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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown the flying chariot where all the members are sitting and they all belong to Elder brother. Such a flying artifact is very rare in our entire continent and I have never seen this. Did not expect that elder brother, as soon as you become the head of our set again, we will have such a big treasure . It happens now that we have a flying night, then we are not going to have any tension about anything because we can easily snatch anything from it. Lucent is thinking here that the original owner of this Means the real one the founder of Lucent he was a very bad person and for thousands of years he was doing bad things, I just came to know a little bit about all these things in his memory.

And the rest of the memory is still hazy. Can't remember well Lucent is watching them both They both also look at Lucent They are laughing What happened big brother, are you going to come a little less than us? What is the lotion ? He suddenly had to disappear, do you both know anything about it, they start telling that the master suddenly disappeared and this thing is about 10 years ago from today and that time I was new to junior sister. Still remember that day very well because that day was a very big event in our set then he remembers hey haan the biggest event of that day was this watch, that day was your wedding and we all were very happy. Hearing this, he gets shocked whether he already has a wife and is very happy thinking that I.

Have a wife too but I do not know anything about it because in my previous life I was busy in my career. I was very busy and I never got married, so I was thinking a lot about why I didn't get married before I died, but now I am in this world. Coming in I feel that my life will be very good, those people start watching it because it is doing strange acts, it says that everyone sit quietly in your place, after that it is telling here that but he day you went to the bridal chamber and don't know why you want to kill your own wife That the evil system would have forced him to reduce it and he would be forced to reduce it. Further, the man starts telling that but by then the master has come in the middle and he stops.

You and then the master further says that someone Even if he tries to get married in this website, then he will be beaten and made his servant, I say that the master had said this, it means that this thing will definitely be true, before that people are telling, then after that the master wants The rules should not be violated with us so they decided that they will kill your wife and her family. He would have been very nervous and He is asking that tell me then where is my wife, then junior brother's brother, why don't you want to forget about her? You will tell the princess that I can bring her, brother, what is there in her that I do not have, I have also been following you for so many days, but you have never even tried to touch me. Now Lochan is completely confused on this side,.

What happened, what to say and what can be done, after that this girl starts telling that your wife had eloped with the master. Hai kya master did not kill her whole family but he eloped with her. Her junior brothers start telling han when master came to know that sister in law had no family then after coming back he eloped with her. The master had said that through this the rules of our set will not be violet and everything will go on smoothly as it is going on. And then after that he disappeared forever with sister in law asking her are you sure they took her away he says no I I am not very loud about it, but both of them are the same three departments, that's why whatever behavior remains of our evil set and whatever.

According to our style, it will be right to say that the master will make them run away, well, now I understand everything and he was thinking that this is only one will set and anything can be done here till then That girl says that senior brother, we have reached our destination, these people have reached a different small town where the system is telling it that it is a small town and as long as it will remain here It will have to be reduced to good every day, no bad is going to work, it was thinking that in the evil set it is very difficult to do good and we have come to another place, after all, here we are less than good. How will his junior brothers start telling him that its name is Ang City and this town is very big, but perhaps this place is very big compared to other towns, when earlier their evil set looted many people. Then there were some goods that those people could.

Not sell anywhere, so these people came to this town and here those goods were sold very comfortably, in fact it would have been more or less good . It is not because here there are both good and bad people, but the old people who are here, they roam around in a gang and what they will say here is very dangerous, why can you do one thing here and another thing like that? Do it there because here they will be easily found by bad people, so this guy is from Lucent, brother, if you want to revive our evil set, you need displays for this, then you will find those people very comfortably here. Those people are very evil but here he is all over it and he is thinking that evil is in your blood only when you always open your mouth then you talk like this then he looks ahead that there is a lady who needs help. If it happens , he tells him to go and help him, but he is hesitating, he says,.

Am I better, then Lucent says to him in anger, hurry up, I told you, isn't it the leader ? This means that there must be some deep meaning behind it, now go immediately and then what was it, he goes away and is helping even if he is not. He does it again and again here we see that he helps, he gets rewarded, he becomes happy, now the intellect is thinking that there are many people here and many good people are also there, that means Now that I have come out, I will take at least 80 or 100 people with me. When he tries to see his magic ice, he comes to know that there are very few people here whose level is above third. And five is absolutely impossible, but only then a pinky passes from there carrying a big sword and its level is fifth, it becomes very happy to see it and what about this baby, it is fun for level fifth. She is about to leave when Luk blocks.

Her way with his hand and thinks I can't let her go this is level fifth and if not 100 people then at least one is right but she is holding her sword Lucent Pe tang diti aur Carrie hoti mere rahe se hai jaa. Lochan says to her oh no no you are taking it wrong I know you want to join some set that's why I told you Roka hai I was asking would you like to join me in one. She says after all how did you come to know about it that I want to join someone. Was looking for a lot of disciple for and you want to join then you can I am calling you but she says yes after so many years of experience I just want to say that you are a liar and on your face It is written that you are lying to me, what was it after that she starts leaving from there and Lucent is.

Not stopping her even after wanting to, she does not understand anything, then he immediately goes ahead and blocks her way . It happens that just listen to me once, then that girl gives her a paper and it is written in the paper that after all, in what way does she want the qualification, when she finds it inside her teacher, then tears have come out of her eyes. Because such a big qualification is written as if it needs a role model and it doesn't even come close to this qualification. He was not able to understand what to do now if he is of a girl, then tell me if the qualification match happened, he needs a good leader and if he comes to know about the reality of Lucent that he will be the leader of the set, then This will become her enmity, she would have been wondering if there was a match, he says no, no, the match was not complete, just a little bit left, then she takes the paper and starts going from there. Go.

From here but from here his junior brother gets very angry he says you just stop there I don't know how lucky you are but you should know that my senior brother wants to make you his disciple and you I don't know that not everyone gets such an opportunity when my senior brother himself offers from the front, you should thank him and you have so much courage, you are accepting him, what do you think, should he join the team of Lucent Whether it will happen or not , you have to comment and tell us, and today's episode of ours ends here, if you like the video , like it, subscribe to the new channel, thank you all for watching the video till here.

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