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At the beginning of the episode, we see that the girl is saying that once my practice is over , then you see, I will destroy you and all the bad people like you . She says you have saved me then what happened you are a bad person and a whole person I can never consider as my teacher ok ok but can you leave that boy alone she says no I am not alone like that I can leave her because she needs care, same way it is impossible to save her but still I can't leave her like this. Lucent says its not like that, I can save her if I want but she would have been Pinky's. Happens have experienced this and again I know you are trying to lie to me back he says no not at all look this I have excel and I can claim it once if.

It If he eats it will be completely fine but he still cannot believe it, she says that its internal organs are very badly broken and even if god appears here he can't save from that you are not understanding you want to make fun of it that you can shake it And is thinking that this film has been given to me by the system, so I am sure that it will be fine immediately, he feeds him that moment and as soon as he feeds the bill , we see that the guy suddenly stands up. He says to Lucent that you saved my life. His nose gets long . She is surprised and she is asking how did you stand up, your leg was broken, she starts checking him but he is absolutely fine.

And all the injuries he had are gone, he says that Get away from me that guy says thank you to Lucent and immediately vanishes from there like the wind . Bola and disappeared from here but till then we are shown that both the junior brothers have come there, Lucent is asking them that you are following my disciple, after all, where is he, they both tell That he suddenly disappeared, don't know where he went, Lucent gets very angry and says that he was the first person whom I made my disciple and you both do not know the reason for both of you, what is his condition. He must have gone, where did he go, he starts saying that big brother, don't take any tension, he has a technique, so he can come back to us whenever he wants, he will not turn around and anyway he has said that he is a very Going to see the big anime.

Which is related to you and when he finds it then he will come back to us. Lucent says is it related to me and that villain has his C family done something to him and that I am thinking that I don't know, but in the memory of this original owner, I do not remember anything like this, you have been doing blue channel with Pinky . Ok done now are you ready to be my decimal and worship me she starts saying no at all because there are many other people in this world who are much better than you and as long as those people remain I will love you The teacher is not going to agree at all, and as far as worshiping you is concerned, he will not lose it at all and tells her , okay, if it is like this, then come on, I want to tell you all the things very clearly and truthfully . The old set which was already finished now we are making a new set where everyone.

Will live with love and here no one is going to bully the weak and being the leader of its development I I want to help the whole world, I want to bring justice in the whole world, no one can claim their right over karibon, no one will force the poor to reduce this , all the people in this world are equal and that's why for i need you so i can make my set bigger and we can spread peace all over the world here these two They are talking about backbiting that you have seen how cleanly Big Bhai is lying, even he is not even shy about telling a lie , the other person says, Oh yes, this is the quality of our pick, are you watching the day? H is acting skills are getting better and better day by day and we also feel that he is not lying but telling the truth Sach Ka Rahe Ho Sach Ka Rahe Ho does not last.

So I would have to believe their words now, I have to agree, they speak cool, but till then that hunter comes out and gives a lot of plans for both of them, then these people spoil it and it is deep that they should not spoil the environment here. It's about the girl, whatever you said was very good and it made my blood boil but still I don't believe you till then we are shown that there is a granny whom this guy would have helped earlier. Hai granny carry hoti hoti hai you helped me a lot I want to thank you for this here take this drink auspicious delay hoti hoti lokan usse kare hota hota hai pinky ko bhi sakte hain he is a well known villain and has caused a lot of trouble Evil has also done less but it helped Granny in lifting the pot and you can see that now it has completely changed and has become a clean hearted person after that it starts giving its long wide speech again. are you still.

Not convinced I want to ask you one last time shouldn't we get a chance to change willions now we If people are doing less good, then they should meet, now this girl is slowly getting convinced that this is good and this man is happy that at least she is a little convinced , but now Also she is of pinky no if you want to say that I will take you as my teacher man then it is not going to happen at all first of all I will investigate all your information then it will happen she is ready to become lucent digital But its condition is that it will observe it for a few days and if it comes to know that if it is lying then it will go away immediately. Scene change happens here we are shown where another Banda Singh is sitting on Hasan. This website remains, now it is mine, here we are shown, this is the same community, we will call it community, and it belongs.

To me. You will not have to work hard and here all these are his banana chapatis which have been their master man and here their number should be more. hey here he is insulting a solution of the community and he is saying that he is missing a lot of triangles but he is a big ass because he left his set open like that and no one here No and we have had no problem in establishing our hold here our people have taken the set from all sides and now you are the boss here you will rule here anyone can come and snatch from us there that samurai It is possible that there is no living thing inside it, but as far as I have made a group of old and weak people my disciples here, it was only a few days ago, where did all those people go?.

Gone because there is no one in this act, those people are also not there, but here this mask is also there, this is what happened brother congressulation, you have now become the master of the set, by now you have become the master of this villain set. You must remember what was the agreement between us and I am sure that you will fulfill your agreement properly, Samurai. Tells him don't worry at all, I remember our agreement and I will fulfill it well but I have invited you here so that you can handle Lucent because I will not feel good till he is alive. Let's see that samurai comes out with an order, this order is not an ordinary order, it is a very powerful order, he is also surprised to see it and what is happening, this is the best order, but where did you get this mass measles hota aur ka raha hota hai you are still.

Young but still your knowledge is very good this is a special type of treasure and I will use it when Lucent will fight with me and he is not going to escape from it at all he is sure identity What is it and what is this thing doing with you. Now the scene changes. Here we are shown to these people where this banda is talking to Grandpa. Battery Grandpa . why have you taken han then grandpa gets angry he slaps him hard and says You must have been fools, we are both disciples of the same Master, so why are you calling me Grandpa? Brother, tell me, brother, I am not Buddha ; why told us to start the formation as soon as some guy enters the set Grandpa says.

I don't know about it but we should do as they said after that they take out the stones and make the formation now all those people are group inside and they are all trapped inside Because the formation was made from outside, what do you think, this is all a trick of Lucent and before that I knew all this thing, definitely by commenting

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