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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown Lucent and his team being released on a flying cot, but Pinky and Fank are not there and they are watching them from a distance, then Lucent is asking them that after all What are you both doing standing there hurry up we have to leave here we can't be late together then pinky carries that please forgive me master but I can't go from here like this because this city is just now I am in trouble and in times of trouble, I cannot leave my beloved city like this . How can I leave this, I know you have your own problem, you go, don't worry about me at all, and the fan is also exactly the same, master, I am also not going to leave this van city, this is my home, here my friend.

Only family lives I can't leave them alone like this Please master you can leave me I know that you have a different problem, you have been talking to both of them and anyway, master, I knew that one day or the other, I would definitely have to ask, but I did not know this so soon . Diya your master is leaving here I didn't say that at all and what do you guys think I'm not a bad master I'm a good master and I can't leave my disciple in trouble like this That's why we see that girl also gets her urn out of the bowl and carries it. Big brother, if you stay here and fight them, then I will also stay with you. Do you know how to fly.

? What are you doing, hurry up, get down from here, now all the people have gone there . have some way to fight those 20 types but all these people get it wrong they feel that Lucent has given it that now it is going to kill all those best all are very happy to hear this Goes straight towards him Keeps crying if you save our life then we promise we will come in your set we will become your disciple now don't take any tension just save our life I would have done it and was thinking, but when did I say that I am going to kill all these best people, all these people are trying to trap me together, but right now it remains to be trapped here, and Lu also goes from there. And that life would have cost me.

That scoundrel, you are really too good, you are not going, you are losing your technique to save a life, you are just too good, but Purple knew this. If that life is trying to get stuck in me, then it says that even in the fourth continent or third continent, if it goes like B style, then no one can survive there. Oh I know how dangerous these 20 are and till date no one has been able to defeat these 20 types nor have these people ever done so why do I feel like you are trying to kill Lucent Yes, that life is in me too, but she says no, no, I am not trying to kill him, I was just watching his reaction, what is that reaction? With folded hands, please master , and here Pinky is also asking, Master Lucent, you have a very great importance, you have an.

Advanced cultivation level, because you killed the second master immediately like a pet dog. Thinking that if I save them then it is obvious that I will save everyone and for this the system will give me a lot of rewards but where do I have the ability to save all the people, now the monsters are very close. And everyone is crying out loudly, everyone is scared enough , what happens now, there is no way, we are all going to be killed. Have taken it but then a guy pointing towards Lucent was saying hey why are you guys waiting we have Master Lu with us and as long as Master Lu is with us there is nothing to fear here he is not doing anything Had it happened, they themselves would have been sweating that how will it save all the people and kill all the masters and on the other side people are wondering what the master is doing now, hurry up why are you standing like a statue till then.

We are shown that the masters of the second set have also paid there and are talking about what they are saying. What do you guys think is very funny , he killed the second master, what does it mean that he also killed the tight Can kill no it is not at all because he is a normal person like all of us and even he cannot kill at all because he is a big liar and you all know that a devils act So he is such a big liar and he wants to play only one and that is the fan and on this side the other is master's, Han is absolutely right, only one has to live, he wants to save the lives of other people. And I want to tell all of you again that he is the master of table set and the people who are table set do very bad things, they do not consider anyone as their own or you people like this I don't think you all are trusting.

This table too much, we should not trust this table so much, it does not want any good for all of us, it wants us all to die . wants, so I would say that we all should unite together and put an end to all these in-betweens, even if we die, we will die but at least we will die by killing, after that we will not sit and then Here this third one also comes, these three together are criticizing Lucent a lot , I was getting angry with him, I was saying that kill him, he doesn't do anything, then all three join together and what are you all. Why don't you all join us, go to our set and then see, together we will destroy all of them and at least get out of here, there is no point in hoping for this. Hai , he would have run away anyway, had an alliance been formed by matching all the three masters , then the rest of the people would have belonged to those people, but we have.

Full faith here because all three of you big sets are very powerful masters and If you people stay with us then nothing is going to happen to us. A small ray of hope has awakened inside all the people that now their life It may survive but these people do not know that our Lucent is so powerful that it alone can kill all the best, maybe till then a very big best has left there, Burj Khalifa is so tall, this is also a story Everyone's pant gets wet after seeing her, because if you see such a big best in front of you, then what will happen, someone's pantry will not be dirty, it is a simple thing, tell me, you people do not understand, this is the female best, that is, all these leaders and Whatever order she gives, all these small and fat people will accept the best and this is very dangerous because her body shop is very different and now that the female 20 ie the queen herself has come, then it should be like rumbling.

Here these people used to live, now the female best has also come, all three of you master, now just order us how to fight. Waiting for your order, but what do these people give orders because only these people know that female special T is so powerful that she will destroy all of them in one go and then here purple is telling us that this is not a normal tumbling at all because the female herself has come, that means take them very badly Want to destroy as you are being shown right now the female is best at the top and here you can see the ground how best it is think what will be the very cool scene here this left one is deep brother let us get here as soon as possible Should get out of here and this green one is speaking so brother, I have applied my mind, I.

Have calculated very well, if we take our people, we can also take 10 more people with us, so why don't we To charge a very high price to those 10 people and we will reduce a lot of money from this, we will become rich immediately, this is the same friend who says in the exam that Han will tell you all the answers, don't take any tension and whenever The day comes for the exam, before the start, he says that he will give ₹ 100 only then he will tell, otherwise he is not going to tell Lucent his super But those people are feeling that why he is treating them like this, then both of them start laughing and get ready. If you want to say something, then why are you looking at us like this? Lucent is feeling strange to him. It is said that my dear junior brothers, both of you are very highly cultivated, yes it is true that.

You do not show much of your powers in front of me, but today you have that chance when you can brighten the name of our villain set. He was thinking that both of them are hiding their cultivation from me , while the cultivation level of both of them is more than 100 years, that means both of them are also very powerful, even though they look stupid but they are powerful, now these people are senior brothers. Now you must be kidding us because you have defeated the second master so easily as if you are chopping vegetables and that too sitting very comfortably and your cultivation is at an advanced level . Senior brother, it has been absolutely right, we 12 brothers and sisters together are not as strong as you, even if we are not weak in cultivation, but you are the most powerful, senior brother, you may not remember that time, but let me tell you I want our master of senior preserve to be as good as yours and.

Suddenly you have become very famous and if not you then made the villain set and made it even more famous panic spread all over only because of you we both are in front of you we are nothing you go why don't you fight I didn't say that you go, why don't you fight, I added this to myself , because our episode is over, nothing, we will meet again soon Right now I am going to have a lot of fun and Han Bhai people, please get me 30000 subscribers before February, otherwise we will be lost.

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