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The story begins in Japan, where a typical officeworker is just as ordinary as everyone else. On his way home from work, he is involved in a fatalcar accident that ends his life forever. Skip to another timeline, and the guy reincarnates inanother world. This anime is called Kenja no Mago, or Wise Man's Grandchild. The storyresumes when he is eight years old and his name is Shin Wolford. He livesin the forest with his grandfather and has few memories of his previous life. Shin isan exceptional user of magic; his grandfather, Merlin Wolford, saved him when his family wasattacked by demons. He is also competent at magic control and is responsible for teachingShin magic. This is his grandmother, Melinda, and his friend's uncle, Michelle. They frequentlyvisit his residence and genuinely adore Shin. In.

Addition to teaching Shin ancient magic andstrategy, they are occasionally surprised by his talent. When he is 10 years old and huntingdemons in the forest with his grandfather, he learns and casts the spell to navigate demonizedgreat visibility in a single attempt. He quickly approaches the demon and uses both hisskill and vibration sword to subdue it. Merlin is aware that Shin's family was slaughteredby a demon many years ago. When they return home, Merlin informs Michelle and Melinda of Shin'sexceptional skill as a 10-year-old. They appear accustomed to consistently being surprisedby Shin. One day, Merlin explains to Shin how he was discovered. Eventually, he realizesthat Merlin is not his biological grandfather, but this has never bothered him. Killingthe bear can be viewed as his final act of.

Vengeance for his family, which is currentlyrepresented by those closest to him. In the present, it is Shin's 15th birthday,and a number of Merlin and Melinda's royal friends from the capital come tocelebrate with him. Everyone tells Shin, who is now a handsome young adult, whathe must do to become an independent man. Shin has never gone shopping or handled moneybecause Merlin has only taught him magic and neglected to teach him how to live a normal life.Later, he teleports everyone to a vast land using an advanced magic spell, where he spends themajority of his time practicing magic. As he considers, he begins to demonstrate his magic andeffortlessly destroys three large mountains with a standard magic spell. Melinda is angry with Merlinbecause he did not teach Shin how to control his.

Power. Uncle Dis informs everyone that Shin'spower will alter the balance of the entire world, and that other nations will attempt to obtainhim at any cost, using him as their political pond. In addition to recommending thatShin enroll in his advanced magic academy, he guarantees that he will never use Shin formilitary purposes and will regard Shin as his grandson. This is also an excellent opportunityfor Shin to make friends and enjoy his life. Shin realizes at that moment that his uncle is theking of the Kingdom of Earlsheid. His older sister Chris is a member of the royal guard army,his older brother Sieg is a court magician, and his uncle Michelle is the order's knightcommander. Due to the fact that they were almost killed by a demon here in the past, this locationis frequented by all. The appearance of Merlin and.

Melinda saved the entire kingdom and destroyedthe demons. Everyone in the country reveres and respects the couple, and he is surprised to learnthat they are a divorced couple. A few days later, Shin arrives at the royal capital with Merlinand Melinda. When the guard sees their passport, he cheers and everyone becomes excited as if theyare meeting their idol. The king has prepared a lavish hotel with numerous maids for them.Shin decides to take a short stroll to learn more about this location. He becomes disorientedand ends up in an alley, where he sees two girls being harassed by thugs. He interrupts them andis on the verge of being attacked. Despite their weapons, Shin knocks all of them down in less thana second. Shin arrives to speak with the girls and discovers he has met the love of his life. Theythen have a brief conversation in a café. Shin.

Discovers that the girls' names are Maria andSicily, and that they have also applied to the advanced magic academy. Sicily seems to have acrush on Shin as they bid each other farewell. On the day of the entrance exam, Shin gets intotrouble with Kurt, an earl. Shin teaches him a lesson, while Kurt uses his royal heritage tosubdue Shin. August, the prince of earlsheid, arrived to frighten Kurt away, leaving theroyal earl furious. August and Shin become close companions. The exam begins with a writingtest and a practical test, and Shin is ecstatic to observe the other students' performances. Theyare not actually strong, but they are so proud. The examiner has heard of Shin's ability, soshe instructs him to control his strength. Shin creates a blue flame without utteringthe spell, much to the surprise of the other.

