Lonely Nerd Will get Gift Of Successfully-organized Powered Ladies That Revel in Punishment

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Inside a floating battleship is a group ofintimidating-looking individuals. They’re tough… They’re menacing! They’re…!… They’re a nervous group of nerds playing pretend.At their center is Otaku Hero, the caped, spiral glasses boy with a strange pet named Kyotarou.He's about to confidently jump off the chopper when a girl in fiery-red pigtails, Anarchy, jumpsout without warning. Without a parachute. Well, who needs one when she's chaos herself? Fallinglike a star, she causes a huge explosion! But before we get into the thick of things, let’sgo back to 2008 to see how this all came to be. When Otaku Hero was just a normal nerd,he was excitedly on the way to get a limited-run edition of his favorite DVD… untilhe witnessed the HORRIFYING line. Even worse,.

There was only one copy left. As he was about tograb it, an armored robot with an uwu face stomped him on the face. It retrieved the material andtossed it into a stacked bin of similar items. The boy lunged for the item but was immediatelythreatened by the mechanical monster. As the robot soldiers filled multipletrucks with anime paraphernalia, a Lolita-themed lady named Slayer giggledin triumph. Her celebration was interrupted when a mohawk masked man tried to clotheslineher, but he was effortlessly dismantled by her umbrella tactics. The wrestler, after receiving ablow to the family jewels, was yeeted into outer space. Team Rocket’s blasting off again!The extensive convoy of trucks took otakus captive and their possessions into custody.Then, red uwu faces appeared on all TV screens,.

Hypnotizing otakus around the world. The SSC didall this to “protect” this world-famous culture, although no one questioned their methods. It onlytook them a single week to complete this mission. However, those who survived thisordeal won't give up without a fight. Otaku Hero launched a movement that ignitedall the survivors to continue the battle. -Fast forward to the present day. It’s 2011, three years after the incident. Anarchycomplains about their depleted food supply. They must gather more, so Otaku Hero promises to thinkof something. Nonetheless, she sits before him and slurps his noodles while maintaining eye contact.This excites the other members as it far surpasses any experiences they’ve had with women.”Geez, you almost got me pregnant!”.

Anarchy exclaims, wiping her mouth. ButOtaku Hero remains unfazed – destroying Kyotarou's hopes of a spicy plot twist.Suddenly, their base shakes as wrecking balls smash the building. The team’s military otakumobile patrol also reports that the Shobon Army sent more otakus to the protection area. Becauseof this, an annoyed Anarchy suggests they find Blue and Pink. Together, they’re an unstoppabletrio. But the flames of hope are put out when they realize Blue was in the truck of abducted nerds.The red-haired girl’s quivering with rage when Otaku Hero dejectedly blurts out: “It mightbe time to call it quits.” Everyone, including Anarchy, can’t believe what they just heard.The Hero explains. It’s been three years of consistent efforts but it’s not looking toogood right now. No support, no food, no weapons,.

And reduced numbers. It’s a losing game.Of course, the others try to convince him otherwise, but it seems he’s already decided.Anarchy won't accept this BS. She threatens to take his leadership role if hecontinues to be a wuss. Shockingly, he agrees and leaves. Anarchy tries to protest butit's no use. Some members begin realizing how much they’ve been depending on him all this time.While they argue, Blue remains imprisoned in a capsule while the abducted otakus melt in the sunlike vampires. The outside world is a cruel place. Unwilling to give up, Anarchy interruptsOtaku Hero’s rooftop smoke break. She insists that rescuing Blue will be enough tobring the world to what it once was. It’s an energetic but futile effort as he's convincedthey're already going downhill. It’s simple:.

He just doesn’t want to anymore.Suddenly, the news flashes on Anarchy's phone. The government has announced amajor operation in their area. When? Tomorrow! Left with no choice, she takescommand from their disheartened ex-leader. As the nerds panic, Anarchy announces her firstcommands. The Akiba Liberated Zone is now on a 24-hour battle alert! Everyone prepares andfollows Anarchy's lead while Otaku Hero sits in the corner, caged in his little world.He begins reminiscing how they launched the revolution. They fought, thrived, and survivedjust to regain Akiba's liberty. However, they also lost many of their comrades in theprocess. Symbols of their past glory are no more. Otaku Hero can't sleep as he thinksabout Anarchy's promise. She swears.

