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As we saw in the last episode, the friends live in the house, but suddenly a lot of green light starts coming out from below and Lucent is not liking this light at all, so he tells everyone that Keep looking at each other, in the next scene we are shown that those people have reached the secret trailer, that too very safe and this also happened with this green guy . We will face a lot of problems too , but looking at the environment here, I do not feel that way, because they live like normal trees and plants, and nothing until we are shown that there is something else here. Four people have already arrived and these people are increasing, finally we have reached here, then Lochan's junior brothers are telling him that these four.

People who have come here are fenkiling sets. K's displays are closed and they are really very arogyant, you guys of Lucent come here But when those people don't come, he starts shouting and what is he saying, can't you hear me, I didn't say, come here quietly, here Lucent's junior brothers are talking to senior brother. I don't know who you are here, this girl belongs to me. I am doing you a favor, keep following us quietly, go ahead and say that we will follow you, but do n't try to play any trick, this character will not be good, it is the behavior of the guy, that is very well said by you. You want to challenge us, do you want to say that you will follow us but will not.

Listen to us, no problem, we will convince you later, and then what was that, all those people start walking, Lucent's set follows him. Then those people have reached first padhaaoge whose name is Fairy Bridge and there are some questions and answers that who first This girl carries that right now we are in a hurry, so we should hurry up, this guy orders both his guns to be yours , go, bring the two guys and throw them in the river, both of them belong to junior brothers, after all What do you both want from us Van comes to Nine and says that we need both of your earrings so that we can cross the bridge quickly and you are getting a chance to see both of you inside the river. Because of the pending set, how many characters don't even get this chance, now you do us a favor and go, go down, but those people are not wanting, he would hold his collar and.

Why would he go or not go? Wait, I teach you a lesson, only then junior brother removes his hand from him and it is cute that move away from me, till then he kicks a surta kick on his face and the kick is so fast that he goes to Banda and falls into the river. And after falling in the river we see that something starts happening to him, he was saying baby save me, he could not even get out . Yes, now before the second one does some act, the other junior brother is already there, he grabs the collar behind him and takes it like a bowling ball and throws it directly into the water. We start seeing both of them. Something starts to happen, the water becomes too hot or something starts to happen , the eyes of both of them suddenly become composed and both of them are open in the water. The disciple starts saying that I knew that this river It is very dangerous but I never thought that.

If we go down there, then such a situation will happen to both of them . She killed the bad guys because her cultivation had suddenly increased by 10 years and this happens only when the bad guys die a lot, here we are shown that if only skeletons were left on both of them, then this girl's body would have completely melted. You are deep , you are and how dare you have so much, only then we are shown, I would have been a fan of the set he is about to attack lucent but by then he goes in middle of junior bros and hits 14 punches on his face and it was girl's you don't know what big mistake you are making We all belong and when they come to know about it, then you know what will happen to you, till then the other junior brothers have a chukha hota on their garden.

Keeps the sword and keeps on saying that don't move your head now, here this guy is shouting and shouting, look, we are the people of Fenlink set and if you kill us, you will not be saved , understand this later, but then Tak comes on junior and starts kicking him hard and what happens keep your mouth shut character I will kill like th is and it happens that please please leave me don't kill me this girl is that you guys you People are not looking normal at all, after all who are you guys and how can you guys be so powerful. Lo Chan tells him that he is the master of web check and his name is Loser . Jaati kya lokan she starts behaving very well Carrie Hoti Master Lucent There is no complaint between you and our set Please let us go It is written on it that if a man dies.

, three people can help him cross the river, it is said that this is only the first stage of the lotion There are six people in the website, both of them have already been killed, this means that all the people of our development can cross this page, so you tell me how you both are going to cross this bridge. This guy starts saying that no, we will not pull out the bridge, you talk, we do not have to cross, Lucent's back is going to be rubbish, it is not going to happen anywhere, we need you because you will show us the way. From which side you want to go then both of you will also have to talk both of you find a way as soon as possible for yourself that how will you cross this price character both of you will be killed here like this anyway what is this junior brother looking at There is a mountain behind here we are shown this guy is thinking that I have to do something or the other.

If all of them cross the Lagos page then we will not be able to go we will have to kill one of them so that I and My junior sister is trying to cross this bridge with all her mind, but here she says that she is in a hurry. Do it, we don't have time, we give you 10 minutes , think quickly , character, we will kill both of you. So you will still kill both of us that's why I am doing the best you can if you kill both of us now then kill them together our set is not as famous as yours but our disabled have never done anything bad What has been done is visible, why don't you kill both of us together, anyway, you will kill later, but we are shown that the man is smiling and saying that sister, you.

Forgive me for this. We see that the guy is moving very fast straight towards the girl and she is surprised to see from the girl that why is he moving towards Nidhi towards me but before that he Before he can do anything, he comes and attacks 140, due to which a lot of blood has also come out of his mouth and he becomes very weak in one go. She comes and goes away and falls, why do you have so much courage, you are attacking me, if you are attacking me, it means that you are betraying our set, I am sorry, my love. Sister but I have no other way than this because if I don't kill you then I will not be able to reach there again and I am not going to like it at all he uses his full power straight him towards the girl He is moving forward and says that you will have to die for me,.

He wants to reach very close, but by then the loser comes and stops his attack with only one hand . That you will listen to me, you will directly cross the bridge , then on hearing this, his wind blows and what happens if I try to cross the switch directly, it means that you are trying to kill me. hain lucent gets quite angry and says look i've been to you do exactly the same if i told you said that you will directly love the bridge means you will love directly you will die or not it doesn't matter to me but if you are not going to go then I will kill you right now Junior brother comes from behind a younger one and kicking What is the condition of my senior brother ?.

I will throw you inside this river with my own hands, then we will cross comfortably . I wish it wasn't true, I wish it wasn't true, while doing this he crosses half the bridge. Till there is nothing to do with it, there may be some attack that all those Romers are fake, nothing like this happens, but there was nothing like that, a very fast laser bomb comes out from there, that laser is also so powerful that it survives. Couldn't and as soon as that lesnar bomb ends we are shown that he doesn't even have an ear left so guys with this loving ending our episode ends then see you in the next episode till then bye Bye.

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