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Hello friends welcome back to another video today we will talk about a famous anime web series called lookism in this video we will talk about its season 2 that when we will see its season 2 on Netflix its official Confirmed release date and many more updatesregarding its season 2 so without any delay let's start the video. Lookism is an anime web series which is alsodubbed in Hindi language in India and now.

Netflix is planning to dub more anime webseries in Hindi which is good news for Indian fans. Till now Netflix hasn’t renew it for season 2 because. they are now analyzing its performance, and this series is performing so well it isgetting so much support and viewership from fans so they will announce it soon and its season2 is confirmed. Makers of the show are also interested inits multiple seasons, and they also started.

Work on its season 2 and Netflix will announce its season 2 in 1 to 2 monthsor in the next Netflix event. Now let's talk about its release date thereare high chance that we will see its season 2 in early 2024 in the month of January to marchand some reports are saying that it will come in 2023 end which is not possible becausethis type of series takes so it will come in early 2024 only on Netflix

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