice she opens her eyes quickly apologizing the boy who saved her asks her to please raise her face and here we can see the person who saved her a very handsome person But wait, something is wrong with this guy We've already met him, no, that's right, he's the boy who was next to the mummy waiting for orders to act But obviously moo doesn't know this, only we as spectators know moo observes it His complexion , his hair, his clothing, everything seems to conform to a high-class person, so Moo wonders if it might be a worker from the area. The young man seems to be happy that Moo is well. She apologizes again for causing him trouble, Huki. He also apologizes because at the end of the day that's what I learned and if it hadn't been for that young moo boy, he could have.

Received a blow to the floor. He says that it was nothing, he was just passing by and he was lucky to save her, but that he should have a lot more. Be careful as always, Moo's low self-esteem makes her feel a little bad because she feels that she has caused problems for everyone, including an unknown person. Huki wonders about that boy, because of his way of acting and dressing, there is no doubt that he must belong to some high-ranking family but once away This young man shows us his true face as a Villain hazuki is worried about moo because she feels that it was her fault for not realizing how tired she was apart from taking her to the city on a day with so much heat Perhaps that was a bit over the line hazuki the most annoying in this situation is Yuri who had already realized that things with moo were not quite.

Right wanting to talk to them personally she tells him that they should not study so long forbidding mio from spending too much time on this because it's useless if she ends up getting sick she's right once at home moo is doing housework while thinking about the things that happened that day since the terrible dream she had with her family, the training, the fact of causing problems even to a stranger, but as we said at the beginning, moo has been changing, she is not the same moo who was depressed by everything, so now she is happy to gradually grow as a person realizing that the trainings are bearing fruit with his great attitude in the city cooking happily for his lord kioka welcoming him with joy on the other hand kiyoka is working like crazy because.

Due to the issue of lok tsuki the work increased enormously being really tired because it's a serious issue With so many free souls it's a matter of time before an attack on a human city occurs the troops are working day and night to prevent this situation so much so that the poor kyok has barely been able to go home not only that the issue Moo's nightmares also worry him greatly because he does not know if it is some special ability of the Usuba family or something else. His informants have not yet found anything that indicates 100% that it is this, but today he should receive a new one. Important information is also concerned about the fact that Moo does not want to say anything about his situation. Well, he has to see day by day how poor Moo is changing for the worse, looking more and more emaciated, leading Kiyoka to think that one of.

These days she will simply moo could disappear kadou interrupts all his worries he just received a visitor about the case of lok utsuki visit that turns out to be nothing more and nothing less than the handsome guy who saved moo the same guy with the mummy That's right we will finally meet the The name of this mysterious person, which is Arata Zuki Kiyoka, observes him carefully, realizing that despite being about 24 years old, he looks really good, calm, formal, elegant, sociable, a high-end person, it wasn't even a phone, right, but you understand me. family to which it belongs are the uruki who have a mercantile company that has managed to maintain itself through ups and downs over time, being now a medium-sized company but with great capital value, arata does not seem to have any blemish on its file, being A calm person.

With a good record but Kyoka doesn't fully understand why he was sent if he has no history of having previously worked for the Imperial house with all this despite the fact that the investigation did not yield anything suspicious about him Kiyoka He can't help but feel somewhat uncomfortable by his side. Kiyoka introduces himself but Arata already knows him. Kiyoka is a famous person in the social circle, although not in the best way because he is known for scaring women away and being quite cold. Kiyoka tells him to stop. Arata apologizes if he was rude by introducing himself. As the new information link, Kiyoka can't quite trust him because, as we already mentioned, he doesn't belong to the Ministry of the Imperial household, asking him directly, he explains that he is in charge of the negotiations, both those of his family like anyone who.

Asks him his job is to negotiate say the things that other people do not want to say learning about all kinds of issues including special abilities and the subject of lok utsuki he brings you information on the subject all from from the Ministry of the Imperial house, giving him important information such as that the seal was broken two weeks ago at midnight. Kokee is surprised that the impedi house is giving out information since they don't usually do it, arata makes it clear that this situation is getting out of hand. hands so desperate situations require desperate measures although this means that the Imperial family is giving up the confidentiality of the matter kyoka agrees to participate Well he knows that otherwise many lives would be lost according to the Ministry of the Imperial household they have recovered until At the moment, at least 70 per cent of.

The souls, but the ones that remain are the most aggressive souls, for which reason a special permit has been issued to exterminate them, being signed by the emperor himself and also by General Okito Kyok, who also agrees with this by signing the permission arata ends all matters so now he will retire but not before asking about that rumor that has gone around Japan Well at least it seems so about the fact that kiyoka has already committed kiyoka says yes arata tells him that he feels great envy Well, he has tried and he has not been able to achieve it, leaving a serious and heavy environment when approaching him just to tell him how complicated it is to be married, he shakes hands with Kiyoka for now, yes, to say goodbye, leaving Kiyoka with a bad feeling body, he must try to relax because work and worries keep coming. His Godo friend.

Asks him why he did the ok tsuki. In the first place, Kiyoka asks him not to enter without warn but the latter lets him know that he touched realizing that kiyoka is more tired than normal but he has something the same as moo Well, he also denies this situation godou reminds him that he must take into account taik Vito's warning Of course kiyoka doesn't he has forgotten , in fact, that is the main reason for his heavy worries because whoever is close to him or even himself may die, whatever it is kyoka is not willing to let this happen godou interrupts his thoughts to give him the package left by the informant a package that talks about the usuba family godou wants to know a little more about this but kiyoka won't let him get involved in these matters anymore godou keeps insisting Endo but kiyoka denies it again godou finally understands.

But before leaving he lets kiyoka know that he should also avoid touching on unnecessary topics and rest a bit more kyok is happy that his classmates care about him now he starts reading the report because he needs to know about moo's mother's family they are the only ones who can help Stop their nightmares Of course, this is not an easy task Well, the usua family is so secret that there are no records of any member, not even in Kioka's ancestors, there have been contact records, it's like looking for something that doesn't exist. Kyoka tried to investigate the Moo's father's ancestors like this married an usuba some information they should have But they died in some freak accident Shortly after his son's marriage leaving no relevant information then he tried to directly investigate moo sumi usuba's mother looking for students.

With the name of sumi in schools for ladies of that time finding at least 20 candidates of condition among all these names there is one that made him sweat cold because there is a person called sumi surui This is the same last name as arata who according to the records died shortly after graduating causing kiyoka's suspicions to increase in any case kiyoka makes the decision to investigate the zuki family more closely and that's it for today's chapter guys Thanks for watching until the end I send you a huge kiss you are the best I adore you Give this video a like if you don't want to faint like moo and comment what suspicions you have about the zuki family

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  1. Definitivamente en cuestión de la trama de ésta historia, es mejor look el manga, en el anime, han omitido tantos detalles, aquí; me queda más claro la secuencia de los hechos, la animación es genial sin duda, me encantaría que en el anime no omitieran absolutamente nada, pero lastimosamente continuarán haciéndolo, es tan interesante todo.ResumeMeUnManga infinitas gracias por tu genial narración de ésta bella historia, sin tu gran trabajo, no se conocerian tantos datos importantes de éste manga, GRACIAS!!!!

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