Loss of life of 2nd God Killer Jiren the Gray, Jiren Loses His Existence against 4th of the 5 Strongest Mokoto

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Hello friends how are you guys I am Ankur and welcome to you on my channel comicbook guy in today's video we will see Jeeran vs Mokutos fight friends Ultra Vegeta 's very lotus story is written by call me R and I have given the links related to them in the description, so go and show them your full support, friends, before starting today's video , a small request to all of you, if you like today's video, then don't forget to like the video and watch the video. Must also share with your friend, even those who have not subscribed to the channel, subscribe to the channel so that all the videos have died, after which they start powering up in anger. Dark electricity is coming out all around his body and due to increasing it, the.

Surrounding ground also starts breaking, after this San Goku speaks very angrily, you idiot, I told you that you have a chance till get out of there like powering up He immediately puts his hand on his sword, he knows that Kiran is getting ready to fight . I mean, I understand that you are getting ready to fight, but if you think that a samurai will wait until he is kidnapped at full power, then you are wrong. First complete the list of people , you will be able to match my Khatana's speed, I will not just keep waiting here, after that we will see Ko to's face closely, he says lap killer, are you ready, in response to this, he says.

Speed slashes his sword from and we see that his attack starts increasing very fast this attack is very approachable he is nervous and doesn't say anything and all of a sudden this attack is very close to his face Finally reaches, we see that the attack of crowns hits Jeeran's face but Chiran's face is slightly injured. Mr. doesn't move and doesn't make the slightest effort to fix and we see that after the surface is over, Jalan's face is perfectly safe . Zareen's face is completely emotionless and she was still wearing the crown. Immediately we notice that a horn has come back on Join's head, that is, he has returned to his demo form , it seems that I was fast enough to complete my transformation, which can be known by looking at his eyes. It seems that he is using his power that once I beat you then.

You will take me to the colors of Son Goku. Horn a gaya seeing these two things I am completely surprised photo crown hota ki ek horn ek damon I had heard that near the lap rate of universe seven two de but now you also don't have another one unbelievable makodas now Understands that the situation in front of him is very dangerous, he puts his sword on his shoulder and starts thinking from day one Ta hai ya Mohini what you told me is absolutely right these horns are the first sign of a model turning into a damsel a way of confirmation that you have committed a divine crime all of a sudden photo puts back his sword photo speaks But for a demand like yours I don't need to spoil my blade the photo immediately starts spinning the channel and says well it's.

Been a long time since I've seen a video I don't think That you will be even close to the strength I have faced but I think you should be enough for a warm up. Just keep in mind that you know where the colors are, the photo immediately starts moving towards the attack , but we see that the photo just remains standing at its place like before, after this a very strange attack too . does and punches Jeera with both his hands, holds both her hands with both his hands and does not keep even the slightest push, Mukund Both attacks go in vain. Mukut is shocked and says your reaction is too fast but tell me what will you be able to do when your hands are also stuck like this. starts folding both the.

Hands of the crown, gets very excited about this and says what are you He is trying to fight with the photo, after this he starts putting his whole life so that he can save his hands from the mouth and while doing this, whose face does not even get a little bit of powder , he says that if five strongest If the power is really this, then maybe I will be able to get the line according to all the Gods, that too with my triangle, we see that he bends his hands and Moko starts spinning in the air, he speaks Hai what the mokutos can't believe how a model can do this to him and as soon as nicoto is spinning in the air we see he makes a very powerful punch and in the next pal he hits the mokutos with this punch But only then we see that Muko disappears from there immediately, that photo immediately reaches behind Jealousy, we see that the one whom.

I told is still in the air, that photo says that it was a very good time. But you can't hurt the thing you can't touch. That photo all of a sudden creates a tremendous stage and kills this pant but we see He is able to save himself in time and he does it. Now we see that Kiran makes a very powerful punch and hits him on the face of Moklo, and he is physically hurt and his Ego is also very badly hurt and stares at the lucky shot no matter what happens and just right he moves both his hands back so that he can hit the mokodon 25 consecutively with both his hands after that we see Hai panch makes it rain and muko just wants to try to save himself . The same crown.

Disappears in front of him to avoid 25 of life, immediately he who reaches behind the heroine and tries to stun her, it is not so easy to attack her in the ultra institute of pachararan, who has to take the photo as his The back notices and as soon as we slash the photo the heroine vanishes all of a sudden and Mukut looks shocked. What happens is he again immediately reaches behind the crowns and hits his corner very forcefully behind the head of the crowns and is unable to do it due to pain. Because of this, he starts falling and getting ready to do so, he is about to die. We see that the mask remains there only after the image . Hai kya mokoto starts laughing all of a sudden mokoto then laughs and says dammit you are big and strong.

But your body is too stiff can you reach behind and touch me too so many of your messages will be headed your way Enjoy this sight because this is your last moments in which you are breathing. Jeans does not say anything in response and starts powering up immediately. Gives the power of Seren, from now on Mako goes a long way and starts falling and we see that He starts going after the photo, after that it starts moving towards the crown and as soon as Jain reaches the crown, he immediately attacks the crown with his shoulder, the photo cannot believe it. Hota wonders what is happening with him, he wonders how this power can be here. In a few moments, we see that Jinn lands on the ground and Mokuton's body is perfect, behind which.

