Lonely Gamer Will get Tricked By Girl To Entered A Unusual World

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Smoke fills the night as a dragon breathesfire around its surroundings. Canons blasts towards the dragon, only to miss every singleshot. The dragon swiftly lands on the ground and echoes its roar. Only one man standsbefore this dragon and utter destruction. He’s been waiting for this day: the day manand dragon settle their years-old score. The man manages to deceive the dragon by fakinghis position. Now, he’ll most definitely win. He draws in his ultimate technique: World EndUltimatum Spreading Three-Bar Charge Attack. But his unnecessary talking allows the dragon topick up his scent. What seemed like a sure win quickly turned into an inevitable defeatas the dragon knocked him to the ground. The man struggles to get back on his feet,complaining that the dragon shouldn’t be able.

To attack amid his move. But the dragon doesn’tcare at all. It charges toward the limping man, quickly slamming him face-first to the wall, just like how one would swat a fly ormosquito. The man’s rendered unconscious. Quest failed. Hokaze Kon lets out a frustrated cry, complainingabout the rigged gameplay. The dragons are too unpredictable and smart. Not to mention theirscary faces. He’s uber-annoyed about losing again. He’s in the middle of a mini-mental breakdownwhen he hears a notification from his game. Surprised to see a female characternamed Flora, Kon turns on his voice chat, making his character jump back upto entertain this mysterious woman.

The two exchange pleasantries, and it’s obviousthat Kon’s a bit shy. Flora chuckles as she calls Kon’s embarrassment “cute.” With a singlecompliment, Kon’s already smitten with her. Flora brings her body near Kon’s face as she asks forhis help. You shouldn’t be talking to strangers or agreeing to help them, no matter how cute theyare. Correction, especially when they’re cute. But Kon’s a virgo intacta. So it’s onlyunderstandable that he easily falls for this. He boasts of his “strong sense ofresponsibility” and how he’s also the same in the real world in many ways. Flora’s gladto hear this and then brings up needing help, emphasizing how she needs it inthe real world and not in-game. Blushing, Flora continues her explanation,“I’ve looked for a long time for somebody.

Kind and strong like you.” More like gullible.Kon’s nostrils begin flaring up as he gets more and more excited about his love prospect.After telling Flora he’s glad he also met her, Kon receives an even more flirtyresponse. Flora promises to give him something “very” important to her.One can tell what she’s hinting at. Thinking he’s already in the love zone,Kon only needs to forge ahead. He grabs Flora by the shoulders and makes her facehim, saying, “I’ll do anything I can.” Hook, line, and sinker. As Flora thanks the oblivious Kon, herambles about meeting up ASAP. Flora only assures the lovestruck gamer notto worry since they’ll surely see each.

Other soon. And just like that, Kon’spulled toward the depths of the world. Meanwhile, in the land of Mira, a carriage isspeeding off a deserted land. They need to hurry and reach the forest before the enemy catchesthem. But what’s a carriage in comparison to armored tanks? Nothing. The tank zeroes in onthe carriage, sending it crashing and breaking down. The carriage’s passengers have no choicebut to face off against the soldiers emerging from the tank. Sainglain, a veteran swordsmanand commander, leads his small group of men as they prepare for battle. No matter whatit takes, he has to protect the princess. Variation, the man leading the opposing side,commands his troop to charge at Sainglain’s crew. Sainglain thwarts the opponents' attackswhile Mariandale, the princess’s maid,.

Keeps the little royal by her side. It’snot looking good for the trio, though, as they are outnumbered. With the last allyfalling to the ground, the trio is now surrounded. Aware of the group’s identities, Variationorders Sainglain to hand over the princess. Out of respect for Sainglain’s name, Variationwon’t kill him if he obliges. But this is nothing but a great insult for Sainglain. He’llnever give up and forget his duty even if he’s the last man standing. Left withno choice, Variation draws out his sword, ready to eliminate Sainglain or whoeverstops him from fulfilling his objective. The two men prepare to engage until they hearscreaming from the sky. As Variation looks up, he sees something falling from up above.Whatever it is, there’s no way he’ll be.

