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As we saw in the last episode it tells that its fourth brother wants to kill it your fourth brother means fourth friends want to kill you why he tells that don't know why he wants to kill me but still I have a lot of problems with me Brought soldiers and all these ninjas the my fourth brother sent and I know that even if I go back to the capitol he must have laid a lot of traps there he wants to kill me at any cost Lucent is worried about Set Master Lu thank you very much you saved my life but my brother is not going to give up so easily he will definitely send his friends and most powerful men after me so that they can come immediately and kill me and kill them I need your help to avoid Can you get me out of here safely I will owe you a lifetime.

What's their name? Orange tells their names to Lucent. So Lucent says don't worry we will go with you to Imperial Capital and from there everything will be fine what is happening that both of them are doing my brother for a very long time and they both together with my brother Too much they both are very dangerous if we reach the imperial capital they will kill us for sure because their power is too much He was surprised to hear that you have come only to go and have you come to take them back to your sec but I tell you both of them have very high cultivation and at the same time One of them is Master Poison and the other is Master of Hidden Weapons, both of them have killed many people in the Imperial.

Capital . Don't try at all and both of them are nothing in front of our big brother just small Hearing this it is a frog brings a smile on the prince's face and he is saying ok if this is the case then we can reach the successful imperial capital let me show you the way and then they will treat us badly Will not even be able to kill Lucent tells friends that you do not live at all, you will reach the Imperial Capital immediately and will reach safely like a very smooth swing. Shows this see this is our flight cotola and then in the next sim we are shown the prince is shocked and what is.

Going on But I didn't think that we would be able to reach it so easily because it takes only 15 minutes to reach. Now when all those people have reached there, Prince Lucent is asking why he is not in his palace. Let's go because those people must have been tired after traveling so much, that's why you walk in the palace. Take some rest, but as soon as they reach near the gate, the card stops them and asks who are you. It starts telling that I am the second prince here, I have just come back from traveling abroad. I am very tired now, let me go through my way, but those cards are surprised to see this, because all the princes would have gone to you and they are worried that at this time there are only four princes. how are you alive people say ok when you said that you are.

So do you have any id proof that you are the same here lucent's junior happens i don't think he has some good relationship with the guard because see Even though he is a prince, he is stopping him from the card and those guards go deep while giving him a dan for his good. Get out of here, if you are pretending to be the second prince, we will kill you immediately. Can't do anything because it doesn't have ID and it is getting angry too much till then we see that A girl comes on a horse and this is her sister this is her seventh sister she is deep are you all blind are you not showing us the second prints of our dynasty come back and you guys are trying to stop them You are really useless, nothing can happen to you, he is asking his sister what is the current situation here, how is the condition.

She was taking her sisters and was saying that there are too many people here, we cannot talk about it here, let's go back first, then I will explain everything to you, but he says that he He has not come alone with him some of his friends have also come here . Had attacked then she ignores them there and says you both come inside and here we both were talking this girl really belongs to Kamal but she has so many qualifications that she can become our big brother's wife. Maybe the second one was Han, she is a bit arrogant but it doesn't matter because when she goes to Big Brother , he will train her very well.

Seeing all this, the guards get lost on these two brothers . nds but I thought that the fourth friends killed all the friends the second one was of the card Han I thought that the second friends had run away from here to save their lives but look they have come back anyway you Why do you take tension if he remains alive within 3 days it means he is powerful because fourth friends can bring him to die anytime here we are shown when those people reach their mansion then the condition of their mansion is very bad he was angry seeing this and what is he doing after all how can he do all this how he broke my principal what does he think of himself fourth brother what do you think can you do anything to anyone You can go against and if your man does, then lautoge princess is explaining to her brother that.

Now look your prince mansion is destroyed, you come with me to our princess mansion for a while, let's go now, but till then we are shown Goes there masked don't go back are assassins are gone are princesses are scary You ass are very brave you have so much courage in open day you want to try to kill the second prince Orange says master let's go we have to save them but Lucent is worried whether she looks exactly like the princess It is not even normal, it is not normal at all because it is being secretly protected by the masters, until then we are shown that one or two girls come out from the side where the assassins are planted, and those two girls together kill all those assassins. Salutes both the princesses and carries that Princess Sarij has now been killed and here the princess is.

Telling her brother that both of them are very good masters and they both belong to a decent family and they are personal to the princess. There are bodyguards, I have been safe in the Imperial Capital for so many years because these two have always helped me and saved me . must have heard Because they come from your own region, but the attitude of both of them is very big, it is with set, it is a decline set and it is also an evil sect, by the way no one takes it seriously from now on. Hoti han we don't talk to evil people and anyway you guys are very weak everyone knows about you you guys are worthless listening to this I am getting angry and why would you both be.

What do you think of yourself and you can't do such a good thing about our website? It comes, both of them take out their weapons and say what did you say, then the princess calms down both sides and says that the website is closed, thank you very much to all of you, you saved my second brother, but please a little Show respect these two are my personal bodyguards and these guys are highly trendy if they make you wear something If you give too much then you will not be able to show your face anywhere , but the mood of these two is different . Will be able to show but stops them and is worried that only we will not attack those who are good men.

Don't raise your hand on a woman but it would have been for a girl, you guys are just pretending to be nice, well you guys are just a bunch of thieves, you guys are nothing more than this, we can beat you just like that, now this thing And here's what happened you two girls do n't push yourself too hard because I want to remind you that our weight set is not a set that you can comfortably mess with and He is thinking that if it does not remain that I cannot kill good people, then the month tells how they are doing, but these girls are very arrogant, they are saying that your weight check will not harm us. May be you people are thieves with this kind of extravagance, there is a mill, in front of this you people will not be able to harm us.

. See you again in the next episode, like it, if you haven't seen the old episode, go watch it too, what are you doing? hey ho share the video ok gas me

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