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So guy's, from today we are going to explain God of the Universe from episode one on our channel, if you want to see the continuation of this series, then definitely tell by commenting. So Episode One starts with a fight going on between the two armies, where the Wolf Army of Northern Di, starts brutally killing the army in front of them. After this we see the Flower God Palace. In front of which a fight is going on between the people named Hong Shu and Wulong. That's when Xiaoyu comes out of the Flower God Palace to stop them . Where Shiao defeats both of those bandits with her power . After this, we see the same Wolf Army, which is planning to attack Nanjo City . Where now all that army leaves for Nanjo City. When the general of Nanjo City learns about this, he is horrified. But then.

Tan Yue from the Flower God Palace arrives, with flower petals from the sky, to save Nanzhao City . Where the general of the wolf army knows that Tan's master is a Space God King, if the Space God King wants, he can kill the entire wolf army of Puri in a second . So that's why the Wolf Army retreats, and the caste moves away from this place. But the general of the Wolf Army gets very angry about this, so now he goes out to talk to his King Khan. After this we see the Flower God Palace, where two men are sitting outside the palace, as they wanted work in the palace. Where only girls are given work in the palace , Xiaoya leaves from there asking them to wait. Where now after the evening, the vehicle coming from the Flower God Palace allows those two men to walk inside.

. After which we see our main lead of this story and Space God King Master Ye Chen . Who would have been planning to go towards the Northern The State. But Xiao and Tan Yu insist on going with her, as she does not want to let Chen go alone. When Ke Chen explains to them that the place he is going to is out of danger, and he is a Space God King anyway, they need not worry about Ye Chen. Saying this he leaves for Northen Di. Where we see, the whole place of Northern Di is covered with ice. Along with which Chen tells that he used to live on a planet named Earth, where he could play video games, use the internet. But one day suddenly he got this power, then he had to leave the earth for the safety of Artha, and to save Artha from evil forces. Meanwhile, Master.

Chen smells blood. And on the other hand, there is a girl in the area around Chen , whose name is Mu Qingju, who is a goddess, but her power has not been awakened yet, so she was going to her home in hiding. But then the Wolf Army stands in their way. So now the soldiers with Mu Qingju, through a formation, summon the Ice Monster, so that it can protect Mu Qingju . But the Wolf Army defeats the ice monster, while their leader Mu Qingju begins to run away from the place in his arms. But then the space god King Ye Chen comes in the way of the leader of that wolf army , and he easily defeats those wolf army men, saving Mu Qing Ju. During this time, it appears to us that Mu Qingju was secretly liking Ye Chen. That's why suddenly lava starts falling from the sky, on seeing which Chen.

Starts running away from this place, picking up Mu Qingju. And then go to a small place and hide, so that the person controlling the lava cannot see them. While that lava now goes away from here. With which we are shown the love chemistry between Ye Chen and Mu King Ju . And some childish antics also start happening between them. With which both of them leave from here. While on the way, Chen starts telling Qingzu about his power to control time, and at the same time stops time. Because Kingju wants to see Chen's God Powers, but Chen tells him that his God Head is broken, due to which he can only use his normal power, he has no control over his Divine Powers. Where now both of them start going towards the Snow Shadow clan while talking like this.

. We then see the general of the Wolf Army, who tells Qing Khan that our plan to capture Nanzhou City has failed, and that Mu Qing Tzu is out of their hands. King Khan gets angry after hearing this. so now he To confront Chen, he goes to his demon master, who was imprisoned inside a dungeon. Where King Khan tells the demon master about this chain. We then see Chen and King Xu approaching the Snow Shadow clan. But at the same time, some shadow ninjas attack on them, who are sent by the Shadow God King . But Chen easily defeats them all with his Space God power. When King Tzu went to his Snow Shadow clan, where there was fire all around, and.

Killed all the people in his family. King Xu becomes emotional on seeing this, and he has no control over his powers , but Chen, with his space power, starts controlling King Xu's powers. But Chen is having trouble controlling his power. When now King Ju has come in his God form . Where now King Xu, together with Chen, wants to finish off the Wolf Army with a flash, because the Wolf Army has killed King Xu's family members. Where now both of them start going to the land of the Ancient God of Snow Shadow clan , where King wanted to show Xu Chen some secrets of their clan. Where now both of them reach the place where Chen with his power of teleportation, goes inside with King Xu. But they see blood at the place where they both came here to find the princess of Snow Shadow clan, but the princess is nowhere to be seen.

When Ki Chen starts suspecting the presence of some devil spirit here. After which both of them start going further inside that dungeon. And only then they see some problem in that place. When an evil spirit was laughing, and that girl is a high princess, over whom an evil spirit has controlled. Where now the princess attacks him. So Chen saves King Xu and creates a protective shield around him. And then he, with his space power , starts fighting the princess. And captures him by the shackles, with his space power . So now she makes a deal with the evil spirit Chen, that she will leave Hi Princess, but Chen will let her go. So now Chen accepts his deal. When that evil spirit goes into Chen's body,.

She starts exercising control over him. But she is unable to do so, because Chen's divine power prevents her from doing so, and Chen also now imprisons that evil spirit in his void space . He then begins to tend to the High Princess's wound, knocking King Tzu out of the protective shield . During which a small AI Robot comes there, which Chain catches with its power. Wherein he seeks help from Robot Chen, to save his master, Goddess of Life, Goddess of Life's name is Angie. And the name of this robot is Waki, which is made by Goddess Angie. Where he reveals that he was attacked by a Demon Master, who has captured the Goddess of Life. Where now he gets ready to help the chain walker. But the chain will not be able to help him much , because the chain is not yet in its full power. So now Chen will first increase his power and help.

Him. We then see the Flower God Palace, where Xiaoya and Tan Yu await Chen's return . And then Tan Yu receives a letter, in which it was written that the Wolf Army is over their border. So now they both start preparing for the fight. After which we see a shadow man, whose name is Lord Deacon. Where these people had come to attack the Flower God Palace. Because he knew that the Space God King Ye Chen was not in the Flower God Palace at the moment, and this was his good chance that he could destroy the Flower God Palace. We then see Mu Qing Tzu and the Princess , who are resting at a place as the Princess is not feeling well. Where the princess starts giving information about those who attacked her. And with this, the first video of God of the Universe ends here,.

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