Able to dodge it. This unidentified fallingobject’s none other than Kon, in his game chair and still wearing his headphones. Helands directly on Variation’s idling body, squashing him to the ground. Kon’schair’s in impeccable condition, though. Seeing an opportunity to escape, Sainglainhurriedly hoists Mariandale and the princess unto the horse. As they ride away from the scene, theprincess orders him to take Kon as well. Sainglain quickly steers the animal towards Kon’s position,lassoing him in his chair as they all escape. The soldiers can’t make a hot pursuit when theirleader, Variation.. is uhm.. left immovable. Somewhere in the forest, Kon and the princess’screw regroup. Kon finds himself at an awkward standstill as they stare at him. They bombardhim so much with questions that he can no longer.

Keep up. Let Kon breathe a little, guys.The man only wanted to find a girlfriend, but now he’s in an unknown world,caught in someone else’s battle. Refusing to answer any of theirquestions, Kon feels like he’s the one who should be getting answersinstead. When he asks where they are, Sainglain graciously informs him they’rejust outside St. Piria. At first, Kon only nods this off but then startsthumping and thrashing as he doesn’t know a single place in Tokyo with that name. To puthis mind at ease, he supposes he’s in a dream. But the princess isn’t having Kon’s littlemeltdown right now. She casually approaches him and gives him a whooping uppercut. How’s thatfor a dream, huh? Kon rushes back up to lay one on.

The princess but stops his attack when comingface-to-face with Sainglain’s gigantic sword. Sainglain introduces the bratty kid– the 36th Princess of St. Piria, Ecarlate Juptris St. Piria. Althoughshocked by the information, Kon could hardly believe such a kid would be a princess.Sainglain, still in battle mode, warns Kon not to throw casual insults at the princess,or he won’t hold back on using his sword. Kon explains that a princess should be a beautifulgrown-up woman. Eerr, not a brat with a nasty tongue like Ecarlate. A princess should be someonelike Mariandale. He says he’s more interested in getting to know a pretty girl like Mariandale thana muscle head with a sword fetish and a bratty little twerp. Ecarlate, observing Kon’s actions,informs him that Mariandale is actually… a guy.

In a snap, Mariandale’s voice starts to soundmanlier, telling Kon to touch her if he wants. You know, to confirm. And so, Kon lets Mariandaleguide his hand under her skirt. He jumps out of pure disgust when he feels the danglingmale flesh. Now everything’s more messed up. Meanwhile, Variation reports back to theirbarracks. He meets his comrades and his superior, Erecyple Dukakis [Erek-si-pil], nicknamed Erec,who’s deeply disappointed with the whole fiasco. With an apologetic tone, Variation explainshow he only failed when a strangely-dressed man fell from the sky, catching him off guard.This piques the group’s interest. They seem to find Kon a worthy opponent, especially Erec,who looks forward to seeing Kon for himself. Back in the desert, Kon tags along withthe princess’s crew. They thank him for.

Saving their lives with his superhero-likeentrance and consider rewarding him. But that will have to wait. Mariandalesays they were heading towards the capital for the princess’s wedding with LordJugglaburk when the soldiers attacked them. Sainglain believes the assailants are a partof the militarist faction that opposes the union between the two royals. Kon’s awedto learn of this traditional royal union, asking if Ecarlate’s older than him. Judging byher looks, Kon guesses she’s only ten years old. But in truth, Ecarlate’s just eight years old,sending Kon into madness with this blatant crime. Serious mode activated. Kon asks the princessif she even knows what marriage means. But even Kon seems confused about its meaning. He tellsthe princess marriage would mean she’d have to.

