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I swear months are starting to get shorter andshorter as times goes on because we are back to more Blue Exorcist more of peak mangaand this was another good chapter it got through relatively quickly and some really nicecharacter interactions as and as well sets us up for the actual seemingly final confrontationfor the series against the main enemy forces and overall what's more the thing that sellsthis chapter as well as the recent ones are the character interactions it's something that I loveabout Blue Exorcist so much and this chapter fully encapsulates it I've had so many smiles from theserecent chapters just for these characters and this chapter is no less amazing when it comes to thateven gives us more insight into some of the side characters like the other exorcists and even theIlluminati towards the end of the chapter with us.

Getting ready for what is to come but beforewe get into this video don't forget to like And subscribe and hit the notification Bell forupdates on future videos it really helps and it shows you guys enjoy the content I make here onthe channel Blue Exorcist is one of my all-time favorite manga and the reviews have been doingdecently or very well so I want to keep these videos up every single month as well as makemore bulletress content in between chapters and liking subscribe to our channel will give me moreconfidence to make more content for Blue Exorcist as is a very underrated and under appreciatedmanga that is still ongoing right now let's get right into the chapter though for anything I justwant to say something I made a video a few weeks back on Blue Exorcist and why not was talkingabout it and I talked about the potential of the.

New anime coming out it was recently pointed outto me multiple times in my comments section that apparently there was a translation error whenthey were talking about the new anime project and that it's actually confirmed to be seasonthree of the anime which means we are gonna be getting season three of Alexis starting off withI assume everything leading up to the Illuminati Arc which is one of my personal favorite arcs inThe Exorcist and I really hope that that thing Banks so just want to clarify that we're gettingseason three it's not a reboot unfortunately but season three is is still pretty good and for sureafter we get the announcement that 100 confirms it and we get a trailer I'll make a video on thetrailer and it'll probably make videos to catch people back up on Blue Exorcist as well as explainsome things from Blue Exorcist as we laid up to.

When the anime will eventually return okay thatbetter news out of the way now let's get on to the chapter chapter 144 of Blue Exorcist of onecloth signs part two as we start off with the X wires eating some Curry and talking to each otheras they're brightnessing about the forest camp at the beginning of the series which is when rainhad a fight on maimon and his identity as Satan's child was basically revealed and I like that thisis kind of like meta joke that is stated by I think uh Yukio as it feels like 15 years in thepast wait it's kind of funny because we're gonna be engine close to Blue Express 15th anniversarybecause the series started in 2009 of April and it's a 2023. so in 2024 we're officially gonnabe 15 years of Blue Exorcist which is just crazy but yeah the chapter starts off with the X wirestalking over Curry laughing as we cut over to the.

Adults as I like how they're gonna split up intothe adults and the kids as their kids are just having fun even though they're in this end of theworld type scenario and the adults are kind of like sitting around in silence as they're justbeing like yeah this is probably gonna be our last meal I sure was just like wailing wailingand complaining the fact that I just got a new lease on life what the heck this is the end ofthe world already I should have gotten married I don't care who it is at this point and I likehow everyone is speculating that sure is just [__] drunk because so many times in the serieswhen she has which just has Outburst she is drunk but I just like that she is sober just havingthis out first because it's funny because she has had a new release on life and now the world'sending it's it's hilarious I love shura and she's.

Awesome she then asks nahas about if he's marriedand he's just looking at her in a menacing women like how dare you ask her that but yeah he endsup just stopping and says I would reunite with my wife when I die so yeah very morbid and she evensure is apologizing like I I'm sorry for bringing it up because yeah his wife's gone but then Lucythen brings up the fact that I don't need to be in my family after I die and she literally justStates she's had a good marriage she was married a good man and talks about her family six childreneight grandchildren 11 great-grandchildren as well as uh more people in her family that just kindof lost count over but at this point she's kind of tired and she's a little bit too long as weget introduced to one of her distant relatives basically just saying that she is literallya monster that would never die at this point.

Since her familiar is basically use her blessingsto keep her in physical of good shape which is how she's been an exorcist at her age now this sectionearly on is just us getting to know a bit more about these Side characters Osceola he's statinghow he was married but had no kids and he was too busy with work so he kind of screwed the pooch onhis marriage so he's basically alone and sure does bring up if he is lonely but then he looks overas Lightning Returns as he just came back for his tools and is gonna like take some curry in a lunchbox to go back and Scout the area once more and I just like how Esco just states that he has takencare of Lewin for over a decade at this point and he didn't really have the time to be lonely andthat lightning is you know nothing but trouble but he's learned how to get along with people as helooks over at him talking with Bond and everyone.

