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The episode starts with Lucent saying, wait, let me show you how to master that style, just stand there and watch, and now we see Lu Chan starting to use that technique. He does it strangely from all sides and you are coming out and here it has become very serious, he names it as cloud move and you start doing it, but all the people here They are talking to everyone You are fooling us You just got to know his name and others are talking They are all laughing and talking He is a devil and he is fooling all of us He is wishing even though nothing is coming, he is just acting like this, but suddenly something happens there, the whole earth starts shaking, they all get surprised that what is happening, we are shown the sky. Lightning is thundering in me.

, that too very loud and falling directly around Lucent, all the people are very nervous, what is this happening, then we will see. What if all of a sudden the weather clears up and Lucent tells us that the demonstration of the one who was practicing for four stars is over, then a master comes out and he must have been with friends, is it really yours? It's like he was thrown No it's not my style at all We have separated That's why the one who starts taking the exam Must have been from Lucent Throw it separately seems to say you are misunderstanding me I didn't mean to say this at all actually I wanted to say that I used to force it from above so this never happened before today but This is great, they have adopted cloud technology completely and what is done exactly as.

It is done in real and while doing this technology, the effect and the front environment gets completely changed, they have done it in exact way. You have done very well to me and have been bowing down in front of Lucent. Master, please demonstrate the rest of the forms as well. Why don't they show it by doing it and here , hearing this, all the big people who are there, their mouths remain open, the lotion is being used, why not now, when you stay here, I will show you people Now after this Lucent would have been going to do fifth form and as soon as he did, Cyclone A would have been over there and it was raining heavily . May be it requires a lot of energy to do fifth form . Luby is shocked and carries.

. This technique has been created i.e. all these seventh eight forms have been created by the ancestor A Neck. Purple has become very surprising because it is deep that if you want to learn it then you do not have to create an exercise. I have to practice it on my own but have to practice again and again and Lucent has no special hiring tool. He is talented because he suddenly came alive and is practicing it in one go, see also he is practicing in such a good way that all the environment and form that remains was coming out and here also think It happens that this 7c sterling cloud form technique is the most powerful technique I have seen, because I have not seen such a martial art in the whole world before today, it really surprised me too, if my cultivation is a little If I had more, I can really do.

War on someone with this technique and can injure him very completely . But now a lot of technology would have been shown and a lot of its energy would have been lost in it, so by doing it in one go, it ends the demonstration right here and the atmosphere changes again, it is low carry that After all, the bhavander that was made of bhavander of water, where did they all go, rest of the people are completely surprised. Because no one has ever seen this thing before today because it is an extinct thing which is not seen by everyone every time, consider yourself that you are watching this on my channel, suddenly we are shown that someone Old man's soul would have come out from there and that soul would have been of nothing , it would have come out and stood like this, everyone would have been of Lucent.

If you are not going to do a demonstration, then what are you doing all these things and after listening to whom you have come out here, it is being said that it may be that it has come out of its own free will or it is playing a trick with us because by the way There are also many posts in Evil Check and all those posts are very dangerous , they can easily control anyone, so everyone should be careful, here he is also trying to understand that after all this is going to work. What happened because this one who is going to form the seventh form is the father of all the cultivations , father and in front of all the other forms, there is Babu . And from where did it suddenly appear in a terrible terrible way. Louis comes to know about it that it is the ancestor and after a long time he has seen the end sister. Next, Purple tells us that as soon as he saw him Performed the technology.

And that cloud technology was perfectly match-to-match performed, so it is their will that they go out on their own. ti hai this master friend is still thinking that look lucent is definitely trying to do some trick with you don't be fooled by it at all and do you know what the old man is friend immediately bow down to him He goes because he knows that she is his sister and he is saluting her in his own way. Hearing this and seeing this thing, his mouth remains open. They are talking about the sister that they have come from the land and their name is and they are talking about throwing that you have just performed her technique . You are performing the techniques, you are really of Kamal but he says no, it is not me, he tells that it is Lucent who.

Just used your Seven Clouds form technique, but that Lucent has a complete vision. Let's make guesses and what are they doing Han General Look you are still very young and you have used this technique you have to admit you go ahead You can reduce tax even better, here Lucent is thinking that you can't congratulate me, what third level continent are you talking about, sister u, and what does it mean and who There is a hidden message there which is very important and then what happened after that and sister start telling their story that this happened at such a time and when this happened at that time then they had to do a lot after that these people third As the story progresses, you will understand everything because if I don't tell you the beginning , you will not be able to understand that well, that's why even in the future, the register feels that the technology which they used.

Years ago If you have left it, some coming descendant of his family is going to complete it, but he never even expected that if someone outside could perform this technique so well, but it was not that he was letting the fan down. They throw it because look you are still very young and if you are even better If you practice then you will also be able to use the technique in a good way . So I can't give you the third level continent but I can give you good luck because you are a descendant of our friend family and they are giving him some powers and these are very unique powers. Frank has got the power of water. It happens that now it can control the water, it can do anything with water and this power is really very high.

Because the sea comes inside the beach, they are saying that you have full faith in yourself now. This is just your beginning because in the future you are going to brighten the name of our friend's family even more and after saying this they disappear from there, what happens is that thank you very much un sister for giving me this power For now, as if disappearing, everyone's concern, after all, who is this Black Sea, I have never heard of it. He is of some age, I know him, he is a hero and he is the same person, I have heard that he disappeared 500 years ago, but today he is seen again and sister goes away, but he is here Many questions leave behind that after all, is this Black Sea and is this third level continent, what is its matter because this third level continent It sounds like a very interesting thing to hear and all the people here.

Have never heard of the third level continent before, even if they know about the spirit pattern. The same pattern that you saw on the fan's hand, water spray, we are told a little bit about the spirit pattern, that this is a spirit pattern, by the way, all of you sky, fire, water, air, all of them come inside the spirit pattern and legends It is believed that these spirit patterns have special abilities within them, which you already know about your climate, water, all this and before that the master who had the river and legs, his name was this horn and he won the title because of his Pass and a natural wood spirit pattern was not given to him by anyone, he already had it, well it all may seem complicated but later everything will be understood and we are also told about Master Sheng that when When he was 18 years old, he.

Had achieved the entire Mahabharata, the meaning of his pattern. Whatever it was, he had mastered it completely and he had become the legend of the time, that means what can be said about such a powerful man at such a young age and now the same can happen with our friend because now he would have had a Hai water spirit pattern, now to whom it will go, only this can tell, by the way, you can also comment and tell to whom it will go, and our episode also ends here, if you like the video, subscribe to the channel. Thank you very much for watching the video till then see you in the next episode till then bye bye

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