Lo último en ANIME JAPÓN: Noticias imperdibles #manga #anime

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Tomodachis! the most watched in Japan of Anime Jujutsu Kaisen the second season, as it was logical One Piece it's logical I guess and My Happy Marriage I had no idea what that was but I've taken a look at it and it looks great so come on you have to follow her eh!.

Miyazaki (what's new) people say that:it's either a blockbuster masterpiece or the 124 most boring most boring minutes of your life hehehe people has bad milk say even that why he didn't retire as he said 10 years ago… I don't know, I I liked it. I don't know what you think.

Let me know because I liked it quite a lot and we finish with Naruto!Naruto I mean! I insist! yes yes they do pick up Kara's bow yes they take that arc and make it in anime on August 4th so come on! Naruto is back! what else are you waiting for? well let's subscribe that's what it's all about!.

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