Else as he goes over his supplies and says that hehas no regrets as sure looks at him and then looks at rain you kill and all the X wires as they'reall sitting together and just smiling and having a good time reminiscing about the events thathave happened from the beginning of the story up to now as sure just has a nice wholesomesmile just says yeah same here as she doesn't have any regrets either and it's just really niceI love Shiro she's probably my top three care in top three characters of Blue Exorcist but not justour story but the fact that she is quite literally the big sister of the that entire group of X wiresshe's taught them a lot especially renukio they're literally like a close-knit family at thispoint and it's just nice it's wholesome and seeing her just look over all the kids that she'sseeing grown over this short period of time she's.

Been with them and have having no regretsoverseeing them through their whole their very short time together it's just really nice tosee Bond brings up what everyone's gonna do after they survive everything that's gonna happen or ifthey survive and I like how she would think like don't say [__] like that do you want to jinxus and yeah that is really like death flag right there my guy don't say stuff like that in the endof the world but Bon's like huh whatever I'm just gonna practice for another certification exam aseasy mode then says I'm probably gonna study too there's not much else to do kroniko says he'sgonna study also and finish developing an app and Yukio is gonna be like um I'll get some examproblems ready for you guys because literally up until he brought this up I completely forgothe is technically their teacher in a higher.

Rate than any is actually a higher rank thanthem which after everything that's happened and it's been a while since I re-read the LexusI completely forgot about because they basically be on on an even playing field for a while now sothat's something that I honestly glad I remembered but Schumer goes on to say look if you surviveliteral hell on Earth come back do what you've always wanted to do and when he's asked what he'salways wanted to do he says become a pop Idol which I love how everyone is just just teasingabout it but we know that a potential future he is actually like an idol in the future kindof he's in the conversions and stuff like that he's famous so he'll be able to do so but it'sstill crazy we're still in the way in the point where we might actually get to that dark futurewhich is still something that I'm kind of curious.

To see how that's gonna work out but you butRin Rin he begins to say if I come back alive I'm gonna need a ROM I'm gonna eat yoga andfried rice I want to eat lots of food and I like how it just like you can kind of do thatalready anyway but Rin brings up the important fact that once again I forgot the time lapsehere but he spent like half a year traveling through the past witnessing fujimoto's wholebackstory and he literally had nothing to eat but energy bars provided him by Mephisto forhalf a year so of course he wants to have all these different foods that he hadn't had in likehalf a year which technically I think I think everyone started a series about like 15 yearsold I believe and I think he's 16 now and with this he's probably closer to 17 if it's beensix months so 16 16 and a half at this point.

And then shimmy casual brings up that's actuallysimilar to what happened with me I traded a world where time passed by very quickly now I'm like18 years old which stuns everybody for a second really quick anime mom Community is probablygoing to have a field day knowing that yeah she and me is 18 years old now and she is quiteliterally the oldest in the group at this point but no in all seriousness she's basically thisbasically confirms how long she had spent training so at least two years about two years she wastraining in that time chamber to get stronger to basically save the world so I like how thiswas dropped casually but yeah I just love this because we knew time elapsed for xiami quickerthan everyone else but I had no idea what the exact time frame was for our training so about twoyears seemingly so that's nice that we finally got.

A confirmation but everyone's reactions to this iskind of funny easy mode realizes wait now I think about it your hair is longer now and Rin says yeahthat's why I thought something was different about you makes sense you're 18. everyone's like holdon a heck you're 18. you're basically an adult now you grew up without us as yeah xiaomi sayswell I have my shirt a little but then everyone's like yeah no you didn't really mature at all wedidn't really notice until you said something and I'm pretty sure this is Shima stating this buthe's like huh you're like hey surprise I'm the big sister of the group now which honestly makes senseI mean we have Cheryl but now we have shyami and she basically is the big sister of the group ifwe really think about it with how she acts for it with everybody but then we're in Pat's Jammy onthe head saying like besides you haven't gotten.

Any taller actually then does the classic Eep foryou know anime characters that have Crush crushes and stuff like that as she gets oh blessed all shyand flustered over written as uh ring apology is like and she's like no it's okay as some randomExodus just comes on and says okay listen up everybody betting's ready time to turn in forthe night is everyone's like okay anyway Bond says he's got orders he has to head back and sayshe'll see everybody tomorrow but izumo goes over to xiaomi and calls out to her asking if there'ssomeone that she needs to say as Jimmy is not sure what Gizmo means and she puts it up bluntly youlike rent don't you as shimmy literally gets so embarrassed she covers his most mouth it tells herto be quiet and tush which is hilarious because I remember so far back intellectricist indeed withthe impure King Arc she'll be basically friend.

