Luffy Comback vα»›i Yamato One Fragment tαΊ­p 1049 [Review One Piece 1049] #onepiece1049 #shorts #onepiece

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After falling, the dragon will lie flat on the ground. He was so scared that he couldn't even move. At the top of the demon island, after the father and son used the lightning spell, kaido had a head bleed due to the attack. As for Yamato, who used his ability to create a protective layer of ice, he was unharmed. The reason why yamato has no friends is revealed. Because whoever befriends yamato will be killed by kaido. Furthermore, kaido revealed that he and yamato are both demonic , so they should use their power to control humans and can't be friendly with humans. Due to her carelessness, Yamato was attacked by kaido so repeatedly that she could neither counterattack nor defend. As for the pink dragon, after being encouraged by Luffy and too painful to have his beard pulled, he was able to fly freely in the sky and reach the demon island as quickly as lightning. But this dragon flies strangely,.

It flies but its eyes are closed so it doesn't need to look at the road to go. when it crashed and destroyed wildly in the island of demons, both sides were surprised by the appearance of this dragon. Encouraged and guided by Luffy, the pink dragon opened its eyes and flew straight to the top of the demon island. When they reached the place, Luffy and Yamato had a perfect match with their eyes and hit kaido without having time to turn back.

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