Do this, that, and even that. Could someoneplease translate what this and that means? Shrugging off Kon’s this and thats,the princess says, “Oh, that.” “What do you mean, that?” Kon banters,highlighting the princess’ young age. Kon midway stops his rambling when herealizes he’s about to announce to the gang how he’s still a pure flower awaiting its properdeflowering. So that’s what this and that meant. Anyway, the princess ends Kon’s rambling by sayingshe’s fine with it, so Kon should just shoo away. Come to think of it, Kon has to look for a wayback home. Kon-man: No Way Home, now showing. 🙂 Because of all his yapping, Kon steps on a rock, yelping in pain. Knowing he only has socks on,Kon now knows what he wants as a reward: Shoes.

So, the four head to the nearest market to findKon some shoes. While walking through the busy streets, Sainglain tells them to keep an eye outsince the enemy is likely to attack them there. Moments later, they finally find a shoeshop. Kon’s stoked to see all the pairs of shoes on display. Since he can’t decide forhimself, a bright idea dawns on him. Ding, ding. You choose the most expensiveone. And Kon does exactly that, asking the shop owner to givehim the priciest pair he has. Kon ends up getting a pair of dragonesqueshoes with pointy horns, detailed scales, and sharp teeth for its sole. Ecarlatebluntly calls Kon’s taste lame. But he isn’t even bothered, saying it’snot the design that matters but.

How they feel on his feet. However,they don’t look very comfortable. Done with all the shopping, Mariandale asksSainglain where they’re heading next. The maid quickly notices Sainglain’s stiff posture,seemingly on high alert. Sainglain calmly tells her two men are following behind,probably awaiting reinforcement before they attack. They coolly talk as theywalk so as not to alert the pursuers. Sainglain quickly devises a plan. He informsKon to run into a nearby alley at the count of three. Of course, the two soldiers followthem into the alley, receiving a good beating from Sainglain and Mariandale. Sainglainseizes one of the soldiers’ swords and throws it at Kon. Despite not knowing howto wield one, Kon reluctantly takes it as.

Sainglain explains how he’ll need it to fighttheir enemies. And surprisingly, Mariandale appears ready as she takesout her pistols. Best girl?!? While the action continues, Erec and hiscrew observe the battle from the top of a cliff. However, Erec commandshis subordinates to stay put as he wants to go down and join theparty, taking his sword with him. At the ongoing battle, Sainglain andMariandale hold their own against the soldiers. Mariandale even jokes howSainglain owes her dinner for spotting his back. The soldiers now bring out thebig guns and blast missiles at the tandem. And where’s Kon, you ask? Well, he’s hidingin a pile of sacks with Ecarlate. Unlike the.

Composed princess, Kon’s straight up pissing hispants. Ecarlate explains how she trusts the two, knowing they swore to always protect her.Sainglain rushes towards the hiding place, pulling Ecarlate into his arms as he runs the otherway. Mariandale’s protecting them from behind. Meanwhile, Kon’s adrenaline rush hasn’t kicked inyet. He’s stumbling and falling behind the gang. They manage to seek refuge in anunderground tunnel. Heading east, the four stop in their tracks and observethe surroundings. They make it to the gate, but Sainglain feels something’s off.It’s too quiet. There’s not a single enemy guard at the city gates. To Kon,worrying about it won’t help them at all. They either walk towards the gates or returnto the middle of town, filled with soldiers.

Sainglain is still hesitant to movetoward the gates. To prove his point, Kon volunteers to make the first move and checkthe gates to be sure. As the coast is clear, Kon signals the three to emerge fromtheir hiding place. Though it’s risky, Mariandale agrees with Kon’s idea. They can’tkeep hiding there forever. It’s better to make a move now. As the three approach Kon, hemutters an apology for lying. The coast isn’t clear at all. Not when Erec stands at theentranceway, waiting for the group’s arrival. Leave it to Marian to becompletely crushing on Erec, though. He’s absolutely her type. Ereccommends the group for a splendid escape, but they can’t pull it off. Heknew exactly what they would do.

