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At the beginning of the episode we see lucent ladki se ka raha hai ki dekho recently our web check has adopted a lot of displays so i want you to train them personally and make them very powerful And as far as other people are concerned, like these three students of Lucent, these two brothers and these two grandfathers, they have been saying to the channel people that you five, you five, I will go with you to the Great Smoking Mountain because they have a lot of history there. Have to solve . In the next scene, we are shown these people sitting on their flying cots, all the people are going in the same evil set and then we are shown that after a while, tell us what they are doing, Master, see we are there . Have reached but there is a lot of commotion in the village, some more people are crowded there and these people are living but I have heard that there is an evil act and.

Why so many people are crowded in an evil set. It means that there are too many people and you know that too many people don't want to be devils. The Grandpa can't believe his eyes because when those people left this village, then this village was completely destroyed, not a single house here is very nice. And as far as the dog and cat are concerned, they are not here only, after that these people land their flying cots and what was it, they were completely surprised, what were they saying , see master, that is my house but there Two people are sitting outside their house eating and drinking comfortably, then Grandpa goes there and wonders who you both are, but they both take out their swords and wonder who you are, are you on the other side? You have come here to rob us , we will not let you do this, but what are you doing here, idiot, this.

Is my house and I have not encroached on you, since when have you encroached on my house? These people go ahead and do what they are doing, it seems that you do not love your life at all and then the thief who is going to attack them directly. comes but the green one who is junior brother kicks the umbrella on his face and makes it fall away only then the other one is belonging to the thief so I don't know we both are double eye thieves both of them are very famous because Both do not have one eye each, that's why junior brother tells that they are the people of Evils Act, these people belong to this thing, the air of both of them gets tight because everyone knows that they are people. How evil are they and this man keeps whispering in his friend 's ear that I have heard that Luchha had killed the second master, that too in a very bad way. Do n't disturb them.

And quietly leave from here by holding the narrow lane because these people have looted many houses that they will not leave us too, after that they are saying that it is okay that you belong to Evil and you are Buddha. yes you are his friend so go we give you this house after that they start leaving but lucent says wait a minute before leaving After clearing all the things, what is the matter, those people are telling, headlu, we do not know much about it, we just know that there is a treasure here, which is going to come out, he becomes happy after hearing this. hai aur ka raha hota hai kya khazana you tell me about the treasure he tells that that treasure is unknown no one knows what is inside it and first this place discovered this is a classical set and this The place Secret Cultivation Real i.e. an Ancient Immortal place is opened here, that too once in 100 years,.

After that these people start telling the conditions that what are the conditions they need to enter the Secret Real and this house here But they have been made, they have to be made like this, they have been made in the information, it is very lucky or you can also make it a coincidence, because tomorrow the secret is going to open here and if you people stay inside this house for that time, then you will Will automatically teleport to the secret trailer, we just learned that there is a lot of treasure, so much treasure. P can never think about it and there is some special special thing that can make you fly in your feet Lucent Grandpa and also asking him where was your house do you know anything about it I know they say no, we didn't know anything about it, after a while Grandpa was telling Lucent that he had heard from his sister that one day someone suddenly.

He fell asleep and then he teleported to a different place, then after a while he came back unexpectedly and even he brought a golden stick with him and when he sent it to the market He got a lot of money for that, he got a lot of money, then this thief is asking him, do you live here, both of them say yes, this house is ours and we have been living here for a long time. It seems that the virus that was here was completely fake and the opinion of those people was that all the people who live here, they should either kill them all or they will kill many more people than here. Sending away, both the thieves start telling Lucent that Master Lu, both of us have nothing to do with this matter, in fact all this is done by the fencing set and all the people here belong to the fencing set only. We will still be inside the house,.

We just got this news by mistake, that's why we came here in the old way, what do you think Master? What should we do because most of the people of our village died due to hunger and only we survived, only the indigenous people survived . It was widely reported that when the members of the family set first came here, they used to hide here and destroy all the fields they had, gradually doing only one. They didn't do it at the time because slowly they wanted to scare these villagers from inside and make them completely hollow. They went and gave the name, the virus has spread here, so all the remaining people ran away, but they.

Had no food or drink in the middle of the way, that's why many people left in the middle of the way. He would have been very angry and would have been shouting that Master, I will not leave those Finance Act people at all, I want revenge on them. I will kill all the people Lucent is asking those thieves then tell me how many people are there in the finishing set they start telling that see here there are 28 houses in the total village and more than 28 I am only a member of the fencing set Has occupied and all the children are in some houses, people like us and you have come after hearing this news because this thing is still a secret that how to go to the secret real because no one knows the exact date and timing, so everyone Right now they are inside the house, maybe those people have been teleported or they are about to happen now , that's why everyone has remained inside the house, we are the only ones who came out, that.

's why junior brother's love is coming from behind. U they both are also Lucent's brothers, means what was said brother, it is true that both of them are hiding some house for sure from us, it seems that we should find that house but Lucent agrees, he says There is no need to do this because there are plenty of dragons and snakes around here and we know when teleportation is going to happen so most Well, it has been that we will stop here and wait, when will we have telephone in cigarette, after that two channels start asking their colleagues that how much they know about the final set, these people start telling this fenkiling The set is, if we talk about it in general, then it is a folk set, that is, it does less good, it does less bad, it is very medium and it is next to the ear ring mountain, which is the final set, this geographical location. The one who belongs to him remains in a lot of advantage, that means.

He can do good things as well as bad things, he has support from all sides and these people make a triangle, so good relationship with twenty-two sets and other than that pending The set also mentions that they are the descendants of the Immortal Gate, this may be the reason that they want to explore veriland, the personality of all the people in the set is very dangerous and all are more than each other. It is also very difficult to deal with them. Legends believe that in the whole century they have about 10 months . There are guards in the whole sector of cultivation and then it is not known what happened to them later, after that no information was leaked out, in the next scene we are shown that all these people are in the house, those two thieves leave from here. They would have been there, but what about Junior, I think those two thieves fooled us and left because it's been a day and nothing yet.

By the way, I am very hungry, but in the house, they are lying all burnt and he is thinking of eating food, he is asking the old man i.e. Grand, do you people have anything to eat here at home? I am feeling hungry, they say idiots, if we had food to eat at home, why would we come to you, don't you have that much brain? After and then after some time you are shown that a lot of light starts coming out from inside, it seems to be Lucent, everyone hold each other's hand and hold their daughters tightly, because this energy seems extraordinary to me, this energy is very different. And then we see that all these people are going to be mentally reported somewhere else, you know where these people are going to be teleported and our episode also ends here,.

I will enjoy the next scene. Means stay tuned in the next episode see you again in the next episode till then bye bye

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