Lonely Boy By no methodology Expects to Fall in Relish with a Gorgeous Stunning Angel

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This is Amane Fujimiya, a boy who returns homefrom shopping and happens to run into his angelic classmate, Mahiru Shiina. When Amane noticesher crying alone, he approaches her and uses his umbrella to cover her head from the rain.He also tells her that he is worried about her getting cold, so he leaves his umbrellafor her, to which she secretly thanks him. As a result, he caught a coldfrom the rain the next day. When Amane returns to his apartment, he noticesMahiru waiting for him to return his umbrella, which concerns her because he has a fever. As hisfever worsens, Mahiru decides to return the favor. When he opens the door, she is surprised to seehow messy his apartment is. So she asks Amane to change his clothes first while she goes toher apartment, which is right next to his..

Following that, Amane awakens from his deep sleepto find Mahiru taking care of him and offering him her home-cooked porridge. She also asks him tocheck his body temperature, and he immediately lifts his shirt, making her feel embarrassed. WhenAmane receives her cooking, he is impressed with her cooking ability. After he finishes eating,he suddenly asks her about the rain incident, thinking she is arguing with her boyfriend. Whenshe hears that, she tells him she has no boyfriend and despises the nickname Angel that everyone atschool gives her. Because Amane is feeling better, he declares that their status at school willremain as strangers, to which she also agrees. The next morning, Amane accidentally walks by Mahiru'sclass, where he notices how popular she is. That night, Amane is drinking a jelly drinkwhile Mahiru scolds him for skipping dinner..

Suddenly, Mahiru knocks his room,and offers him her leftover food, which she finds pathetic given his lifestyle. The next morning, he returns the container to her,and she offers another meal for tonight's dinner. He refuses her food, but she insists on acceptingit because she makes too much for dinner. Since then, she has been handing him food containers,including the next day and the day after that. Amane's friend, Itsuki, notices that he is lookinghealthier as a result of his improved diet. After school, Mahiru visits Amane’s apartment,where she finds him struggling to clean his messy room. So she decides to assist him in cleaningthe apartment. When they are both cleaning up, Mahiru slips away and Amane immediately savesher, which she believes he wants this accident.

To happen every day. After they finish cleaning,Amane treats her by ordering a delivery pizza. She reveals that she has never had pizzabecause her parents are wealthy enough to hire a private chef at her home. As Mahiru isabout to leave, Amane suddenly asks her about the benefits of sharing her dinner with himevery day, and she tells him that she doesn't feel comfortable seeing him eat unhealthyfoods, so it's for her own self-satisfaction. The following day, Amane discoversMahiru in the park with a sprained ankle. So he rushes over with a first-aid kit to treather injury. He then carries her back home, dressed in his PE uniform, in case sheis afraid of being recognized by others. As a result, Amane wears short pants to PE class.Later, Mahiru returns the PE uniform he lent her.

And thanks him with a meal. He also mentions thathe'd like to eat freshly prepared meals from her, to which she suggests splitting the costand having her cook in his apartment. She also believes that she isn't Amane's type,so she tells him that he isn't a threat to her. So, starting tomorrow, she will go groceryshopping and cook at his apartment, where Amane considers her to be his wife.When dinner is ready, he is impressed with her cooking and finds everything to bedelicious. After washing the dishes, he discovers that Mahiru is studying so diligentlythat she always maintains her high grades. When she finishes her studies and decidesto return home, she unintentionally leaves her student card on the table, which hediscovers four days before Mahiru's birthday..

The next day, he secretly asks Mahiruabout an item she is currently in need of. So she thinks and responds that she needsa sharpening stone, which surprises him. After class, he asks Itsuki for a birthday presentidea, and he suggests giving her hand cream. Then he begs Itsuki's girlfriend, Chitose, to accompanyhim shopping, which she gladly agrees to do. After that, Amane tries to sit next to heron the couch and gives her his birthday gift. When she opens the gift, she finds a hand creamto protect her hands from practical things. She then receives a cute teddy bear, whichshe finds adorable. Mahiru admits that she never celebrates her birthday becauseshe doesn't accept gifts from strangers. She explains that she accepts his giftbecause Amane isn’t a stranger to her..

