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for that hello everyone my name is maki I come from sea pen a military base of Taft located at space colony today I will carry out the introduction of an incredibly powerful mobile suit please behold this form its name is shigu it's the Next Generation mass.

Production mobile suit that the soft Tommy takes pride in it is a unit that has been greatly enhanced from the film which has achieved significant success against the Earth's Alliance forces if this shigu is formally mass produced the Earth's Alliance forces will be nothing more than mere small fry.

Abundant in numbers only let's create the Glorious history of the together now let's barely study the shigu today the war between soft and the Earth's Alliance forces show developments that surprised the entire world nobody doubted the victory of their forces who had an overwhelming numerical Advantage however the October turned the war.

Situation with a new type of mobile weapon called mobile suits that mobile suits such as the gym demonstrated an overwhelming power difference compared to the Earth's alliance's old Weaponry the Earth's Alliance forces were barely able to compete with soft through sheer numbers then came March 15th in Cosmic era 70.

Zaff decided to execute operation Euros a large-scale operation against death as the operation was approved by Prince Supreme Council they announced the deployment of new mobile suits to the whole world among the new mobile suits revealed was the shidium the shigu was developed as a superior.

Model to the gym which had been a great success while inheriting the features of the gene significant improvements were made in Mobility by increasing the number of thrusters and their power output particularly distinct from the general the large wings and thrusters mounted on the shoulders and waist the wind binders on the back have been.

Angled and the thrusters and heat vents have been enlarged enhanced undergraded versions of the weapons used by the gene were provided as standard equipment along with new weapons developed from data gathered on the battlefield in Gangnam seed the seagull often appears as a command unit however the shigu itself is not.

Positioned as a command unit in fact it was prone to be deployed as the next main mass production unit to replace the gene it was often operated as a de facto command unit due to its preferential deployment to commanders before full deployment this setup was influenced by changes made in the real world settings.

In the initial plans of Gangnam seed there was a setting that stuffed would not customize their units like the original Gangnam Sean Army but instead changed to new mobile suits with promotions this setting no longer no longer exists but the frequent appearance of the shigu as a command unit was influenced by this initial.

Concept one of the Allied approach she Goose became the unit of roller crate before the story began in the war known was the Battle of also Creed shot down 37 mobile almost he also destroyed six battleships the shigu deployed to soft hero was painted in his personal color of silver this color was later being inherited by.

Other she grooms the shigu was completed as an exceedingly well-balanced and high-performing unit along with the hero crate it brought much Terror to the Air Forces however the shigu and Craig brought about an even greater military achievement tyronically this achievement greatly changed the fate of the shigu dated from.

The G80 Excel is stolen by Creek from the earth forces surprised soft they believed that miniaturized and high performance being weapons were essential to counter US Mobile suits there's a lot of fun some Personnel were used to develop the next main mass production Mobile Suit toad Gates so the shigu was produced only in small.

Numbers although it was not developed specifically as a command unit in reality many shigus were operated as command units on the battlefield but the development of gates was also due to the achievements brought by the shigu and crate it can be considered a great contributor to zoft.

Also the ding an Elio Mobile Suit was born by reusing the excellent design during the same period in the area of Gundam sea Destiny a successor called Bobby was born but that's not all it was also used as a test body for experimenting with phase shift armor it's often free than active role as a test unit for the massive.

Equipment unit called meteor observing history like this the genes of the Shigeru are inherited by Heroes fluent at the war like Freedom Gundam and meteor it is well known that Gate Theater was extensively used in Freedom gundam's Design but the data provided by the shigu was.

Also greatly utilized and the freedom Gangnam would challenge the Providence condom piloted by the former hero of our crate what kind of weapons is the sugar use at first clowns it possesses equipment that doesn't greatly differ from the sin but all of these have been improved as well.

First is the 76 millions are heavier salt machine gun this is an improved version of the machine gun used by the Zen and is also used by the ding it's savoring unit the use of enhanced words is also a feature the same wear clothes after hearing reports from his subordinates Fires at the strike gundam is striking.

He was surprised saying is it ineffective even with these enhanced bullets it's a scene where you can understand that it has been enhanced to the extended pose the ace pilot could feel the increasing power this machine gun can switch between three automatic firing mode and semi-automatic mode for precise shooting just like the Zen's.

Equipment pay attention to the scenes where it is fired in both continuous and single shot modes if you look at the beginning of the story you can confirm Single Shot firing in scenes like shooting down the archangel's missiles next let me explain about the heavy slush braid an improved model of scenes.

Lam3 it is assigned the model number mam4 when not in use it's mounted on the side of the bag's thrusters the bride was developed by madisono who also developed the exterior armor of ships part of the blade is hollowed out to reduce weight in the series it is quickly wedded and.

Used with the Army grip with the shield it's a weapon with the weight and destructive power that allows it to be used in every even when flying at high speeds next let's talk about the 28 millions of about consistent internal Shield this is a weapon not equipped on the scene it's awakened with welcome guns.

Mounted on the inside of the Shield thing was a weapon overwhelmingly advantageous against US military mobile armor however it was not completely invincible there were scenes where it was defeated by attacks from multiple enemy units this Shield was designed to deal with multi-owned one combat situations.

Against us Alliance mobile armor along with the standard machine gun it allows dealing with multiple enemies while immediately defending with the shield also the ability to conserve ammunition as much as possible was part of this equipment's mission she grew's Shield was simply a combination of a shield and welcome guns.

