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As we saw in the previous episode he is trying to get out but before that both the mountains are closed but all pricingly we are shown that Lucent has got him out of place and the same mountain Was watching and wondering whether he has a talisman, he reacted late, it seems that maybe there must have been some scandal in the game, that's why it must have happened , but I was thinking that it is very dangerous, such a click thing should not happen because I have 250 years of cultivation, then this is happening, even if it was 500 years, nothing less would have come, now he has gone ahead on his way to find the fourth and 8th sister, in the next scene we are shown both of them I don't even know who is who and who is the rate, then as soon as Lucent reaches them , both of them say brother, we knew that you were going to come, he says, did you guys know this beforehand.

That I am going to come here, she tells that we knew this thing, but we did not give so much attention that you are true and when are you going to come. Says let's go we have to take you to some place but Lucent asks to stop what is happening that sir listen to me you guys are living here in seclusion and you have no way out You people should know that I am alive or I am coming here, after all how did you know, she says why don't you find the answer yourself , you only know but Lucent is not understanding anything. It happens that after all what does he mean, then she is of someone. It seems that you have killed once, all your memory is lost. Told us all about different techniques and all are good in each technique then you know.

Fit in your technique is shown after a while Lucent was surprised and said that it is fake death The master had taught him the technique of fake death and those people have been there, this fake death means to die in a fake like this, but in this you do not really die. And by the way, you can use it only nine times, out of which you have used it once. Lucent is nervous and thinking that he does not know at all that the real owner of this body has used it only once. He used the technique and he was really killed. Lotion asks them but the rest of the brothers and sisters do n't know about this secret technique of mine so after all you didn't know about this secret but the day you were about to die You called both of us and told us about this technique and asked us to design a special thing for you, in which all the organs and formations are there, she starts laughing and cares.

Only, brother, when you gave life in your previous life, then you You did a very bad job and you were afraid that someone might tell you about it, that's why you are doing all that . Isn't it, we didn't complete that much, that's because you dripped very quickly, after that those people start leaving from there and carry Hai ki bro you follow us in the next scene it is shown that they reach a different place and there is some strange thing in front of them Lucent is surprised to see what is such a big thing he asks what is all this She tells that it is the continent where we are living now, this is the map of the fourth continent and there are only three countries in this fourth continent. What is she doing brother, did you understand after seeing this,.

But what is she doing or not, I did not understand anything after seeing this, have you called me here to solve riddles, she is doing no, the master told us all this. Told to do, we are just following the order of the master, we are connecting all those points to each other, whatever formation you are looking at, but Lucent is not able to understand, what kind of formation is this? What are you talking about, he says that I am not understanding anything, then she starts telling that all these formations which come in the form of points. P here you can see the fourth senior sister and I have been connecting all these formations for a very long time and many years have passed and then look we got a giant formation after connecting all these the master told us this That once you see this formation, you will understand everything, but Lucent is sweating because he does not understand anything.

He was not coming and he was thinking that where did I get trapped in my memory, there is nothing like what the master told me, I do not remember even an iota, then what happened there, what was the robbery said. Tells the channel that look, a lot of things are going on in my mind right now, so I am a little confused, so I want you both to have sex with me, there we will talk comfortably while drinking tea and then you Explain everything to me, speak well, she says okay, let's go, after that she is asking the senior sister to take this table along with us, we will take it with our companions, in fact all that stuff is made of sentable. Tha was fully sent so she uses her power but lucent is watching where did all that thing go for sister is telling that she has the power of space it can create a small space It can penetrate anything.

Inside it which is very good, it seems that the lotion has been of use, Master, it seems that both of you have paid a little too much attention. Let's do it because first of all that formation with mechanism which is very good, since then no one has such power in this four level continent. Those people have gone and that senior sister senior sister goes to those people screaming it's scary she's orange you've already grown a lot and you've also grown a lot nice nice nice here Lucent The notification of the system comes that it has been completed, but not completely, only four out of 5 parts have been completed. He was thinking that this is going on . Liya and these two men also went but till now why the task has.

Not been completed completely, he keeps on thinking why this is happening because I have called all the people back and then doing this Udaan has reached his website even in the cot, here we are shown the great hall of deflection which is Even it looks empty, after that it remains sitting comfortably and was wondering why this is happening, I do not understand anything , I have called everyone back to my set but now Even still the task is not showing completely completed, the scene changes, on this side we are shown with the new guest of the set having arrived at the place of mass, but the guards stop those people in the middle and are saying that Who are you.

? He doesn't like to hear this about his master, why would you have such courage, but the one who has the mask uses his powers and with just one hand, he destroys both of them. None of them survives, after that the mask is kept from his companions to go and find those keys in one way or the other and bring them to me. Bring it, today I will finish the development, I want that key in any case, till then we are shown that a man running away has already reached Lucent and he is telling Lucent that someone is wearing a mask inside. A has done and he wants to destroy our website he has also killed some of our men Lucent says okay he has come okay let him in then we are shown that Mask's accomplices have also done A and here Lucent also has junior brothers, here Green starts joking again.

And what is going on, when everyone will come, are you going to tell the whole thing, what hurry, we are enough people to kill you, then smile ahead. Grows up and asks Lucent that last time you defeated my finger, do you have a bit of regret that finger was so holy and how much power it had, but hearing this, both of them started laughing. What else do you think you are, what are you, we are enough for you, it was your finger, no matter what It was also said that we will defeat you easily, it is meat, look, today only powerful has come to destroy the website, it was a finger, but today the whole hand has come, if you bow down in front of me and apologize to me. Maybe I will save your lives, I will not kill you. After hearing this, one thing immediately comes to Lucent's mind and he says that you are the last person.

Once your finger came, this time the whole hand came, it means that your body is somewhere else, after all, you are not there, where did you learn the technique, where did the meat become measles, and what happened, what happened to the model, do you care that you are mine? You won't be able to handle this technique and you will be killed by my hands. Lotion says ok then I ask you another question you have come here to find the key means you will also know where that door is what do you think Are you so qualified that I can tell you the location of the door, the one who will be the most powerful in this continent, only he can go inside the door, now Lucent gets angry and he tells the fan to go and Frank says yes master now there is going to be a fight between them friends you have to tell by commenting who will win Mast Jeetega or fan will win then gas see you all in the.

Next episode till then bye bye thank you so much for watching this video

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