Kon, as clueless as ever, boasts that thefaction’s leader is obviously outnumbered. Three people are ready to fight a singleopponent, whereas Erec’s backup is nowhere to be found. Erec claims that the age whennumbers decide the outcome of a battle is over. He shows off his flashy sword, theAlma Gear, and already claims victory. All the mumbo jumbo Erec’s sayingconfuses Kon. Whatever Erec means to do, it’s not working on him. He’s about to throwmore shade at Erec when Sainglain interjects. He instructs Kon to take care of Ecarlateif something happens to him and Mariandale. With her loaded guns prepared, Mariandalesmilingly tells Kon that Erec’s THAT strong. The gamer, now a pseudo-warrior, isfrazzled with how things are going..

He doesn’t even know how to use a sword,nor does he want to die in an unknown world with his v-card intact. Moreover, he’d betotally upset if he had to kill somebody. “Then pray you don’t have to,” says Mariandale,who’s already beside Sainglain, ready to fire. Erec makes the first move and charges toward thegroup. But Sainglain quickly bolts before him, shouting at Marian to protect Ecarlate. Marian also tries her best to spot Erecwhile Sainglain keeps him busy. Erec wards off every bullet and handily swingshis sword at Sainglain. Though Sainglain counters Erec’s attack, he’s no match for a Hyperion.With one press at the sword’s trigger, a bright purple light glows from Erec’ssword. And just like that, Erec’s attack.

Becomes several times stronger, swiftly destroyingthe whole area with just one move. Sainglain and Marian are thrown off by Erec’s powerfulattack, rendering them unable to fight. Kon’s shocked to see both warriors defeated.Not just that, Erec only used one move. Kon has no other choice but to face thearrogant Erec. Without further delay, Erec asks Kon if he’s the sameperson who defeated his underling, Variation. But Kon’s too scared to evenrespond. Not that it matters to Erec. Erec charges at the trembling Kon, swiftlyshattering his sword. Everything goes slo-mo as Kon stares at Erec’s smirking face before fallingto the ground. “This is boring,” Erec says. He had hoped Kon would entertain him at least a little.Instead, he gets defeated by a single strike.

With no one standing in his way, Erec goes afterthe princess. She orders him not to come near her, even calling him insolent. However,the dignified man immediately bows and apologizes for the whole conundrum. Butthis is for the greater good, he says. Thank Heavens Kon’s still breathing! Hequickly stands up with his fighting spirit still intact. He’s not one to forgive a manwho makes any woman cry. Pack it up, Sanji! Although Erec doesn’t careabout Kon’s mini-speech, he admires the boy’s strong will. Asa result, he bestows Kon an impending honorable death using his ultimate attack. Erecswings his sword, which glows purple once again, and leaves himself completely open whileyapping about his ultimate technique.

Erec doesn’t know Kon’s a pro gamer, albeitalways dying and losing to dragons. At least he’s learned never to give the enemy anobvious opening. Kon charges towards Erec, who’s still shouting his ultimatemove. With his flashy dragon shoes, Kon kicks Erec right in the family jewels. Theshoe’s pointy horn directly hits the target and Erec shrieks in pain. The poor Hyperion falls tothe ground, completely balled in. No pun intended. Afterward, the four quickly escapefrom the town. Sainglain’s amazed that Kon managed to defeatsuch a strong enemy. Anyway, Kon not only made a ballsy move but also went tosteal Erec’s Alma Gear. Spoils of war, I guess. Now that they’ve lost their attackers, Sainglainasks about Kon’s plans. But before he can answer,.

Ecarlate immediately decides for him. Sheappoints him as her personal knight whether he likes it or not. But the hard-headedKon refuses to be anyone’s servant. This prompts Sainglain to whip out hissword, brazenly aiming it at Kon’s neck. When Ecarlate makes an officialorder, one must obey it, otherwise… Still, being called a servant doesn’t sitwell with Kon. While he thrashes and shouts, a mysterious blonde-hairedwoman observes the group. Episode 2 Meanwhile, at the Hyperion’s headquarters,Erec looks oh-so angelic while sleeping. He slowly gains consciousness and sees thathe’s in the faction’s hospital. He then.

