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Hello guys as we have done in the previous part saw babaata lo say to frank a lot All Star Travels and Big Group Off you are the best talent among vargards because your brain expense is 22 And then she says who will be the next war lap will have a brain extend of 16 and which Third Star Traveler Level 2 will be his Brain expense will be of 15 now ahead of which.

After lo friend now comes and asks if he Who is the fourth chairman this born whose brain expense is 15 listen to this Friends do not surprise, only then they come tells him but there is someone else who dollar from Bonn and he's a kid who He is from India, that's why he says lo and then further he doesn't ask anything about her if Had he been from China, he would have.

Trending but she is from India and don't talk about it anymore Let's see in the future how lucky he is Only then tell while continuing your talk says blue film though she kidac bar is lap and he's pretty cool Low Fan's Auto Chat Australia Flying Across the Continents of Asia Arrival in Siang Jung Headquarters City.

Followed by babadalu from frank Says Lou Frank this cloud contact Vine is extremely loyal who only The master believes in only one, that's why when my master died Cloud contact wine would also be dead. And Now that this cloud contact wine has its own master recognizes someone then no one else can ever do it to him.

Therefore its owner recognition process It is very important whose Afterward Babda tells Lou Frank Well its first i system of your autogather If I modify only then Frank would have been a hobby What does auto just modify mean? Which increases many buttons of AutoCAD lights up only when all those lights moves and they all shine and just 15.

In seconds everything is normal as before is done, after which now comes the time of cultivation. The system has been modified, that's why it comes asks me me my i system Why was there a need to modify babadha says understanding lo frank The first authority of this autogather system ie Elder home has the power to control and you have the second authority so.

The Elder Home can find out at any time whether what are you doing auto journey where are you going and he calls Autogather to himself as well Can and now that I've seen AutoGet's The system has been modified due to which today From Elder Home to Your Any will not know about the activity and from now on auto chat first your orders will follow from and after you Elder Home.

After which even the low friend would have understood everything. Hai's Elder Home Joe's Auto Jazz Ship Sale Let's do off course only then they have some of their Kari from Secret Trick and Project so that when the time comes, he can do it This cloud says that you are trapped scraper wine blood cloud contact more wine than what had come before is more gleaned and grand.

Have started producing and all of them I used Cloud to attack my side. threw the contact vine seed and it gradually increased after I absorbed three white crystals Did I get two white crystals from the gym To crush and absorb the plan Gave from whom the essence of nature took form and It is a matter of great sadness that the Elder Home.

Underlinks to cloud contact wine and took the spirit of nature after that I made the white crystal released Empire Monster so that I I can call you all here again Babda Apni Continuing the talk with low friends says after which I white cristils to him so that I you countless women attracting the ware together.

So that I can have the highest mental capacity wale warrior can get a chance to suck After which I took a small white crystal piled up at the entrance of the ship and I Three White Crystals for Your Purpose placed in front of you and 8 white crystals Propose to not kept far away from you After that everything got settled. Babda says as I sail my ship.

Couldn't leave that's why I Ship kiss period to conquer the mind energy to him and slowly you influenced and led so that you I can reach Shraddha and then you Convinced on lifting after which I Guided you to the entrance of the ship luofan becomes fond of knowing everything and he Goes from beginning to end this misty.

Everything is not direct on the island Did split of nature cloud contact Wine Monster Emperor White Crystal after which Lou Frank suspects that Why did Monster Level Empire Do not collect other white crystals did while the other white crystal fine was thrown before the monster emperor and The Shradh that he had raised, how could he without.

Kuch jaane lo fan ko shift to discover I was guiding then Lou Frank Being anxious, the spirit asks the press. why was the energy guiding me That's why she says to the throw that it's so strong not as much as you think very weak and it's just that Do all this consciously to these friends You were already imlesh underground.

Searching from where it gives you all was guiding consciously and you yourself She was going in the direction after which Lou Frank nodding his head Agrees with talk and then and here when Lou Frank talking to Susan on the call Even then he was conscious, whose progress tells Frank now we talk about and let's process it now.

