Legendary Hero Returns To World He Saved & Each and every Woman Falls For Him

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Yuki is looking out his classroom window whenYuhi suddenly gets close to him and interrupts his musings, asking what he's thinking about.He promptly moves away and even chastises her for talking to him. That’s just fuel for therumour mill! And sure enough, the other guys in the room are looking at them. But the twosoon look away as Yuhi tells Yuki she doesn't care. They're childhood friends, after all.She then notices his hair's long again. Should she cut it for him, just like before? Despitehis initial hesitation he eventually agrees. “I wonder how the other world is doing,”he thinks as he looks outside again. Suddenly, the outside scenery changes,which startles both of them. A glowing magic circle appears on the classroom floor, andthe students are baffled and scared to see this….

Except for Yuki. He smirks and clearlyhas an idea what this circle is. A bright light consumes them all, andwhen everyone comes to their senses, they're in an unfamiliar place. Yuki, onthe other hand, is triumphant. He knew it! From a distance, a bunch of sinister-lookinggiant armored creatures is approaching their direction. One of the studentsthinks they might be filming a movie, but Yuki knows this too well. It's magicpower. Sensing that danger draws near, the students run for their lives. Yuki andYuhi are left behind, with her protecting him from being struck by the armored creature.Not that he needs it, as he takes the creature down with a flick of his finger. After one enemyis down, they decide to run for it, with Yuki.

Holding Yuhi's hand. The girl blushes when sherealizes this. Girl, now's not the time for that! As the students run, they encounter human soldiersready to attack the giant magic-operated armored creature. The soldiers face their foes,attacking them with all their strength. Now where are the students amid this chaos?They're hiding from a safe distance. Yuki thinks these wars should have ended by now,and he questions whether the magic power coming from the armored creatures are a curse.A woman aboard a horse spots the students and urges them to retreat, telling themthe place isn't safe. She adds that the Royal Knights will protect them. A manarrives and commands the Royal Knights to prepare to charge. He leads the assault,and the Royal Knights follow. They attack,.

Defeating the giant armored creatures as theygo. The students use this opportunity to escape. They arrive at the castle sometime later,where the king greets them. He thanks them for arriving at a national emergency and callsthem “foreign heroes.” What is this man on??? Demons are invading their Kingdom ofDistinia. Similar to the war five years ago, a group of heroes has rushed to their aidfrom a foreign world. If this isn't destiny, then what is? This old man's a bit poetic, huh?The students are understandably confused. A woman, presumably the princess, steps up and tellsthem that a hero who came to the kingdom from a foreign world five years ago ended the raging waracross their world, Eclaire, and brought peace. The woman asks the students for their aid. Theydeliberate the best course of action. Some are on.

The fence since they don't know how to fight. Someare worried they'd be thrown out of the castle if they didn't agree. Some are fully convinced abouttheir task. In the end, they all decided to help. They all go off to rest. As they leave, Yukipromises Yuhi he won't let any danger come to her. —The next day, their training starts. The boys learn about swordsmanship, while the girlslearn magic. Yuki, watching from afar, is happy to see that Yuhi has talent. He then comes acrossthe woman from the battlefield and addresses her as “Elka.” He starts acting sassy with her, andshe tells him his selfish attitude reminds her of the hero from five years ago. Things getheated, and they face each other in a duel. Elka attacks first, but Yuki easily dodgesthis and slaps her behind. This catches.

Her off guard. She realizes that this young manshe's talking to is “Setsu-sama,” the hero from five years ago. Elka's demeanor changes from anauthoritative figure to an ultimate Setsu simp. Okay, we've called our main guy Yuki, but foruniformity, let's call him Setsu from now on. Elka gets down on all fours and makes Setsu siton her. The sheer joy she gets from serving him is incomparable. I bet she'd even go as faras to drink his bath water. Setsu observes her masochism has only accelerated since the lasttime. The man leading the Royal Knights arrives and wonders what the hell is happening. Elkatells the man, Glein, that Setsu-sama is back. Glein gets excited as he and Elkashare the good news with Thea, but she already knows of his return. Theasays she would never mistake his magic power,.

Even with his new look. They sure have a lot ofquestions for Setsu, and the same goes for him. The four of them decide to go somewhere else totalk. When they arrive, Elka asks Setsu how he returned to their world. Glein asks why he looksso different, and Thea adds that from their point of view, he simply disappeared after that battle.Setsu replies that he doesn't know for sure, either. He does know that he was rebornin a different world while keeping his memories and magic power and then gotsummoned into this world again. But enough about that. What happened to Toma?Toma is Setsu's nemesis from five years ago. Setsu believes he's behind this war, too, ashe's the only one who can put curses on demons. The demons they've encountered earlier are surelycursed. Elka tells him they've looked for Toma,.