The next morning, Amane's mother unexpectedlypays him a visit to his apartment, where she notices that it is clean. When she notices thedishes for two, she goes into his bedroom and discovers a cute Mahiru sleeping beside hisbed. As a result, his mother believes they are in a relationship, in which he hashis mother's full support. Soon after, Mahiru awakens from her sleep, and she nervouslyinforms his mother that they are just friends. However, she refuses to believe them. After sheleaves, Mahiru tells Amane that his mother is a kind and cheerful mother, and she reveals that herown parents never called her by her first name. So they decide to call each other bytheir first names only in private. She then returns his spare key to his house, buthe asks her to keep it because he trusts her..

When Mahiru receives first place in the schoolexams, Amane surprises her by giving her a cake to celebrate. Mahiru then enjoys eating her cake,which she later feeds him, and they both end up feeding each other bites of cake but quicklyrealize that it is embarrassing. Amane decides to cook his lunch for himself today, so Mahiruassists him by supervising him while he cooks. So he starts making scrambled eggs, and Mahirutries his cooking, which turns out to be bland. Mahiru is relieved that hestill needs her to cook for him. Meanwhile, Itsuki and Chitose try to convinceAmane to host a Christmas Eve party at his apartment. Mahiru, on the other hand, decidesto spend her time alone in his apartment until the party is over, but asks Amane to teachher how to play video games on Christmas Day..

When Chitose and Itsuki arrive at Amane'shouse, they notice snow falling on the balcony and decide to watch it from there.They are shocked to see Mahiru doing the same thing on her own balcony next door, andthey discover that Mahiru is Amane's neighbor. As a result, Amane and Mahiru explain theirliving situation to Itsuki and Chitose, who still don't trust Amane because he has no feelingsfor Mahiru, but they promise not to reveal their secret. Itsuki and Chitose also introducethemselves to Mahiru as they become friends. After the party, Amane and Mahiru are having beefstew for dinner, which she reveals she learned to make from the woman who looks after her.As they are planning to play video games on Christmas, he teaches her how toplay, which they both find embarrassing..

When Mahiru completes the game, Amane gives hera Christmas present, which she opens to reveal a pretty key case in which she can keep her sparekey. She then unexpectedly removes Amane's bangs from his face and discovers that he is actuallyquite attractive. He does the same thing to her and notices how beautiful she is. Because theyare both panicking, Mahiru gives him a warm scarf. When Mahiru walks out to the balcony, she suddenlysneezes, and Amane quickly wraps her in a coat to keep her warm. They are also grateful for knowingeach other while enjoying gazing at the stars. Mahiru develops a fever the next day, so Amaneasks her to rest on his bed while he takes care of her. Because she refuses to rest, Amane cradlesher in his arms and carries her to his bed. While she is resting, he unexpectedlyholds her hands until she falls asleep..

After feeling a little better, Mahiru tellshim that nobody has ever looked after her like this before because her housekeeperalways went home at the end of the day. As a result, she always feelsalone when she is sick at night. Hearing her story, Amane promises toaccompany her until she is fully recovered. While holding her hand as she sleeps, he'sangry at himself for falling in love with her. As the year passes, they bothsend New Year's greetings. Suddenly, Amane's parents arrange to visit himon New Year's Day, and Mahiru falls asleep in his arms before he can tell her the news, forcing himto put her in his bed while he sleeps on the sofa. The next morning, Mahiru isn't awake yet, soAmane tries to wake her up by touching her cheeks..

