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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that they have reached a new level, and in these new levels, there are many knights, knights, who are looking very powerful, Luken tells him what are you doing, hurry up. Reduce yourself, have you forgotten, do you forget again and again, but here we are shown that he has raised both his hands and what is happening is that look, we can easily avoid them and I do not think so. It would be a good thing to force them even a little bit, Lucent 's attitude is that look, I do not know what are the difficulties in this level, so I want you to try it first, only then we can move forward. Will grow but if it had to go inside the door, then whatever little hand is left for the door, it also gives it away and then the clans of it go and fight with those knights, those clones easily kill all those knights. He is killing but.

That cyanide does not break. The defense of all these knights is very strong and then after some time it is shown that When they attack the clones together, the clones do not survive and Lucent was surprised to see that their defense is really very strong, Ammi would not be able to kill them so easily, even then the mind would have been more intense. If we can't kill then at least we can control. Now the solution is remembered again about my brothers and this time you know who is going to come, these two are going to come because they both can mind control. It is happening from Blue Channel that both of you had said that both of you can control the mind, let's see whether you both can control all these comments or not, these people also work their magic and both of them are very comfortable. They are controlling all those knights because their master had earlier trained them in this way, forever.

, then these people are passing comfortably and here the meat is thinking, after all, the old has given him this old and his What is the master worried about, why did this old man give such training to these people that they are in all the levels, that is, each and every one. As you can see, there are so many similarities that one has been level A, then one disciple has been A, then by doing like this everyone has a unique style and a way to cross that level. So these people see that there is nothing ahead, now there is nothing ahead, it means that it is the turn of the month again, see how everyone is at home , I am doing this, have some shame, both my hands are cut off now. Hey, how can you do this, he says , the green one, you still have legs, what was it again ? The more will be the share, the more will be his.

Strength. You people are not understanding and those people do not even want to understand, they start making fun of him and are laughing, but here the one who was his clone is easily escaping from all the traps. What happens, you see, I told you that the bigger the part, the more students will be there, but here the traps are a bit behind now. He doesn't even realize it and a bomb falls so fast from above that the game of his clone is over there, both of them are laughing and saying this is your powerful clone it was nothing now you know Now which of his brothers and sisters are going to come here Trackmaster has also got a new name, he has given a new name, there is no problem, this elephant is more deep, it is a little different, but it is not much difficult for us. She looks at all the traps there, it was Lucent's, why do I feel.

That these are specially designed for us from the inner level, after that they are moving forward and doing All the people follow us and the sister who was there very comfortably reaches these people, now the next level A is done, here there is some strange poisonous gas in front of which nothing is visible and they have to do something. It is not understood that what is this thing, because there was a lot of cube in front, then it was gone, another part of its leg has been cut and now it is where it is. That listen to me well, this time speak quickly, don't hit at all, he goes comfortably, goes inside the poison, now he can't see anything further, then he comes back, we see if nothing happens to him, but As soon as he is about to reach them his gas has gone out now here he is shouting that this gas is very dangerous now I am not going to do anything but Lucent.

And everyone else starts saying let's go now it's only one thing let's say the tuition is deep that you do it again because we don't know whether there are traps behind it or it's some dangerous poisonous fag I want Yes, you do it quickly, here it would have been worth shouting that you had told us that you will take us to the store, ok, now you have said, then you will have to take it, now what could I have done even if I wanted to, who was also amputated. Green was taking advantage of this and was doing it. If you can't help us, you don't leave for nothing . This time he cuts his thigh, this clone goes around and looks inside more than the previous one, but he could not see much because the poison inside was getting deeper and then it was coming out. Till now there is no much effect in its body,.

It says that it could not go deep inside because there is too much gaura inside. Tha want to tell us that there is nothing trap inside just this poison is spread all around and after saying nothing he would have also rolled because the poison itself was so dangerous then you know who is going to come Han this poison is going to come Lucent asks him to hurry up and remove this poison for us but it was removed for Orange this poison is very deep and it is very difficult to remove it But its staff which destroys the poison in some way or the other, then it must have been Lucent's . Even then the master gave you this stop and taught you all these things but he.

