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At the beginning of the episode nothing is shown to us so you guys go out and do good work over there if you see anyone in trouble go help them and do good work because now we are the people they are here in the city and here But we will always do good things as long as we are here, but hearing this, others are not very happy with him, these three are not happy at all because these three people It is fun to die and what are we doing, we don't know when we will kill someone, no problem, we will die in the next episode and what are we doing, there is no fun in this, we have to do good things every day, but Pinky is very happy and Carrie says that if we want to become a hero in the society, then we should keep doing good deeds and it is the duty of a hero to do good deeds. Pinky.

Is absolutely right. Till then we are shown Lucent's disciple goes there but as soon as he goes inside he faints on the ground as Dharma lotions him. He sees and only then both the brothers leave and what happened as soon as he wakes up, he wakes up and says that at last I have found the murderer of my family . Master was calling, isn't he the murderer of your family, he starts telling Han, this is what these people are talking about It is definitely there and then he starts telling the next story that something like this happened that day, the effect is that he comes to his family and he steals all the treasures that his family has. And.

Kills all the members and you know what this guy says that he belongs with sex and after saying this he destroys the entire Schiff family, now Lucent was also understanding that Someone else destroyed his family completely by using his name and he was thinking that the original owner of this body is in his memory even a little bit. It is not that he has looted the C family or it could be something else, maybe that guy tried to trap them, the anger of these two brothers would have reached the seventh sky and they are saying that if the senior brothers leave now So we can kill him easily because his set is not as powerful as our set and he doesn't even come in top 10 set so no one will come to help him till then notification to lucent The same thing is done that he should help his partner Lucent what comes from his disabled that it's okay whoever is.

Your enemy from now on he will be mine i.e. Lucent's enemy don't worry at all whosoever will hurt you I am trying to personally nipunga from him and all of you people are coming looking like this, I did not tell you that you have to do good every day, now do not look at your face while standing , go from here, he was thinking that I am like this. Don't act in haste because this is second master's territory and if we take one wrong step he can kill us next time In N, it is shown to us that they spend their days doing this, they are slowly passing the day, these people are doing less well and L was asking all the people, what little did you do today. They are telling everyone that they are doing a good job, only the girl is doing the lunch and she is getting very good rewards in this, but that girl is doing a good job and those two.

Brothers He has done evil by means, it is in the blood, so what can be done, what is the reward, what is the punishment or nothing, because when the punishment is given, it is very strong and its cultivation is now 6 years back. The scene has changed, we are shown on this side, we are shown on this side , what is happening to the community, when will the order be passed, how many days will it take, these people are playing with masks, it says that Not long, just 5 days, after that we will attack 1 city and no one is going to survive. I have the best caterpillar, then no one knows how to run away from there, even the dead body that is there, it does not survive , it is also made into churma. yes this is absolutely true and anyway if you want to kill lucent then you have to blow up the.

Whole city along with him so that none of them survive don't worry everything will subside Only then it is shown here that his principal is coming to him running and he is in a hurry , he asks tell what happened, why are you in such a hurry, his display is telling that as much as we can tell tha that food is over now we have nothing to eat he starts saying so go outside go food china do you guys still have to learn how to snatch food you guys are disciples of villain set yaar its Decimal is telling us that we will eat food then we will not be able to go out, we are not going out, both of them are interested to hear that how this can happen, what happened, we are shown in the next scene. That both of them have come outside and are looking at the formation, then the meat attacks him with a lot of power and attack.

On the formation, but that attack remains inside the formation and that formation is very strong, here it is It happens that let's all attack together because I am sure if everyone attacks then it will definitely break so be it It can't happen that it doesn't break and everyone starts attacking the formation together again but then after a while we are shown that everyone is exhausted because they have n't even spent a single penny on the formation and the energy level of all of them It happens that he has gone down a lot, there is a scene change, we are shown on this side, Lucent's disciple is secretly trying to leave from here, but the loose channel catches him, he was standing outside, what is he doing? happens where do you want to go comes it is simple I am going to take revenge I am not going to leave those people Lucent tells Pinky just tell it about those disables she tells that now something Days ago, when I.

Was going out of here every day to do good work, then I was also secretly investigating those people, the thieves of the mountain, they are also called the Earling Mountain, they are just a set of ways to make us mountain. It is known about the deeds of the and their leader who is second master, his cultivation level is 50 years old and he is very cruel and powerful. Banda is there and he has intentionally kept some of his men here in Van City so that he can bring in new recruits, increase his manpower and expand his Erling Mountain ie his set even more, but this is a matter of second master. Done Early Mountain still has a master whose cultivation level is 150 years old ie his level is 150 years old and he is very strong and bada although he doesn't show himself like this very few people can even see him because very rarely he comes out and his identity is also unknown no.

One knows more than him because very few people are explaining to the mirror see second master's cultivation level is 50 and yours is 55 you want Even if you can't defeat him you will be killed in return but it would have been in full enthusiasm and it would have happened if I can't kill then what happened at least I can injure him until I try How will I know and I will code his grave over there I am not going to leave him at all but suddenly there Fireworks start going off, there is so much chest thumping here and see what you guys are seeing on the right side, a small pencil line has also been drawn, tried to make it in big detail, here you go, actually this is the starting recruitment platform The recruitment platform of is such a platform where you can recruit new people in your set, as if you do not understand, then let me tell you clearly in simple words,.

This is in the middle of this youth city and its four There are different big and small sets on each side, so this van city, you can come here and give a recruitment, that means you print a pamphlet and say that recruitment is going to happen today, if you want to come to my set, then my You can enter the set, here all will come from the building, no one is forced, and if he wants more recruitment in his sex, if he wants to increase the display, then he can go and fill the form there and then many dissolves. Will also come in the set whether you think any disciple will come in its set or not. So you will know in the next episode itself and in the next episode some very good people are also going to appear, so don't forget to watch the next episode and just gage our episode ends here, if you like the video, then like it. If you are new to the channel, then subscribe,.

Thank you very much for watching the video till then see you all in the next episode, till then bye bye

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