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One Piece episode 1071 has caused several online platforms to crash as fans from all over the world witnessed Luffy's legendary gear 5 transformation for the first time the episode has been met with nothing but positive reviews with global streaming platforms like Crunchyroll crashing due to massive traffic moreover One Piece episode 1071.

Has been trending on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit with fans being mesmerized by the animation quality and Luffy's gear 5. despite the hype surrounding the episode fans of rival anime series do not believe that the episode managed to break the internet the debut of One Piece episode 1071 crashed the service.

Of the most popular anime streaming platform Crunchyroll the site crashed well before the episode aired owing to increased traffic as people eagerly waited to see gear 5 in Action a huge spike in crashes was reported as soon as the new episode aired with Crunchyroll slowing down in several countries several individuals took to Twitter to.

Report that the site crashed with others confirming that the site was almost inaccessible for a better part of the day the us we had no choice but to switch to other streaming platforms popular within the fandom unfortunately a majority of platforms crashed due to increased traffic after the gear 5 episode aired and several of us were.

Unable to watch it as soon as it premiered gear 5 marks a landmark moment in the history of one piece and all of anime its wild reception on popular streaming platforms gives us an idea of how iconic the episode truly was confirming that it indeed caused the majority of sites to crash upon its arrival Luffy's gear 5 transformation.

Has received a thunderous response from the anime Community with episode 1071 shattering multiple records and shutting down streaming platforms however rival fandoms have presented data to support the theory that gear 5 is not as successful as barion mode or Ultra Instinct Dragon Ball fans also took to Twitter to express that gear 5 did not.

Even scratch the surface of the impact that Ultra Instinct had on the entire world moreover fandoms like Naruto and Dragon Ball are also banding together and calling out episode 1071 saying that it has failed to break the internet however one piece Twitter has ruthlessly shot down these comparisons and has defended the series vehemently the.

Intensity and vigor with which fans are defending gear 5 is admirable and shows how dedicated they are to standby odor and his creation One Piece episode 1071 currently has the highest number of Tweets in comparison to all the other episodes of the series and has surpassed previous juggernauts like episodes 10 15 and 1062. the impact of the gear 5.

Episode is being felt all over Twitter it has already broken previous records and has set the stage for episode 1072 which will see the final showdown between kaido and Luffy begin for now we are soaking in the Brilliance of Luffy's transformation into the warrior of Liberation Luffy's gear 5 debut has been one of a kind and will forever be.

Remembered as one of the greatest transformations of all time however there has also been some criticism levied towards episode 1071 with some fans being angry about the amount of screen time that was taken by haori's confrontation with Orochi flashbacks from previous episodes and longer intro also reduced the runtime of gear 5 in.

The episode however these issues didn't take away much from the experience that fans had gear 5 Luffy has already become a fan favorite with the majority of the audience praising the animation quality of the scenes where Luffy is seen fighting against kaido in his gear 5 mode the one piece fandom is currently in a state of euphoria where the.

Majority of fans being satisfied with how Luffy's gear 5 was introduced in episode 1071. we are also well aware that upcoming episodes will witness the hype around gear 5 increase even further with the final showdown between Luffy and kaido beginning this in-depth analysis of one piece's gear 5 episode proves that it did manage to break the.

Internet and also crashed several anime streaming sites the episode also Trend worldwide on Twitter and became the Talk of the Town online thus it is safe to say that gear 5 has already become an iconic addition to the world of anime and that's all for today I hope you all enjoyed this video and I also asked you to subscribe to help us it will also.

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