To show him her fire magic in today’s battle.Her resolve to bring Blue back is unwavering. That night, the Shobon Army surroundstheir HQ, demanding their unconditional surrender. An R/C truck pays them a visit….And explodes. His hair’s been frizzed up! Losing patience, the army commanderorders his troops to commence war. But the otaku rebels won't give up – sendingin aerial artillery and ground combat. Everyone follows the plan but worriesbecause they haven't seen Anarchy. Well, she's running up to the highest floor ofthe building. Kyotarou suggests she uses her transformation bag, but she refuses.Despite the otakus' valiant efforts, they’re losing more and more people toprotection. One desperately tries to convince.

Otaku Hero to do something, but he won't respond.”Listen up, punks!” Anarchy shouts as she climbs a building window. This prompts Otaku Hero torun outside and witness things for himself. As Anarchy reaches the top, she passionatelyraises the otaku's flag of revolution. “Remember, Otaku Hero!” she bellows. “You wanted toprotect what you love. That urge, that drive, that fire—!” An explosion cuts her off, butOtaku Hero catches her in his arms. Seeing him, Anarchy breaks down and repeatshow she wants to show everyone she's the leader. But truthfully,he's the only leader she wants. Otaku Hero pats Anarchy's head and says hermagic worked in setting his heart on fire. He hands her the transformation bag she left onpurpose. But how did he climb up there so fast?!?.

Oh…. It's thanks to the blimp!The massive vessel releases bombs onto their enemies, destroying equipment and sendingthe robots scrambling. Now on broadcast, Otaku Hero proclaims that they'll use this to destroytheir foes and rescue Blue. But more than that, he reclaims his leadership over the revolutionaryarmy! The resulting cheers are deafening. And that's how we end up at the first scene ofthem jumping off the blimp. They fly over what was claimed to be a “protection zone” but is actuallyjust a jail for otaku. Seeing this, the passionate Anarchy dives in headfirst. She transforms intoa magical girl in midair – causing a massive explosion as she lands. Oh, so she wasn’tjust a delusional teenager… she’s got magic. With a swing of her wand, Anarchyunleashes Heaven's Inferno;.

Blowing up the enemy. After that, her Heaven'sParadise dissolves the prisoners' cages and sets them free. They even get some weeb merchas a bonus for their days of abstinence. Outnumbered by a platoon of deprived nerds withraging hormones, the Shobon guards fall to defeat. Meanwhile, Otaku Hero, Anarchy, and Kyotaroureach the cell where the enemy’s been keeping Blue captive. Even as the armed uwu soldiersfire their pellets, they prove to be no match for Anarchy’s baseball magic. One-hit KO!As they arrive at the secret level, they find Blue imprisoned in a web with a… uhm… ballstrap in her mouth. But before they can free her, a gargantuan Shobon robot blocks their way.It batters the ground and fires an army’s worth of missiles, but Anarchy remainsunscathed. She even has time for tea!.

Now that it's her turn, she justflicks a crumb towards the giant robot and it pierces its heart. Game over.The web breaks, causing Blue to fall down. Luckily, Otaku Hero catches her in time.He then frees her from her strappy work, and we soon learn how she ended up like that. Dating appsnowadays…. be careful of the internet, kiddos. Behind the scenes, some begin takingnotice of this formidable group. [2]Somewhere in an upbeat nightclub, a gas-mask-wearingcrowd parties on the dancefloor while a girl showers in the nearby bathroom. Suddenly,an unrobed man enters the shower area. The girl’s alarmed by his presence and takes him downwith syringes—definitely Pink's signature move..