She falls. Mukut does not say anything for a long time as the body falls on the ground. It seems that Mako is finally defeated by Kiran's backward attack. Jeeran then looks back and says don't get up now warrior, this fight is over. I can save your life if you tell me where are the colors of Sankoko I will go there myself as soon as Kiran says this we see Jin starts standing again for a while seeing this Was also a little surprised, he starts laughing after standing the photo, we see that blood is coming out of his mouth, he says lotus is too much Impressive I really didn't expect that a weak Destroyer would turn out to be so powerful I couldn't imagine that he would have a power like yours in my eyes you are so powerful as I wasn't even expecting Vegeta that He must have really taken a very strange.

Turn and immediately he grabs his sword that earlier I said that for demons like you I have to There is no need to spoil your sword, I would like to apologize for that, now it seems to me that you really deserve it. After this, he takes out his sword and starts pointing it towards himself, right towards Kiran, Moko then laughs and says that I hope you have not believed yourself that the Legendary Four can do only this much. Hey Atlist, I hope for your well being. He seems to be less and less confused by the words and actions of the Mokutons. He starts thinking why the Mokutons have kept the sword on their side only then we see that Muko to means 4th off. The five strong guest fashions his own sword inside his body, he starts doing the photo himself, and only then we see his face, he has a very strange smile on his face, thinking of it as.

A corner for himself . Because it's a power I've never seen before. It's the ultimate power of an angel. It's the power of an engine that doesn't believe in courts . He pulls out his sword and immediately his body starts bleeding very fast. While doing this Mokuton's face does not show any pain, instead he starts laughing hysterically, welcome to the end of your life, as soon as Charan sees that his opponent is hurting himself, he is absolutely right. He is surprised , he does not understand that how can a person do this to himself, what are you doing, very painfully, he says in a heavy voice that I am your owner, Kiran University is considered, the reasons for which I was snatched my seat in equals A power that.

Grandpa adopted with the things it taught It's a power that I 'll use to finally defeat those guards one day with my own hands Sorry because you will not be able to avenge Vegeta because I also have to settle my score with her colors first . We see Mukuta starts screaming very loudly, blood is coming out of her body only then red color Light sweeps the house from all sides, only then we see that suddenly it emerges from behind the crowns. The way Anokhi guard was also taken out, but in Moko 's form, we see that her wing is full of blood, due to the power of crowns, tremendous energy is coming out and only then we see He puts his hand forward to save his face. The photo starts laughing immediately. He is holding his sword in his hand.

And now it looks like he is ready to fight. Come back in this form. Looks good this is my version of the form screams finally be the crown we see your color change too show me why you're in uniform show me why you deserve to be the first to die at the hands of a blood angel all of a sudden here we Let's see that the spiders start increasing very fast to attack in their new cheating form. The first time looks surprised, he says, is Jeeran using his ultraviation form at this time, but still his body and mind Not prepared for this type of attack, we see Muko standing behind Charan and it looks like the one whose bow D' s death has gone through where Rabbi is standing. In a few moments we see that Geran has a huge cut on his body and he could not even see the attack. He looks at it jealously in his.

Selfie and starts laughing right away, he says how boring color is, let me help you and add some color to it, he takes the photo once again in the same way . Hai once again we see the original has passed through Kiran's body once again I could not see him I auto laughs and says it seems time has come to go up a level only then we see Kiran He stands at his place and starts getting cuts on his body at different places, these attacks are happening so fast that those who are not even aware that all these attacks are just for hurting the accident. It is happening that the speed of all these attacks is so high for him to die that the deer does not even have time to react. After all, as soon as the crown stops, the deer's body suddenly hurts. He starts screaming from there, blood is coming out from everywhere in his body.

And says I am sorry Warrior but anyone who fills the blade of Blood Angel Blood slash Stephanie * should be 1000 to tell about it, so much blood is coming out that it has spread on the ground, after that we see that his eyes start looking like a live test. Only his friend's name comes on his tongue, San Gogo and these are the last words . just keeps coming out of his body and you when the fight is over we see muko put his sword back he says it's over anyway you fought very well and i will always remember your name I will keep it as long as I am alive, I am leaving your body here and you can.

Do whatever you want with it, but I hope that one day we will be able to meet again . We see the dead body on the ground and we see that the crown is flying from there, after that it beats for some time. and we see that Mr. is lying on the ground and after that we go a little closer to his body and we see that something strange is happening with his body whose hand is completely lifeless but suddenly Electricity starts coming out from inside his hand and now it seems that the fight between second lap killer and ₹ 45 strawngest has just started, so how will the fight between children and spiders proceed ? In the video and after all, where has Vegeta gone and who is the new Gaurav Destruction, if you know, then definitely write his name in the comment, for the time being friends add.

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