Zoned the Rin when Rin was like crushing over hervery hard and now over the course of this series and I think it's probably because of that twoyears alone she finally come to terms that she likes Rin so it's kind of funny how she's likekind of trying to grasp grasp her feelings on this on Rin someone that she considered a veryclose friend now she's developing feelings for I find her reactors funny it's stereotypical inanime but it's fun because it's shiyemi doing it at this point because she never really had thesetypes of reactions towards like red or even Yukio which it's just nice to see something new at thispoint and I think it's kind of nice because she did spend two years away from all her friends andnow her feeling her she's realizing her feelings for someone that for someone that she's knownfor a long time but Jimmy goes out to explain why.

She can't tell him now because it just put him onthe spot and it'll make everything more difficult as ismo's like no and she's justlooking at her with a disapproving look as Shimmy's just kind of panicking overhe's the most like disapproving look because says it very bluntly you might die tomorrow you'llregret not telling him and call shiammi a coward as shimmy just goes on to say look rightnow isn't the right time once more izumo putting it bluntly in our faces which I think fitsher character a lot because she doesn't shy away from totally people how it is just called them tosay xiaomi's role in her reasons without shimmy having to say anything she basically just saysbecause it's the end of the world in your shimi haza and you have to save the world and everyone'slife is at risk and you're an adult now right here.

We are like yeah that's how it is as easy saysas far as I'm concerned none of that matters as this is just shocking she and meas easy mode just says look you don't even have the courage to tell a boy youlike him so how can you save the world it's very blunt and very harsh as even he's likebasically broken and just in awe and still how he's about just put everything on her plate andjust put this out on her face and this reaction shout out to show me just hilarious I have no ideaif I'm just gonna make this part of the thumbnail I might make this part of the thumbnail just forshits and giggles but this is one of my favorite shimmy reactions at this point but then Nismoafter saying all this says oh none of my business so why do I care good night as shammy's like thatwas just mean I don't know these two have some of.

My favorite interactions they're best friends andizumo just literally just saying things how it is for shyami's own sake is literally one of the mainthings I like about her and it's not just for her but people she cares about I just like izumoshe literally has had the best girl spot for blue extras for the longest time which she gaveme just slowly occupying that space because I love shimmy as well they kind of have a nice BalancingAct but as easy Mode's walking away she's like I really said too much as Bond just casually bringsup so jammies into Rin as Ballin was still in the area and he heard everything and Shima basicallylike to eavesdrop so yeah I just find that kind of hilarious so Bond just says straight up don'tyou think you were a bit harsh on her as izumo just says yeah I know but I couldn't bear to watchall that and I just like how Shima brings up how.

She basically said French poodle back whenshe reunited with uh shammy as even izabo's embarrassed by that call saying that he should heshouldn't criticize others everyone has trouble with their own situations and yeah I just like howizumo in frustration it just wants to get Shiva off her back just brings the fact that he's a spyand he hides all kinds of stuff as even Bond joins in the situation be like hey with the war withhow it is how is your spy work going and it's just hilarious how the two of them were just grillinghim like their parents and he's almost like I win what I gotta have on your side huh as bond is justlike yeah but at this moment I'm just glad we're all together and ismo just says yes so am I asbond is just laughing at the fact that she is I assume just glad to have everybody all togetherin this group as a mine they were react their.

Interactions I've always been my favorite part ofthe Lexus and this chapter is just a real treat anyway lightning calls Bond over as he ends upsaying good night and heads over with lightning as ismo just starts to slowly head off to bedas we then get to see the enemy's stronghold Satan castle if you will as Iblis one of thedemon Kings Brits again and they reunite as Lucifer great stem on a throne with a bunch ofIVs on here as he talks to these demon Kings his siblings as well as members of the Illuminatistating that a catastrophe has befallen to Satan and yet everyone here has survived as thensomeone appears it is asked her off possessing the character the bully from chapter one Iremember this happened such a long time ago but I completely forgot about this character andapparently people did kind of forget about him.

But yeah he shows up blustering that he's goingto finally meet their father he's finally going to help and assist him as everybody's trying totell osteroth that uh Satan's not here anymore Lucifer just straight up says Satan's no moreand that the Knights of the truth cross use some secret weapon that uh basically madeSatan disappear and he's in a painful state but Lucifer was going to say that yes his powerSatan's power is in the land but this right here is his core The Fortress of his heart to geta nice big spread of basically Satan Castle Satan's Fortress as you will protecting his heartwhere the demon Kings and the Illuminati are ID we then get more explanations and some brief panelsshowcasing Satan encroaching upon Asia and slowly destroying it as what Lucifer says and like theGod he is he is granting The Illuminati's prayers.