But he also disappeared as Setsu did.In the middle of their talk, a knight arrives to tell Glein that the kingrequests his presence, and he then obliges. After he leaves, Setsu remarks about Glein’s fullschedule as a knight at the king’s beck and call. The girls tell him it should be his job, buthe’s not for that life. As he looks at the city, he tells them of his plan to travel this worldafter world. Elka joins him and tells them she loves this peaceful scenery. “The peace thatSetsu won for us has to be maintained,” Thea says. —In the throne room, the king is all for war, though. Their kingdom will declare an all-out warwith the demons. Glein speaks up, saying that the emissary they sent to the demonic continent hasnot yet returned word. They must first accurately.

Understand the situation. The princess insiststhat the demons have begun an unprovoked invasion against them. The new heroes being summoned at thesame time is proof that justice is on their side. Everyone else supports the princess'sentiment. The king says they should never have listened to the hero's cheapwords five years ago and agreed to that peace charter. That hero going missing feelsto him like god wants them to unify the world. This is so very suspish…— Meanwhile, Yuhi practices her magic. Setsucompliments her, and this makes her happy. Her demeanor changes as she realizes thatthis is practice to hurt someone. Why would anyone go to war? But if she really has a magictalent, she'll protect him. Although I could.

Tell it'll actually be the other way around.That night, Setsu meets up with Elka, Glein, and Thea. Glein shares that he was able to buythem some time by saying that the heroes need more training, but all-out war seems unavoidable atthis point. Setsu decides to go out and stop the war by himself. The others are surprised to hearthis from him. To him, war is stupid and needs to be stopped, especially if Toma is behind it.Elka says that they will follow him as his personal guard. Setsu tells them that this timearound, he's going alone. Given the situation, they all can't leave the palace. Besides, ifToma really is behind this, there needs to be enough of a fighting force staying there as well.They have no choice but to follow his wishes. —The following day,.

The group walks around the castle unseen byeveryone else. How are they able to do this? They have the handy-dandy invisibility magic! Theyenter a guarded room by Elka, over-enthusiastic as she is, knocking the guard out cold. Theyshove the poor guy into a box in the meantime. Anyway, they enter the room, and Setsu sees hisold sword. He'll need this for his mission. Soon enough, the other guards in the castle find theunconscious guard, and everyone is on high alert. Glein and Thea decide to distract the guardsand buy them some time while Elka accompanies Setsu. Once they're out of the castle, Elka tellsSetsu they'll try to buy as much time as possible until he returns. Suddenly, Yuhi arrives and askshim where he's going. Elka tries to speak to her, but Setsu tells Elka it's alright.Setsu confesses to Yuhi that it's.

The second time he's been summonedto that world. So, to stop the war, he will meet an old acquaintance. With tears inher eyes, Yuhi says that if he's going somewhere, she's going with him, and he disagrees withher, saying it's too dangerous for her. Yuhi understands his reasons and calms herself.She asks him to close his eyes, and when he does, she uses her wind and fire magic to trim hishair. Wow, that's pretty cool! Setsu definitely thinks so, too. She tells him she'll do her bestto get strong to protect him in that world, too. As a last tease, Setsu flicks her on theforehead. He cheekily tells her that if she can avoid that the next time they seeeach other, then she'll pass the test. And with that, Setsu sets out on his journey.[2].

In a shop, a man negotiates with the craftsman– he wants to buy a huge brooch. The craftsman refuses – he won't sell his prized creations toa youngster with no money! His tune soon changes when he sees the man's bag of gold coins. SOLD!His little granddaughter, Ruri, wonders at the transaction. She thought he said pride is the mostimportant thing for a craftsman. It's true! But there are a few exceptions, like money!Years later, the craftsman passes away, leaving Ruri behind.— One night, Ruri is traveling alone through theforest in a carriage when the horse suddenly stops. A wild beast approaches the carriage, andshe falls out with the other stuff. In a desperate bid to save her life, she shakingly tellsthe wild beast she's all bony and would taste.

