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Bullying we've seen it throughout our lives at some point and some have been victims whether it's because of a person's appearance or financial situation the common truth follows no one likes to talk about it and most people don't do anything about it when witnessing these difficult moments many refrain from intervening because they.

Fear drawing unwanted attention to themselves and believing someone else will step in and so they let it happen but Lucas and blatantly draws upon this Grim side of society which we often dismiss if you're open to exploring a short series that could alter your perspective on bullying lukism could be the show for you this series could.

Motivate you to shift from idle observation to taking tangible purposeful action you may find the courage to stand up for yourself and others next time you encounter this moral dilemma now without further Ado let's dive into how look is it might be one of the few anime that accurately depicts various social issues firstly.

Let's visualize a simple yet intriguing setting set in modern day Korea the story follows an obese high schooler park hyung-suk or Daniel Park who ruthlessly gets bullied just because of his appearance the abuse was so severe that Daniel contemplates ending at all and we warn you that it's a tough watch right from the start to overcome his.

Daily hardships Daniel begs his mother to let him transfer to another school where no one knows he exists and for the chance to start a new life his mother made this challenging request possible by compromising and making difficult sacrifices with this unique opportunity Daniel attempts to reinvent himself thinking that if he's confident enough.

No one will belittle him sadly in a world where looks determine how you're perceived he gets misunderstood and beaten to a pulp then to add salt to the wound his embarrassing photos of being beaten up are posted online on his very first day were confident that the conversation would have taken a much different course if he had been.

Attractive unfortunately that was the breaking point for him yet again after returning to the small apartment his beloved mother got for him by working a laborious second job job he broke down in tears eventually Daniel falls asleep but only to wake up and discover something surreal he no longer sees the face he detested but rather the face and.

Body of a handsome young man flabbergasted he rushes into the darkness and bumps into an object that turns out to be his own body his Consciousness now coexists between the two bodies when one wakes up the other falls asleep now with a new almost superhuman body and handsome face he starts his new high school life with a.

Whole experience far beyond what he's used to rather than being ridiculed and mocked Daniel is now surrounded by jaw-dropping admiration even the same people who caused him much grief the day before treat him completely differently but there's so many questions what will he do with his old body how will he conceal his identity and what will he do.

If his body switches unintentionally and the biggest question is how will he choose to live his life now with his idolized body don't worry the show brilliantly answers all these questions so you would be left hanging but there will be spoilers moving on from the story how does this simple setting emerge into something that can change.

People's perspectives about bullying the characters from Rich guys and dangerous jocks to Flirty Girls and sympathetic gangsters then you have the victims of bullying and how they respond to their torment the first character we have is Park hyung Suk or Daniel the boy with two bodies one majestically handsome while the other unattractive and.

Overweight even though the two bodies share the same human soul from personality to values the harsh World treats them differently all because Society has passed a verdict based on what they see at face value with little to no effort Daniel gives off a positive impression in his new school thanks to his new body every girl appears crazy.

About him and the jealous boys judge him without knowing anything about his character ironically the people who would have bullied him otherwise treated him with the utmost respect though this sort of human interaction comes to him naturally in his new body he still has difficulty talking to people he still gets himself into fights but this time.

Around he can fight back with a crazy strength and athleticism of this new body despite having the ideal school life of being popular on the inside he's the same person after having experienced the harshness of bullying he has committed himself to help those people in similar situations like pyond dokwa or Duke a guy that reminds him of his.

Past self thus with the perks of his new body he can lend a hand to those going through the same hardships that he knows all too well on the other hand he hasn't forgotten about his plump body with it he works nighttime at a convenience shop to fund the living expenses of two bodies though he still occasionally gets harshly bullied in this body he.

Gradually starts making a difference little by little he attempts to become stronger by doing push-ups although there are difficulties associated with being unattractive and overweight this series also explores the potential advantages of such a body moving on to our next character we'll be exploring pyondokwa also known as duke like a.

Protagonist Duke shares many attributes of being poor overweight and unattractive but the similarities stopped there unlike the old Daniel who had the singing Talent he never pursued Duke is passionate about music despite all the harassment he continues to work towards being someone like Eminem the rapper he admires in contrast as Daniel.

Chooses to run away entirely from his bullying Duke relentlessly faces it head-on refusing to give up drawing strength from his bullying experience he's developed an Unstoppable drive that fuels him to push harder in the Stream of rapping despite being incredibly talented the world is blinded by unspoken rules of appearances and fails.