When she begins to awaken, she issurprised to see him and finds it embarrassing that he is touchingher cheeks while she is sleeping. Soon after, Amane's parents arrive at hisapartment, and they decide to invite them to the shrine. Amane is still concerned thattheir schoolmates will notice them together, so his mother dresses Mahiru in a cute traditionalyukata, which he admires for its beauty. Mahiru, on the other hand, compliments him on hismaturity. On their way to the temple, Mahiru tells him that she is not used to wearing yukata, soMahiru holds Amane's arm to keep her from falling. After they finish praying, Amane's parents decideto return home because they have work to do. Amane promises to visit them in thesummer and brings Mahiru with him..

The next day at school, Amane hears a rumor aboutMahiru visiting a shrine with a secret boyfriend, whom no one knows is Amane. As a result, Amanetries to warn her that being seen with him is bad for her. Tired of hearing his low opinion ofhimself, she scolds him and lists all the things she likes about him. Hearing her confess, Amaneis surprised that Mahiru has such a positive impression of him. As she is embarrassed by herown words, she covers her face with a pillow. As Valentine's Day approaches, Chitose asks Amanefor advice on chocolate gifts. She also reveals that she intends to give him chocolate, despitethe fact that he isn't a big fan of sweets. Mahiru, on the other hand, only giveschocolate to the female students in her class. The following day, Amane notices his popularclassmate, Yuta, receiving a lot of chocolates.

From many girls, so he approaches him andlends him his plastic bag to carry them all. When Amane returns home, Mahiru makes him a hotchocolate, which he clearly enjoys it. He soon notices her attempting to make hot chocolate forValentine's Day, which embarrasses her and decides to return home quickly. When he tries to close thedoor, he discovers a paper bag from her containing handmade chocolate for him. Yuta returns Amane’splastic bag, causing some gossip between them. After school, Amane decides to give Mahiru aWhite Day gift in exchange for the chocolate she has made, despite the fact thatMahiru insists she doesn't need it. Then Mahiru asks about his birthday, whichirritates her because he doesn't tell her despite the fact that they already knew eachother at the time. So she makes sure that they.

Get to celebrate it this year, which Amaneinterprets as a promise to remain together. After a month, Amane gives her a cute flowerbracelet and a “do whatever you want” coupon for White's Day. Mahiru immediately redeems hercoupon, requesting that he place the bracelet on her hand. When Amane puts it on, he issurprised to see how cute she looks in it. Amane is having difficulty suppressing hisemotions, and Itsuki correctly concludes that his fear of rejection is holding him back.Mahiru has been waiting for Amane to return home. When he accidentally touches her hand whilelooking for his bracelet, he forgets that she dislikes being touched, but she revealsthat she doesn't mind if Amane does it. So he rushes to his room, worried thatMahiru is acting like a young wife.

Itsuki fights with his father about Chitose, sohe plans to stay at least three days at Amane’s place. Mahiru cooks them dinner as well, andItsuki finds him very lucky to eat her cooking. When they are both about to go to sleep, Itsukifails to get Amane to confess his feelings about Mahiru. After Chitose finds out that Itsukigets to eat Mahiru's cooking, she decides to try Mahiru's cooking and stay over at Mahiru'sapartment. So they are having omurice for dinner, for which they approve of Mahiru’s deliciouscooking. When Amane finishes taking a bath, Chitose suddenly sends him a photo in whichMahiru is sleeping with his teddy bear. The next day, Itsuki and Chitose finally leavetheir apartment, and Amane reveals that he saw a picture of her with his teddy bear, which shecares for and treasures it. When Amane decides.

To return to his apartment, he notices Mahiruis being visited by a woman who turns out to be Mahiru's mother. She informs her that she willnot return after Mahiru graduates from university. After she has left, Amane approaches herand invites her to stay at his apartment. So she begins to tell him about her family'ssituation, in which her parents married for business reasons and Mahiru was born by accident.Since then, she has rarely seen her parents return home, so she has been raised by her housekeeper.No matter how hard she tried to do well in school, they still ignored her. Her parents will divorceshortly after she graduates from university. She became numb when her mother told her she wasan unwanted child and ended up sitting on a swing in the rain. Amane is surprised to hear her story,so she covers her head and lets her cry on him,.

