Luffy’s Equipment 5 Released Date & Time/HINDI Dub Of Zom 100 & My Miniature Senpai And More: Anime Files Ep-4

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Tu hai gas welcome to the video of weekly animes and it has many amazing updates like avery we will see this week crunchy roll is adding hindi dubbed anime and many more like add 100 bucket list of d Dead is adding its hindi dub consideration and all these animes are running currently and also we will talk in episode 171 of one piece big which is going to release and at what time you will know the probability that when It is going to be released tomorrow but you will not know from what time it is going to happen, so don't worry if your brother is here, he will tell you, then complete the video and before that you guys suggest me some name in the comment. If I want to give some name to the segment of animes , then suggest a good name whose name is also good, it will be a good magnet, I will give credit to him that this guy did it to me by name and it is a very good name and.

Episode 4 of the news Let's start, today's first news is that in the platform named Disco Tech, which has added season 2 open booking Daniel India image, then if you want to see them, go and see them, and apart from this, the second update is News India Sarita. He is doing the Unending Witch the Journey of Alina anime which you guys will be able to watch on youtube and after that there is Crunch Roll update ki crunchy roll hindi develop la raha hai me chinese umpire aane mein which is a very good thing apart from this another update Hai ki e roll ad kar raha hai jo 100 bucket list de dei hai hindi dub of this movie which is running currently and after that update world manga an anime adaptation has been found in it which is being made by netflix and we have got this date Given that we will be able to watch this anime on October 12th and then the update is that the new Black Hole Recipe No Bakugan anime is launching on September 1st and also.

This anime is going to launch on September 23rd so if If you guys get excited for this anime and watch it, if it is Netflix, then please watch it on Net please, otherwise watch it on adjustment, then the update is that Super Mario Bros movie has become the second highest earning foreign animated movie, that too in Japan is a good thing. After this Hai Hai Card anime season you have been revealed which we will get to see in January 2024 and a promo video of it has also been taken out so if you guys want to see it then watch it on YouTube, apart from this there is a bad news The fifth episode of List of the Dead anime has been delayed which we will be able to see on August 13. The first episode was also delayed which is a bad thing, so the next update is that the trailer of Baaki Hai Na Season Tu is out. It means that the trailer has been finished in the food, so if you guys check out this trailer, it is good or big, tell in front of you.

Aircel pill of voice maa, if you want to see this animal, then see the message Or it will be available to watch for free in youtube then the news that my instant date ability is so over power proof na sorry promo video of this anime has been released and we are being told that this anime will be released in January 2014 We will be able to see after this there is a news that the promo video review of Goblin Flair Tu anime has been done and we can get to see this anime in October, after this there is another bad news that episode 6 of Mike Tyson Simply Anime is out in a week It has been delayed which we will get to see on 19th August this is also a bad thing delay pe delhias nahi hai delaye is happening don't know why this is happening don't know after this we are going to talk about episode 1071 of one piece final in which We will be able to see Gear 5 in which you will see how the loot comes in the dust of the law.

, so everyone is very excited for this, so this episode is going to be released tomorrow, that means on August 6, which we will be able to see at 7 in the morning. :30 o'clock means in our India it is going to be released at 7:30 in the morning, for which everyone is very excited, means you people are going to be released at 7:30 o'clock, we will get to see, you will see this time at 11 o'clock 12 o'clock Will get it because it will break the internet there, this episode means we will kill the dirt first, that's why I am very excited, so if you guys are excited for this episode, then tell in the comment, One piece is real, then on today's video Those who end , subscribe to the channel and comment that what is the name of the segment and like the video, then today's video ends, let's say goodbye in the video.

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