Luyện Khí 10 Vạn Năm Tập 59 – Thuyết Minh Vietsub | 炼气十万年 第59话

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Hello everyone, I'm back with 5 Minute Review. At the end of the previous volume, after eliminating the two evil spirits, Hue Sat and Tri Linh, the others decided to submit to the queen's command. Also here, Lac Tran loudly announced:''”This time, fortunately with the support of Human Race strongmen, we can overcome the tribulation by Van Ma Sao. From today onwards, apart from the Holy Lord. From Tu Duong, other people were also treated as honored guests of the Demon Race.In the future, anywhere in the Three Heavens Dao Pearl, these powerful people would have the right to command people of the Wan Ma Abyss, those who disobeyed orders. , pay!” The Queen's domineering demeanor is evident, with that order of Lac Tran, in the future, Tu Duong and the others will have no shortage of assistants. Simply arranging for two days, ensuring that no other forbidden forces of the Demon Race entered, Tu Duong and the others said goodbye to Lac Tran and continued their journey to discover the secrets of Tam Thien Dao Chau. Tu Duong's next goal is to find Long Tang. And the Ma Tam inside Lac Tran's body is most likely also one of the extremely important links. Because she received a special inheritance, there is currently no way to find a clue to the Demon Heart that corresponds to Long Tang. For the same reason, Tu Duong decided to leave a contact method with Lac Tran, if he discovered anything new in the future, he would directly summon her. After saying goodbye to Lac Tran, Tu Duong boarded the Spirit boat, first brought Tue Tam to the Tomb of Han Tu, then continued the journey to find clues to Long Tang. In the immediate future, Linh Dao's sword heart has not been perfectly formed, nor can he get any clues about Long Tang. Currently, only Bach Lien Tuyet's Bodhisatta Kim Quang Ne has been covered with cracks, just waiting for her small city's Buddhist practice. Just like Tue Tam condenses the pure golden light power, is able to break the cover and receive the true Dragon Treasury secret that the One-line Phoenix wants to convey to her. But also at this time in Thien Lam Tong, a great war broke out. Since receiving orders from Tu Duong to guard the sect and destroy the factions of the forces of the North, Lang Thanh Thu did a great job. Good. But surprisingly, when some Western forces heard rumors that Thien Lam Tong unified the North Hoang to become the number 1 sect on the mainland, they immediately became jealous. Therefore, they and a number of forces in Qizhou joined hands to launch a general attack on Thien Lam Tong. Because of the extremely large number of people sent, and a surprise attack, under the leadership of Lang Thanh Thu, everyone tried their best but still couldn't make it in time. This time, Hoang Thien had a mission to inform Tu Duong, so only Lang Thanh Thu was desperate to support. At the moment she was about to fall, vaguely saw a familiar figure appear. No one else but Tu Lao The team returned in time. Not in a hurry to take action, Tu Duong immediately listened to the current situation in the sect, and made him extremely satisfied that in such a short time, Lang Thanh Thu had done very well. But what made Tu Duong upset was about the princes of the Emperor Dynasty of Xia. The news that the Thien Lam sect was attacked by pagans spread throughout Great Qi, but the imperial army was nowhere to be seen. At the same time, outside the sect, behind Ngu Tam Nuong mountain, he encountered a very strong opponent. It can't be said that she has not made any progress in the past time, but her opponent this time is really powerful. This makes the most attractive beauty Thien Lam Tong suffer from a lot of abuse. At this point, Tu Duong was forced to take action. The moment he appeared, the pagan disciples around him were immediately motionless. Only a second later, these people were blown away by the killing intent on Tu Duong's body. It didn't take too long with these ants. Tu Duong very quickly uprooted the weeds and returned the inherent peace to the Thien Lam Sect. While he was rearranging the order in the sect, somewhere else, a shocking news was also revealed. From the practice, Bach Lien Tuyet suddenly opened her eyes wide. Each path of golden light surrounded her body. A little memory of Long Tang and Tam Thien Dao Chau immediately appeared in her mind. The image of a white-haired old man appeared with a reminder. ''The Hidden Dragon Nine Secrets, The Holy Soul Book Hai.'' Bach Lien Tuyet is a bit confused, what is the Long Tang and the soul contract. After thinking about it for a while, she decided to return to the Thien Lam sect to report. for his master. The main hall of Thien Lam Tong has not been full for a long time like this. A meeting immediately took place in an atmosphere full of excitement. After listening to Bach Lien Tuyet talk about the old man's words, all fell into contemplation, from Duong is no exception. “What do you mean? The first sentence of the secret that the Kowloon can understand evil has nine clues, but what does the second sentence of the Holy Spirit Thu Hai represent?” Lang Thanh Thu and Linh Dao have the least experience, looking at this immediate puzzle, Khong Yan suddenly guessed: “Holy Soul Thu Hai… Holy Soul! Is it only Holy Soul Library in the ten major academies in Tam Thien Dao? Chau?” Obviously, Kong Yan's guess has led to a lot of Tu Duong. “That's right! Only the library has the Storehouse, perhaps, the secret will be there?” At this point, the end of episode 59 Refining 10 Thousand Years. Hello and see you in the next videos.

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