Lee’s Detective Company Ep. 3 | A Night of Rain

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Welcome to Lee's Detective Agency. We accept every manner of requests and will do our best to meet your needs in goods delivery, pickup, infiltration, investigation, arbitration, and conflict resolution. We strive to serve you better. We can solve *anything* in Lungmen. And certainly,.

Except for detective work because that's police business… Please don't expect this to be a detective show. Illuminating street lamps. Lit up the city. Criss-crossing neons, and I begin to see. The day just ended for someone. And the day just started for somebody.

In empty streets I walked about Confessing my boredom out loud. I wanna keep feeling it But you won't forget about this Knock Three Times, before requesting. I wanna keep touching it Trouble's no longer a thing When a future You just waved to me.

A Night of Rain Aak, see who's knocking at the door. Waai Fu, did you forget your keys again? Lee's Detective Agency. What do you need? Buy more fruitsLaundry: Waai FuDishes: HungGroceries: HungCar washing: HungDo it yourself!!! It's been a while. Meng, why are you here?.

It's a long story. After you left, I've been through a few things and left Yan. What happened to you? Nothing important. I heard you're working for some agency now, so I came here for a visit.

Who told you that? That's not important. I'm just glad to see you again. That's enough. This friend of yours is sick. You're aware of that, right? You're sick? You have oripa… Just a common cold.

Why don't we have any cold meds in the agency office? I came down with a bad cold a while ago and ate them all. I'll go and buy some. Wait for me. This is delicious. I miss these flavors. This should alleviate your symptoms. Thank you. But I can't stay.

Can I take these to go? The packaging will cost a LMD. Number 2 is still in the hospital. Did Meng do this? Meng, That girl came and thrashed us for no reason. Then she asked us where Lee's Detective Agency is. Get me back up on my feet! I can still fight! If I see you next time.

I'll definitely have you all arrested. Real estate target: Achieve monthly KPIsDeal: Listen to da Boss!!Get the meds (Lungmen News Express, bringing you the latest reports:) (Lungmen recently launched a series of traditional cultural events) (with calligraphy and painting competitions, attracting quite a crowd.)Ugh, can you keep it down? (I love this event!) (Look at this flower!) (It's so pretty,) (like me!)Where's Meng?.

WHAT?! A cold front has hit Lungmen hard and threatens the livelihood of many homeless individuals. Some have already gone missing. Authorities have stepped up efforts to keepmedical services running and available to those in need. Emergency medical equipment and personnelhave been placed under a state of urgency. She's an Infected and won't be around for long. She asked me to give you this. Hung.

It's been a while. I returned to Lungmen just to have another bite of your cooking. Should we have some fish today? HEY! You can't eat goldfish! I took this hat when I escaped, because you'll look silly with this on your head. But you probably won't want it. Let's go!.

I'm making dinner! Awesome! (Handwritten) The requestor wanted some of Hung's cooking for takeaway but I couldn't find a takeaway box. I took a bowl from the cupboard and charged her 1 LMD for the packaging. To be continued…

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