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Hello gas all of you are welcome to my channel and max player and now i am going to do this new comic old comic will also go on with it equal episodes of both will keep coming Kabhi kisi ka char aye jayega Kabhi kisi ka teen aye jayega So with such a balance let's start this new comic of ours and you will like this comic. At the beginning of the episode we are shown a place which is very peaceful, here we are shown a man who What is the matter of shouting, all of you listen to my words carefully, here the whole army comes with it, what is the matter, all of you people have done a lot of evil and today our golden crosses are with you on you. Coming to attack I give you guys a chance you guys quietly go out and surrender characters when we come in none of you is going to escape we are shown and they.

Go somewhere Even if you can't, that's why there is only one person, all the members have already fled, so why don't you enter directly, the second or La ka ka ka hain is this nonsense you are doing all his members have fled this person should kill all the members of the sector this guy is talking to his other followers everyone calm down no one to rush There is no need, he is a scholar and this place is very dangerous, the former leader here, whose name is Lucent, is a very dangerous person, even though he has killed, but he has laid many traps here . We can't just enter inside, we just wait for a while and see, if after that they don't come out, we will enter inside, scene change happens, we are shown on this side and this is our main hero Means we have a hero's grave.

Whose name is here three people are near his graphics and those people's remains are all scattered here and there and we could not keep them together and here this one who Banda hota hai, it comes from the top three dipals, it happens that all the 100 dispers of the previous ones have already disappeared and that 's it. All three of us brothers and sisters are now left here and this happens to be the fifth disciple of this set i.e. the best disciple of number five and this green hair is deep that elder brother we have come here to say goodbye to you for the last time because today three big sets have arrived outside our set and those people are going to destroy our set, we three brothers and sisters have nothing in front of them, we are really powerless, that's why all three of us have made a plan that We will light this set and go to the bottom of the mountains and then whatever plans are made ahead.

This guy is talking to his sister junior sister hurry up and say good bye to senior brother because we have to go to mountain If it is too late, then all three September will attack and we will not be able to get out at that time, but that girl is very courageous, she is saying that both of you should run away from here. Rukungi right here, but he who is a servant, who is a junior sister, don't put too much burden on yourself, now the elder brother is no more, he is a sister. They have already been killed and what are we without them, without them we are going to be separated like this and the thing is, if you stay here , all those sets are very powerful, you will not be able to escape from them, she says. Am I not afraid of death and I know that without senior brother I cannot survive in this jungle at all and even then I will die.

I am not going to run away, I will stay here and face those people, but every time he starts thinking of her as a girl, look, junior sister, you are confused now, I know this and you are just selling senior brother. The in his prime stage but he was killed suddenly it has nothing to do with all of them all that bad thing happened all of a sudden may be god is giving us a chance to fix all those things from back as many of our brothers Sister, all of them have already fled from this place and we have stayed here for one year, that too for humanity and you are here. stop acting stupid you are just putting yourself in danger here and nothing else here this guy also starts to understand why don't you listen to junior sister you senior brother come with us down the mountains And this Veet setup has been nothing. All our brothers and sisters who have already left here,.

Are they not getting good food, they are getting good food, they are getting good drink. Why because those people went down the mountain long ago, they start putting full pressure on him that let's go down the mountain with us and are saying that if you donate 12 in the name of our set, then he Your life will be even better but it would be very angry and it would go deeper if you both have to go down the mountain then you both go by yourselves I'm not going to go and these bad people and this bad set after all it's in me Why are you showing so much kindness, I don't want to go from here, now this guy starts opening up that look, junior sister, will you go down or not, it's up to you because we both have already made an agreement with the golden set. These two are also united and junior sister you have a very different super spiritual body from which the whole continent.

Wants to make its disciples but they did not have the courage because they had time to be around you senior brother and anyone else from saying this Was afraid but now look now he is no more and the Golden Cross is waiting for you down there So what are you doing here, come on with us, that green poop has been that Han, that's absolutely right, and when Mr. Jin takes care of you, your life will be much better than before, don't you think? You can imagine how much fun you are going to have. She takes out her sword and points it at both of them . This one also takes out his sword and says Junior sister look you are not our opponent but she was not at all afraid of these people she used to go straight and start attacking those people and.

Now here the fight starts It is done, we are shown that the green haired one comes from the side and attacks her with one of his very powerful moves, but she is fast, so she would have survived his attack, but she would have also got hit a little too short. hai woh har baal wala ka raha hota hai look junior sister it is too late now senior brother is too much twelfth character It's not too late when the golden crow action will attack us no one is going to escape you better come with us then suddenly we are shown that there is some movement in the coffin they all people him Let's start watching and then here we are shown that Lucent has come out of the coffin but when he comes out he is very surprised he is thinking who am I and what am I doing here what is my name Lucent After seeing all the people become very fond of how this can happen, but.

Here its reaction is such that what is happening, the memory is spinning in its head and its head is also spinning. Because all the memories of Lu Chan are coming back one by one and we are shown in his memories that he was a very bad person and the original owner of this body i.e. Lucent is a good family. He is looting people, he is killing people, he is burning houses and he does not even spare children, he kills them too, in fact his journey is something like this. that when it was this then it followed its master so that it could make a set with set i.e. a very bad set after that its master disappeared it became its elder brother and then what was the set became very bad Gradually it got worse and worse and then after that there is system in front of him and with this our episode also ends tell me how was the episode whether it should be continued or not.

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