On the other hand, Shobon expressesdisappointment with Blue's recent escape. Despite Slayer's optimism, he worries that theNakano incident in 2009 might repeat itself. It was the catalyst that allowed the rebelsto eventually take over Akihabara, supported by the magical girls’ unequaled powers. It’ll bea big problem if the three combine forces again. Back to the Akiba camp. As expected, the peoplespend their downtime doing otaku things… if those pillows could talk, the universe would bereset. It’s a regular day until an awful stench fills the air. Blue has apparently opened anunformidable can, earning her a punishment she's not complaining about. Because of that, Anarchyhas to add gas masks to the base inventory. Gas mask? Hmm. Looking at a photo of a gas-maskparty reminds Otaku Hero of someone. This might.

Be a clue about Pink. To be sure, hecalls his super hacker friend, Nick. The guy exchanges pleasantries witheveryone then gets down to business. Otaku Hero wants Nick to search for arave party. But before he can do anything, their power connection gets cut. Fortunately,Nick quickly finds the location and sends it to Anarchy's email. It’s… just behind their HQ?The two magical girls, Otaku Hero, and Kyotarou set off to confirm Nick's findings. And look! Itsays “Pink's Hideout.” Totally lowkey and hidden. While walking, Anarchy tells Blue how she’snoticed that everyone’s happy she's back. That's because… simps love to beg for her satisfaction.And look at what she’s found in the corner. It's a… ahem… a vibrating massager…… That she uses it on her shoulders! Yeah….

And now, they finally find Pink onstage! However,her fans aren't very welcoming. “Gobo-bo,” Pink murmurs as she sits on her throne. Is this babytalk? No! It’s a special language that only Blue can decipher. Well, Pink has no intention of everleaving this place, even if they insist. This causes Anarchy to rant that as Magical Girls,they should use their power to defeat Shobon. But Pink teases her, using her real name AkabaneKirara. Oh no, doxxing is a chuuni’s weakness! The girl then continues: she doesn't want tobe a tool for other people's battles. Living with her children is all she needs. Besides,she'll perish if she doesn't take her shots. However, Blue calls her a liar as Pinkhas been spiking her medication with some secret ingredient. Her doubtful wordscause an uproar from Pink's followers..

As the situation turns dire, Otaku Herosteps up and empathizes with her. He knows what it feels like to burnout. What kepthim going was Anarchy helping him realize they were fighting for a cause. “That's whyour moe will never burn out!” he exclaims. Since they really want to convince her, Pinkdares them to a challenge. Either take the pill she’s offering or leave. Despite how susit is, Blue and Anarchy consume the unknown medicine as proof of their determination. In mereseconds….. they choke, which Blue actually enjoys. Pink also swallows a pill. Apparently, peoplewho take the pill together all link up into one consciousness. Now it’s no-holds-barred asunimaginable things can happen in Pink's mind. When Anarchy wakes up, she and Blue fall into anendless void. A gooey mush, infinite stairs, and a.

Strange forest keep them endlessly running around.Nothing inside Pink's head makes sense – although Blue seems to like the tentacle monsters.Irritated by all this, Anarchy transforms and captures the elephant chasing them. However,it turns into a water serpent and washes them out. Otaku Hero starts to worry as the girls'physical states begin to show signs of stress. Things get even worse when sentient body pillowsattack Anarchy and Blue. The former barely scrapes enough power to blow these away… while thelatter just enjoys getting hit. But since she owes the redhead one for saving her, shealso transforms into fight mode and eradicates all the remaining pillows with one strike.Finally, they reach the ultimate boss in her very strange territory. Pink makesa grand entrance and pokes a syringe.

Into herself to begin her transformation.The magical girls are now all in combat mode. Without warning, Pink strikes them withher syringes. Anarchy somehow evades them and manifests shadow fists that flytoward her foe, but they’re repelled. The hands grab the two girls and keep themstill. Somehow, Anarchy uses this chance to jog Pink’s memory on the promise theymade after their first battle together. -Flashback. Everyone rejoiced after winning against the Shobon Army. Anarchy sworethat Magical girls never lose; they always win! And Blue swears that they’ll keep winninguntil everything’s normal again. Anarchy's not so sure about that part, but there's noharm in believing in a world where everyone.