Terrible. She even bribes the beast with money!Luckily, Setsu arrives to save her. Ruri's so untrusting with people that she asks him ifit's money he wants. He tells her there's no need as he was just passing through. Ruriasks him if he could be her guard for the journey. She'll pay him, of course! Grandpa's Mr.Krabs tendencies really did a number on her, huh? He declines, saying that he's got his ownerrands to run. She brings out the tears and the puppy eyes, and he finally givesin. She doesn't have to pay him, too. They journey together, but unfortunately,Ruri has to leave her goods behind, except for a special brooch that her deceased grandpamade. The next day, they arrive at Marsenne, a port town. Setsu comments that the town hasgrown quite a bit, and Ruri explains that trade.

Went up a lot after the war ended five years ago.Ruri tries to hire a ship to go to the demonic continent, but everyone refuses. There's a wargoing on, so every ship is canceled for the foreseeable future. Ruri tries to ask countlessothers to take her to the demonic continent, but she gets refused each time.Setsu observes her. He sees her getting approached by men who call themselvesknights of Distinia. They say they're conducting inspections for the safety of the port.They ask her to show her identification documents, and Ruri has one with her.These knights have nasty attitudes. While looking at her documents, they comment:”While we soldiers put our lives on the line, you folk chase after money.””Women and children playing.

Merchant? I envy your freedom.”Well, if you envy her so much, why not quit your job and go be merchants instead?It's not like she forced you to become knights! One of the knights asks Ruri to show themher leather bag. She stands up against them and holds her bag tight. Anything but this! Sheexplains that it's just a really important piece of merchandise. The power trippers ask her if it'smerchandise, then why hide it? Apparently, that's sus. Another of the knights evidently aims to bea mental gymnastics Olympian and declares that they're confiscating her bag for disobeying them.As the knight is about to grab the bag away from Ruri, Setsu steps in, holding the knight'sarm. He asks the knights if they have the right permits for inspecting packages. Why would a “mereadventurer” like him dare to challenge the royal.

Knights? I bet they'd humble themselves real quickif they discovered his identity. The knights are about to draw their swords, and a crowd gathersaround them. The number of people watching and judging them drives them to call off the impendingduel, and they walk away without Ruri's bag. —Sometime later, Ruri feeds Setsu with sandwiches as thanks for sticking up for her.She shares that if she doesn't find a ship that will take her to her destination, she'll just buya ship herself. Setsu says he's got an idea since he's headed to the demonic continent, too. Butfirst, she needs to rest at an inn that night. Ruri shows Setsu the brooch that night at aninn, and he recognizes it. She also tells him all about her grandpa. He was a famous jeweler,and she heard nobody in Distinia could make what.

Her grandpa could. One day, someone came into request a repair for a brooch that her grandpa made, which he was most proud of.But he didn't have much time left. He asked Ruri to deliver the brooch. So, as hergrandpa's apprentice and as his granddaughter, she wants to deliver the brooch safely.As Ruri's in the bath, Setsu checks the brooch and finds that it's the brooch he cast protectionmagic on. He worries about it breaking. He hopes nothing bad happened…— Later that night, the a-hole knights from earlierbarged into the inn, looking for them. Apparently, they're suspected of spying for the demons.Setsu wakes up and prepares himself as the knights go to the room they're staying in. Whenthe knights arrive, Setsu and Ruri escape through.

The window. From there, a chase throughout thecity ensues. Setsu carries Ruri princess-style as he runs around, avoiding the knights.Soon enough, the two reach a dead end. The knights catch up to them, and instead of trying toapologize, Setsu provokes the goons. After that, he grabs Ruri and carries her again beforejumping off toward the sea. Terrified, Ruri holds on to Setsu for dear life. It is atthis moment that something unexpected occurs. A colossal beast emerges from under the sea, andSetsu lands on it. He calls the beast “Levia.” The knights and Ruri are too dumbfounded by thisturn of events. One wonders how they'll report this. But another tells them they won't becauseit's all a dream, and they don't report dreams! What a bunch of wusses.—.

As Setsu and Ruri ride Levia, Setsu asks thebeast to take them to the demonic continent. Levia doesn't say a word but lets out a screamand begins walking (or swimming?) in the direction of the demonic continent. As they'reriding, Ruri realizes that Levia is Leviathan, the god of the sea. She begins to wonder…Who in the world did she hire as her guard??? After a while, the demonic continentis finally in sight. From here on, what sort of encounters awaits Setsu and Ruri? Nomatter how these encounters will go, one thing is for sure. Setsu will triumph over them. He's thehero who brought peace to this world, after all.

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