Is giving a different answer to the illusion and what is the cast . Then those people start moving forward from there, while moving forward, Orange remembers that till now they have I don't know if I have crossed level X, and how many more levels are going to be there, which will be found in this door, then these people are inside the room, which is packed from all sides, and this evidence remains in the middle, which can be seen. After that all these people are wondering what is this thing and what is going to happen here, but suddenly the door through which these people came is closed and now there is no way to go here. Lucent is about to go out everyone be careful and just go see if there is any door nearby after a while we see that he comes junior brother and what is the condition that I have looked around here There is no other way to go out here,.

If we have to go out from somewhere, then maybe we should check it in evidence, there may be a way out, after that what was there again, I don't know which part to cut The clone leaves , the clone starts looking at the coffin, at the moment there is nothing wrong with the evidence, and there are people who think Han is going to be fine. Then the clone removes the top part of the coffin and then goes inside it but as soon as it goes inside it immediately goes outside the part and says that it is not good and the clone dies don't know how seeing this Mass must have understood that this thing is so simple, it is not that much because here this first level continent is an illusionary, it may mean that people are playing illusion with it and someone has put it inside the coffin. The special person can go only then we see that a very strange tornado like.

Thing is coming out from inside the coffin, they do not know it and it goes straight and grabs Lucent. Lucent tries to get him out of the thing. But that thing is very strong and is pulling Lucent straight towards itself Dushyant was thinking hey what is happening this means that these people reduce the power of physical body and I have Rottweiler body so can't i get out everybody's trying to stop him but the thing that was pulling lokan Saint had come to know that the mechanism here is very dangerous, if once it goes inside the coffin, it means it cannot come back alive, it is trying its best, it is trying its best . He is there to get out but he is not able to get out, then from this side we see that Orange A goes and pushes Lucent, so that Lucent is released but now he is in a coffin.

And then Orange has tears in her eyes and speaks the last words Big Brother and with that she goes inside the maestro. Lucent tries to open the coffin but there is a very There is a big pit and then he has fallen directly inside the pit, then we are shown that a lot of strange gases were coming out from inside the pit, which seemed very dangerous. It is telling the solution that it has been cracked in the space. The master had told us that this type of crack is very dangerous, even the legendary gods are afraid to go inside it because mostly whenever someone He goes inside , he is killed, she says that there must be some way or the other, he can be saved from the people, that 's why the coffin was pulling him towards him, but in reality this coffin.

Was not for Lochan at all. There was a special trap for Orange and here it is laughing, it is happening that finally Lucent, now it is your turn, now you have to do whatever you want. I have to do much don't act Ling is very angry He hits him with a hard kick and wipes the tour falls If you open your mouth after this then see I will kill you Hey big brother, is Orange really killed, can't we believe it, Lucent is of no use, he was trying to go inside, but till then he stops and carries, no, you are not inside. You can go that place is very dangerous if you go inside you will not be able to escape your body will not be able to burn but what happens I have to confirm whether the coffee has taken away or it is not really there Lucent is thinking It happens that when I came into this world for the first time, I.

Saw Orange first, she had full faith in me, she could never betray me and I never felt sad when someone left. That girl was so innocent until I lost her but still I can't let her go like this and she jumps inside the place she The house is very dangerous, even on the body of Lucent, there has been a lot of damage, now after going inside, he has come to know that he cannot go inside, then it is the sister's fate . Let's go get out of there because your normal body ca n't resist it with the blade inside but I listen to him and then go upstairs and ask him is there any way we can find him And with this the episode ends, now look, if the chapter has not come, then a new comic is going to start from you, now the new comic that will come after this, you guys.

Give a lot of love and support to it, so that there will be a million fun in it, okay till then in the next episode

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