Comforting and reassuring her until she feelsbetter. Because they are embarrassed to be hugging for so long, they decide to go fora walk, confirming their need for each other while cuddling under the cherry blossom trees.As the new semester begins, Amane finds himself in the same class as Mahiru. Yuta walks overto his desk, and they start talking a lot. Meanwhile, Mahiru notices Amane's hair is verysoft to the touch and invites him to sleep on her lap while she strokes his hair. He realizes she isworried about him, and he falls asleep on her lap. After he awakens, Mahiru makes it clear that heis the only one who can see this side of her. After returning from the arcade, Amane wins alot of stuffed animals for Mahiru, who adores them all. Because he is always giving her things,she asks him if he would like anything in return..

Amane asks her to make him a pudding, which shepromises will be the most delicious pudding ever. Despite her dissatisfaction with his choice,she later becomes embarrassed when he insists that her cooking is the highlight of his day.The next day, Yuta asks Amane and Itsuki if he can join them for lunch, which they actually don'tmind. Mahiru is envious of his ability to speak to Amane in public, so she starts interacting withhim at school and ends with a cooking project with Itsuki and Chitose. As they cook togetherwith their team, Chitose teases Mahiru and Amane like newlyweds. When everything is ready,they decide to plate their dishes. Meanwhile, the other students are messing around in thekitchen, almost burning Mahiru with hot soup, but Amane saves her from being scalded. While Amanescolds his friends for their misbehavior, Mahiru.

Notices him holding her in public, causing jealouslooks from many people. Since then, she has hoped to become even closer to Amane in class, as hehas promised not to abandon his “friend” alone. Amane and Mahiru will soon have a week offfrom school, and Mahiru is unsure how she will spend her time. So she takes out hercoupon and asks him to go out with her. Amane agrees to Mahiru's request and plansto visit the cat café, shopping, and arcade. Before they enjoy their school break,Mahiru gives Chitose a cooking lesson. While they are cooking at his apartment,Amane becomes sleepy and falls asleep. After Chitose leaves, Mahiru confesses to himthat she squished his cheeks asleep while he is sleeping. Because she had so much fun squishinghis cheeks, he tries to squish back to her..

As they prepare for their day out, Amane issurprised to see a cute Mahiru dress up and style her hair differently. Before they visitthe café, he offers his hand to hold her hand. When they arrive, Amane observes thatMahiru is similar to the cat in that she was once unfriendly to him butis now more affectionate toward him. They then go shopping, where Amane findsa cute dress and asks her to try it on. While she is trying, Amane is approached bytwo girls who ask him to go out with them. Mahiru appears unexpectedly, grabs his arm,and walks away from the girls. At the arcade, Mahiru wins a stuffed cat and decides togive it to him because he likes the cat. When Amane wants to pat her head, they areunexpectedly approached by Yuta who quickly.

Concludes what is going on. So they explain thesituation to him and ask him to keep it a secret. Amane makes another negative comment abouthimself, causing Mahiru to scold him and encourage him to have more confidence in himself.The next day, Yuta tells Amane that girls don't stay with guys they don't like unlessthey feel completely comfortable with him. So he asks him directly if he likes Mahiru, whichleaves him speechless. When Amane returns home, he finds Mahiru hiding his childhood photo, whichhis mother had emailed to her. Amane tries to take Mahiru's phone from her, but Mahiru pushes him,causing him to fall on top of her and almost kiss her. Instead of kissing her, he pinches her cheek.So she unlocks her phone and hands it over to him, while Mahiru secretly looks disappointed.As Mother's Day approaches, Mahiru questions.

