Like a flash Review S1 E8 – ONE PIECE Live Motion Netflix Point out Episode 8 Worst in the East

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Oh hello fellow Pirates I just saw the lastepisode of The One Piece live action season 1 episode 8 worst in the East and it was amazing thepayoff in the end was so great with every little detail concluding and setting up for season twoI really really really really really love this it was so genius that only thing I want to re-watchwas the execution of Roger because I want to see people in there the fight with guard because Ididn't quite get gar yet maybe from seeing it twice he flashed back to Roger and Roger was arival to him so maybe that's what inspired him to okay this is a new era for me and for the NextGeneration or something I didn't quite get that 100 but other than that every episode was a 10out of 10 really it was such great oh my God all the character moments shine through the actingand stuff and through the good writing and oh.

The music hits right everything was just betterand the pacing was perfect it was Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam so this is the thing I want to recommend whensomeone wants to get into one piece 100 it's so [__] amazing it was a joyous ride throughout thewhole thing we streamed for 10 hours now to see the whole thing and oh my God it was so amazingI can put it in words really I'm so happy that I could experience this and I will re-watch itand re-watch it again please support the show by watching it on Netflix of course oh my God it'sit's amazing it's really amazing what a show so great so thank you for everyone who watched thestream afterwards I will be ending this now I will ask all of my friends and family if they'veseen it and if not if they want to see it with me this is so great really so amazing it's everythingwe ever wanted the only thing I know Lucas will.

Be said is that OCTA isn't in there but I thinkthink we will get into a shorter story version of the whole thing so yes log time will be the sameit already hints at that with the map and with bhagi and alvida teaming up but other than thatI really can see them making the story that Oda intended to finish in five years I really can seethat because that will make its original ending while his Five-Year Plan wouldn't be finished infive years filming and uh the One Piece manga only will go off for like three years more and thenit's over so it would be cool to have a new ending and a different ending but to the same conclusionor nearly same conclusion with a shorter story so if you want to experience the full thing you canalways read the Manga and watch the anime but of course I prefer the manga oh my God the show wasso amazing they must be getting into season two.

There's no other way there is no other way itwas too good too good to be true was everything we wanted and even surprised me from time and timeagain surprise me with things and that was really great and I think that people that come from themanga can get new things from it and the people getting into the live actually will get morefrom the manga and it's so amazing really really amazing I can't stress that enough yeah this isall what my channel is building up to I'm really happy with the result I couldn't be happier rightnow so yeah thank you for watching let's set sail

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