Characters. Shin nearly detonates the entire roomdespite his best efforts to contain his power. On the day that passing scores are posted,Shin has the highest score; he, August, Maria, and Sicily are admitted to S-class. Meanwhile,the fact that Kurt is an A-class irritates him greatly. Shin removes the spell from theschool uniform, writes his own spell on it, and inadvertently turns it into a national treasure.His grandmother instructs him not to tell anyone about this. On his first day as valedictorian,Shin gives a speech on behalf of the freshman class. It is now common knowledge that he isthe grandson of Merlin and Melinda. In the S-classroom, there are some classmates who willbecome his great team in the future. Currently, Sicily is having problems with Kurt, the man whokeeps following her. Given that his father is.

The superior of Sicily's father, he assumes thatshe is his fiancée, but Sicily rejects the idea. August arrives once more to save the day,leaving the remainder to Shin. The following day, Shin drives Sicily to school and back home.The relationship between the two grows stronger every day. In the meantime, Kurt and hisfather are embroiled in a tense situation; his father cannot tolerate his son's behavior andconfines him to his room. There is a rumor that Kurt used to be a typical student until he met aprofessor named Schtrom, who allegedly altered his behavior. This lecturer is also a magician, butsomething about him is suspicious. Kurt's family requested Schtrom's assistance once more, andthis time he casts a dark spell on Kurt. That afternoon, while walking with his friends, Shindetects the presence of Kurt's evil magic. He.

Fires a large ball of fire at Shin and theothers, but Shin is unable to stop it due to its suddenness; he nonetheless attempts tosave everyone. Shin's wounds heal rapidly, and he warns others to stay away. August isaware that remaining there will only cause Shin more trouble, so he and the girls hideaway from the conflict. Kurt is possessed, and he continues to attack Shin, but Shinis able to defend himself. During combat, he considers how to save Kurt from the evil spell.Eventually, however, Kurt concentrates all of his dark magic to transform himself into a bomb andattempt to detonate the entire school. Shin has no other option, so he uses a magical sword toquickly kill Kurt. The fight concludes, and with it, Kurt's life. Shin feels terrible guilt forcommitting his first murder. Shin's use of bare.

Hands to defeat the Demonoid surprises everyone.They attempt to comfort him, as Kurt initiated everything. Schtrom's experiment with demonizingKurt, it appears, is a failure. Shin also notices something peculiar about the situation: when theyreturn to the hotel, the king is already there to present him with a bravery medal. The followingday, the news of the young hero's victory over the Demon spreads throughout the city. Shinis now regarded as an idol by everyone. After Shin was presented with a medal by KingDis for destroying Kurt, Merlin is angered due to Shin is involved in politics but accepts it asnecessary. Because of Shin's notoriety, his tutors are required to test students who wish to joinhis study group in order to maintain a manageable size. King Dis explains to his council Shin'stheory regarding the artificiality of Kurt. Mark,.

The son of a blacksmith, and Olivia, the daughterof a restaurant owner, were able to join Shin's group. Shin requests that Mark upgrade his swordto accommodate his enhancements. The security bureau investigates Schtrom, who regrets Kurt'spassing. Once he arrives at the castle, however, the investigators reveal that Kurt's name hasnever been made public. Exposed, Schtrom destroys a portion of the castle, and Shin challenges himto a duel in which Schtrom's mask is destroyed, revealing that he is not blind but has Demonoideyes. Shin casts a heat ray spell so intense that it transforms the sand floor into glass,leaving him uncertain as to whether or not Schtrom perished or escaped. The counsel of King Discongratulates him on his victory, but despite his attempts to explain his heat race spell, they haveno idea what he is talking about. It is revealed.