However there existed a similar concept but complex structure three carols captured from the Earth's alliance's breeds Gangnam by combining it with Trey Carol's data it later evolved into armaments used by Zach's mobile suits you can see its influence some great shield and Providence gundam's Shield it is unknown.

Whether this Shield has any processing such as being coating however in the series since it is defending against try gundam's being saber and schwajever the likelihood of being coding being a pride is extremely high without being coding it is almost impossible to defend against being weapons.

The above is the standard equipment for shigu however there are other weapons it was equipped with fast is the m68 cat is 500 Millions a recourse Cannon you can confirm the shigu equipped with this during the attack on the Renegade soft Battleship Eternal as shiku is designed as a.

Successor to the thing it can be assumed that it can use all the things equipment please refer to this when playing with plastic models or figures and surprisingly there are also scenes where it uses a beam rifle when Gangnam seat was first aired shigu was attacking the announced the lion space using a beam rifle.

Considering the passage of time since the G80 X Series was captured and the compression of gates development this scene is not strange at all however this scene was corrected to a machine gun in the arena State version it appears to have been a mistake by the production team however shigu's ability to use a beam.

Rifle was not a mistake let's pay attention to the story where close fights in the mental Colony space after losing gay in the fight with freedom Gundam Cruz win the prizing the Shigeru at that time the weapon equipped on the shigu is a beam rifle this scene Remains the Same even in the arena State version a beam rifle is necessary when.

Dealing with phase shift armored machines considering encounters with freedom Striker Buster it's a natural decision and there are indeed scenes where it uses to be mindful to defeat strike dagger from this we can understand that shiguous generator has the output to.

Allow the use of a beam rifle however there is only one scene where it fires the number of times it can fire remains unknown the chico made its Battlefield debut as a mobile suit piloted by Walnut Creek upon hearing reports from his subordinates who had infiltrated.

Hillioplas Queen excited to see the enemy with his own eyes and result to either capture or destroy the moon love Brave girl of the Earth's Alliance forces detected the presence of the departing pre the two began to battle but quite quickly disengaged prioritizing the remaining capture Target SRI Gangnam.

However this decision did not mean he completely inside the space colony shigu and Moby still commenced battle game however the interior of the massive structure favored the Mojo Mobile Suit moreover movie series wired gumbo was a revenue suited for phrases with many structures.

Crete was balancing his priority Target and the more favorable Battlefield against movie Zero nobody is zero quickly had its weapon parts destroyed and she could continue to invade the interior of space Colony till the operas in this battle she grew and Modi is seeing over flying through the air however they don't inherently possess.

The capability of free fries this is due to the space Colony structure generating gravity through rotation the space Colony voted to creators like gravity on the surface which weakens as one moves away from it the same reason is behind the scenes where many mobile suits are flying in Gangnam Folger 91.

Let's return to shigu's exploits approaching strigonam shigu destroyed the pursuing movie's Heroes linear gang with this movie scene open free time lost its attack ability it was a scene that showed Creed's High ability to prioritize capture targets while neutralizing enemies when the opportunity arose however as she could.

Approached a large explosion occurs and the Archangel appeared before it Creed attacks the Archangel but was invented you've seen the build archangel's superior mobility over other Earth's Alliance warships as he dodged attacks from Queen who had destroyed numerous battleships also shigu was seen changing the machine gun magazine a.

Detailed only visible in the scene the fact that used magazines could be discarded without hands and that she gave her the price to equip spare magazines became clear the Archangel targeted shigu with a missile attack pre-destroed two missiles with his machine gun but the rest hit Hillary operas is shocked whether this.

Evasion was deliberate isn't clear but it suddenly worked in Crete's favor frightened by the damage Chico inflicted until the operas Kira attacked with launcher strikes again she could event it but lost its machine gun to Aggie's powerful being the Allen's condition remained unclear hidden from view but the smoke and the warning buzzers and.

Lights rushing inside the cockpit indicated that it micro is suffered damage as well crate was surprised to have taken damage despite his substantial evasion descended she Goose debut battle in the TV Annie she could continue to shine in various battlefields and also appeared in the sequel Gundam see Destiny however.

Due to its limited production numbers it appeared less frequently than other mass-produced mobile suits shigu only appears twice in the first episode once drying towards the storm Gundams and once being destroyed by Gaia Ganan these subtle moments refracting detailed settings are one of the very intriguing aspects of the Gundam series.

That concludes our overview of the studio the team plays the role similar to the doctor in the original Gundam series some might think that the shigu serves a roll-like shells Customs up a command type customized dog food but upon closer observation of the settings that's not the case.

In the original Gundam series it's understood to be in the position of him to the door or the gildu however it appears so early on that it ended up yielding its price to the gates many people likely admire the cool design of the city room I personally love the way it's equipped with weapons on both arms what elements of the shigu.

Do you find coal feel free to tell me in the comments lastly I have urgent news to share with you a new type of Gangnam which was being secretly developed in your city has been stored it's your mission to capture or defeat this mobile soon by pressing the Subscribe button the chico hidden in your home's basement.

Will activate unlock the hatch with the like button and ignite the thrusters with the Bell button I wish you the best of luck let's fight for that I hope to see you again in the next episode of the show take care thank you.

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