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This is the second part of the official episode if If you haven't seen the first part then here is the link You are first in the description watch the part the episode starts and We see only two people are feigned head attack does but this time the lower fan itself defines and this time its Harmal Nothing happens here Baba tells then Is it all his break through and individual.

Laughing happened because of differences With absorbing cosmic energy Also observe some genetic energy has done and all its cosmic energy converted into genetic energy and Has the energy of 8 genetic genotypes Like Gold Wood Water Fire and Lightning and lower fan because of the wind light and all this The body of King Kong has become basically.

Yeh King Kong Body Lotion Physical Fitness makes me even stronger means The body of iron fan has become so great is that he can handle the attack of only two Then they attack only two with the fank flying app does but stops only two flights Is Who attacks drilling from two sides starts attacking from behind and he.

Attacks from the front with thunder sort but Only two drilling who from their own sort stops and thunder sort with his hand Let's stop, you must have guessed that because his sword is so powerful Drilling them black got suit too size But only two swords can't stop him easily stops then she fang and It also takes more energy, but it also.

Doesn't matter then she says is your upgrade body They can perform the difference stunt but it's nothing in front of the two Still surprised to see, then only two Sends instinct into the lower fan In which loop hang also in some other dimension goes in where he falls But then he knew only two dimensions.

And he's loopin' from every direction Sensex attacks, let's see next eyes open and he says it seemed to separate his soul from his body and he goes in his fighter plane as well as there is a matter with him she tells that metro station This is your next cultivation stage is and at the same time the Congress does that it.

Completing the first stage of cultivation Has taken her full body upgrade Hai and livo fank by achieving this body Tell me about feeling very powerful but you're still far from the beginning This is just the beginning sensif kyoto Whole family of Jalua fan in Basicity from her grandfather's end and her grand daughter All those fighters going back together.

Go home by plane for a while then give food to hong hua hua and I was waiting for his film Goa tells momuni don't disturb him Right now we are practicing on the other side Let's see only two are guiding the loophen she tells the gravity of here and from 1000 about the gravity of.

Says it's enough to even stand here Need strength looping with difficulty tries to stand up while only two of this easily fly in the gravity field Here bathe some rich in your virtual space was scanning then she out of the rake comes and says all this Rakesh nonsense and Many people are of grade, this is meteoroid Mercury is not even worth repairing.

I hope next time koi good great After meeting, she would see only two other people. is and teleports but until There he learns Fan Gravity Cultivation. It was only two loops that attack the fan. but he throws the blame on her and she Attacks with flying app but with this attack Dohi doesn't mind anything and he Again performs Soul Attack on Lower Fan which.

People blame the fan hard enough Also two consecutive people seemed very week in front of then he slams his feet down and attacks escapes and attacks And attacks by bringing her shot back This time It was very difficult to get but only then Moin.

Orders wine and immediately moin wine Lofen saves fellow throw that lower A new head guard lets people throw And there is a great fight between the two continuously attacks the lower franc and Says your black goat from my attack even a suit won't protect you And he completes Loophen's black goat suit destroys it in a way and now blue.

Throws face him unarmored As soon as the two attack him, the peacock Throw A New Immortal Gives Laughin' It Omar is quite Assam [music] Then she would pull only two people near her. and attacks him only then people throw out the red mix copper Do u se aapne seeing red mix copper.

Takes in hand Then Babat comes there and tells that Redmi is above this fragment of our meteoroid is a piece of mercury itself and When there was an attack on our head, then the ship All energy and together it went to earth Two only says I will never forget this pal Maybe then she starts going from there to here Laughing picks up and says this battle.

We are strong enough, only then only two mix I throw it away and she throws it away but The fan thinks he is going to attack him trying to avoid laughing but then he sees red mix ho Redmi says only two are in front of his hand copper good cum for him to do so saying she leaves never does it seem like she.

I like you a little, see you next people eat crystals and they Krystal starts her cum she starts refining his body and his core observes all the energy which of yours he has a inside it It is a miniature planet and this is its time form. It happened when you were the first rank star broke through the and as your.

The spiritual power of these planets will increase The numbers will also keep on increasing and now the blue throw Break through second level of psychic power does it then a secret in front of him List of methods comes and tells from an AIO Is your soul one of your life Spiritual energy and physical energy as well as your spray chili energy is increasing.

But give this secret method to fight it For n is not ahead we see people throw goes in again and there's only two also happens and this time that fekuri of preparation Along with this came this episode right here ends up [music] your channel click d show links and enjoy watching d video.


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