That Schtrom escaped and survived. Melinda isconcerned that Shin and Sicily have not yet formed a romantic relationship. Shin is concernedthat Schtrom is still alive, so August commissions Mark's father to create a new sword. The kingof Bluesphere learns from his spy, Zest, that Earlshied is plagued by demons and planning aninvasion. Shin decides to buy Sicily a ring, which flummoxes her until he reveals that it is for asecond defense enchantment. Shin decides to assist his friends in leveling up, despite the factthat they lack the scientific knowledge required to cast his spells. Schtrom and his subordinateMiria are seen manipulating the king of Bluesphere in secret. Merlin explains that it is possible tolearn Shin's spells, demonstrating how he can use Shin's teleportation spell, which inspires Shin'sfriends. Shin collects his new sword, which has a.

Detachable blade, making it simpler to replace ifit breaks. August wonders if the military can use the design to save money, especially with theimpending war against Bluesphere. Shin decides to join the war if necessary to protect hisfamily and friends, despite King Dis's promise. Earlshied is able to defeat Bluesphere's army,after which Schtrom arrives to assassinate the king and destroy Bluesphere, sending a messageto King Dis' council. Schtrom destroys Bluesphere and transforms a dozen of its most powerfulmagicians into Demonoids. King Dis decrees that academy students must train alongside nightmilitary institute students, which angers everyone because knight students are notorious bullies.Shin, August, Sicily, and Maria form a team. Kreis, Miranda, Neun, and Kent are four sucharrogant knights. August, disgusted by the.

Knights' behavior, orders Shin to let the knightsfight demons without them. Shin discovers that his brother and sister serve as the team's advisors.Siegfried and Christina. Shin saves the knights by severing the boar's head with a single blowafter they encounter a boar demon. The knights realize how much they still have to learn andthe significance of a magician's assistance. Sicily heals their wounds, causing Shin, Maria,and Miranda to feel envious. Shin, irritated, casts a spell that causes a massive explosionthat destroys all 100 demons that attack him. Impressed, Miranda apologizes for being so enviousof Shin's abilities, and then apologizes to Sicily for insulting her boyfriend, causing Shin andSicily, who insist they are not yet dating, to experience extreme embarrassment. The knights andmagicians begin to learn how to fight together,.

Whereas the other magician knight teams do not getalong. Shin feels remorse after learning that a study club he taught some of his spells to willbe forced to form a special team under August's command and will be monitored by the kingdom forthe rest of their lives. The entire club, however, is pleased, as they view it as recognitionof their abilities and a career guarantee. A few days later, August informs them that themajority of Bluesphere has been annihilated and that even more Demonoids have been createdfrom their populace. Shin decides to put the club members through a training camp during thesummer break, with Sicily offering the use of a hot spring owned by her family. Merlin and Melindainsist on coming along as chaperones because they do not trust boys and girls alone. Even Sicily'sfamily servants at the resort tease her about her.

Future relationship with Shin. Shin then succeedsin making his explosion spell even more potent, earning a reprimand from Melinda for hisimprudence. August and Shin arrive at August's residence to find his enraged fiancée Elizabethand her younger sister May. August did not extend an invitation for them to meet Melinda, yet theyinsist on attending the training camp. Elizabeth admits that she has an ulterior motive, which isto prevent Shin from stealing August's affections, given that Shin is all August talks about. Augustwarns Shin that if he does not confess to Sicily quickly, she may end up with another man. Later,when Sicily expresses a desire to have children with Shin, Shin realizes that August is correctand confesses his love to Sicily, who reciprocates his feelings and becomes his girlfriend. When theydiscover that all their friends, Merlin, Melinda,.

And Sicily's servants were spying on them,their first kiss is ruined. The following day, Shin insists on beach training as an excuseto play magician's volleyball. Everyone is reminiscing about their childhoods late at night,but when Melinda comes in to tell them to sleep, they all hide. Shin leaps into Sicily's bedinadvertently while attempting to hide; her cries alert Melinda that everyone is still awake, soshe lectures them harshly. Shin informs Cecil and Irene, the parents of Sicily, that he and Sicilyare dating. Cecil is ecstatic, but Irene warns him that Sicily's status as the daughter of a viscountcomes with responsibilities, so Shin agrees to become Sicily's fiancé. Merlin invites Elizabethand May to Shin's training; Elizabeth admits she is unable to use magic, while May demonstratespromise. The demons of Schtrom attack merchant.

