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Do not run ah all right Um This captive is entering the Red Order This is the forbidden area behind the mountain why did gudy bring you here have no idea but But Goodie wants us in.

You stay here and continue to mourn yes Pope this is not the way down um, walk around Pope it's against the rules I just want to go for a walk and it's okay as long as the Pope wants to go.

You can travel anywhere in the human world But we have to wait for us to work together to protect your comfort matters Senshou-sama is the most perceptive practitioner of the human race Now there are many overhaulers Who dares to take the risk to assassinate me here Your Excellency, please stay safe later I'll call Mr. Zhou You over Master Xiaozong, please wait a moment.

Mr. Zhou You accompanied him to attend Xu Zan's funeral instead of being my follower don't bother him don't say no more I do not like The sea of ​​souls holding hands enveloped Shushan it's safe here do not worry walk with me.

It's His Excellency That is the forbidden area at the back of Mount Shu yes That is also the burial place of the Pope Daoist Little Saint Banquet The enchantment can block the induction of overhaulers the whole process is fast there will be some pain snort.

Don't be happy but you are the leader of all Never be afraid of these The divinity in your body overflows but never dissipates just right If he excels in practice, he will be much smoother than most people It's a pity that Daozong died and returned to the Pope, so he can't practice Um Hahahaha who is he?.

He can't run ha Hahaha Hahaha Breeze Fran's Palm in Yunyan Valley ah girl so hot ah.

The Poker of the Underworld take care of him Hahaha i'm a brat no one wants to leave

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