Let's start so that the cloud contact wine you apna master Recognize that thing only then you Low friends starting the process Tells to that fan you cut your wrist do because this wine is very fresh blood is needed after which no fan Cuts the wrist only then he cuts his wrist cloud contact leads to wine.

That's why cloud contact wine low flame Let's absorb fresh blood now friend's sales Wounds heal quickly due to which Cuts back the wrist only then a blood Don't know fruit like group there Where does A go from which directly Cloud contact lands in the body of the wine. does and whom the wine quickly rapes.

Takes only then blood electricity streaks Flow in the body of cloud contact wine starts happening on which the lower fan presses asks what happened here now we know It seems that the fruit that was definitely Dabata's and only Babda had his was in the storage space in the court when she Aata while explaining loophen says Cloud Contacts is here for the first time.

Cultivating vines and that cloud Contact is the larva of the vine, then she says I don't dare to cultivate it can do because after cultivation this and will become stronger and if you If you become weak then you are not in your control will be able to do it and in the first byte years I Cultivating and now when this wine in its It is best if the owner is able to recognize.

It's time to cultivate the cloud First Cultivation of Contact Vine to swallow items important point is the first one is a treasure the other is something that the vines swallow after which babadalofing to While explaining, she says that the blood Red grip fruit was specially for you The teacher prepared for this wine.

And whose value is more than your Shradh Lo fan mourns hearing that it is more expensive Gets and he thinks tell him gave fruit to wine which is hybrid Copper essence means more than Shradh Was expensive means tell yourself That's the personal store, only then the friend comes. asks did you teacher him me did not ask to give, but take.

Tells friend this is what I Gave you the rest of my storage Cloud Contact for Wine in Space are you in my storage space now Don't think about the treasures then she would say I strictly follow my master's plans following and making you I say so now His face fills with pride only then he throws.

Without in the middle of the conversation Contact wine color green to dark changes in grade and its surface but red threads are following After which babadalu says to throw now you keep cloud contact wine with you and you can now do it directly on your can be absorbed into the skin and which The first cultivation was in this I put the wine.

Was given a strong fruit which digests it will take a long time to do that after which Low friend absorbs wine Only then he consciously raised his hands Touch the cloud contact wine inside you does and immediately throw low and drink wine wine connect where wine key consciousness is transmitted to the loophen so that lou frank understands him to do.

And then he says controlling the wine It is so simple that only then it is in its mind I think of something that immediately a cloud contact wine shrinks rapidly and also becomes a half meter long horse and Then take the wine fast in Frankie Skin merges and that's when Lou Frank gets to feels like one in his body Extra large cold clothing done.

Yes which would have been much more comfortable and now cloud contact wine is complete Attach to Low Frank with Consciousness goes where low fan to cloud contact wine looks like body followed by bubbling Proudly says this cloud to Lou Frank The larva of the contact vine and its first Cultivation was very shocking and in the beginning This wine has been very different from other wines.

This is my first evolution finish just once Will do my health to help you Will be able and when that time comes you blackgot set is also not useful It will take and I say this with great pride can this whole black dragon mountain any extra virgin in empire who is not in his first cultivation Cultivation while doing so much camness and fan.

Can complete, after which he presses low friend asks if I will put the shirt on him So which level fighter should I fight with? I will be able to do on which Babadal says by throwing Hai tumara current him off spirit energy so far too rough and you've got a hybrid Corporation i.e. Shradh is very simple they do in her so i guess my From this can you start normal.

Fighting with Traveler Level 6 Fighters can and no matter what happens but it There is only a treasure that is difficult to destroy Andayeng fighter also faces difficulty has to be done after which you told the sir nodding Lou tells Frank when you If you go to your home then I will give you your teacher's inheritance dilvaungi and you I will give you simple training so that you are normal.

Fight a start traveler level 8 fighter Will get and along with this today's part also ends here [music] subscribe your channel click d show links And enjoy watching d video [music]

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