Remembers what happened, especially the pointyshoe kick Kon landed on him. Coincidentally, the doctor comes in to givehim some really bad news. Unfortunately, he had to remove one ofErec’s precious orbs completely. Erec’s speechless. He can feel that one ballslowly disappearing into oblivion. Hey, at least he still has the otherone, right? With all his anger, Erec vows to avenge himself for themajor humiliation Kon has caused. Meanwhile, Kon stubbornly refuses to be employedby Ecarlate. He’s rambling about not signing any contract, so he still has the right to refuse.Ecarlate dumbly looks at the complainant, telling him he should just move on, especiallysince he’s eating good food right now.

Kon has a more pressing mission he has to dealwith anyway. He has to find a way to get back to his world. He just doesn’t have time todeal with the princess protection program. Mariandale asks Kon how he plans to go home.Be fore he can answer, Sainglain nonchalantly instructs him to stay with them for severalreasons. First, he doesn’t have the slightest idea of how to go back. Second, he has no resources tofund his journey. Lastly, he isn’t familiar with the current world. Simply put, splitting from themwould have to be the dumbest thing Kon could do. Even without Kon, the plan doesn’t change anyway.They’ll still head out for the capital. Sainglain believes moving in large numbers woulddraw unwanted attention, so it’s best to travel covertly with a small crew. As Mariandalewonders about the identity of their attackers,.

Ecarlate seems to be deep in thought whilestaring at the sword Kon left behind. At the Hyperion camp, Erec’s top-tier underlingsenthusiastically greet their leader. Gustave, the red-haired dude, expresses his happinessupon knowing Erec’s safe return. KT, the blonde, Variation, and the stoic Leon alsoexpress their worries for Erec. Erec becomes overwhelmed with his team’ssincerity. Everything goes extremely well, like a dramatic movie scene. Notuntil Gustave goes on to say, “Oh come on! No matter what happens,nothing would ever shake our balls!” Ooff, shots fired. The last word stirs Erec’srecovering dignity, worrying the oblivious KT. The mysterious Leon even says he knows Erecwouldn’t dare retreat after being “crushed.”.

Variation echoes everyone’s feelings, sayingthey’re all angry and will surely unleash their pent-up anger at some point. Withevery sentence coming out from his team, Erec’s growing increasingly anxious as he can’thelp but relate everything to his missing ball. As Erec frustratingly tries to calmhimself down by closing his eyes, the four underlings notice his leaning stature.But he quickly fixes his stance and calmly thanks everyone before leaving. As he walks away, it’sstill obvious that his balance isn’t right. Now, the underlings are all worriedif Erec’s lopsided. If Erec could perish from firsthand embarrassment,it would be now. Today. This moment. Meanwhile, Kon’s in town listening to musicwhile relaxing under a tree. If you look closely,.

He’s actually listening to the show’s OSTtheme song. He’s enjoying his alone time when Mariandale appears in frontof him. With nothing else to do, Kon agrees to accompany her to run an errand.Though he doesn’t seem to like roaming around, Marian enlightens him on how itcan be a learning experience. The two finally make it to Marian’serrand, a pigeon. A carrier pigeon, to be exact. It’s the main communicationmethod in this world. Though Kon knows that, what shocks him is its enormous size. It’sneedlessly huge! Marian is here to send a letter to update their comrades. The giantpigeon flies away as the scene pans to what looks like a pigeon farm. Even feedingthem seems like a huge task, Kon utters.