Can like whatever they want to like.In that case, Blue wanted to attend a New Order concert, while Pink would love towork in a maid cafe. And that was how their promise started.- Pink’s memories begin returning, but itseems she’s consciously repressing those memories. She lets out a battlecry beforeending this battle with a final blow. But what’s that… her fans?! They’ve alltaken pills to enter her imagination as well?! Such dedication!Her loyal followers call her out and kneel before her – begging forher to return to being a magical girl. “This is your graduation, Pink-chan,as our princess and our idol!” they.

Declare. “We'll also graduate, too,from this dream we shared with you!” As their words touch Pink's heart, her worldcrumbles. She finally wakes up to reality. Otaku Hero offers his hand, which she reluctantlytakes. But at least she's back to help them. At long last, this day marks therejoined forces of the Magical girls! [3]It was just like yesterday when Otaku Hero celebrated his birthday alone… let’snot count the 2D figures. But without warning, a box lay in the snow outside his base. He openedit and spotted three sleeping girls – who would eventually become his greatest allies.- Back to the present. While the trio andOtaku Hero roam the otaku local community,.

A tour bus stops before them with Slayer as thetour guide. In this world, normies watch the otakus like some sort of animal exhibit at a zoo.Anarchy won't let this insult slide, so she throws a brick at the bus. This only affirms theviolent stereotypes the onlookers had about Otaku. They’re violent weirdos whohave an obsession with 2D characters. The bus eventually leaves. Now thatit’s quiet, everyone hears Pink’s stomach grumble in hunger. Somehow OtakuHero knows just the place to fill up: a maid cafe. Judging by the stamps on his loyaltycard, it seems he’s a frequent customer here. While waiting for their order, Blue suggeststhey play a game. Whoever loses will pay for everything. However, they trap Otaku Hero in animpossible game so they can defil—ahem—punish.

Him. Uh-huh, these gals all know their waywith ropes. We have not one, but three weirdos. For the leader of a revolutionaryarmy, this guy’s quite vulnerable, huh? Meanwhile, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Unit-@[Unit-at], grows infuriated with the endless existence of otakus. Taking advantage of hisanger, Shobon commands him to exterminate Otaku Hero and the Magical Girls before they can act.Now determined, Unit-@ accepts his mission. He's been training for this all his life. DestroyingOtakus is the sole purpose of his existence. He can't stand how pathetic they are for believingin things that aren't real. That's why he resisted hell just to eliminate all of them.Now he embarks his personal mecha, Peloce , which just finished its maintenance.After a final check through its……

Rear? Anyway. 3…2…1… blast off!The Shobon Army cheers for Unit-@ as he flies away. This arms him with theconfidence to fulfill his lifelong quest. Plus, it's a free live show for tourists.The otakus shoot the Peloce but it's just too strong. Besides, they'rejust insects for Unit-@ – whose real target is none other than THE Otaku Hero.However, when he peers inside the café window, a revolting sight awaits him. The famed Hero hasbeen reduced to nothing more than a human piñata, doomed at the Magical Girls’ mercy.Yeah, shouldn’t have looked there. The girls are so busy with their plaything thatthey couldn’t care less about the intruder. Well, Pink does pay a BIT of attention, butonly insults come out of her mask..

Angered by all this, Unit-@ smashes thebuilding with Peloce's fist. He boastfully introduces himself as one of the Four HeavenlyKings. Instead of being impressed, the girls comment that he’s the weakest one. Still, he'senough of a threat to warrant a transformation. Time to give this arrogant villain what he wants.They attack him in unison, forgetting about Otaku Hero's dire situation.Anarchy lunges first with her Heavenly Flyswatter, but Peloce effortlessly evades her attacks. Hecounters her with a powerful smash. Blue attempts to slice him but accidentally hits the nearbybuilding instead. Surprisingly, Unit-@ prevents it from collapsing due to valuable car models inside.This little hint is enough to give Cringemobile Driver Guy a hunch that heknows Unit-@ personally..