Caravans, disrupting the nation's food supply.Shin invents a spell that enables him to fly, but his explanation is once again misunderstood.Melinda and Merlin inform the parents of Sicily that Shin is not their biological grandson.However, Cecil and Irene reassure them that they accept Shin based on his personality and nothis bloodline. Shin creates additional national treasure clothing to protect the club's membersduring the next demon hunt. As May feels left out, he creates a magical device to allow herto communicate with them during the hunt, infuriating Melinda by creating yet anotherdevice that alters society. Shin allows the club members to fight, demonstrating that theyare now strong enough to kill demons without his assistance. Shin and Sicily attend a partyto announce their engagement; however, despite.

Having completed the formal engagement process,Shin waits until after the party to ask Sicily to marry him privately with an engagement ring.Schtrom completes his destruction of the empire by destroying the commoners responsible for thedeaths of the nobility. Schtrom declares that he has achieved his objective and no longer requiresan army, so he sets the demonoids free following the destruction of the empire. Miria questions hishatred of the empire, so Schtrom explains that he was a lord of the empire, but he disagreed withthe empire's practice of keeping slaves and worked to improve the lives of commoners as much aspossible. The other lords despised him because the majority of their workforce migrated to Schtrom'slands, reducing their tax revenues. Therefore, King Herald framed Schtrom for kidnapping andselling commoners living on his land. Schtrom's.

Wife, Arya, and their unborn child were killedwhen Schtrom's house was torched by enraged commoners. Schtrom, fueled by grief, destroyedhimself and vowed to destroy the Bluesphere empire. Having attained his objective, Schtrom isnow without purpose. Schtrom sends his subordinate Lawrence to persuade the demonoids to attackthe neighboring Swedish kingdom of Earlshied in an effort to draw Shin into a battle and provideSchtrom with the new objective of destroying Shin. At a ceremony honoring August as the officialheir to the disease, news of the attack on Swedes reaches them. Shin declares that he is renamingthe club the ultimate magicians prior to their departure for Sweden. Shin and the most powerfulmagicians arrive in Sweden within minutes, rather than days, and begin slaughtering thestunned demonoids. whereas August gives a.

Speech rallying citizens and soldiers of Sweden.During the conflict, the magicians discover that all the demonoids are commoners of the demolishedBluesphere empire, that they retain their sanity, and that they all despise the nobility. WhileSicily tends to the injured, Lawrence secretly observes Shin and is astounded by his magicalabilities. he is beginning to believe that he has no weaknesses that Drum can exploit. August andMaria confront Fabro, the leader of the demonoids, and eventually defeat him despite his use of magicitems stolen from Swedish soldiers. With over a hundred demonoids dead, Lawrence is astoundednot only by Shin's strength, but also by the strength of the supreme magicians. Zest pondersnearby whether he should reconsider manipulating Schtrom into fighting Shin, uncertain whetherSchtrom will survive. Zest requests Miria's.

Help to save Lawrence and as many demonoids aspossible. Lawrence and the demonoids retreat while Miria acts as a diversion. Shin fails to heala man's wounds, but Shin invents a multi-step healing spell that saves the man's life, leavingAugust to wonder how powerful Shin will become. August requests that the Swedes and Earlshied forman alliance in the event that either kingdom is attacked. August and Shin decide to travel toas many kingdoms as possible to form alliances and enable Shin to teleport to any kingdom thatis under attack. He intends to seek alliances with other kingdoms. Shin is instructed byMerlin and Melinda to ensure August's safety on his journey. Elizabeth and May insist onjoining them, as do all master magicians. Schtrom is irritated that his subordinateslost to Shin, but he asks Maria to keep him.

Apprised of their success in conceiving a child.Schtrom is uncertain whether he should be happy or fearful about his decision to defeat Shin as hisnew objective. As Shin and the magician depart for the next kingdom, Merlin and Melinda realizethat they can finally unwind, only for Shin and the magician to teleport back. revealing theirintention to teleport back each night in order to save money on renting rooms for fourteenpeople. A second season is required for this anime. Now that this anime has concluded, we canonly hope that the sequel will be released soon.

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