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As we have seen in the previous episode, he goes straight to attack the Lucent but before he can attack, there is a huge explosion which injures him very badly and now we are shown Here Lucent is very happy because he used defensive 40 ma which is very lucky for this and here everyone is surprised to see what happened because everyone saw him attacking but Lucent No one had seen when they attacked and which war they did, now everyone is feeling that the development has really come out and here we are shown these two men who are thinking that after all the crowd What did brother do because within 1 second he had gone to attack Jeevan but suddenly there was such a big explosion and he got injured very badly and the other one is thinking that I have Big brother.

Has never been seen using this technique, is it possible that he is cultivating secretly by hiding inside Tom? And that's why they have become more powerful here we are shown who would have stood up from the back and the condition is very bad it is deeper than Lucent that what kind of technology are you using after all Why am I not seeing your cultivation fluctuations inside your body and on the other hand Lucent is thinking that I do not know anything about cultivation, it is best that I do not speak much to these people and they Ran away from here after the fight, Dunn tells him in future, why don't you gas ? It is really the same Devil, I think there is something wrong with it, Elder,.

Why don't we check it now, only then we are shown a very powerful Elder, who has left from there, carrying a sword, this Elder calls you Old Devil. Have to die but if I speak my mind then I want you to be alive Why are you doing this, why are you saying that there was a good relationship between both of us and he is thinking in Mani Man that this is the Elder Jin, it seems that here who was the real owner of this body, there was some relationship in it. But my memory store is already blurred and the memories have been damaged so much that I still don't remember what happened to the original owner, what was their relationship . You just insulted me a lot, at that time you forced me to kneel down in front of you, after that you gouged out one of my eyes, twisted my right hand completely.

, broke it completely and want to say that we There was a good relationship between the two and here one is thinking that Dhaat teri ki, I had thought that there would be a very good relationship between these two, but here there is a lot of enmity, so the best thing is that I keep his whole family. I kill him, after that there will be no bamboo, no flute, here the elder is getting angry, but Neither are they very happy because Lucent had insulted them a lot earlier and now they have leveled up a lot and finally have become very powerful but they never thought that they would be able to take their revenge because earlier they would have been equal. Lucent was already killed but now his hope has rekindled and he says that now I will kill you with my own hands, here all his companions are shouting loudly and telling him that very good Elder, today you are the leader of this table. finish because those who.

Are elders have reached golden karo real golden frame karo is a very high realamp and to reach it you have to show lot of patience and strength elder brings out its real power All people belong to the world, hurry up and eliminate him, the devil, erase his name from this world, after that we will erase the name of Set B from the world, then peace will prevail in the world from here, which is on the left side. What should we do now? Unexpectedly Mr. Ji Neither has brought his most powerful elder here and senior brother's life is still in danger Daya wala says who knows who may have broken through or not or he is talking like this and Young Master Jin It is a bit difficult to understand him, now the system has come out in front of Lucent and here he has a new side mission, he has to see that these three disciplines.

They may or may not become pillars for its new set i.e. it may or may not trust them . Lucent is wondering how can I trust these bevkufon especially both of them Guys can't be done on them, even if it can be done on a girl , because both of them can do anything, both of them will be ready to cheat me now, but before Lucent can do anything, we will know. The Elders are shown jumping very high and moving straight towards him what the heck are you old devil today I will finish you but as soon as he touches Lucent there is again a huge If he had been hit by the explosion and this explosion, then his condition would have become very bad. Seeing this, everyone grabs their head that what happened after all, what is the cultivation level of this Old Devil, this Elder too. Very badly injured,.

He is standing on his feet and is crying or something is definitely wrong, Lucent was thinking in this direction. As long as I have the difference, I have nothing to fear because he will surely save me. Here we are shown Chintu Mintu who is in tears after seeing his elder brother's new power because now His elder brother has become so strong that he can throw such a powerful elder so far without moving and he cannot believe that he can bring a revolution in the world of martial arts. They can only bring our brother , but this happiness does not last long, because after attacking twice, blood starts coming out from his mouth and seeing this, both of them are very fond of reading what is happening. Here these people are also surprised, but they know that he has attacked twice so powerfully,.

So his internal organs could not tolerate the attack much, that is why a lot of blood has also fallen from his mouth. The girl who appears to be vomiting immediately turns around and comes to him and carries it , now it is okay, isn't it? dear brother but on that side the elder he was trying to offer him whatever is happening is going great I know you are using tricks and you are just showing from outside that you are strong But your body is completely hollow from inside you have nothing inside and you are just using tricks to survive but I want to tell you this I am sure that soon your body It will be boom. Tears start coming out from the girl's eyes and she would have been talking about her senior brother . It has to be that I have come back alive after being beaten.

, but the internals that I won earlier are not yet filled and that is why I am still hollow from inside, I am not in my full power, now its condition is very bad. He is standing now, he is not even standing properly, but he says that when Welder attacked me, I destroyed all his cultivation power . Got out of the tent and now he is too tired here he is Elder Saur is laughing loudly and what remains you little devil now you are not going to survive you are even more weak than before and I am yours I will finish him on the same day he would have been there to attack and say that today I will keep you going to hell and then after your departure none of these people is going to survive and your conscience will set. We will destroy this too and then peace will prevail in the world again. We are shown that the girl.

Has come forward to save Lucent and on this side we are shown these two who are very angry and What are you doing or not, don't do it at all, now what do you think what is going to happen next , our hero is already very weak and has no cultivation power, and on the other hand, a whole army has been destroyed . Which is much more powerful than these people and especially that there is an Elder with them who is more powerful than them, so what can you do now? It is not known what is going to happen in the next story, so stay tuned with our channel, see you again in the next episode, till then bye bye

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