On the other hand, Erec reports to his superiorabout their mission. Using Alma’s communication system, which isn’t out in town yet, he informshis superior that they’re currently searching for Princess Ecarlate. He claims it’s just amatter of time before they locate her. Erec reassures his superior that they can completetheir task without fail. The superior reminds him of the importance of his team’s missionfor their faction to bring about the desired reality. Whatever this desired reality is,it doesn’t sound good for Kon and the rest. Upon leaving the communication center, Erechas an inner monologue about purposely keeping a secret from his superior. Remember, helost the Alma Gear to Kon. For some reason, Erec’s confident he’ll get it back soon. It’s notlike Kon can do anything with that weapon anyway.

Coincidentally, Sainglain isexperimenting with the sword, fully aware that it’s no ordinary weapon.But how do you awaken its power? Kon comments on how the sword looks waaay too expensiveto be ordinary. He just lucked out when he easily got it. Finishing his final inspection,Sainglain shows Kon the trigger and the magic orb attached to the sword’s handle. The orb’san Alma crystal, a super ore of this world, used as an energy source. But it’s rare to findone as big as the one attached to the sword. With this information, Kon’s over the moon ashe realizes he can sell it off at a high price. Sainglain seems to agree with Kon’s plans, thoughhe wants to test it first. Sainglain presumes that the sword works by adding Alma energy toits strikes, thus creating a powerful attack.

Sainglain then swings the sword while clickingthe trigger, aiming straight at the giant tree before him. Although he slices the treein half, Sainglain confirms it was only a “normal” hit. He didn’t feel the slightestbit of Alma energy from the sword. Nah, what’s normal for Sainglain would be anabsolute struggle for us commoners. Ehem, Kon. No matter how much clicking Sainglain makes, thesword won’t react. So, Kon gives it a try. But Kon does the unthinkable… instead of wieldingthe sword, he harshly throws it to the ground and continuously steps on it. Sainglain tries tostop him, but he resists. Kon forcefully pulls the crystal from the sword. He’d rather sellit if the sword weren’t utilized. Fortunately, Princess Ecarlate arrives in time toask Kon for a private conversation.

Ecarlate takes Kon on top of a nearby tower.Although the two start with bickering, Ecarlate turns serious as she gazes uponthe town. She explains how this world is precariously balanced. That balance wouldswerve even at the slightest disturbance, and this world would break into two.Then soon enough, it’ll be destroyed. Kon hasn’t caught on to the seriousness ofEcarlate’s tone. He’s rather concerned with her mature thinking despite her age. To her, the onlyway to prevent war is to marry Jaba..jabberwocky. You better be laughing! This whole union doesn’tjust affect her but the entire world. So no matter what happens, she must not die. And the onlyway to ensure that is to have Kon by her side. The pristine 36th princess of St.Piria, Ecarlate Juptris St. Piria,.

Gently bows before Kon. Caught off guard, Kontries to stop her and quickly explains that he only won against Erec by accident.He emphasizes that he’s not strong, but Ecarlate refuses to believe this. Kon did savethem twice. There’s no way it was all an accident. A frustrated Kon explains that heonly fell from the sky the first time. On the second occasion, Erec was justa complete dum-dum. At least Kon’s honest. An explosion interrupts their conversation, then a commotion ensues. An armored tankdriven by Erec is causing havoc in the town center. Erec feels like the most powerful managain. So much destructive power. Mwuahahaha. Aboard his Chariot, Erec commands Konto come out while Variation and Leon.

Rush into the streets. The chariot fires atthe towers to send a message to the fighter DT a.k.a Kon. If he doesn't come out soon,Erec will destroy the town and its citizens. Sainglain and Mariandale are nearby, hiding asthey listen to Erec’s announcement. As Kon and Ecarlate join the two, Sainglain updates Kon onthe current situation. Sainglain explains how beating the tank is complicated, especially withthe town being held hostage. Erec makes another warning, calling out for DT to come out and fighthim. Puzzled, Mariandale asks who this DT guy is. Ecarlate casually points at Kon, to which Konanxiously reacts. Since when was he called DT? As they bicker, a grenade lands on theirfeet. They manage to run away before it explodes and destroys the alley. Andbecause this is as cliche as it gets,.

