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Hello gas, all of you are welcome, you have to agree that you have made a lotus, at 9:00 o'clock I had put the video and said that if you like it for 5 years before 12:00 o'clock, then it will be fun and you have made it fun . Well done, let's start the video, at the beginning of the episode, we are shown the second master, who has been overpowered and everything else that happens inside him is leaking out , that second master. Says that wait now, I will show you what my real cultivation is, in fact its cultivation has increased more than before, because of the system that is installed on its chest, and Lucent is also a little bit seeing its cultivation power. He must have lost a bit because suddenly he has increased a lot and at the same time he is saying that I don't think that my system is on his chest because of which his cultivation has increased a lot. I can beat him.

, there are very few chances of me winning, and on this side it is the second master's side that now I will show you my What is the real power, he makes a ball in his hand and hits it directly at Lucent, but here he also fights with his stick, and the person with his stick is very strong, he hits his attack and hits it directly. But it seems to be on this side, do you think your war will be able to do anything to me, I have this treasure chest of mine which protects my whole body and you look at me directly attacking here but we are shown that The treasure chest which is a mirror gets a crack on it and it is broken, now as soon as it breaks, all the energy it has starts coming out and a lot of blood is also coming out of its mouth as well. Along with that treasure remains broken on the channel , a hole has also been made there, what is the reason or not, it.

Cannot happen, it falls below the money and its game is over here, don't be alive now. Do it now, a more powerful villain is yet to come, now this story is very interesting, don't take it as normal , now tell us the real reason of his death. The blue channel is telling us that in reality this is the second master, his cultivation level was not 100 50 years old at all, his cultivation level was less than that, but he used the treasure chest, because of which his cultivation is very high. It has increased a bit too much and because of that it means that its body could not tolerate its power, so just loose chain. If the balloon is too full and you just hit the pin a little, then it will burst. The same thing happened, he just pushed a little more, his power is bigger and the bomb goes to Lucent and he lifts the plate which is on his chest, he is looking at it and was saying that this thing is the only thing that gives it full power. It.

Was meant to be honorable, whose cultivation was just 50 years, he was added for 100 more years, that is, this thing can give a lot of power , by then the system would have arrived there and it would have been telling that you have killed such a big villain. So the reward is also going to be very good for this, the cultivation of which is 20 years old and the life has also increased more than before. what is this mani man very happy and thinking come on this is a very good thing because last time he killed 150 year old man then you know he got a lot of reward and still killed so strong Villain ko toh achcha sir award hai. After the match is over, Lucent goes in front of all the people and is asking them is there anyone else here who has any objection to me. If he wants, he can come and fight with me. There is no big deal in this, but here no one has the guts to say yes, I.

Want to challenge you. Here the disciple is shown who is very happy and was thinking, finally, finally, hit the second master. My family has gone, may my family's soul rest in peace, master, all this has happened only because of you, I am very thankful to you, now here it is mixed with side missions, so maybe the mission is also being completed, a little small mission. So in the side mission it keeps getting a lot of special physics little by little it was wondering what type of special visit I don't understand, now there is some special physics in its body, but it is not knowing anything, it seems that it is as normal as before and was thinking that it seems that I want to know it. You will have to study a little bit on this, you will have to accept something, then it is going to happen and it is happening to all the people, okay now when no one has any objection, no one wants to fight, then I consider the fan as disabled.

Now he will go with me to my set, the fan was immediately near him, he goes in front of him and says, Master Lucent is also very happy because this fan is equal to 500 people and it recruits 10000 people. If you want to do it, then not more than now, third grade people will have to recruit a lot and then it will be reduced immediately, then suddenly something starts happening there, the whole soil starts flying there and the air is also moving very fast. Everyone seems to be living, it seems that there is something very wrong in our city, the people have reached everywhere because the whole ground is getting wet and here Purple has understood that some big danger is going to come towards them. Both he and Live go to see what has happened at the top of the mountain, but as soon as they reach the top of the mountain, their mind is shaken by seeing that sight, because they have never seen such a sight before you. Had n't even.

Seen it and it seems that monsters in thousands are moving straight towards their city. And these Masters are so dreaded that no one will be able to survive as you all can see how much the number of Masters is, it will not be less than a thousand, no one is able to understand that after all so many monsters have suddenly appeared here. What are they doing since then and that too so big and so much dreaded new tells us that it is called 20 type i.e. the attack of monsters was of another banda was it 20 type but when it came last time almost 10 years have passed He further tells us that the last time 20 tires came, it came to a country, it came to the country's capitol and its condition was very bad, as we are shown here in the science of battered when it was brought to the country. That bichdd came to the capital, then there was no one left alive, the whole capital was destroyed overnight, not a single.

Person was left alive there, all the people were killed, now the same danger is being faced by all the people. They are crying but the one in the middle is concerned, I haven't even experienced happiness and sorrow till date, what should I do? People can't do anything, your tattoo pavilion is so powerful, but you have to do something, even these people are surprised to see this thing and they stop talking because they know that when in a city Aata means history is the witness that whatever country she has come to the city, there is no human left there, she does not want to give false hope to all those people, so she tells all these people the truth She also tells that there is a way to escape from here, but all the people will not be able to get out because the monsters have covered it completely , as you know that they have a flying ship, they will get these people out of here. Can get out because.

It flies very high and picks up very fast but the only problem is that it will not be able to save people because there is not much space in the ship, after all, what to do if someone does, and monsters too, there are many flying masters. Now these people are deciding what should we do because the flying magic weapon But you can't do it, it is very less, either it is heard in stories or you have just seen this ship and these people are doing what to do because we are just a little far away from our cultivation base. We find that they will not be able to fly far and this best, their range is very high, at least 10 kilometers away, people can kill comfortably, so what should we do now, will we be trapped here, what should we do now? We have no other way left but to die but there is a way but this way is very short Lucent would have.

Been there with his flying cot and seeing him everyone is very deep brother now survived but this is us How long have you been sitting on this big brother, what are we waiting for, we have such a lovely flying cot, let's go from here before that monster contacts Lucent Come on, now we have to walk from here and he was thinking that I never expected that I would have to do 20 types of encounter. But come on, fortunately, we have this flying mat, I will explain everything to them later, all the people have gathered around them, so what else are they doing? It was not expected because this does not happen with big sets and on this side all these people go in their flying cots. All these people start crying and say please master you are my master I.

Will check your will I will come please take me with you from here I don't want to die all the people start coming like chameleons in front of him but What could he do, he was also helpless because he didn't even have a place to carry . Killed the second leader and then went there and sister A before that the people of the third continent today don't know what they are doing, they say that please is good because it gives you unwanted happiness which you never even thought about Tha and bus episode ends here but what do you think will lu chan leave all these people and go from here or will he help all these people you have to tell me sometime do comment see you in next episode then till bye

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