Luffy’s Sleek Legendary Vitality Forces The World Authorities into Battle – One Piece Chapter 1074

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Luffy declares war against the world governmentwe start chapter 1074 with a brawl judge Vin smoke Caesar Clown and queen are all laying into eachother hard judge stabbing Caesar with his spear Caesar punching Queen and queen trapping judge ina headlock this was what daily life was like for mads it's a miracle the research group was ableto get anything done back on Egghead we're down on the fabrio phase the remaining cyberpole agents inthe area are not doing well one of the team yells out the Marine Soldier shouldn't stand in theirway a few members of his team have already fallen but the one cyber pole Still Standing bringsup his rifle even against the odds this guy is going to try and keep fighting that's some crazybravery he goes for the shot before his bullet Finds Its Mark a goofy bubble of force emergesin a second the pacifista has formed a full riot.

Shield out of this stuff the massive cyborg swatsis shot out of the air like the bullet was just a buzzing gnat this thing is it going down easily iteven manages to throw the explosion back at Cypher pole vegapunk has clearly continued enhancingthe pacifistas even though he has a seraphim now the agents don't know what to make of thisnew ability one of them refers to it as bubble shield and credits it as a new invention of Vegapugs this is apparently the Mark III pacifista a cyber pole doesn't have any way to deal with itthe cyborg demands that the agent's surrender and move out to factory B the Cyber pole aren't happyabout that but between surrender and die to killer cyborg they choose to render the agents know theydon't have a chance against the Mark III still as the world government spies move away they'recurious about something who gave the pacifist.

His orders to go apprehend them like this thefrontier Dome was sealed and the Vega Punk should be up on the cloud layer they were supposed to beall alone down here and to answer that we cut our way to another part of the factory complex someof the lab assistants are yelling their patient mustn't move or they'll open their wound the bigguy doesn't seem to listen to them however even with everything else that's happened today he'sfocused on the pacifists doing their job yes Santo Maru is back at work it'll take more than a handthrough the chest to keep vegapunk's bodyguard down still he's not back to 100 he's consciousenough to organize a pacifist does but it doesn't look like he's in any condition to fight SantoMaru doesn't seem worried about that however he's more concerned about the frontier Dome with itclosed he's got no way to contact Dr vegapunk he.

Can't make sure the old man is safe still Luffymade a promise to him and that stuck with sento Maru Straw Hat swore that he'd get the old man offof Egghead Island Santo Maru struggles for breath while he then then Mushi and his hand continuesto ring the Marines don't know enough about what happened on the island and are trying to calla guy who was supposed to be a rebel the whole situation is chaotic so Santo Maru is going todo what he wants and what he wants is to try and help doctor as such he gives a crucial order all50 Mark III pacifistas are to move out immediately there to secure Egghead and make sure the ThousandSunny is able to leave the island the gigantic cyborgs March out of the factory making their waytowards the coast the locked up cyberpole Asians bang at the walls of factory B trying to getsomeone to let them out nobody's listening the.

Mark III's are already going through the streetsof Egghead tomorrow doesn't know exactly what's coming but he makes the mark III's priority clearthey're to make sure Vega Punk escapes Egghead no matter what the cost giving robots that kindof order doesn't end well what sort of cost would the pacifists be willing to enact we've seenone cause massive collateral damage just this Arc kizarro's Fleet may be in for a bad time oncethey get close enough to Egghead upon the labo phase things have gotten complicated the strawhats have been searching for Bonnie and vegapunk and somehow have not found them where could theyhave gone Luffy is panting for breath he's been sprinting all over the lab trying to find histwo remaining passengers his tongue is sticking out so far it's like he's doing an impression ofStella Chopper points out for us that Lucy busted.

His Dom shoes due to all that running Luffy begsShopper to stop talking he can't afford to pay for his bus to choose he just wants to know wherethe old guy and body have gotten to Vega Punk Shaka chimes in at that he knows where Bonnie iscalmly the Vega Punk of wisdom explains to Luffy what security cameras are he can see everythingthat's inside the label phase through his monitor Luffy's entire search was basically pointlessthe captain's eyes bugging out a Shaka make it clear Bonnie is still visible on his screenbefore taking Vengeance on Shaka however Luffy's distracted by a late entrance to the room stucyZorro and Brooke have all gotten a new set of clothes something Brooke is extremely excitedabout Zorro and stucy however aren't so excited Zorro notes that they were supposed to set saleStussy wants to see Stella wondering what's been.

