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Please, please! You can't do this to me! YOU CAN'T DO THIS! HOLY CRAP SOMEONE'S GETTING ZAPPED! All right… They're on! Got it! Here we go!.

It's level 1! Level 2! Did you ground yourself? What is this… Level 3- Ah- Four! Oh, this is weird… Right! Yeah!.

Can we get to level 10? No- Just do it slowly! Do it slowly! Level 6. His hands are like- twitching! Yeah- 8! This is 8! HIS HANDS ARE SHAKING!.

OH MY GOD! Oh god- Ok, ok, oh my god! That was great. It did awaken something in him. I wanna get zapped to 10! Oh you want it? Luca's doing it willingly… L-Let me know if it's too much.

One. Oh god! Oh my god. It's weird already! Two! Six! Wha?! Luca! Dude! It's not that bad, dude!.

HOLY SH*T!! OH GOD! Mysta, have mercy! Oh I've never controlled this before! So, if I do it too much… Don't put it to 10! Don't put it to- AH! Oh like this? TSKR~.

What is this?! Oh it's two! WHAT?! THIS IS- TWO?! Ah, four! Sorry! Oh, I'm gonna… I'm gonna skip this. I think I'm going to 6.

Wait! I have to go up by two each time! This is kinda… This is cool! COME ON! GO TO 10! GO TO 10! Oh, this is 8 now! Ok Stop! Stop! Stop! Okay!.

Oh my god! Alright… S-Start slow… yeah? Why is it like pulsing like that? Yeah! That's four! AYO! EY! That's six.

WTF! Am I allowed to sto- OH! F***ING HELL! That's 8! GO TO 10! OKAY STOP STOP STOP! HOLY SH*T Hit me with it. Okay!.

That's one. I. HAVE. THE. POWER! Two. It's so weird because, it's just- It's not in your hands, It just shoots up through your arm. What if we put it somewhere else? NO! I. HAVE.

THE. POWEEEEER! That's 8! GET TO 10! Okay! Turn off! Turn off! Jesus Christ! Thank you for watching! Please subscribe and like this video! It helps me a lot! <3

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