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As we have seen in the last episode, his fan is carrying that look, Mr. Lucent is very good and you need a good teacher, then you cannot get a teacher from him, after that we both together will help all the people of the world . Whoever I am and after listening to this thing, I am wondering whether she wants to help me so that I can bring the fan to my set, this is a very good thing and then here she also starts praising herself. If you want to come with me, then I welcome you, but this old man, he is throwing, no, don't listen to him now, sir, because he is an evil set master. and it is lying to you it is trying to fool you even ghosts don't trust it after all because you don't know.

How many bad things these people have done and they just set you up by trapping you I want to take you, I want to tell you one thing, this is nothing in front of his master, the master who was If I start counting you, you won't even be able to count them, listen to me, you idiots , by then, other masters would have been there, and they would have been good, right? is set and it can never do well it is impossible unless the sun is from the other side and it is absolutely impossible these people are just trying to trap you this is just showing that People do very good work but it is not like that at all, their whole set is very dirty, it is just full of evil people, this green guy is deep in Lucent's ear, Big brother, we have been acting for a long time. We are trying to show good and we are.

Also helping everyone but these people are absolutely truthful, we are very full and we have done many bad things, what do you think, what should we do? E jata aur ka raha tha senior bhai aapke acting skills to kamal ka hai and these people these people are trying to expose us kill us Here Lucent is getting very angry. Lotion looks at them angrily, then both of them get very scared, after that they don't say anything, till then we are shown the second master, he has already arrived here. What happens I know you want a pride feature for yourself and you go with me because I don't care who is good or bad in my set he passed it doesn't matter to us Whoever comes under the shelter of this act of mine , we make all of them our own.

Well, why are all those masters so slow now, what was it, okay, I have been very clear, if you have the guts, Lucent, then all the people here, why don't you all tell your cultivation level? They are surprised to hear this and wonder whether it is true that Master Lucent has been of his cultivation level. Banda says wait, I will find out now, he uses his special technique, by which he has come to know the cultivation of Lucent , he does not know the exact, but it is known that the fluctuation level of his cultivation is very high. It is very week and that person has also told you that its cultivation level is less than 10 years, hearing this, all the people are saying han han, when we came inside then Lucent spread even at the gate.

It had happened, those people had thrown him out, so is it absolutely true that he is very weak, he is ashamed, he is very ashamed and then this second master starts opening his letter that just a few days It has already been killed and alive and its cultivation level has suffered a lot of damage and even 10 big sets attacked it but their villain set used the mountain guard and with great difficulty these people have survived the cultivation of lotion has fallen down a lot and this is a fact again its junior brother starts saying that c Near brother these people are bent on exposing you but I think you are very smart because till now you have hidden your cultivation very well and are fooling all these people these people are idiots Don't worry, this green one says that senior brother, don't live at all, I know.

That your cultivation level may be less than 10 years, but your skills are quite lotus and you Hiding your cultivation level just hiding and nothing else says thumbs up here or all of us but that was nothing the second master is still trying to tease it and says do you have anything else to say lotion what It happens that you have done all the equipment, now I can't do it, it is because you have assumed that your cultivation is too low, my friends , listen carefully, it is not worth throwing away to become a master. Because his cultivation level is even less than that and all the other set masters and people here start saying yes, he has been absolutely right, after all, what kind of teacher is this whose cultivation level is much higher than that of his student. is less and what will this teach him, his student will teach him, everyone is making a complete mockery of him, this oldman comes.

Out and what are you doing with Frank, now that you have come to know about Lu Chan's reality, then your What is going to be the next decision, in whose set do you want to go, but here it is whose Or no, I do not have much faith in their words, your cultivation level cannot be more than 10 years, by the way, I want to ask you why you want to accept me as your Decimal, you must be thinking inside. Why haven't I done it because I want to complete the task of the system but I was thinking no no no shouldn't say like that then he was hooked look friend you are an extra ordinary talented kid and you have no one for a very long time I think you are not looking for a teacher because you do not trust your teacher completely. Why am I right? Frank says, Han is absolutely right.

Because everyone knows Hai our fan family has a Seven Seas Turning Cloud Palm this is a technique with seven styles and this is the Frank family cancer they passed it on to their descendants but unfortunately only those three styles survive and the rest of the four styles have become After so many years of hard work, I have learned the fourth and fifth form in any way, but I am powerless in the remaining two forms, I do not understand what to do now and most of the people want only this from me. I want to teach them all those styles, this is what has been going on for so many years, but whenever I think about this thing, this technique is very difficult to do, any way, two techniques have been done, but the one that The last two techniques are left it is impossible to do them I just want to ask you one thing if.

You are not as good as your disciple I am much stronger than you then why do you want to make me good again and everyone here is very surprised I am sure that he has not had any teacher in so many years, yet he has mastered two styles, it is a matter of great pride that Lucent has full faith in himself, what is it that brings that scroll So give it to me, I make him complete the technique, but it's going to be master, it's too much It is difficult if you don't do it, it would have been better if you do n't worry at all, I will complete all the remaining styles for you and then you will find your luck on your own that who will become your master. And who is not, he has all the techniques in the scroll, he used the system to analyze the scroll, and by analyzing the system, all the techniques of the scroll are being inserted.

Inside his mind and all the scrolls Techniques are left inside, and as before , all of them have now come to him, now he has all those styles except those two and here he kept saying, but these people who are, these people are not men anymore These people are saying that it is impossible, you can't learn those two styles so quickly, it is very difficult and you are a fan, you can't take it in your set at all, you are a cheater and a liar here The pay is so high because Lucent is going to learn the style The end sister who has made it has been given the status of immortal because not everyone can do this style and it requires a lot of different power to do it and both of them are talking about the same thing . We are talking about purple and further we are told that these styles have different styles.

And to do the weakest style, you need a very strong cultivation level. Which everyone can't do means these people are very practiced people then live asks purple what do you think can't be done by luka he says no it is impossible for him because which is the weakest style It takes a lot of strength to do it and there should be cultivation and Lucent doesn't have both, so I don't think he can do the style, after that he will tell us about all these forms. It seems that all these forms are different and to do them different styles and different power are required and to do the last one and the most powerful style, a lot of energy is required. Only zero point percent people are able to do it, that means there is a very low rate of success and with this our episode also.

Ends here. Thank you very much for watching see you all in the next video till then

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