Amane about his decision to live alone ratherthan with his parents. He finally tells her that when he was in middle school, he hadthree friends who manipulated him for money. He couldn't trust anyone after that, so he lefthis hometown. Hearing that, Mahiru wants him to rely on her, and she will understandhis sadness and try to support him more. At the class, Mahiru is approached by herclassmates, who question her about walking with a guy at the mall. So Mahiru confirms to them thatshe goes out with the most important person in her life, which surprises Amane. Later, she emphasizesto him that she has no feelings for her parents and that all she has are her friends, of whichAmane is the most cherished. Soon after, Amane dreams of sleeping over with Mahiru, which causeshim to act strangely toward her. Because Amane's.

Cold behavior is upsetting her, he tells her abouthis embarrassing dream, which she finds hilarious. As the exam approaches, Mahiru challenges Amanethat if he finishes in the top ten, she will do anything he asks. So he asks her to let him lieon her lap again, as he has done previously. Soon after, they come to Amane’s apartment to doa group study, which they enjoy doing together. When their friends return home, Mahirureveals that she loves taking care of him. Hearing the word “love” makeshim unable to handle her words. In the end, Amane comes in sixth place in theexams. He insists that she deserves a reward for coming in first, but she refuses becauseshe wants something that he cannot provide. As a promise to him, she asks her to placehis head in her lap while she cleans his ears..

After she's finished cleaning, she beginsstroking his hair as he falls asleep. When Amane awakens, he discovers that she hasfallen asleep as well. So he tries to wake her up, but she is sound asleep, forcing himto carry her back to her apartment. Because Mahiru is half asleep, sheasks Amane to sleep beside her, but he refuses and instead gives her a teddybear. The next morning, Amane returns her apartment key and tells Mahiru about last night'sincident, which makes her extremely embarrassed. As summer approaches, Mahiru shows him her summeruniform, but Amane advises her not to wear it without tights. She then admits that she's gladto show him her summer uniform before anyone else, which makes him blush. While Amane and Yutaare assisting Mahiru with their teacher's work,.

They overhear the girls gossiping aboutMahiru for being flirtatious with the boys. After hearing them, Amane is upset, but sheaccepts it as a natural reaction to her famous personality. She's also sick of trying to pleaseeveryone and prefers to be herself, which Amane thinks is a good thing. She also finds it cutethat he is quite possessive of the real her. Because she is constantly attempting to seducehim, Amane threatens to silence her with a kiss if she continues to tease him. Mahiru unexpectedlypulls him in and kisses him on the cheek. She then flees, leaving him speechless after the kiss.At school, they become awkward with each other, which makes Itsuki concerned that theyare fighting. As they return home, Amane and Mahiru discuss yesterday's kiss,which they both agree was meaningless..

They then talk about Sports Day, where theywill compete in a scavenger hunt. While they are talking, Amane spoons his ice cream to her,and she opens her mouth to enjoy the sweetness. Before the competition begins, Chitose informs himthat she is the organizer of the scavenger hunt. So she secretly arranges the game inorder for Amane and Mahiru to be together. Despite being on different teams, they joinhands and work together to reach the finish line. As they arrive, Chitose reveals that Amane mustfind “someone he thinks beautiful,” while Mahiru must find “someone she thinks is special to her.”As a result, everyone is stunned, including Amane. After the competition, the boys approach himand scold him for being so close to their angel. Amane, on the other hand, is uninterested intheir angel because he is only interested in.

Mahiru Shiina. Mahiru soon enters the classroomand chastises them for their rude behavior toward Amane. She also tells them that she admires hisgentle personality, and the boys apologize to him. While Amane is struggling to find theright words for her, Mahiru enters his apartment and sits right next to him, where sheapologizes for causing him trouble at school. Amane, on the other hand, apologizes for beinga coward and pretends to ignore her feelings. He then makes a sudden move and expresses his lovefor her, which he never expected to be able to do. He also promises her that he will rise toher level and become a better man for her. Finally, Amane asks Mahiru to be his girlfriend,which she happily accepts and hugs him. That’s a wrap. Thank you for watching!!.

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