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Hello guys like in the previous episode we saw lo tell frank today you Great Master's Inheritance Officially will receive for which you Skyscraper means very tall building Length has to be understood and its foundation so far and strong that's why 50 years for you to reach star level and if you do without anything.

Cared now if crazeeli himself a stuff If you trend like a fool, then I I can assure you that you People who achieved star level in 3 years but you never reach the universal level Will you be able to reach Baba by saying this much? continuing to understand the low fan says a domain returned and sector lord every step you take to become serious.

You will have to take it after which you have lost your hands Waves to only then a blood red castle gets there quickly after which babadal laughingly says follow me Only then she would come inside the castle while having the flu. Follow him, follow him, Frank too A goes to the castle while doing at the club It is as if seeing you sir.

Respectfully bow before him and only then She tells Lou Frank it's 18 Steel Tower only the original master has 18 followers who that always be loyal though when you know These people died when the planet was destroyed And I only created their virtual existence created then she says I have 18 Steel Towers and 36 Beauty have now been built. There, following Prabhat, open the.

Lots of different different dresses Beautiful women appear and whose Second in the Castle, following the rising Level one takes him to the room only then tell lo tell frank it's your training room where babda training room Key points to the four walls, only then quickly over there from the Four Worlds bookshelf She gets blocked only then tell her friends.

This is called here I have read all the books Prepared Rakhi which stars you traveler level universal level domain level and required for Sector Lord Levels And as soon as I say this, Books A in all four books goes and now in the antire training room Total is 10000 books you are just a start traveler so you need secret manuals that.

Are on the book shelves that you Have to cultivate where Babda a book Point out your immense level of self Tells friends who have immense level that's for fighter training and one Strong with Strong Spirit Reader You should have a body, so your force Exertion and body strength everything here will be trained then she says and now.

Your body student level line on peak and your consciousness is also insufficient, that's why because of your body strength Easy brake throw to starter level van given which is lower level includes SPD reader and which It is very important and it is very important Control is split into three sections illusion and misalyus each section of.

Strong enough after which you continuing the conversation with Lou Frank Says the master's inheritan woman and this He is unique even in the universe and master's More in Treatments Period Readings is too high and then she says master Near Nine Great Egg Slaves The And Inn slaves before today my master To Soul Permit Your Spirit Technique.

Did him and that leaves nine undiness Do my master control the of them One Universal Level and Six Tomen Lords And you are the sector lords then she says Master's technique was very special in which This sleeve trains itself with its consciousness Can do after which babadal towards the loafer Seeing says master's inheritance It is not so easy to take it is very difficult.

Less so it's enough to start would be difficult so before the master died Inherited to his next disciple so imprint made when i first met you That's when I found you in your body had infused the imprint which Noiselessly enter your soul has been and I estimate in the next 3 hours are you ready to start it.

Only then will you go, my friend is mourning Print that I'm not full yet Now seeing Lo Fan mourning, he presses his hand shakes and there's a chair repair That's why she tells and sits in it, then she people throw says my master a adaying being the and they inherited Soul imprinted so that it is yours merge into souls like you don't notice.

Can do it then she says and if a sector Will try to identify even more sol imprin So he will also fail then you are one you are a star traveler level fighter Lou Frank on hearing how you'd recognize him Helpless fools only then tell Frank says from today when you virtual space If you will interest in me, then you will be in cultivation only. You will train yourself and from today I will be your.

I will decide the future bath and then that says no matter what happens to me First you have to plan your post and then have to move forward step by step and you You will be able to go far even when you follow your plan will follow step by step and then he says and if now we go without any goal and Will you train yourself blindly with the plan? so that would just be a waste of time then that.

Says I can just give you this suggestion yes but i don't take your decisions I can, only then I say by pressing the form understand your point and then he says hey baba what is your suggestion on which babadalu says to throw so I have to pay attention to training because you Can't take her little second thing master the control and illusion techniques that.

They have basic techniques for you you have to learn again babad continuing to talk to you If she says then I am the inheritor of the planet ho and you have to learn impress techniques If I want then after the manipulator Learn by going to the Illusionist's depends on you thirdly and you Time passed to the language of the universe.

Have to learn on which lofata says what we don't have translation software whereas in meaning translation software Efforts to learn this language It is necessary to apply, only then find out, tell a friend is if you don't understand the universe level So people will think that you are from backward place Ho and you are the successor of You Know Planet so you know how to speak the universe language.

