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As we saw in the last episode, Lu Chan is about to kill Elder, but till then this girl asks him to stop, Ullu Chan, and Lu Chan has stopped, he does not kill Elder now. Let's see what happens next, that girl is talking to Lucent, I promise you, Lucent, if you don't kill Elder, then our set will never bother you in future, nor will there be any problem, these elders are carried by Lucent. You dare to kill me, our final set will tear you to pieces, look, Lucent. I want to advise you that there is a master of our friendly set ahead, as well as a lot of big elders and anjors of our friends. So I would like you to apologize to me immediately but Lucent does n't like this thing at all he just pushes him a little bit but his power is too much.

So the Elders would have ended here now how many villains he has If people have been killed, then its cultivation has increased a lot. Too much means you are understanding that she is doing too much that it is loot , look what you have done, I had already agreed with you that you should not do this, but now you have killed so many people of my friend link, tell me. What will you do? He immediately takes out his hunter, seeing which she gets scared. It must have been Lucent's look, how dare you, don't talk to me like this in the future. On this side we are shown the fifth bridge which is the final of the stage and this is the master of the franklining set saying that this gate is closed now our friendly segness has planned it for 100 years and finally now our wish Puri is about to be completed along with.

Some of his companions and this old man i.e. this elder is also there, the elder is saying to him that master ji han, many congratulations to you for this, now you will reach straight to the sky, here master is ordering both of those guns. Go check if there is anything wrong with the bridge as soon as those people near the bridge When they go, green light starts coming out from below and whether it is light or fire, don't know what it is, but it has eaten both the people, seeing which people get scared and this bridge is completely unexpected . No, how big are the dangers and then they come to know that if they have to cross this bridge, Grandpa of his Lucent team, now as soon as it is known that they need Ji Young family 's blood, then it is even more difficult for them. It has increased a lot because for 100 years these people are planning how to remove them and now some members of Jayam family have been killed only a few are left.

And they are also wandering here and there in the world so this thing So it has become even more difficult for them here we are shown Lucent when he is moving on the way he sees a lot of bodies he was thinking that here as I am moving forward a lot The body is going away, it means that all the people have gone in the same direction, only then we see two men chasing someone and they are shouting. It has been saying that please save me . There is no enmity, you quietly give him to us or get deleted from here and if you are not going to do anything then get ready to die from our hands but when Lucent does not give his disciple to him, he Both are used to attack in this.

You are not going to survive even if you just use your one hand and kill both the guys in one go it also gets a lot of bonus also gets 10 years of cultivation directly Because these two are very bad, now Lucent doesn't have any regrets about why he killed these two guys because you remember when he first came inside this body then it feels like After all, how can it kill someone, but these people have always not considered it as a tomcat, who does not care about anyone and keeps killing everyone. And anyway, this world is such a place where the strong are said to the weak, either eat, or kill, or be killed . Other things don't mean anything first of all I have to make myself very powerful because if I don't make myself more powerful.

So I will not be able to survive in this world, here a very strong notification comes to Lucent and that notification remains that its cultivation level has reached 250 years and it is the highest cultivation in the world. Hearing this, he cannot do cultivation in the world, this is his mouth and today he starts coming out from here that after all this has happened, how can this happen, means you are thinking straight 250 in the highest level of this world, now it has reached Now, if you want to do it in this world, you will not be able to level up, now maybe we should be shown to the other world too . Brought and you used these two masters just like that Lotion asks his disciple do you know who is the highest cultivator in this world means for how many years he has cultivated and then how many days did it take.

Him to achieve cultivation In doing so his disciple was telling as far as I have heard probably 200 years is the highest cultivation then blue Chanel is asking him girl do you know anything about this she gets little shocked to hear this Lucent asks tell me what I asked the girl says yes I know but this is our friend ling sex secret I'm never going to tell you this even if you kill me for real this time, but I will still not tell you, Lotion says wait, I'll do it in your friend's penis set, if someone cultivates for 250 years Then he can't improve his cultivation further means he won't be able to grow to the next level why I am absolutely right, isn't she listening and saying that you are the last thing I just kissed and nothing else what would she say What did you gas but how can you do it? This is the top secret of the entire continent.

Even my father who is the master of friendly set has never mentioned this thing in front of anyone. I used to be thinking that my cultivation is 250 years old and this limitless limit in this world. This means that I am one of the most powerful dams in this world, it is a matter of great lotus, she starts saying to Kullu Chand, okay now that you have come to know all the things , then I will give you this advice that you should leave here. Let's go let's make a condition, he says with what kind of elasticity, he says look, if I beat your sister, you will consider me as your master and become my disciple. Maybe you are just shooting arrows in the air like this you don't know how much our un sister's power is Lo Chunk Fan don't make the mistake of considering our sister weak at all Varn you will be defeated for sure he.

Says ok i will keep this in mind he must be thinking that his level is a level 5 cultivation and this is very rare so i can't let this opportunity go by at all, well i tell you this I want this cultivation year and this cultivation level, both are different things. Can't mean as many years as it has power A and this level is a different thing, this level is a different scene change, on this side, we are shown Grandpa, Grandpa is talking to another Grandpa, don't you think that Ever since we both have come in this reality, there has been some difference in our body, they start looking at their hands and feet and they are not able to do anything, I do not feel anything like that, hands and feet are absolutely normal, here on Grand See how old we have already become but after coming to this reality why do I.

Feel like our bones are shaking and we have become 10 years younger, you don't feel like that and Power has also increased more than before Grandpa is brother, do you remember that our sister always used to say that we are the descendants of immortals, do you think this is true, they say this to me. I don't know whether this is true or false, but I know for sure that something has changed since we came here. May be it is connected to our ji young family or our village and anyway the friend set is ours, he treats us very much and we have to take revenge even if this time we have to put our life in danger but We will continue to kill his master on this, this time we are not going to sit silent. Second Grandpa says ok brother, I have understood your point very well, but till then we are shown here.

A goat's spirit appears in front of them and just friends, this episode of ours ends here, well, tell me, is the sound a bit louder or not, because the earlier sound was sounding a bit slow, so tell me, the sound has been increased slightly. See you all again in the next video, many thanks to all of you for watching so far, till then see you bye

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