To recognize such extraordinary Talent this issue is evident when Duke could not audition for a studio because the producer assumed he wasn't worth his attention or when his bully hobin or vin Jin sabotages his lyric composition but none of these setbacks stops him instead he continues to create music it's also worth mentioning some minor characters.

Integral to the story the first one is Lee Jin sung an amateur boxer with an eccentric personality he at first he's a hothead who gets jealous of Daniel thinking that his love interest me Jin has a crush on the new Majestic student he goes as far as to challenge Daniel to fight only to get beaten easily but this experience has resulted in Jin Sung's.

Maturity declaring that he will no longer bully to the shock of his bodies and standing up against bullying next is the quiet and calm rich guy Hong Jae young a silent supporter who says nothing throughout the show but genuinely desires to help fight for good he also supports Daniel by giving him designer clothes and standing alongside.

Him in a fight another minor character worth mentioning is one of Daniel's classmates Park Han Noel she's one flirtatious girl who puts up a feminine gentle facade to get close to Daniel what is said to be an easy-going girl who flirts with just about anyone attractive then we have another punk from the school Lee Yun Tai a menacing.

Pure-hearted gangster who cares for the weak and will always help anyone in need he's definitely a guy you'd want to be on your side despite his outward appearance just remember this show is about not judging people by their looks as we go through these characters you may have noticed that each character's role has been crafted to represent a.

Certain societal construct as the saying goes don't judge a book by its cover that briefly sums up the setting and what kind of characters fill the world now let's discuss how the show portrays social issues and raises awareness of what we can all be guilty of when it comes to seeing people for Face Value the biggest of them are our assumptions.

And stereotypes for that we'll show you how life drastically treats a handsome Daniel and an obese Daniel from the world's perspective although they're the same person a change in their physical appearance can make all the difference when it comes to how they are perceived by Society to many the obese young suck is a person who's inferior to society's.

Stereotype of a good looking guy and they automatically treat him as such then there are the Despicable individuals who think of such people as good for nothing and exploit them for personal gains such as when a bully forces Daniel to be a human target for his soccer bets on the flip side the majority treats a tall handsome Daniel.

As an idol it's to such an extent that many girls fail to notice that he's wearing the same ragged clothes daily and even go as far as complimenting his plain T-shirt look but to his surprise even that world is not so easy there have been multiple occasions when his intentions have been misunderstood like when dukwa and ji ho suspect he has.

Ulterior motives for befriending them or when Lee yunte assumed he was extorting money but in a world of stereotypes and assumptions sometimes it only takes one act of kindness to change a person's life we can see this in action with Duke's case unlike Daniel he isn't lucky enough to have a second body but Daniel's intervention against bullying.

Is one act of kindness that changes Duke's life with a single act of kindness an unlikely friendship Bloom between two talented individuals supporting each other's growth the result of this kindness is one incredible live music performance that will leave you in awe while the series concludes wholesomely it doesn't mask.

The fact that if the world has a strong tendency to judge one on their appearance and financial situation if it weren't for tall Daniels looks is Manuel audio's voice would very unlikely reach the spotlight just like how Duke's rap ruthlessly gets cut off from online videos because of how he looks despite their undeniable talent and hard work.

The harsh reality is that without Daniel's second body the Duo's poor upbringing and unfavorable appearances would have heavily hindered their potential it raises the question what will their lives have been like if the bullying had never ceased like in many real-life scenarios with this thought in mind we should reconsider what our.

Responsibilities are if we are to witness acts of bullying with all that it's a given that life is vastly different for good looking individuals and pivoted against those with undesirable features many get bullied and in Daniel's case he had no allies beside his mom and instead a miracle had to occur where in Duke's case the.

Intervention made a world of difference rather than staying on the sidelines we can positively influence those around us and create lasting change as Daniel did for Duke as per the message of lookism we urge everyone to support those around them in whichever way they can and especially the vulnerable because you might be the miracle they need in their.

Lives that wraps up our take on how lucasm raises awareness of important social issues now we hope those who weren't aware of the impact of bullying has on someone's life have a shift in perspective when witnessing these situations as for those in an unfavorable situation we urge you to take small steps to improve your.

Situation like Daniel with his push-ups and talking it out with his friends we hope that this video helps you gain new insight and for a more in-depth look at the anime verse check out our other video here thanks for watching

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