Only after pressing the low flame Says it's okay, I will learn after listening to this Baba was satisfied, only then take fambata says babaata ye marshal art is cultivation and i am a spirit reader I am a master so I have a strong body needs to be cultivated and I nothing else is needed Banata gets very angry on hearing this and.

She tells Lou Frank to give this universe There is a fighter divided into large sectors and another spirit reader and it's hard to say which of the two is more Strong but this spirit of readers Method more complicated and stronger happens and if this fighter fight or brake If he wants to throw, then he has to take his spirit. and focus on will power and if.

Spirit reader wants to improve himself If there is then he has to rely on his body and genetic energy. have to pay attention that i tell you now Can't tell then she says how are you which is universal level and specially which domain ladder sector high retirement whether that spirit will power origin be it energy body or rim Retirement happens only then he comes to his point.

Continuing to lou tells frank You are now a week fighter and your body Strength is only 3.5 and plate Basic of both technique and movement technique That's why on hearing this, he says to Fan Dabata my blood tech is at expert level and My movement technique is at the perfect level Hearing babaatal she throws and says all this people of meaning would think but.

According to the classification of the universe your blood technique and movement technique Only basic level and lowest level is and your body strength exertion It is only 3.5 which is very less then that says student on my you know planet Level 9 Average Strength Exhibition Level turns 10 This is higher than the lap of thunder, that's why it comes.

Lou tells Frank that your I have big problems with training like yours strength exertion is three times and your attack impact force three million and your speed has increased greatly maybe but your difference Listen to why it is not amplified holds up his ebos and tells databa.

Attack and Speed ​​can be amplifiers But Defense Amplify is still under Art. are doing fighter resources but still they have not succeeded in this after which Babda tells Loofenk in your Focus Verdict Should be on Miscellaneous Books which you have to study seriously Then she says that each book extremely Profounder is like so imprin solam.

It is because of the print book that the Master has Nine and Dying Slaves Controlled and he used the Soul Imprint Technique left that inherited sleep for you Imprint Because of this technology, my Master ne created kari thi soli print Extremely Profound and Mysterious Book and once you master it then people I'll give you the second book and it's my.

Unmousek's exclusive technology that should not reach others after which Lou Frank Thinks It's Soulful Print Book is the most extreme proof on treasure that can control the sleeves and more You can get them trained by yourself only then she says tower of white my unimosek's ultimate soul defense technology is And so and my master's old disciple.

Only one of the disciples got this technique The loafer would have been very happy to know that only then continue your talk Huye lo says to friends my master gave all his treasures to him before he died. left for disciple then she says These are all true treasures and more Control Chapter and Illusion Chapter too important but it andaaying other.

Varius also has mixed chapters though I have all kinds of unique techniques Defense and Attack Illusion and Live straightening techniques and and control and sleevement techniques these are all very mysterious and strange techniques and OBTAIN ALL THE TECHNIQUES IN THIS UNIVERSE To do someone either need lav or of the countless treasures that.

If you can change them then she says and lo frank you all these techniques once Will get star traveler level only sector returned to the whole yugmore planet I have all the techniques available and Books in the virtual space for some time After flipping the low flame on your Sharp pain starts in consciousness Now take Venky body blur in the training room.

Starts happening and after a while it Gets disabled from the training room then He says 3 hours have passed and I has reached the final step of the margin Hearing this, Baba's personality is that of a recent loafer. Shocking changes are taking place in consciousness a single miniature in his consciousness There was a plan and it was glowing from the open and this miniature planet transparent.

The pyramid was made of a fusion of crystals and Blood red crystal of this miniature planet code was formless blood red blood red Crystal's Coors Miniature Planet Cover doing the and countless blood raids Chilli Ho from Continuously Miniature Planet The other friend was having pain The store Trumbling and whose Makes comfortable only then tells him.

Congratulations easily pass the stage with the help of took asks my soul code blood red the crystal hasn't been disassembled yet and finally tell me what is happening here Understanding Frank, she says inherited sleep imprint then she says The master thought that his future disciple.

Will be stronger but you start be a fighter of the traveler level van and Inherited Soul Imprint here in full hasn't happened to him since and you've already have completed the transformation and now you just crossed the tracer Although you are still a student level 9 fighter yes but now without any movement you will reach the Start Traveler level and.

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