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Looks like we should fall Near's animation present Near's animation presentdeath note: fan made story and film 06:00am Animation and Editing by Harshbardhan Mahato I'm going toschool. Story by Harshbardhan Mahato Voice by Harshbardhan Mahato and kiran kumari(didi :)) There is no one around….then where did this come from?.

Whoever's name is written… he will die after seven hours. By erasing the name… death can be avoided. hm…..the rules are a little different,But whoever made it, made it well. the paper is also good. I will take it, it will be useful in making drawings. (((((school ring )))) hey,Harsh Yesterday you told about a cartoon. Called Death Note…that was pretty cool.

We will talk about this later. Now, pay attention in class. And…that's anime not cartoon. ??? ((((school ring ))) Today's study ends here. Tomorrow, all children should bring their files. yes,sir….-yes,sir…- yes,sir..-yes,sir.. Now give me this:.

Leave it, you won't get it anymore. hey,…Nam Ju.. Started harassing him again? Okay, you also came.. Today, he ruined the papers in my file. I won't let you go like this today Take this paper. aaaaa..okay.. you are speaking, so I am leaving it. listen here..

Take this paper also,You wasted the paper, you write it yourself. I need it by tomorrow morning. ok aaah….wrote the name also… Should I call him and tell him? But he said till the morning. Okay, I will tell you in the morning only. Nam Ju 6:am (((phone ringing))).

Hello What…when did this happen? Yesterday I completed Nam Ju's project…. Thought ,I would tell you in the morning. But now, when I went to his house.Then it was found out that he had a heart attack. Okay, I'm coming. It's good that I met you while coming to school. Otherwise…by drawing on the death note… Would have written my own name. According to your new rule,I had to kill three people.Nam Ju becomes three.

Now I can give up ownership, right? You wrote more than three names… It is possible that he might have written many names. But, I have given up ownership. Did you read the rules on the last page-What? Rules on the last page? aa…where did it go? Why is my head hurting?…Did someone call just now? few months later It has been raining continuously for two hours.And the bus hasn't arrived yet.

Hu….what is this? harsh mahato

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