They didn’t run in the opposite direction.Yup, they end up in front of Erec’s chariot and soldiers. Well, it’s not like they’d beable to escape anyway – Not with Variation and Leon conquering the rooftopsand throwing a grenade at them. Erec turns the chariot to face the four,especially his arch-nemesis, DT. Before fighting, Erec commands his underlings not tointerfere in his fight. It’s not a fair fight, though. How could Kon possibly fight against atank? A miracle has to happen for him to win. Hell-bent on getting revenge, Erec aims atKon, or should we say, DT. He will never forgive DT for his humiliation. Menacinglylaughing, Erec fires at the four. Strangely, the missile misses the mark! Not even close. Itlands on where Variation and Leon are standing,.

Causing the two to retreat. They’reabsolutely surprised by Erec’s attack. Erec’s at a loss. Did the aim get misaligned?No way is he leaning like that again! I think we now know what’s happening. Still wanting toavenge himself, Erec carefully aims again at the four. However, the same thing happens. Themissile hits his soldiers and comrades instead. Taking advantage of Erec’s predicament, Sainglaininstructs Kon to charge at the chariot. Sainglain believes Kon can use the sword and produce anattack that can destroy the chariot. Chances are 50/50, though. Although Kon’s unsureand extremely nervous, Sainglain reminds him that he has already shown two miracles.A third time wouldn’t be impossible now. Sainglain storms the chariot to open a pathfor Kon. This time, Erec doesn’t use missiles;.

He machine guns the veteran swordsman. WithSainglain’s swift moves, he’s able to dodge the shots and immediately strikes the chariot’swheels. The chariot should be immovable now. Kon draws out the Alma Gear from his back,choosing to stop overthinking and just attack. He shouts as he tries to draw the sword’s power.A smirking Erec informs him that his efforts are useless since the Alma Gear can only be usedby chosen warriors known as Hyperion like him. But Erec’s rather dumbstruck as brightpurple light glows from the Alma Gear in Kon’s hands. Not only him; everyone’sastonished to see Kon wielding Alma’s light. Amped up with power but clueless aboutwhat’s happening, Kon charges at the chariot. But oooph. Everything’s inslow motion as Kon trips on a rock and.

Drops the sword. Well, so much for themain character moment. Just like that, Kon turns down a notch and now funnily asksfor a redo. A redo. On the battlefield. Uhuh. Kon immediately picks up the sword… which hasuhm..turned into a hammer? Now that Kon seems to be losing, Erec draws fire at him. ButKon says not today. He attacks the chariot with his newly morphed hammer. He clicks onthe trigger as he swings the hammer. Then, he strikes the ground, causing his attackpower to increase. The ground opens up and successfully destroys the chariot.Then, a huge explosion takes place. Even though Kon managed to destroy the chariot,Erec still emerges unscathed… and furious. Erec vows to make him pay with his life! He rushestowards Kon with his sword. But he can’t even.

Get far before he loses his balance and strugglesto keep his stance. Kon, remembering his pointy shoe attack, smirks as he realizes what’shappening. A dark aura dons upon Kon’s face. Kon’s confidence goes through the roof ashe promises to finish this fight once and for all. Still not losing hope, Erec jumpsmid-air as he prepares to land an attack aimed at Kon’s torso. But he miscalculates, andKon easily dodges his desperate attack. Worse, he leaves himself vulnerable while still inthe air. Kon apologizes for crushing one of his family jewels and ruining his balance. To repentfor his mistake, he vows to make it “even.” And with just one strike, Erec’s remaining familyjewel is smashed. Squashed. Splattered. Ka-pow. The Hyperion army withdraws from the battlefieldper Erec’s command. They still vow to return the.

