Lookism : Netflix’s New sequence is Apt to Turn out to be the Most tantalizing Anime of the 12 months

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Today we are going to talk about the location, welcome to aapkari par shri bhi hoon, watch this video full kya pata aapko ki baat pasand aaye, please subscribe, like, share the channel, which is available on Netflix in Hindi, it has a total of 8 episodes. Whose length is 24 minutes i.e. so good it can become best anime of the year also because its animation and characters also because stupid characters are looking very cool shit very good which gave us network problem iso story kuch aisi ek next kid Hota who is fat and looks badass and one day somehow a miracle happens which changes his whole life he gets a new body which is very handsome and charming and then he becomes sam college boy and then He used to start a new journey, supported people like him and made friends like him. At this time, we.

Were not told where and how the body came from, but it would have been fun to watch the show and enjoy it. season tu bhi is coming very soon and han i can't wait for that and han we saw The last episode also brings flexibility, it starts rejecting like a fighter or he had the right experience earlier, Varanasi body was not there, rest is very good , you can watch it sitting with all of you, to get similar videos, subscribe the channel, like, share Must do and you have not seen my previous video in which I told top five which is available in Hindi go and watch the video like and subscribe with this

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