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Friends, as we saw in the last episode, a big dragon also moves straight towards them and hits their flying cot with a force and in the collision it happens that our lochan goes in the middle in the same way. He must have fallen and here these people are thinking that hey senior brother, what have you done, why did you deliberately jump there, they always have a wrong family and the one who is green, I am not sure why. Our senior brother is so bold, I never even dreamed that he would deliberately jump in the middle of the best, here we are shown that he kills big styles entry and there is space for it in the middle. Those people are of senior brother, by attacking only one of your own and taking all those best as example, these people are sharing it, they are giving full sympathy, they are saying that write the letter to the senior of the man, we are with you. Standing a little.

Far away, we are watching what is happening by shouting, you idiots, can any one of you help me ? For it is not coming down here, but it is being said above, kill it, come down quickly, but its voice is not able to reach because there is a very big and strange in front of it, to attack it directly from behind. But with the help of his shadow technique, he has easily escaped inside it, as you will remember in the very last episode of the previous session, he had taken his shadow technique to an advanced level, so it is obvious. The thing is automatically now it comes with soaked shadow advanced level technique and it is easily going to escape from us but Lucent can't escape from there so easily because to attack in 20 dresses from all sides. They are staying and he is coming out from here to escape, he was thinking that first of all I have to move away from this queen beach,.

Then I can make a plane from back and come to him, but he was running like queen. Even she has changed her mood, she is directly grinding him, as if seeing this, he is also surprised that how can this happen? why is she following me and here this girl also shouts we will also have to help the best character she is queen bhi stone mahi degi only then he says relax hey relax don't worry too much about her he Buddha yes man i know him very well if he has gone down then he must have some plan in his mind characters he never ends like this and here very dangerous queen is following him now here Everyone seems to think that Han is a good person, maybe we misunderstood him because he went to fight the direct queen, here we are shown that all the best have reached the top of the mountain.

And as soon as Those people run away, those people also go to the start and start eating them with gusto, no one knows the middle, everyone adopts it, they become free, they try to die, but Lucent is also in a very bad condition. Guardians has taken a house and it is also in big trouble, thinking that it still has those pills lying around. It happens that I have to time it right, if I don't do it, I'll be killed. As soon as those people come to attack it, they film it down there on the ground. There's a little boom-wam we're shown all the best cars go berserk and are about to attack the queen, overjoyed to see this and was thinking Come on, at least my plan has been reduced, now these vehicles will confuse the best queen a bit, but the queen also does.

Not give up so soon, she is trying to kill it by herself, but Lucent is saved. But this is not enough because the rest of the vehicles also remain stable and they are coming straight towards Lucent. Lucent is in the air, he can't do anything but till then the girl and her disciple to save Lucent. Oh, that girl first kills the other 20 on the right and the one who happens to be our promising student of Lucent is also left behind. Mr. gives the remaining 20 kumars, now both of them are giving full protection to Lu Chan and are saying, don't you worry at all, we have come, they are watching comfortably and what are they saying to us now? We should go down, we should stay up. He asks everyone, do you know how to fly Udan Khatoon ?.

Here the queen is in a very dangerous mood, she starts killing everyone, fearing that we are not going to escape from here, she attacks her, but by then both of them come and kill her . But let's talk strongly, these people would have been senior brother, we will have to go back to the flying cot because we will not be able to stop its attack for a long time, both of them become happy thinking that there is still goodness left in them, both of them Came here to save me. Now Lucent without wasting much time starts going straight towards the flying cot with his disciple and his girl. While they are leaving, both of them face female best and They are stopping him but the female is also very strong, she sends him to the green one, he sits straight on top of A and a lot of blood starts coming out of his mouth. Lucent says are you okay, he says Hey brother, it seems that we.

Have underestimated the female best, I feel that even 200 years of cultivation cannot be a component of this. It is very powerful and here on the other side we are shown that it is running, what is happening , Big brother save me, character, she will kill me, she is going to attack it directly with her tail, but only then enters like a loser hero. Kills and with the help of his talizma stops the attack of his tail on the spot and that which is his tail is very badly burnt now Lucent would have been in the ground but now panic would have been the right thing to do The last 40 minutes left of his attack is also over, after that he comes back up, then now he is standing here comfortably watching the show because he cleverly shot all those pills. It is spread all over the place and all the small and big and small and best are going to attack the queen beach.

And in this way it is thinking that we can eliminate this type. Yes , that too will end soon. Everyone's condition has become very bad while fighting. No one is even able to stand properly. Here some soldiers have taken every man. Why are they crying that we can't fight anymore , it is better to die at their hands that I myself open my throat Just look there, they are all going back, it is shown that all the best people are going back, no one comes to attack them, why are they really doing it? For the first time in history, it has happened that 20 terrorists have attacked a city and the people there have been saved alive, whereas all these people are thankful that I survived alive, everyone's condition is very bad. It happens that many people have also.

Been killed , but the matter of more happiness is that today it happened for the first time that 20 killed in a city and so many people have survived, imagine how dangerous that environment is. And it will be tense, they say, just look up there, there is Master Lucent's flying saucer, he is still with us, everyone is completely sure that he is Lucent. I know he is not a complete human being, he is a good human being and people are spreading such nonsense about him because he stayed with them till the end and in the end it was Lucent who attacked the queen and because of that all the The rest of the Queen's Soldiers piece the repeating all that here we are shown Purple who happens to be Unexpectedly Lucent finally saved the city alive we are saved and here we are preparing for the first time I met her Then he was not at all like that now I think he has become a very good person from before.

Varn he doesn't take such step at all he just keeps his minimum now that here the matter is full shot which b She was in the star, she has retreated, now on Tandu, there is no one less with the villain here, so these people are also planning to go back, what are they planning, they are going back from the portal and Then what happens, those people leave from there, now what will be the story of the remaining people, it will be very interesting, you will know. Will come but wait see till now brother have put four videos from morning till morning from 11:00 am till now afternoon reading is playing read don't know meaning then 2:30 ok it took so long to make four videos tell more You guys don't like one, like it and comment and tell how did you like it, now the rest of the video or less, itna tere bomb suji hai toh hum aur video banne hai, see you in the next episode, till then bye bye.

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