Just begrudgingly and starts to break down beinglike Oh father why did this have to happen to you he lost his vessel he lost his ego but he stillleads us forward as everyone just looking over on and being like okay the demon god is even is evenmore powerful than we thought as Iblis just hugs again saying that they're gonna create a paradisefor demons as then Lucifer's right hand swaps away A Familiar of lightnings as yeah lightning hearda lot of what just happened and has a decent idea of a situation right now I'm sure the men can saythat the order grows desperate as the annihilation of asea approaches they will attempt to stopthe heart as now we did a he makes a hologram showcasing the map of this whole Fortress as youguys want to say that the Fortress holds the heart it's supported by three buttresses and surroundedby a maze a 500 meter wall surrounds the Maze and.

A single large gate is the only way in and how toget through that gate is by no means obvious if they're trying to climb the wall it will eruptin blue flames even going near it will prove dangerous in some areas a powerful curse willdiminish the power of the little demons with a particular focus on anything flying the enemy mustassail the three buttresses and the main gates so they must allocate their defenses in four separatepoints as Lucifer leader to his right hand homeray as yeah he states that father's blessings canbe dangerous in the conditions that they're in because it could end up endangering thesedemons and the Illuminati as well and that also goes for your order so brief thing to go over aswe've just stated the only industry that massive gate there is like three different maze areasand the heart is held up from three different.

Areas across this giant Fortress that was createdaround Satan's core so when they enter they're basing on the ethra maze an army of demonsThe Demon King the Illuminati and they can't climbable walls otherwise blue flames will eruptand basically engulf them so yeah that is kind of they're walking into a slot or the Knights oftheir true cross The Exodus they're basically going to walk me to a Slaughter at this pointsince the Illuminati are going to use this their their advantage and mount the counter-offensivebecause unlike last time where it was completed under chaos now the Illuminati have the upperhand they have a fortress they can well more more likely than not protect themselvesthis time in have proper defensive measures Lucifer then casually shoots a beam of light atone of the Illuminati members as they fall to the.

Ground as we see a steaming creature appear fromits body as Lucifer points out that it seems that they missed a spy and apparently that it was aghost parasite that infected one of their men so now lightning has heard everything the changinglocations the stuff about the walls the gates the buttresses everything so now they have all thisinformation that they need to get ready to use but Lucifer says look the order is desperateright now obvious destruction is within sight as the final panel of the chapter States if wesuccessfully defend Father's Heart Victory Is Ours The Challenge and we won't get another chapterfor another month The Works list really great I like the character interactions shimmy is 18now so anime Community is gonna go crazy and wow with that I guess she is 100 into Iran and izumojust wants to confess already their friendship is.

Wholesome I love it we now also get basically theadults just being like I got no regrets in life things have happened we'll just face whatevercomes to us sure a brief instance of this chapter I love their interactions with the otherexorcists and you're just coming in terms of the fact that yeah I saw this kid I'm seeing thesekids grow up I taught them all I need to know I have no regrets and the Illuminati basicallyhas similarly all their fighting forces three demon Kings will have before counting Lucifer aswell as the Illuminati and this giant Fortress with only one way in multiple mazes in differentareas holding up the Fortress and now even though lightning knows everything of the outputs andthe layout of the enemy stronghold to an extent the Illuminati know they're coming so theycan prepare they have four demon Kings granted.

Lucifer is always one foot in the grave buthe's so incredibly powerful in and of itself so I'm curious what's gonna happen I see osterothpotentially fighting Rin or something because I think he was trying to possess someone in thebeginning of the story I still gotta reread it but that'll be a really nice rematch to an extentbecause ring can actually use his powers to fight either way I'm curious to see how thesematchups are going to go because the demon Kings themselves are definitely going tohave solo matchups against certain people and the x-wires are jumping out of the fight as ateam Remy he'll Pro I want to see rinfai Lucifer Rin and Yukio fighting who's the first time Ireally want to see because the twins these two brothers I need them to fight together I havesome kind of combo Place it'll be great and how.

This Arc is gonna play out I have no idea but I dowant to try and get some videos full blocks this worked out in the future me thinking of how thesematchups can be or what could happen in the future I have no idea I certainly think about it and Ihave other stuff I want to do for the channel as well but either way that was the chapter whatdid you guys think let me know in the comment section down below of everything we had in thischapter between the character interactions Jimmy uh the Illuminati the layout and how this Siegeon the Demon King's Castle essentially is gonna play out and are you excited for Blue Exorcistwhen we finally get an anime because next week is when we're going to be getting an announcementon what the heck season three or whatever this anime is going to end up being we might geta trailer so fingers crossed it's going to be.

Good and it comes out soon and done I hope youguys enjoyed the video sorry this has been longer than normal but it was a good chance when I had totalk about it at length like And subscribe if you haven't already it helps me immensely and makesme more motivated to make videos on this series and with all that said and done I hope you guysenjoyed and I hope you all have an awesome day

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