Going on here the control center is starting toget chaotic we've got the straw hats and vegapunk satellites all in a room together Shaka tellsthe assembly to calm down and listen but most people aren't paying attention to him Chopper isstill having fun zooming about with his Dom shoes nami's giving the Fallen Rob Luchi an extra kickfor good measure Punk York's finally woken up and Sanji is already going crazy over her even PunkAtlas has joined the group happy to see her family again Luffy notices the giant Chow's face hasbeen repaired which Edison confirms they've got the spare parts to do stuff like that in the labophase Shaka doesn't acknowledge the chaos just keeping on with his briefing Stella is missingbut that's only the first issue they need to deal with the other one is with the frontier Dome it'sout of their control right now with it activated.

The Thousand Sunny can't leave unless they wantto be shot out of the sky usop starts to freak out at that they have to get out of here Shakaagrees the points out that Stella has vanished his focus is still firmly on protecting hisprogenitor they need to locate the original Vega Punk before leaving no matter what the costhe'll try to find a way to repair the frontier Dome though he doesn't sound confident aboutthat Frankie brings up the obvious point if they have security cameras covering the lab won'tsearching be pointless you know Luffy and Chopper all witnessed Stella use teleportation technologyback down in the scrapyard it's surprising none of them have even considered maybe he's teleportedsomewhere outside the lab instead Shaka is sticking with the idea that Stella must be in thelab of stratum somewhere he explains that he was.

Exaggerating a bit everything in the lab should bedisplayed on his monitors however they took that big attack from the seraphim after that the cameracreature may have moved or lost Consciousness even when the system was fully operational it wasdesigned to monitor the satellites and workers sequentially it checked on them one by onesurveillance was never perfect and fainting could cause additional blind spots while shaka'stheorizing about that Vega Punk Pythagoras checks in over remote transmission he's just finishedchecking the third floor of building C nothing's there Shaka acknowledged his Pythagoras's reporttelling him to check the next floor the sooner they find vegapunk the sooner they can leave Namiis the first to offer hoping to find some treasure on along the way Brooke is quick to offer tojoin as well stucy offers to help and that.

Brings Sanji onto the search team but then theworst possible person offers to join them Zorro he wants us done just like everyone else andfigures that they just have to find one old guy it can't be hard Sanji however grabs hold ofThe Swordsman immediately the cook isn't letting his rivalry get the better of him however insteadsanchi just points out the extremely obvious Zorro gets lost all the time Chopper and Robin agreethat this is probably something they should keep in mind Zorro should stay in the control room heisn't happy about this vote of no confidence but he doesn't argue with them he just takes a seaton the couch next to Luffy who is still panting for breath Zorro pokes funded his captain over howout of breath he still is Luffy eventually gets it together enough to claim he always goes all outhe gave that search everything and it wasn't that.

Long ago he was fighting Rob Lucci he's more thanearned this break the two are almost alone in the control room now Joshua Vega Punk Shaka anytwo Shackled cp0 agents Zorro looks at Kaku and Luchi even he never expected they'd run intothe Assassins again still it got him nostalgic for Water Seven even Luffy can get behind thatwondering if mayor iceberg is doing well even all this time later Straw Hat doesn't forget hisfriends memories can last a long time and to prove that we go over to the kuma memory chamber jewelryBonnie is inside the memory now just starting to get her bearings she's in a field long grassblowing hard in the wind and she can hear loud sobbing from some guy in the distance wanderingover to him it's clear that this upset figure is a gigantic child with a shaved head and bruisesall over his body this matches up what designs.

Oda shared for a young Kuma in a past SBS thisis what Bartholomew Kuma's life was like perhaps the earliest clear memory he had Vega Punk wasn'tlying this memory is Kuma's pain Bonnie can just about recognize her father she reaches out forhim but before she can even get close some shadowy figures have found him this group of brutes aren'tgentle with Kuma grabbing the big guy and trying to pull him away the young Bartholomew tries toplead with them asking for help he doesn't want to do this anymore the Shadows just berate himtelling Kuma to return with them if he doesn't they'll all be killed Kuma just insists he doesn'twant to go back Bonnie starts running towards a confrontation but she's getting no closer this isjust a memory after all Kuma insists he doesn't want to return with the Shadows the captors insistthat crying won't do anything the young Kuma says.

He'd rather they kill him now he expects to die inthis mysterious other place anyway Kuma screams at them hollering that he'll be killed no matter whathe'd rather die out here with the grass and the wind the figures don't have an answer for yonkumainstead they pull out clubs and start viciously beating him Bonnie cries running towards themunable to close the distance while yelling at them to stop Kuma cries out begging for someone to helphim he's even apologizing to the people beating him he just wants the pain to stop before morehappens Bonnie falls out of the giant memory ball she's not doing so well trying to get her breathback over on the grand line px0 Kuma's original body is still trying to climb the red line fatherand daughter are both struggling right now half a world away from each other is Kuma trying to helpBonnie just as she's trying to help him Bonnie.