Favor at some point, especially after seeingKon destroy their leader’s remaining dignity. Kon thinks he should finish them now sincehe’s uber-confident with his newly discovered power. However, Sainglain stops him fromdoing so. Even if he has a magical sword, the Hyperion are all skilled swordsmen. Kon wouldbe shish kebab. Moreover, Sainglain tells Kon how proud he is. Mariandale also praiseshim for making the third miracle happen. Afterward, Kon finally decides to jointhem…on one condition. They must help him return to his original world. WithEcarlate sealing the deal, the four make their way to the capital. Who knows, maybe theanswer to Kon’s problems can be found there. Once again, the mysterious womanappears, observing the four from.

A distance. She then orders her purpleglider to finally commence its mission. Episode 3 Everyone’s probably worried aboutErec, right? It’s like deja vu as he’s again in a hospital bed. Then hesuddenly brings up a newly-acquired core memory – the very memory that crushedall his virility. It’s truly unfortunate, but both had to be removed completely. Hisvery last jewel.. gone in just one snap. On a lighter note, Kon and company are headingtoward the capital. They’re all talking about Ecarlate’s theory. But Kon’s somehow stillconfused. Mariandale further explains the princess’s words. Since Kon fell from the skyand can wield Alma’s light, it’s possible that.

He comes from Olvidia, a legendary continentlifted into the skies by the Ixions long ago. In simple terms, Olvidia is the castle in the sky. Sainglain adds that there’s a deepconnection between Ixions and Alma crystals since the Ixions are believedto be the first users of the crystals. The group momentarily stops when the purpleglider from earlier cutely purrs at them. It instantly takes a liking to Kon and tries to rollaround to be petted. Mariandale and Sainglain are completely smitten with the creature’s cuteness.Ecarlate doesn’t seem to be fazed by the glider, though. She even calls it stupidfor choosing Kon instead of her. As the glider approaches Kon,the brave hero steps back,.

Shocking everyone. Kon says they should getserious since they’re on an important mission to reach the capital. A critter would justget in their way. Although he has a point, Marian seems reluctant to leave thecute animal behind. Now Kon’s in total there’s-no-way-that-thing-is-going-with-us. Heconvinces Marian that her attitude is exactly what ruins wild animals. According to him,that kind of fleeting kindness breeds tragedy. Mariandale still looks worried as she thinksthe glider might be hungry. But Kon refutes it, asking if she’s willing to take care of it untilit dies. Now, Kon goes into full geographic mode on them, saying that it’s the law of the jungle– survival of the fittest. That’s just how it is. The three just stare at Kon as if he hasgrown a second head. They have no clue.

What’s triggering his blood pressureright now. Kon harshly points at the creature, ending his speech with how theyshouldn’t get involved. He shoos it away, even throwing a rock at it. Man, Kon’slucky there’s no PETA in this world. Kon reasons that being alone in thewilderness is in the glider’s best interest. Things would’ve gone smoothly ifit were just an ordinary creature. But nah, this glider has a mission. And it’s going tofollow the four wherever they go. The glider comes out of hiding and finds the rock Konthrew at it. It’s not a rock but a fruit. Meanwhile, at the Hyperion’s barracks,Erec’s comrades are just chillin’. You know, having a drink while relaxing. Gustaveopens up on Erec’s immediate “break”.

From his duties. It’s not surprisingwith everything that has happened. The question is if it’s due to Erec’s mourning forhis lost jewels or if the superiors are marking him a failure. Now they’re full-on gossiping abouttheir leader. KT comments on how Erec has lost to the same opponent twice. It’s not even physicaldamage anymore. The psychological toll on Erec’s far greater, Variation laments. However, Leonencourages everyone to believe in their leader and wait for his return. This is the currentmission of their special brigade, Incognito. With the Hyperion coming after him andthe sudden appearance of the mysterious woman and her glider, Kon’s return tohis world will have to wait. For now, he can enjoy his adventureswith the Princess and her crew.

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