Meanwhile, Pink tosses her humongous syringeto deflect debris thrown by their opponent, but the resulting shrapnel is impossibleto dodge…. Not that the now-stimulated Blue was trying to. They're so distracted that theyfail to recognize Peloce's hands grabbing them. He squeezes them with all his might. Butinstead of screams of pain, we hear… enjoyment? This delighted reaction frustratesUnit-@ and he hurls them into the ground. On the other hand, an enraged Anarchy goesfor another attack with her Flyswatter. But her efforts are futile as the Peloce is theone that swats her into a nearby building. The onlookers continue to spectate thesehappenings like a carnival attraction. Now desperate, Otaku Hero crawls to them. Heexclaims that the only way to win is to combine.

Forces. Hearing that, the trio immediatelyknows what he means: a four-way. Wait, what?Are we in Blue’s mind right now?But seriously, the girls don’t really understand what their leader means. They continueto mindlessly attack the Peloce, but nothing seems to work. This lack of coordination makesUnit-@ confident that he’s secured an easy win. Through all the combat and destruction,Driver Guy finally deduces Unit-@'s true identity. The villain still follows trafficrules so he must be the lad he used to know. The girls reach a dead end. Unit-@ drivesPeloce like a racecar with a sword strapped to the robot’s head. That sharp blade would'veturned them into a kebab if they hadn’t dodged it. Suddenly, Otaku Hero calls their attention froma building's rooftop. He performs some charades….

And the girls all seem to understand?!They’re all finally on the same page. The girls split up and the robotrushes to Anarchy for a final blow. With the mecha now moving at top speed, even we’renot so sure that Anarchy’s surviving this one. But she confidently stands in front of…. A Ferrari?!He halts his attack and tries again. However, Pink emerges, driving a small yellow vehicle.Unit-@ can't move. Driver Guy explains it’s because a car lover like him can never damagethe things he treasures so deeply. Blue takes this chance to lubricate Peloce – whichtakes out the robot’s traction and has him slipping all over the place.Combining their powers, the girls materialize a huge syringe and penetratethrough Peloce's backdoor. As the machine.

Lets out a sigh we can’t put in this video,Pink fills the canister with sus liquid. It’s finally full. Blue and Anarchy smashthe HIT button with all their might. BOOM! Peloce and Unit-@ lay defeated while Otaku Heroand the girls proudly put on a victory pose. Despite his failure, Unit-@ threatensthat he will someday get his revenge. But Otaku Hero reveals the hard truth: the villain’san otaku as well. It’s obvious since even if the city was destroyed, not one car suffered any typeof damage. Especially not that itasha R35 GTR. Fanboys holler up! The likely hypothesis is thatthe SSC might've brainwashed him at some point. This leads the man to slowly realize whohe truly is. However, one girl isn't happy with this development and sends him to theotherworld with one strike of her umbrella..

It’s a violent mess that results in a sea ofred. And out of it comes a purple-haired girl with maniacal eyes… what’s even strangeris that she looks exactly like Anarchy. Looking at the girl immediately gives Anarchy apowerful migraine, warning her of their enemy’s insurmountable power levels. There may even bea deeper reason for it. She tries to conjure a shield but this new enemy easily blowsit away – sending all four flying back. In desperation, the girls combine theirpowers again, but their opponent easily vaporizes their weapon. It leavesthe trio beaten and unconscious. Anarchy's “twin” stands before OtakuHero. It’s time for the afterlife. But before she can finish him off, DriverGuy swoops in and yeets her with his car..

He always wanted to take Anarchy for a ride,but it now seems like this evil twin will do. The vehicle zooms away and self-destructs.Driver Guy has sacrificed himself to avenge his old comrade. *claps* A true hero.While they’ve won for today, this destructive battle with the SSC is far from over. The fighthas just amped up to a whole ‘nother level… for the worse. Even Blue’s shocked by how drasticthe enemy’s measures have become. Most of all, Anarchy’s the most frustrated since theyhad to lose someone to achieve victory. Otaku Hero and the Magical girls know that the SSCwon't stop ‘til they fulfilled their evil goal. However, quitting would never be an option becausethey live for a promise. They all have faith that one day, they'll exist in a world whereeveryone can like whatever they want to like.

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