Starts to pick herself back up she takes a secondto wipe the tears from her eyes it will take real resolve to get through these memories she lovesher father dearly and is going to have to face all the pain he went through in his life but hermind still lingers on those few happy memories she won't be satisfied with just accepting this shehas to know she reaches out a trembling hand she's not done with the memories yet elsewhere in thelab Vega Punk Pythagoras is continuing to search for Stella he notes that this area isn't doing toowell which is surprising this is the birthplace of the seraphim even the labs that created the hypedup new super weapons aren't in the best condition right now interestingly one of the doors has anice prominent 09 on it a ninth seraphim unit Pythagoras wonders aloud where his progenitormight have gotten to behind him a little clink.

Of metal rings out from the Shadows Pythagorasturns around as he sound Echoes through the quiet Labs a second time then the whole Lab is consumedby fire with Pythagoras screaming he may not be damaged Beyond repair but another Vega Punk isclearly down for the moment whatever was lurking in the shadows is clearly far from friendly andextremely powerful something is hunt the Vega Punk satellites and its Richie seraphim Labs if youcan command them against the Vega punks escaping Egghead is going to get a lot harder very soonThe Divided search party is now looking like a very bad idea the Egghead trainer is going to pickoff the group one by one things aren't going to go well but what's a trainer after why trap everyoneand try to kill them all well while we wonder that we're off to the skies specifically the Airshipslash blimp headquarters of world economy news the.

Premier newspaper of the one piece world we see aflock of news Coons passing through the skies all aboard the ship a calling laugh rings out take alook at this an amazing scoop just came in the den den Mushi gets hung up as big news Morgan startsbrainstorming aloud now even he knows that the world government is trying to kill vegapunk it'snot clear how he knows but between the oncoming Fleet and sentos then then Mushi line cyber Pauland the Marines couldn't have made is less secret if they tried Morgan's has an immediate feelfor the situation the events here are shaping up towards something pretty close to O'Hara theworld government is trying to take down a source of knowledge however this one won't be as easy forthe world government to spin Vega Punk is a famous scientist he's the guy who developed a lot ofPower Systems across the world it's one thing to.

Say a bunch of historians were up to Shady stuffbut vegapunk's intentions actively help people telling the public that he was a villain won't beenough to spin this but he met up with straw Hat Luffy newly crowned yonko and that gives Morgansan opening he tells his staff to listen up for the new headline Yanko Luffy kidnap vegapug barricadedhimself on Egghead declares all-out war against the Marines he Puffs himself up declaring that theworld government will clearly thank him for this before telling his dispirited looking employeesto get to work wargans was a badass right after the reverie refusing to accept World Governmentcensorship even when their agents literally pulled a gun on him and now if the straw has managedto make it off of Egghead alive the world will know that the Marines lost a war to them this is ahuge opportunity Morgans has also brought some new.

Friends along for the ride on world economy newsand one is already complaining about this stupid headline nefertari Vivi is here and she is infull princess mode glaring imperiously at Morgans there's no way Luffy would kidnap an old man she'sannoyed at this extended World Government cover-up in the background one of Morgan's employees iscrushing hard on the princess she knows that she lent Vivi her new wardrobe and our Intrepidreporter is planning to never watch those again her in times he would probably get along welljoining her in extreme emotion is Ting wapo who is panicking card at Phoebe's attitude he'sexpecting wiretap snails to be listening in on them even if they're flying through the airaway from from World Government territory as far as waffle is concerned as soon as the worldgovernment learns where they are they're both in.

Line to be assassinated this is a surprise we knewsomething had happened with Vivi and Sabo during the reverie but wapo was involved as well andexpects to be killed for what he saw was everyone watching the gore say meeting with emu regardlesswaffle tries to insist that Vivi not talk back to morchan pointing out that he's hiding both ofthem right now Morgan's however is unbowed he's a leader of the underworld after all he he's usedto a little back talk he turns it around on Vivi pointing out that not too long ago she was justa little girl crying her eyes out she came to him for sanctuary and he granted it but he won't standfor her meddling in his work Morgan's insistent that he is the one who shakes the world the onewho picks what knowledge people receive the bird Mogul isn't particularly dedicated to truth orlies to the world government Luffy or anything.

Else his one concern is entertainment he'll printwhatever provides the most fun words to live by as always I'm class of otaku thank you all so muchfor watching and have an awesome day I love you

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